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  • Jives

    Ooooft! Lol..Watch out though Craig,you might get the Hasbara phalanx gang on your case for not agreeing with everything the Gubnint and Establishment want us to think and that life is perfick! ;.)

  • David McCann

    Glad to see you are back in form. Watch out for the cyber police- though I expect you are well known to them already!

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    Craig’s new post – of one were of optimistic disposition – could be the starting point for a number of substantive and well-reasoned discussions as recently called for by our moderator.

    For example, has the Monarchy a future in the UK, its rôle in the UK’s constitutional arrangements, more widely, the UK’s constitutional arrangements as a whole. Or, expanding somewhat, the nature of privilege – is it inevitable, is it necessarily a negative phenomenon (and if so, what could be done about it, and how), etc.

    Although we must of course wait to see what the day brings, first signs do not seem encouraging (posts on Hasbara, the cyber-police, Greek ‘internment camps’ and ‘zero-hour contracts’)….

  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    I lost my money too, though I still hold out with the faint hope that the sources are wrong and the boy’s real name is “Parasite”.

    And @Dad. 6 49am

    “… privilege – is it inevitable, is it necessarily a negative phenomenon…”

    Come on. Please expand. Give us a laugh.

  • Airdrieonian

    Privilege is analogue.
    I feel privileged to be living in an age of antibiotics and technology.
    It’s not the bairn’s fault who its brood mare and sire are.

  • Jay

    How else can we beat Humanity down- with out a Royal charter acting as chief whip!?

    Though really aren’t all children to be treated as Princes amd Princesses?

  • Komodo

    LOL. I was hoping for “Dwayne”. “Dwayne, Prince of Cambridge” – ‘sa video game, ennit*?

    News to me Cambridge was a principality, btw. Durham actually used to be one – would have been a much better choice of arbitrary title to emphasise the superiority of the Battenberg family.

    * No, it isn’t. I’m thinking of “Dwayne, Prince of Thieves”. Better still.

  • nevermind

    Thanks for that link to the fascists making laws to stifle protests, someone, no doubt their expectancy will deliver some justifications.
    Whilst here an unaccountable political police force is trying to stifle singing protests songs and farting in public, steered by their loving police federation, always good at getting money out of taxpayers for falling over kerb stones, surprise surprise, Obumarse had the same idea for his US citizens.


  • Juteman

    You can’t blame the child.
    As its parents are unemployed and on state benefits, statistically, there is a good chance they divorce within a year. If the father spends all his benefits on beer and fags, and the mother becomes a junky, the kid could be taken into care by social services.
    Maybe a nice childless couple could adopt him, and he grows up to be a doctor?
    It’s not the kids fault.

  • nevermind

    It looks like the spy operations does have a commercial aim after all,i.e. the transfer of highly commercial know how from small and medium companies, to large multinational concerns who are in bed with Government and are rewarded in lieu so to speak.

    Just speculating on a story. why else would this spying be felt most by our economic motors of Western Europe? small and medium businesses?


  • Komodo

    Googling the emetica I note that the EDP is speculating about the next visit of Them to Sandringham:

    Large crowds could pose extra problems for both the police and members of the public, many of whom are regulars who attend every year, some driving half way across the country and queueing in the cold hours before dawn to secure their spot.


    Who ARE the demented products of retrograde evolution who do this? We need more asylums.

  • Dreoilin

    Battenberg is a cake. Isn’t it?

    I cannot for the life of me imagine referring to a tiny baby as George. Or even a little lad of ten or so. Surely it’s a name for a middle aged accountant? Or a retired colonel?

  • Fred

    The baby is innocent, it is a new born child, it can have done no injustice, it couldn’t choose it’s parents.

    It can’t answer back, it is defenceless.

  • Komodo

    Ah. As an Irish person, you may be unaware of the connection with our noble Royal House, which you so ungraciously kicked out in/by 1922. So are most English persons, btw. The Royal Family is Engerlish, and not a bit German, obviously.

    One of the original couple’s sons, Prince Alexander of Battenberg, was made Sovereign Prince of Bulgaria; he was later forced to abdicate.

    Another son, Prince Henry of Battenberg, married The Princess Beatrice, the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria; their daughter, Victoria Eugenia Julia Ena, became queen consort of Spain. Her uncle Edward VII elevated her style to Royal Highness, so that she would have the necessary status to marry into the Spanish royal house.

    Alexander and Julia’s eldest son, Prince Louis of Battenberg, became the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy. Due to anti-German feelings prevalent in Britain during World War I, he anglicised his name to Mountbatten, as did his children and nephews, the sons of Prince Henry and Princess Beatrice. They renounced all German titles and were granted peerages by their cousin, George V: Prince Louis became the 1st Marquess of Milford Haven, while Prince Alexander, Prince Henry’s eldest son, became the 1st Marquess of Carisbrooke.

    Prince Louis’s second daughter Princess Louise of Battenberg become Queen Consort of Sweden as she married Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden in 1923 and his younger son Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma served as the last Viceroy of India. Prince Louis’s elder daughter, Princess Alice of Battenberg, married Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark; their son, Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark (now Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh), married the heiress presumptive of the British throne, later Elizabeth II, after having renounced his Greek titles and taken his grandfather’s and uncle’s surname, Mountbatten. The name Battenberg, in its anglicised form, is now a part of the personal surname, Mountbatten-Windsor, of some members of the British Royal Family. Prince Francis Joseph of Battenberg married Princess Anna of Montenegro, sister of Queen Elena of Italy and a maternal aunt of Alexander I of Yugoslavia.


    I’m assuming that an Irish person knows all about the, er Glorious Revolution, and the Hanoverians whose descendant Liz is. I won’t labour that point.

  • Komodo

    It can’t answer back, it is defenceless.

    If you discount the sworn allegiance of our armed forces to HM, her heirs and successors….

  • Dreoilin

    All that intermarrying. The family tree must look rather like a cat’s cradle.

  • Komodo

    You could say it’s all nicely tied up, couldn’t you? It’s what monarchies do.

  • Flaming June

    The corporate media has shown its utterly craven nature https://twitter.com/brianwhelanhack/status/359777769242112001/photo/1 with the birth of this ‘royal’ baby when the shredding of babies with brown skins to the east is worthy at the most of a very brief report followed by something like ‘the UN are investigating’.

    The pregnancy, the birth and now the naming of the baby has been one giant propaganda exercise. I know I am stating the obvious.

    Give me strength!

  • Dreoilin

    Tied up. That poor wee lad has no idea what’s ahead of him. It wouldn’t be the life I’d choose, myself. Goldfish bowl with benefits.

  • Jon

    This post may turn out to be unfair – only yesterday I was considering the ramifications of the royal baby growing up to be an outspoken republican.

    Well, one can hope!

  • Fred

    “If you discount the sworn allegiance of our armed forces to HM, her heirs and successors….”

    Well yes, I obviously do discount them.

    It’s just a helpless baby just the same as every other new born baby, it has no control over it’s environment whatsoever.

    I can understand hating someone for what they do, I don’t understand hating someone for who they are.

  • Dreoilin

    No point in hating the little fella. His life is already all mapped out for him. Imagine already being able to say what he’ll be doing when he’s 50+. Dreadful.

    As a matter of interest, what freedom does he have? I suppose he could throw it all to one side and abdicate when the time comes. Or before.

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