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42 thoughts on “Ally’s Army Revisited

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  • fred

    “Fred: Salmond has no chrystal ball. He has said that he would like to remain within the EU, be a non atomic partner in NATO, have a currency union and all he has got for extending the hand of friendship and co-operation is either a fuck you !, A middle finger , or an unelected Euro twat telling him he and his country will be blackballed for having the temerity to vote to leave a Union which is unequal at best, and a bloody drain on the pocket and lives at the worst.”

    I think half the problem is that he didn’t exactly ask, he demanded.

    So the farmers who rely on European markets and EU subsidies, what will they do?

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Scotland has been trading with Europe including England since before it even became a nation.That won’t change because we leave the UK. EU subsidies depend on being a member of the EU. If we are in it I guess they continue, if not they don’t.
    Why not ask the question what the rUK will do ? What will they be called ? Will the treaties still be legally binding without a third of the coastline,oil and gas gone ? Will the North of England attempt to claw back power and taxation from London after Scotlands departure ? How would a collective Defence policy look ?
    The so called enemies we have attacked the last few years could never reach Scotland and you couldn’t bring religious war to our shores as it has been there for centuries.
    As for farmers Fred, the produce of Scotland would be swallowed in seconds by a hungry dragon just as they drink our whisky.Europe is convenient but not the only market on the planet.Good produce will always find a customer and we have good beef/lamb/pork and poultry ,not to mention fish.Malt whisky is almost like a currency,commanding similar prices in all worlds markets.England and the world may threaten to boycott and ignore us, but the rest of the world wont.

  • BrianFujisan

    Dalglish was Good yes…Sounness was a thug… The Street footballer’s were the best ( still are Ye know..counting little ol me :)…)

    Wee jinky Johnston, Davie cooper – And talkin About Ally’s Army…What about the amazing Archie Gemmill Goal against Holland.. . And BTW… Scotland were Literally Booted… and Hacked out Argentina world cup By Uruguay… Bastards don’t get away with that shit these Days …WE wuz robbed…. by thuggery

  • fred


    Yes Scotland has been trading for a long time and when they joined the Union they were well and truly bankrupt. They thought they could push the Spanish around and they couldn’t.

    Nationalist hot air and bravado isn’t enough. people want some facts.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    “No it doesn’t all go to Spain, knew a merchant over on the west used to ship just to Spain, these go to France and from there to all the Mediterranean countries.” (Fred)

    Ah, I was on the west coast, and it was years ago. Did hear the French imported them to keep their oyster racks clean.

    “Malt whisky is almost like a currency,commanding similar prices in all worlds markets.” (Donny)

    So true. And Gideon concurs-

    I don’t think the English whisky industry’s quite ready for independence….

  • fred

    “Ah, I was on the west coast, and it was years ago. Did hear the French imported them to keep their oyster racks clean.”

    A man on the Isle of Skye?

  • Ba'al Zevul (Occam's Disposable Razor)

    Of three things I beware, Fred: The heel of the cow, the tooth of the dog and the smile of the Sgitheanach*….no.

    * Or Sasunnach – delete as appropriate.

  • BrianFujisan

    Cheers Mary…

    i had seen that… the bias has been going on for many months…

    P.s… i hope you take my post above as a wee justification for my love of Barcelona type Beautiful Game…. But yir points noted

  • Mary

    More of the same Brian,

    Scotlandshire: BBC Scotland Coverage Of The Independence Referendum

    24 March 2014

    By David Cromwell

    The BBC’s ‘Amazing Litany’ Of Bias

    Coverage of the Scottish independence referendum, due to be held on September 18 this year, is a compelling example of the deep establishment bias of the corporate media. Some critics have characterised the BBC’s coverage, in particular, as though Scotland is merely a region or a county of the United Kingdom called ‘Scotlandshire’.

    The establishment, pro-Union bias of ‘mainstream’ coverage emerges clearly from a careful analysis by an experienced media academic, and by the BBC’s reprehensible attempt to rubbish both the study and its author. The year-long study was conducted by a small team led by Professor John Robertson of the University of West Scotland. Between 17 September 2012 – 18 September 2013, the team recorded and transcribed approximately 730 hours of evening TV news output broadcast by BBC Scotland and Scottish Television (STV). The study concluded that 317 news items broadcast by the BBC favoured the ‘No’ campaign (i.e. no to Scottish independence) compared to just 211 favourable to the ‘Yes’ campaign. A similar bias in favour of the ‘No’ campaign was displayed by STV. Overall, there was a broadcaster bias favouring the ‘No’ campaign by a ratio of 3:2. In other words, there was 50 per cent more favourable coverage to the ‘No’ campaign.


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