Mandelson Returns 4

Peter Mandelson as Trade Secretary oversaw the “light touch” policy of regulation which has just nearly bankrupted us. His is now coming back to essentially the same job, and I just listened in disbelief as a reporter from BBC News just told us, after a lobby briefing, that Mandelson was going to help tackle the financial crisis by “Pushing forward on Brown’s deregulation agenda”.

Words fail me.

I must be going to wake up soon.

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4 thoughts on “Mandelson Returns

  • writeon


    How right you are! Sometimes one feels as if one has fallen down the rabbit hole into a bizarre paralell universe, where up is down and inside is out.

  • NoJags Neil

    No, Mandleson is more like the zombie in 'Attik Attak' that keeps popping up where he shouldn't be, even after you've killed him.

  • peaceandunity


    "BBC Business Editor Robert Peston said Mr Rothschild feels that Mr Osborne abused his friendship, by allegedly encouraging newspaper reports that embarrassed two of his other friends, Oleg Deripaska and Peter Mandelson."

    Shadow chancellor George Osborne is, or at least was, a long-time friend of Mr Nathaniel Rothschild going back to their Oxford days. Think Bullingdon Club for a moment…It reminds me of the song "Leaders of the Free World" by Elbow.

    (Source link provided)

    A smear campaign (like the Tories need one) because Gordon Brown is doing such a tremendous job with Great Britain!

    Now let's be absolutely clear about this… Mandy embarrassed himself. And, if Rothschild had anyone with any gumption or backbone around him he would have been advised to distance himself from this 'cursed man'. However, fate as it seems…links these two together which now highlights the multiple chances given to him by one of his best buddy's. Step up Mr back slapping partner Tony Blair who is still very much involved with improving international affairs and relations for only those that matter. Not us then.

    Brown is now a full time puppet / shill of the people behind the curtain, (He recently pledged his intent) who has been cooking the books for the last decade, (Google: "Modern Money Mechanics" read up on expansion of money and check further reading: deregulation of the banks under Tories & Labour) but in public comes across as a dithering idiot just like Bush. Oh the irony.

    Now to me, this has opened up a whole new avenue to explore, but I have been aware of the fraud for some time now and cannot expect anyone without some knowledge to believe or understand my tiny letter in a corner of a vast web space without actually checking out facts. I know I do! For that reason I will limit how much I choose to divulge here to anyone who, like me stumbled over this web site. I felt it deserves some feedback and hope Mr Murray here the best of luck with his project. I hope his intentions are good.

    The internet harbours a lot of minds, but it's hard to know what's credible behind just a login name on a web site.

    I am early thirties, of no particularly great education and struggle in life due to the 'way things are'! I don't put my hand out and am not the type to put my hand up either, so when you start to smell a rat it is only normal behaviour to investigate. I just hope there are many more than myself. More educated than me or like myself. Interested in serious debate as to why we have no voice or speaker on behalf of the people in this country we were born or reside. Or in any of them. A small handful tried to speak up throughout history ?" were overtaken by a coo or propaganda…Or death!

    Modern UK today though sadly is merely whispers and complaining. We might gripe down the pub, or talk about it for a while with our friends and families and that would be that. Keep on about it and your all 'doom and gloom you eh!' Aren't you just a ray of f*cking sunshine buddy! This is the conditioning we are receiving. With most institutions in the world corrupted due to greed in our Monetary system they will lead you one way. The wrong way.

    This is why we will sleepwalk into a new world order where the people or persons in power are a part of the same club who use their wealth and powerful influence to steer politics, the media and the people to fall into line to greedy personal agendas for eventually a one size fits all currency. This is why pipedreams such as The Venus Project ( A Resource dependable world as opposed to a Monetary or a Keynesian one!) will stand tall in imaginative ideas, but will fail at our stage of evolution, if the mass of X-Factor, American Gladiators and or TV's Big Brother fans are anything to go buy. I used to think to myself why would I worry if some individuals' ideals and aspirations were to wallow in poor TV all day. More jobs, opportunities and places to see for myself, but how wrong I was. It is not the poor who make framework decisions to benefit our economic and social welfare. Nor do the poor instigate wars for oil and wealth. They are the pawns in a long historical game Our own education system takes us way off the beaten track leaving you with blinkers on looking out at the bright lights of cities as inspiration to achieve. Achieve only being a part of the system. From your birth certificate to your death certificate, you are logged in and are not free. You can however 'free your mind'. Or use common sense to think out of the box and piece together the questions you harbour deep inside about your own inner self. The web is an amazing tool that can be used to learn, cross examine, falsify and debate so much that it is plain to see how far removed we are, when the Government and Private Institutions are working together to harvest your data, primarily for more financial gain because of advertising, deals, sales and sadly more CREDIT, is where it's at nowadays. All of this of course under the guise of terrorism and our protection, from people in lands our leaders invade for profit and all the while distracting us with covert media to divert us from the barrage of more laws that are passed as more of our privacy and liberties are taken away. Cui bono. Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care…

    Such is the Zeitgeist we are currently in right now.

    One thing is for certain questions are being raised. If anyone has read this far and is now in limbo to know where to go next. Remember. It's just a ride.

    I'm off to find out more on the IMF and watch the Zeitgeist Addendum which is a good two hours short and promises more free thinkers caught on film. As to whether it is credible or not, who knows. That is my intention behind watching it.

    Peace and unity

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