What’s it good for?

Ugly Rumours – Tony Blair’s band from his days at university have reformed and look set to rock the world by entering the top 10 with this weeend charts.

A new Ugly Rumours line up have recorded a version of the old Edwin Starr hit, War (what is it good for?). It has already reached number six in the midweek charts and can be downloaded for a fee from here. All profits go to Stop the War.

Update 09.03.07: From Stop the War


Many thanks to everyone who bought the spoof Tony Blair single WAR! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? The mid-week chart prediction of a number 6 placing in the Top 40 translated to number 21 when the Top 40 chart was published last Sunday. This was due to the outrageous decision by the chart compilers to invalidate thousands of sales because some people bought more than one copy by mobile phone text message, the first time this method had been used for sales.

So the Blair spoof was just outside the top 20. How convenient that this avoided the widespread media coverage that would have followed a top 20 placement. That said, over the previous week it was a featured item on most of the main TV news channels, and the record still made chart history by being the highest entry ever by an act unsigned to a record label.”