Daily archives: October 3, 2008

Mandelson Returns

Peter Mandelson as Trade Secretary oversaw the “light touch” policy of regulation which has just nearly bankrupted us. His is now coming back to essentially the same job, and I just listened in disbelief as a reporter from BBC News just told us, after a lobby briefing, that Mandelson was going to help tackle the financial crisis by “Pushing forward on Brown’s deregulation agenda”.

Words fail me.

I must be going to wake up soon.

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Ian Blair Goes At Last

An astonishing outburst of New Labour pique after the ousting of their acolyte Ian Blair from the Metropolitan Police. If it was a “Tory Plot” as the Guardian screams, the Tories are to be roundly congratulated.


Blair presided over an unprecedented politicisation in which the police saw it as their job to wildly exaggerate the terrorist threat and actively support the attack on civil liberties. He presided over the disgraceful spreading of lies about Jean Charles de Menezes. And he is widely viewed within the Met as personally corrupt. There has been remarkably little coverage in the media for the allegations of his giving out contracts to his own connections. A formal investigation into this, currently in progress, is believed by many in the Met only to be chipping into the tip of an iceberg.

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