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You might well not be able to comment at the moment. In switching to the new blog platform, importing the 57,700 legitimate old comments into Intense Debate proved – and still is – a very difficult thing to do. While it is going on, we have had to activate comment moderation on the whole site, which has been frustrating for everyone.

Tim has been working on a fix with Intense Debate to solve the problems with loading the old comments. One problem this is causing is that I can’t get in to approve comments, which quite probably means you can’t make any at the moment. This may not apply to those who had sufficient moderated comments approved under Intense Debate to convince Intense Debate they should be trusted. This is an automatic feature, and explains why some people’s comments were able to appear straight away and others were waiting hours to be moderated. I understand the aggrieved comments this occasioned, but it wasn’t me, it was the software (Honest!).

Hopefully, after Easter these problems will all be behind us. I wanted to close with “Happy Good Friday”, but that really doesn’t sound right.

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2 thoughts on “No Comment

  • mary

    Happy Easter to one snd all.

    These people are not having a good time – The main headlines on the BBC website…

    ‘Bloodiest day’ in Syrian unrest – 1 hour ago Protesters in Syria report 60 people killed – the highest death toll in five weeks of unrest against President Assad.

    Libya heading for stalemate – US – 2 hours ago The war in Libya is moving towards stalemate, warns the head of the US military, even though air strikes have destroyed 30-40% of Libya’s ground forces.

    Children suffer in Somali drought – 3 hours ago Children in Somalia are suffering some of the highest malnutrition rates in the world following years of drought, says the United Nations.

    Taser death at Universal Studios – 4 hours ago A man who was allegedly causing a disturbance at Universal Studios in Florida dies after being shocked with a Taser stun gun by off-duty police.

    Rival rallies held across Yemen – 1 hour ago Yemen’s president gives a guarded welcome to the Gulf Arab transition plan, as his supporters and opponents stage huge rallies.

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