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42 thoughts on “Ally’s Army Revisited

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  • conjunction aka lurker made flesh

    After all the humdrum stuff about the Ukraine, at last a truly sensational claim!

    But in the cause of Scottish Independence, good luck to you.

  • fred

    “But in the cause of Scottish Independence, good luck to you.”

    I don’t have any interest in football whatsoever.

    When the referendum comes I just hope people will base their decisions on the real issues, such as how it would affect the price of potatoes, not tribalist emotions.

  • glenn_uk

    It always struck me that Britain ought to have a united football team. If Germany or France divided their talent to fight among themselves, and had a separate football team for each region, they probably wouldn’t win the world cup more than once in 50 years either.

  • Juteman

    I agree with Fred. Folk need to look online for information on the referendum, and not depend on the MSM for answers. The more people study the issue, the bigger the winning Yes margin will be.
    @Mary. Izzard is holding a benefit show in Edinburgh to raise funds for the Unionists. Did he ever hold a show in Belfast to raise funds for the UDA?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    “Folk need to look online for information on the referendum, and not depend on the MSM for answers.”

    A most dubious proposition if the links often supplied by posters on this blog are anything to go by.

    They could of course also consult the Scottish govts’s amazingly precise and unambiguous “document”. Not.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    We had a fantastic team back then.Germany we never got beaten and only went out on goal difference. And Argentina we let ourselves down only to beat the eventual World champions with the goal of the tournament.We’ve had many could’ve beens!!
    Habbakuk, at least the Scottish Govt has set out plans with their white paper.They really do want to work together with the rUK,but unfortunately the NO camp are doing the Bush Mantra, with us or against us.
    The rUK have no plans whatsoever.None ! Theirs is a policy of denial, stick their heads in the sand or as I believe, simply say no when we say Yes! They can’t use their “we’re bigger and nastier than you” card until we make that decision. And if its a No,then Status Quo, and we’ll go “down down deeper and down”.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Хождение в народ!)

    I am confidently expecting a 97% ‘No’ vote on a referendum agreed with Westminster to be worded roughly as follows:

    1. Yes, I am overjoyed to think that the righteous government of Scotland is dictated by the need to keep London bankers in the style of Nero. Gawd bless you, er…jimmy.

    2. No, I want Scotland to be run by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    The result will be announced to the rapturous cheers of Rangers FC supporters, the threat to whose language and culture has been averted by God’s Old Etonian Anointed Toff, under the watchful eye of people in a uniform strongly resembling that of the British Army.

    Ok, it won’t be quite as obvious as that. But no less effective.

  • old mark

    Craig’s tongue must be firmly in his cheek here, given that ‘the best team in the world’ at the ’74 World Cup suffered the ignominy of losing 5-1 to England (who didn’t even qualify in 1974) just 11 months later!

  • Herbie


    Dunno if you’ve seen this recent interview of Alex Salmond by Andrew Marr.

    It’s all worth watching for bias, but the piece from 5.40 in is very revealing.

    Marr is talking about Pres of EU, Barbarossa’s statement that Scotland would have to re-apply for membership of the EU.

    At the end, Marr says:

    “I think it will be quite hard to get back in”

    Alex seems bemused by the rather frank bias now on display and challenges him, as Marr vainly tries to bluff his way. It’s very revealing and certainly worth noting.

    Big stakes, eh.

  • Mary

    PS Gideon is losing his strangulated voice as he is handing out so many pre-election goodies.

  • mark golding

    Visions of the croft in Achnasheen Wester Ross. Peat fires, Venison, Drambuie and Gaelic love songs. The fortnightly Kaylee is a splendid spree(remember to take the wee hip flask).

    Maybe time to plan out the Highland nuclear shelter…

  • Ba'al Zevul (Хождение в народ!)

    Maybe time to plan out the Highland nuclear shelter…

    There’s an old ROC post near Achnasheen – might be adaptable. If you were drinking Drambuie and singing/enduring Gaelic love songs, you were at the wrong ceilidh, from my memory of the place. Grouse, the shinty team fresh back from their latest massacre, and mine hostess at the station hotel. Who was then a Londoner called Beryl.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!


    “Habbakuk, at least the Scottish Govt has set out plans with their white paper.”

    That’s the “document” I referred to in my post. But precisely I’ve read (on this blog) that it’s full of ambiguities, evasions and weasel words on many issues.

  • fred

    “I agree with Fred. Folk need to look online for information on the referendum, and not depend on the MSM for answers. The more people study the issue, the bigger the winning Yes margin will be.”

    That isn’t just what I’m seeing in the part of Scotland I live.

    I derive a large part of my income from the fishing industry, I collect and sell shellfish. Every last scrap of the produce I sell goes on a lorry to France.

    The question mark over EU membership and the question mark over currency puts a big question mark over whether I will be able to put food on my table this time next year.

    The creel boat men and those who work in the fish merchants are undoubtedly thinking the same thing. Independence would undoubtedly have a real affect on a lot of people in a lot of trades and they need to know what that will be. Though no doubt the merchant bankers down in Edinburgh will come out`OK, they always do.

    Salmond needs to start saying what will happen if Scotland doesn’t get EU membership instead of just insisting they will. He needs to say what will happen if Scotland doesn’t have monetary union instead of just insisting they will. The people of Scotland have a right to know. Blind faith and flag waving just isn’t enough.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Хождение в народ!)

    How are the winkles these days, Fred? Good tides? We may have more in common than you think….

  • Ba'al Zevul (Хождение в народ!)

    …seriously, it all goes to Spain, and the real problem is whether the Spanish economy recovers, isn’t it?

  • Tony M

    I have no interest in football whatsoever, finding it a tedious waste of time and energy, more mere opiates for the masses. Without the hype surrounding it pumped out by our lamestream media as a substitute and relief from the onslaught of fabricated and twisted news we’re otherwise subjected to, it would as with most sports wither away to the total insignificance it merits. It seems the less a people have of real substance in their lives, the more irrelevant and powerless our society makes them, the more they cleave towards such excresences and impositions on society’s collective mind and lardy behind. Liverpool and as a further example certain Italian teams and cities demonstrate this perfectly. Someone once suggested that a professional footballer’s wage should be no more than five times a labouring working mans wage, I think this is five times too many. It has been noted in the Ukranian world coup debacle than the ‘fans’ of certain football teams have been in the vanguard of violence of intimidation on the streets of Kiev. This ‘game’ then nothing more than a tool for the elites to manipulate and divide the masses, engage them in worthless angst over matters which are the pinnacle of irrelevance. Football in Scotland and to Scotland, national and club teams are fast becoming useless baggage and dead weight best left behind on the path to real freedom real victory, a home win which shall eternally enrich Scotland’s beleaugured diverse peoples, enrich in material terms but also in spirit, we’re one team: Team Scotland. England outside of the South-East bubble should take note and follow suit that they might free themselves from the depradations of the Westminster and City despots and plutocrats that use them like serfs and play them for fools, shun this unproductive tawdry entertainment that empties their pockets and ties up their minds on trivial dross and free themselves of the near-extinct ever more grasping empire that will not cease its demands on them.

    The same goes for cricket x 10.

  • fred

    “How are the winkles these days, Fred? Good tides? We may have more in common than you think….”

    It got a bit hairy during the storms, working on the beach in pitch dark with 20ft waves hitting isn’t much fun.

    Other than that it’s bloody hard back breaking work for little reward same as it’s always been.

  • fred

    “…seriously, it all goes to Spain, and the real problem is whether the Spanish economy recovers, isn’t it?”

    No it doesn’t all go to Spain, knew a merchant over on the west used to ship just to Spain, these go to France and from there to all the Mediterranean countries.

  • Juan Kerr

    “…implausible as it may sound today, in 1974 in the previous World Cup in Germany, Scotland really did have the best team in the world”

    Strange they didn’t make it out of the group stages. Reminds me of that old joke: What do you call a Scotsman in the second round of the World Cup? A referee.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Fred: Salmond has no chrystal ball. He has said that he would like to remain within the EU, be a non atomic partner in NATO, have a currency union and all he has got for extending the hand of friendship and co-operation is either a fuck you !, A middle finger , or an unelected Euro twat telling him he and his country will be blackballed for having the temerity to vote to leave a Union which is unequal at best, and a bloody drain on the pocket and lives at the worst.
    If you remove all the choices Fred in a restaurant, what do you order ?
    Are you seriously trying to tell me that a Nazi Ukraine with unelected leaders and a massive debt will be more welcome than a stable democratic country with renewable and fossil resources ? NATO won’t want to lose the bit of sea between Scotland and Iceland or its airspace.And the EU’s fishing policy would be in tatters.
    The onus is on the rUK to grow up and behave responsibly, and the EU to make its f***n mind up what kind of Union it wants to be.If they welcome provinces like Kosovo and problem children like Ukraine with open arms why not an Independent Scotland ?
    Salmond has done more than enough in laying down his plans and his wishes.If the EU says no, then we’ll go the way of Norway and Switzerland. If NATO says NO then we’ll become like Austria.If somethings not on the menu then you order something else. If there is nothing at all you go and take your money somewhere else.
    I still cannot understand why a Nation voting on Independence draws so much criticism, when riots ,death and destruction is greeted by the “democratic” West.The EU couldn’t wait to burst up the Yugoslavian Union. Nobody batted an eyelid with Slovenia, they were accepted overnight.

  • Juteman

    A No vote is more likely to put your European business at risk, Fred. If England votes to leave Europe in a referendum, it wouldn’t matter how Scotland voted.

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