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72 thoughts on “Danny Alexander’s Colon

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  • Someone

    “Tony Benn”

    Let me explain how it works!.

    Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, John McDonnell, Jon Cruddas, Diane Abbott, etc, now, no one who claims to be a socialist could possible be in a far right party!, doesn’t make any sense, so what are the above doing in NuLabour, a party that has killed so many!, sent people to be tortured!, etc, etc.

    The answer is simple, they serve to give the FALSE impression that there is still a vistage of decency, justice and liberty in the NuLabour party, it keeps so many people voting for NuLabour!, it works a treat for the far right, it makes people think they have a choice, when in fact, they ‘don’t have a choice!.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    “so what are the above doing in NuLabour, a party that has killed so many!, sent people to be tortured!, etc, etc.”

    In the case of Skinner, their best to return to the founding principles. In the case of Abbott, riding a vehicle which takes them to minor media celebrity. Maybe they should have resigned, but where could they go, poor lambs?

    The only Right conspiracy you need invoke is Thatcher’s huge success in playing on the bourgeois aspirations of the floating voter. Old Labour having failed utterly to exploit enormous public discontent, Nu Labour was inevitable from then on.

  • Q

    I have no opinion on this issue, but thought it worth mentioning that CMOS technology is used in capsule colonoscopy procedures and in satellite guidance/navigation systems. So there is some common ground in your comment, Craig.

  • guano

    Cameron’s tribute to Wedgie Benn was unnecessary and rude.
    He said that he rarely agreed with Tony Benn opinions. As if Cameron’s opinions on anything were anything more than a pee specimin.

  • Mary

    Tony Benn: How he defied the BBC on Israel 14 March 2014 Tony Benn, probably the last real socialist to serve in a British government, died today aged 88.

    I’m posting a short video of him below in action (long after his retirement from politics) in early 2009. It sums up what was so great about him.

    Here he is using a three-minute interview on BBC news not to self-aggrandise but to subvert a BBC decision to refuse to publicise a charity appeal to help Palestinians in Gaza deal with the humanitarian crisis provoked by Israel’s Operation Cast Lead.

    It was notably the first time the BBC had rejected an appeal for help from the Disaster Emergencies Committee. The decision was so embarrassingly craven towards Israel it ended up even being criticised by members of the British government, the BBC’s paymasters.

    In those three mins, Benn twice reads out the address for people to send in donations; points out that all the BBC staff he has spoken to objected to the management’s ruling; notes that the BBC decision was capitulation to Israeli pressure (a capitulation that continues to this day); and ends with a savage indictment of BBC policy by telling viewers the BBC will be responsible for the deaths in Gaza caused by the refusal to publicise the appeal.

    It’s an example of why Benn was that rare beast: a politician with truly democratic instincts. Another short video offers some condensed wisdom, with Benn arguing that the US and Britain fall short of being democracies.


    That BBC decision of Mark Thompson and Caroline Thomson was disgusting and cruel.

  • Mary

    The late Lord Ballyedmond was not a pal of Charles Haughey. His name was Edward Haughey before he was ennobled although there is said to be no Haughey family connection.

    Read this for more info on him.

    Capitalist tyrant targeted by bomb on Co Louth border

    Tory party funder, Thatcher follower, supporter of Pinochet etc etc.

    Also read the comment from Barry lower down and others.

    Friend of tyrants and war criminals
    author by Barry – 32csmpublication date Déar Lún 17, 2006 19:11

  • Mary

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned the death of Bob Crow.

    Phil Jupitus in the Morning Star.

    A Poem to Bob Crow – Phil Jupitus

    I heard
    On the train
    We had lost
    A most singular
    Essex man
    Fighting man
    Union man
    Railed against injustice
    Made points
    And kept track
    Of the bastards

    So I wrote these lines
    On the same train
    And realised that
    In his memory
    None of us
    Should be

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