The Afghanistan Debacle 4

Matthew Hoh has resigned from the US State Department and makes some very important points on the Afghan War here.

I am personally very pleased to hear another government insider, other than myself, make public that it is the Karzai government who ARE the drug warlords – something the mainstream media are in general still very coy about. There is growing evidence that, as so often in the past, the CIA are mixed up in drugs money to further their schemes.

Gordon Brown’s statement on the tragic death of yet five more British soldiers today is a model of pusillanimity. He talks of “Working with the new Afghan government”.

What new Afghan government?

The farce of the Afghan election, and the Western reaction to it, is beyond description. Are Brown and Obama really claiming that Karzai did not know that one third of his votes were fraudulent, that a million false votes were being manufactured? That’s a pretty enormous logistical operation. Yet Karzai is still there, grinning. It’s like catching a man playing poker with seven aces up his sleeve, and then saying “Oh never mind, let’s say you won that hand anyway.”

Democracy is not exactly healthy at home either, where not one of our three main political parties offers a choice to voters – most of them – who want us to pull out of Afghanistan. The argument that fighting in Afghanistan somehow ties down the terrorists who would strike here, when in fact UK terrorists have been mostly home grown as a direct response to our fighting abroad, is still supported by all our faux-patriotic parties.

We should bring the soldiers back – and use them to shoot the politicians.

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4 thoughts on “The Afghanistan Debacle

  • anon

    What new Afghan government indeed.

    There is a new poster depicting British troops in a desert location, encouraging us to wear a poppy for those who have sadly died in recent wars against Muslims. But what about the dead Muslims. The British government does not care about them or count them. In this context the poppy is now a symbol of drugs related corruption, which our leaders are pinning on themselves.

  • John

    Hi Craig

    Good to hear from you again. I can’t be the only one wondering, is there any more news of the film Murder in Samarkand?

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