Theresa May Moves to Replace Devolution with Westminster Control 338

Forget media spin. Read Theresa May’s actual unvarnished words. In Glasgow today she notified Scotland of a specific intention for Westminster to intervene in devolved areas to “improve outcomes” in Scotland. There is no other possible logical analysis of the following long passage:

But the devolution of powers across the United Kingdom must not mean we become a looser and weaker union.
We cannot allow our United Kingdom to drift apart.
For too long the attitude in Whitehall has been to ‘devolve and forget’.
But as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, I am just as concerned that young people in Dundee get a good start in life and receive the education they need to reach their full potential as I am about young people in Doncaster and Dartford.
I care as much about the dignity and security of older people on both sides of the River Tweed or the Irish Sea.
The economic prosperity of the UK as a whole depends on young people in all parts of the UK having the skills they need to reach their full potential.
And people who have worked hard all their lives and made a contribution to society are everyone’s concern.
It goes back to the fundamental unity of the British people which underwrites our whole existence as a United Kingdom.
We are all diminished when any part of the UK is held back, and we all share in the success when we prosper.
In Government that principle is called ‘collective responsibility’.
We need to build a new ‘collective responsibility’ across the United Kingdom, which unites all layers of government, to work positively together to improve the lives of everyone in our country.
As the Government serving the whole United Kingdom, formed in a Parliament drawn from the whole United Kingdom, the UK Government exercises a responsibility on behalf of the whole UK that transcends party politics and encompasses all aspects of our national life.
While fully respecting, and indeed strengthening, the devolution settlements and the devolved administrations across the UK, we must unashamedly assert this fundamental responsibility on our part.
So in those reserved policy areas where we govern directly for the whole United Kingdom, we will explicitly look to the interests of the Union – both the parts and the whole – in our policy-making.
And in policy areas where responsibilities are devolved, we will look for ways to collaborate and work together with the devolved administrations to improve the outcomes for everyone.

The meaning could not be more clear, especially following a long litany of claims that SNP rule in Holyrood had failed in every area of devolved power. You can read the full text here.

May seems to be suffering an extraordinary degree of hubris; she sees the Tories having achieved very slightly over half of the SNP vote at the Holyrood elections as a sign of mass popularity. She is laying down that Unionism means Unionism just as purely as Brexit means Brexit. Devolution is only represented in her speech as an evil that must be guarded against.

It is perhaps unsurprising that May did not mention anywhere that Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, and did not mention any possibility for special provision in Scotland’s future relationship with the EU. But that she did not even pay lip service to the notion of devolution as a good thing is surprising, and I am frankly astonished that she boldly asserted an intention for greater Westminster interference in current devolved areas.

This is a colossal act of hubris from a woman confident she faces no serious political resistance. That she adopts in Glasgow the false Thatcher like voice and rhetorical style that goes down so well with UKIP leaning Tories is indicative of the shallowness of her experience and the depth of her misjudgement.

Theresa May’s declaration of war on devolution today will come to be seen as a key moment in our path to Independence.

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338 thoughts on “Theresa May Moves to Replace Devolution with Westminster Control

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  • michael norton

    It’s the Russians

    Emmanuel Macron, ( Baby Hollande) the favourite to win the French presidency, continues to be targeted by Russia in a parallel campaign of hacking and fake news, according to his digital campaign manager.

    Mounir Mahjoubi has told Sky News that Russia is behind continued “high level attacks” and its state-sponsored media are
    the “first source of false information”.

    “Let’s be precise on that,” he said.

    “We are accusing Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik News (of being) the first source of false information shared about our candidate and all the other symbiotic ways of working with all these fascist organisations or extreme right news organisations.”
    Macron The former Hollande Minister for the Economy and Finance, former investment banker is now favourite to win the presidency

    He is pro-Europe, pro the euro, centrist and liberal – stances which Mr Mahjoubi believes make him the target of state-sponsored hacks.

    As Hollande has failed so spectacularly, at everything, any member of his government, present of past is tarred with the same brush of stupidity.

    • bevin

      Talking of elections-there is one in Holland too.
      “THE DAVID HOROWITZ FREEDOM CENTER, a controversial California-based nonprofit that sponsors virulently anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant campaigns in the U.S., has quietly played a prominent role in financing Dutch far-right nationalist Geert Wilders’s People’s Party for Freedom (PVV). The PVV’s platform calls for an end to Muslim immigration and the closing down of mosques and Islamic schools in the Netherlands — and polls suggest it may win the largest number of seats in the Netherland’s parliamentary elections this month.

      “By providing grants to the PVV, the Freedom Center, which operates as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, may have violated IRS tax rules that prohibit tax-exempt charitable groups from funding overt political campaign activity….”
      It’s at The Intercept:

    • michael norton

      I would have thought
      almost everything about Macron would disgust the French voters.
      He used to be a banker.
      He used to be a minister in the government of the least popular President-ever, he ditched them for his own career furtherence – despicable.
      He is a self-serving-slimeball
      He supports the Euro.
      He supports the European Union.
      He supports immigration.
      He is a Neo-Liberal

  • michael norton

    Macron last week outlined a broad economic plan mixing tax cuts, a vast reduction in government jobs and higher investments,
    but is accused by critics of having failed to tackle feeble growth and high unemployment while he was Hollande’s economy minister.
    Marine Le Pen criticised Macron’s plan, saying it represented a continuation of the policies of outgoing President Francois Hollande and posed “a major threat to the future of France”.

    Some keep saying Macron is going to win, I just can’t see it, he stands for is himself the Euro Elite and the banksters

  • Sharp Ears

    B I G Money.

    Aberdeen explores £11bn Standard Life merger
    Aberdeen and Standard Life’s investments arm could combine in a deal being explored by their boards, Sky News learns.

    ‘Two of Britain’s biggest fund managers have been exploring an £11bn merger that would create a global powerhouse overseeing more than £600bn-worth of assets.

    Sky News has learnt that Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life have been holding talks about a combination of the two Scotland-based companies.

    If the discussions progress towards a formal deal, it would be among the most significant City mergers for years, bringing together two companies employing more than 9,000 people.

    It would also involve a merger of two of Scotland’s most important companies, attracting close scrutiny from politicians amid intensifying calls from nationalists for a second independence referendum.

    City insiders said that a deal was far from certain to be finalised, adding that Aberdeen had also been examining a number of substantial transactions in the US – including the purchase of Pioneer Investments’ US business.’

  • bob

    Nemesis will always follow hubris. Her intended audience is in England, not Scotland (which is where her nemesis will take place).

  • W

    “I am just as concerned that young people in Dundee get a good start in life…as I am about young people in Doncaster and Dartford.”
    Yea, not at all.
    Not being remotely concerned is well within what what she said.

  • RobG

    This is an easy prediction to make: within a year or so Scotland will be independent, and the six counties in Northern Ireland will become part of the Republic of Ireland. The rump of England and Wales will remain what they’ve always been: the 51st state of the USA.

    Theresa May is a totally corrupt psychopath. Some people in the British Isles realise this, some don’t.

  • michael norton

    Scottish robbers

    Bin charge would protect jobs, says Highland Council

    Charging for the emptying of wheelie bins used for recycling garden waste would help protect up to 30 jobs, Highland Council has said.

    It is to start charging the £30 annual fee from 1 July for the brown wheelie bins, which are emptied fortnightly from spring to late autumn.

    About 67,000 households, mostly in Inverness and large towns such as Fort William, have the bins.

    The charge is opposed by an online campaign and petition.

    Organisers of the campaign say it would lead to fly tipping and would discriminate against low income households because it is charged in addition to council tax. Highland councillors approved a 3% increase in the basic rate of council tax for 2017-18 last month.

    Highland Council has sought to explain why the new charge for emptying brown bins is being introduced.

    As well as putting information online, it said in a statement that £660,000 in additional income could be generated, based on a 33% uptake of the service within households that currently received the service.

    The scum will be charging university fees next.

  • michael norton

    SYRIAN military plane crashes near border with TURKEY
    A plane believed to be a Syrian military aircraft has crashed near the border between Syria and Turkey, Turkish officials say.

    A Syrian army source said the air force had lost contact with a fighter jet near the border, state TV reported.

    Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said a search was under way for the pilot, who was thought to have ejected.

    An Islamist group which is fighting the Syrian government said the plane had been shot down.

    Ahrar al-Sham tweeted a video which it said showed the plane being “targeted”.

    A spokesman for the group, Ahmed Karaali, was quoted by Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu as saying the government plane had been bombing Idlib province in northern Syria when it was shot down by opposition forces.

  • chrisso

    May – “We are all diminished when any part of the UK is held back, and we all share in the success when we prosper. In Government that principle is called ‘collective responsibility’.”

    Er no it is not! ‘Collective Responsibility’ does not mean that at all. It is a concept in which individuals are responsible for other people’s actions by tolerating, ignoring, or harbouring them, without actively collaborating in their actions. But in cabinet government it means singing from the same hymn-sheet – something that May signally fails to do. George Orwell – behold May’s Newspeak!

  • Babushka

    There will be some regular commenters here who will wonder as to my reason for posting the following quote from The Daily Telegraph (NSW Australia) dated 3 March 2017.
    Then there are those who I know will resonate, according to their voices which I’ve learned to recognise over the years.

    The headline on 3 March screamed: “Enemy at the Gates”, which was about Intelligence experts warning the federal government there is nothing stopping scores of barbaric homegrown jihadists, including brutes waging war for ISIS from lawfully returning to Australia despite laws to strip them of their citizenship. The article went on to detail the “flaws in the laws” pertaining to these dual citizenship jihadists.

    Much further along in that edition of the Daily Telegraph features a column: “on this day:”

    1816: Sydney Hospital, known as the Rum Hospital, is completed.

    1869: The last “full-blood” male Aborigine in Tasmania, William (King Billy) Lanne, dies aged 34. His body is spirited away and mutilated for scientific study.

    1885: A contingent of 758 soldiers leaves Sydney, amid fanfare, for Sudan to fight Muslim fundamentalism under the Mahdi. The Australians will see little action.

    1947: Immigration minister Arthur Calwell announces a scheme of free or assisted passages to Australia for British migrants.”

    I noted only a few of these historic dates, aware of the “organising intelligence” that permeates the fabric of our so-called civilised societies. The core patterns are unmistakable.
    It seems to me only a few can see these patterns and call them out for what they are.

    These are the Loony and Lonely, Lovely and Pure

    • Babushka

      Sorry, my senior mo of forgetfulness omitted the all-pertinent point that The Sydney Hospital completed in 1816 was “built by private contractors in exchange for a monopoly to import rum.”

      And that of course, rum, was the currency that both built and destroyed the foundations of our first settlements.

      Another “point” is that there is a suburb of Brisbane named Gordon Park, with streets named after Generals Kitchener and Gordon etc.
      I have not closely studied the history of Queensland or indeed Brisbane, but in earlier days here when I complained about the culture of the place, I was advised to read The Mayne Inheritance.
      Somehow that “thread” with which the canvas of White Australia was begun, continues to weave its way through our culture, to the point where the entire existence of our Planet is under threat.
      Some here regular beat that same drum, which often gets thrown out the window by moderators here (deleted).

      Only some degree of reality is tolerable to most, it would seem.

  • Sharp Ears

    Everything You Need To Know About What Is Happening In Our NHS
    NHS march: Recap after thousands gather in London for OurNHS rally to protest against cuts to services
    Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell were among those to address one of the biggest NHS rallies in history in opposition to £20billion of planned cuts

      • Davy

        Both Fred and Michael Norton are annoying and tiresome, always putting an extreme and unreasonable interpretation on every event. It would improve this blog a great deal if they stopped making their predictably knee-jerk and superficial comments. “Anti-democratic” was taking Scotland out of the EU against the wishes of the majority of the people, and acting like a government of occupation. Craig – can you do something to help raise the level of debate by barring these types of lame contributors?

  • michael norton

    The S. N. P. must set out which TAXES would RISE and what public services would be cut,
    in order to fill an independent Scotland’s £15bn deficit.”

    Scottish Labour’s Jackie Baillie said her party had
    “warned time and again during the 2014 referendum about the S. N. P.’s
    rose-tinted fantasy of an independent Scotland’s finances” but had been accused of “talking Scotland down”.

    She added: “Now the S. N. P.’s own economics guru has admitted promises of a land of milk and honey were a figment of Alex Salmond’s imagination.

    “And that reality has hardly changed. With a £15bn deficit, the cost of independence to our valued public services would be even more BRUTAL”.

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said the economic case for independence was “weaker than ever” with the plummeting oil revenues, adding: “The S. N. P. will need to explain which public services will be cut to pay for independence.”

    So when will Sturgeon call Indyref2???

  • Gerry McNeill

    Great article Craig. I do so hope you are correct as I couldn’t bear another referendum being called and then Scotland not having the balls to grasp it’s own future.
    I still have mixed feelings about the outcome of the last one….and cannot shake the feeling that all of the scare mongering and false spin aside, that we were robbed of it , and I’m fully aware that that may just be me being a bad loser, but maybe there actually more to it.
    The hypocrisy towards Scotland is staggering….people in the maids s saying that the Scots won’t be daft enough to vote for independence…Sadiq Khan claiming Scottish nationalism is akin to racism…then wishing India and Pakistan happy birthday on their respective independence days….it’s outrageous…and laughable….but WE have to do something about it.

    First heard your name through the George Galloway talksport radio show a few years back and then read Murder in Samarkand.
    Thought it was a brilliant book……and passed it on to some friends.
    An excellent example , on your part, of why the first government you need to mistrust is not a foreign one….but your own.
    Except Scotlands unique position still, in 2017….IS it’s a foreign one and because it has been so for the last 300 + years….well that’s ok. Just leave it.
    Here’s to Indy ref 2 ave being free from the cesspit of Westminster.

    • michael norton

      Gerry McNeill
      you should be much more concerned about the Gravy Train of the European Empire, which is click by click ensnaring The Ukraine
      and its NeoNazi troops, who do not much care for democracy.
      The stripping of assets from the poorer countries of the E.U. is ghastly, some have young person unemployment of 50%,
      is that your desire for Scotland?

      • michael norton

        Scotland with youth unemployment at near half, hundreds of thousands, fleeing the S. N. P. south to the rest of the U.K. for a job and a future.
        Passport control between Scotland and England.
        All Navy ship building removed from Scotland.

        It will be grim up north,
        if the S. N. P. get their way.

        • LMPG

          Sigh – predictably, more unionist propaganda. It must be swallowing all that MSM drivel that’s making you lose perspective. The propaganda says Scotland cannot do without naval shipbuilding contracts, but that’s not true. It’s one of the thin threads that unionists use to argue their position for “better together”. So is the talk of “opening up” the lucrative Indian whisky market – as though this was something Scots business development professionals couldn’t do for themselves. The timing of these announcements is interesting as they know a referendum must be imminent – and despite the outward bluster, they are running scared. In all likelihood they are only more “false promises” – of which there were many. “Fool me once, etc.” The latest £350m budget “handout” is derisory. Why wait until now to show such “generosity”? The undercurrent is quite the opposite of what “better together” claims. The position and the mood has changed post-Brexit. It’s like the unionists are clawing at granite – desperately hanging on to Scotland by their fingernails. Forget the polls – as recent events show, polls don’t mean much.

          I’ve never understood why any self-respecting Scot would prefer to be ruled from Westminster, when Scotland has a greater share of the natural resources in these islands and a fraction of the population. Are you honestly trying to tell us that being part of greater England-shire and taking whatever crumbs from the table they deign to offer Scotland would be better? The myth promulgated by unionists that Scotland lacks the talent, knowledge and ability to build a great economy is patently false. For some reason, the “little Englanders” can’t stand the thought of Scotland having access to greater resources and having greater wealth per head than people south of the border. “We can’t have that – who do these Jocks think they are?”

          Look at the shambles in the English public sector. Scotland has nowhere near these problems, as they’ve been better managed. The sooner Scotland votes itself beyond the rule of these incompetents the better. The talk of hard borders – probably more hot air – something most politicians of whatever hue seem to excel at.

          • fred

            I don’t understand how any self respecting Scot could support a second referendum.

            You can’t square the circle, either you are an honest man or you support a second referendum, you can’t be both. Either you respect the result of the referendum we had or there is absolutely no point whatsoever in having another because you will just renegue on the deal after that one too.

        • michael norton

          BP cancels plans for new Grangemouth power plant

          3 hours ago
          From the section Tayside and Central Scotland

          A BP spokesman said: “In a challenging business environment, BP continues to review how our finite capital investment funds can be most effectively and efficiently be spent.
          Ethicon plant closure plans threaten 400 jobs in Livingston

          2 hours ago
          From the section Scotland business

          good luck, you will need it when ur on your own.

          • JOML

            If only Scotland were independent now, they could do something about these issues. As it is, Scotland is in the union and must rely on Westminster to act… You may yawn and say, ‘Westminster always to blame’, but Westminster holds all the real powers, with Holyrood only in control of pocket money, with no real fundamental control over the direction of the economy.

          • LMPG

            Of course, large companies are deserting England as well – about one third of manufacturers are already talking about relocating, and some of the banks as well – an industry that supports so many jobs across the entire country. We would hardly expect Scotland’s industries to remain unaffected by these negative trends. It’s global. So we can equally say good luck to you in England, you’ll need it. The much bigger problem and the much larger trend concerns technology / robotics / artificial intelligence which is about to sweep many, many millions of jobs away – and they are unlikely to return. It’s time for much more creative thinking and proper dialogue instead of the same type of adversarial politics – which never delivers effective solutions. The current set of politicians – of all parties – have neither the wit nor imagination to offer a definite vision for the future. Anything on tech – they are out of their depth.

            The PM was offered opportunities to discuss a reasonable compromise to take account of how Scotland voted on Brexit, however rejected them. That was an opportunity for dialogue which was ignored – quite unwisely in the view of many. Understandably many Scots feel that they are not being listened to, and that they do not have what was much vaunted by Westminster – an equal voice or equal partnership in the UK.

            To Fred’s comment – You can certainly be both an honest man and support a second referendum. Not clear what he means by “renege on the deal”?! I’d suppose from your comments that you find it preferable to take whatever crumbs Westminster hand to Scotland like a grateful little lap-dog, instead of making something new and better. Do tell me if this is right or wrong. Would it not be better – as a Scot – to be part of a country free to chart it’s own course and it’s own destiny? There might be economic challenges, sure – that is coming worldwide because of technology in any case – but no-one is stifling our development or dragging us down into their shambles.

          • fred

            Didn’t Salmond and Stugeon sign the Edinburgh agreement?


            If the vote had gone the other way, if Yes had won and Westminster disregarded the result, decided they didn’t like it and they were calling another referendum and Scotland would keep having referendums till they get it right? Wouldn’t you be saying they had reneged on the deal then? Of course you would.

          • JOML

            Fred, I don’t think Nicola Sturgeon signed the Edinburgh Agreement. Also, the agreement was a “a six-page memorandum of understanding between the two governments, ensured ‘the fundamental right’ of the Scottish people to determine their own future.” Therefore, if the Scottish electorate vote for another referendum, they’ll get it, whether your toys stay in the pram or not.

          • fred

            Yes Nicola Sturgeon did sign the Edinburgh agreement and there was nothing in the SNP manifesto about another referendum.

            Liars and cheats.

        • Edward Freeman

          Again, your point? We heard all the tired old lies from Project Fear last time, we saw through them then, and there’s nothing wrong with our memories – perhaps you should have yours checked out?

          • fred

            You mean the lies that the price of oil might drop through the floor?

            It’s the SNP White Paper turned out to be a pack of lies, Better Together got it right.

  • michael norton

    On the other hand

    The first of a fleet of five warships being built on the Clyde has been formally named HMS Forth.

    A bottle of Deanston 12-year-old malt was broken over the bow of the 90-metre Offshore Patrol Vessel in a ceremony at BAE Systems’ Scotstoun yard.

    The ship is expected to go into service next year and will be used for counter-terrorism, anti-smuggling and defence.

    The MoD said work on HMS Forth and her sister ships was sustaining 800 Scottish jobs.

    Nice work if you can get it.

  • michael norton

    STOCK MARKET WARNING: Oil price slump signals DOOM for markets
    A DRAMATIC fall in OIL prices has sent waves of fear through markets amid warning signals a large stock crash is looming.
    Oil prices are suffering amid concerns of global oversupply, with similar worries sparking a large sell-off at the beginning of last year.

    57 to 51 in a few days.
    The arse is dropping out of oil

    • michael norton

      Take heed Scotland

      BRAZIL has being going big for off-shore oil,
      Brazil has now been in recession for two years, the latest figures show, marking the deepest economic decline since records began.

      The economy contracted by 3.6% in 2016, meaning it is now 8% smaller than it was in December 2014.

      The country has been hard hit by the fall in commodity prices and an internal political crisis that has undermined investor confidence.

      Ministry of Truth

      • Edward Freeman

        “Ministry of Truth”? You’re having us on. From Wikipedia’s article on George Orwell’s 1984: “The Ministry of Truth is the propaganda ministry. As with the other ministries in the novel, the name Ministry of Truth is a misnomer because in reality it serves the opposite: it is responsible for any necessary falsification of historical events.

        As well as administering truth, the ministry spreads a new language amongst the populace called Newspeak, in which, for example, “truth” is understood to mean statements like 2 + 2 = 5 when the situation warrants. …”

        As for the Express…

  • Bobby Gardiner

    No doubt when claims of being unpatriotic to our jingoistic neighbour, is preferring Germany to England. Think, no food banks in Germany.

  • Stuart Colligan

    I’ve said for long enough now, that it was Thatchers ideal, her greed, and Whitehall plans for the total subjugation of Scotland, particularly after the discovery of oil, that brought about the (European Enforced) re-opening of of a Scottish Parliament, Welsh and N. Irish Assemblies.

    Brexit, under a Tory government, was….
    1. Called for by a single man by the name of Cameron, (Tory and Thatcher idoliser).
    2. Cameron single handedly refused and ignored the Scottish governments proposal and requests for a brexit vote to firstly be counted on a “Country by Country” basis!
    3.Cameron put up much less of a fight in the brexit campaign to secure his “forecast” remain vote, than he did in the idependence referendum in 2014. (Something he said was a matter for the Scottish people alone to decide, and as an English Prime Minister, he’d be taking a “back seat and would not be interfering with!)….remember him coming up to Scotland, shirt sleeves rolled-up, vowing Devo to the MAX, (which he had DEMANDED be removed from the ballot paper as an option for the Scottish electorate)!

    4. After EVEL being quickly propsed by Cameron alone and quickly rushed through parliament in a matter of days by that single Englishman , Cameron, (Something he promised would be delivered in the same timescale as further devolved Scottish powers, was up and running more or less “immediately” whilst the newly devolved powers granted, were little more than the permission to change the colour of road signs!).
    5. That single Englishman resigned, did a runner! And quickly disapoeared into the background of obscurity!

    As may took over, remember, on a very slender majority brext vote, she said she had no alternative other than to follow the will of the majority vote of the British electorate, and has since, refused to acknowledge that 62% of Scottish voters and 100% of Scottish electoral regions, voted to remain!

    She has endeavoured to silence Scottish MSP’s by insisting they keep away from European visits/European delegates!
    She has excluded representation of Scotlands views in brexit negotiations!
    She insists that all negotiations on brexit will be decided and negotiated on, by her minority tory government!
    She has given car manufacturers more consideration in “special arrangements” than she has the entire electoral regions of Scotland!
    She’d be as well to ask the Scottish electorate “Why did you bother to turn up and vote at all!” Only her self imposed total silence on this, seems to preclude her from asking that very question!
    Nicola Sturgeons proposals for special arrangements for Scotland, have been met with the same degree of silence, apathy and a brick wall of “No comment or commitment”! They might as well have been non-existent!

    May, like Cameron, is a Thatcherite idoliser, and both have the ssme goals in mind for Scotland, that of total subjugation!

    She’s already preparing the ignorant to accept (due to westminster cuts) and with the assistance of Ruth “feckthetruthmooth” Davidson, that government by the Scots of their own (limited) affairs is inefficient, uneffective, and an unnecessary burden on the
    Scottish taxpayer!

    May has unashamedly continued with Thatcherite policy of ensuring Scotland cannot afford to stand on her own two feet, closure if MOD bases and relocation down South of tax personnel, refusal to invest in North sea oil, stopping dead the funding of renewables, refusing to spend on Scottish infrastrucure projects, like the Queensferry crossing and forth road bridge repairs, whilst simultaneously proposing heavy Scottish investment in HS2, Crossrail, Hinkley Nuclear station etc.etc.etc.
    The lists are almost endless, denude Scotland, re-clothe England!

    May’s three big reasons for Brexit (Being a “remain” voter like Cameron) lets have a look at those!

    1. A better and more robust economy!
    This notion has been blown out of existence before she even put it into the water to see if it would float!
    Despite Boris’ best efforts and “secretive” trips abroad, no hints of any new, far less lucrative trade deals with that wider outside world, every reason to suspect their “European divorce will cost as much in the initial settlement as it would’ve been to remain in “their marriage” to the EU! And possibility of punitive annual costs to remain in the parts of European they deem to be desireable!
    (Remember “The (slender majority) will of the British people” she claims to represent, was a BINARY choice ballot…..”fully in, or fully out!) And she accepted they voted “fully out!”
    NEITHER “out, but buy into some parts” or “In, but pay to get out of other parts” were offered on that ballot paper that she is now so determined to represent!

    Reason 2. For “brexiting”… “For strict Border and immigration control” powers to be brought back to westminster!”
    Again, blown to smithereens before she could even try to float it!
    And apparently now “subject to/depending upon negotiations!!!!

    Reason 3. “The great repeal act!” To bring back freedom from European interference in both lawmaking and human rights legislation, amongst other things!
    The one reason which Theresa May said would be
    Also the one remaining thing, that would grant her the freedom to dissolve Holyrood, subjugate the Scots, and utilise their resources for her own purposes!…funnily enough?!!!

    Still wondering why, post indyref14, the new devolved powers, Cameron and Smith provided, were major costs, like welfare, with a rapidly diminishing block grant to pay for it?

    Still wodering why the power to hold “Scotref” isn’t now something to be refused, but is just “a matter of timing?

    Still wodering why “Scotref” timing proposed by the Scottish government (after Brexit negotiations are known, but before Brexit and transferral of lawmaking and Human rights acts are transferred back to “England”) is UN-acceptable to May?

    Still wondering why May would prefer Scotref AFTER brexit is finalised and she is in full control?

    Still wondering what new powers she’ll devolve to Scotland post Brexit?

    Then think! May is much more likely (Along with Lady Kim Jong YOON Davidson) to propose that those new powers, will be the power to put the lights out and lock the doors of Holyrood, for the last time, before they drive a bulldozer through it, to prove to you that where the real power of the people lies, and that politics “is not a game” that you and your (temporary) self government should have played!!!

  • Robert Hopkins

    She wouldn’t dare remove powers from the devolved parliaments. If she did, not only would it create hell but, Northern Ireland,Wales and especially Scotland would vote for their own Independence.

  • Robert Hopkins

    She wouldn’t dare remove powers from the devolved parliaments. If she did, not only would it create hell but, Northern Ireland,Wales and especially Scotland would vote for their own Independence.

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