Apology For A Problem of Success 11

The printer can’t keep up with demand for the book at the moment, so apologies for delays which should only be a few more days. Those who have ordered on Amazon can ignore the messages inviting you to cancel – there are several hundred copies in my hall waiting for DHL to pick them up and take them to Amazon.

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11 thoughts on “Apology For A Problem of Success

  • Kalle Kniivila

    I am glad that you are getting so many orders. I couldn't wait, so I am reading the pdf right now. I am on page 165. A very good read, but up to now I can't see why a publishing house wouldn't take it. They should be crazy about it.

  • ianjuggles

    Congratulations on such success. No rush with my copy to Canada. Although I prefer turning physical pages, I have also downloaded the pdf file which I hope to begin reading soon.

  • shafiur

    Hi Craig, I paid directly to you. I am relieved to see that other buyers are not clamouring for their copies. Therefore please kindly make mine top priority. I am dying to read it. Ta!

  • GeorgeM

    I'm thrilled to see it's doing so well. There's no pressures from me, so take as long as you need to as you ship it over the Atlantic. I'm enjoying the PDF.

  • George Dutton


    I am SORRY I should have sent a Self-adhesive address label in with my order.

    Didn't think your book would take off as fast as it did.

    Too much on my mind these days and my manners suffer…SORRY.

  • phil


    Got the book this morning. Thank you very, and great news about the success. Have yet to sit downt o read it but should you need to do a repint etc can i suggest a change of font colour on the cover.

    The black doesn't stand up very well against it.

    anywyas won't detract from the content. keep up the good work

  • ken


    It feels quite an honour to find a parcel on my doorstep with the return address: Craig Murray, ……….

    Books received, thanks very much and congratulations on your achievements.

    I now have to cancel visits to the pub and other places I have known (sorry!) to read it.

  • Wegal

    Dear Craig…

    Its strange how the most unassuming of people become somehow important in my life. My book arrived and I eagerly flicked through to find the dedication, not to see if you had remembered, but just to see the actual evidence that for one brief moment of time, a man I regard as a modern day super hero actually knew who I was.

    Just like Murder in Samarkand, i cant put it down – thank you.

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