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I am pleased that Simon Ostrovsky has been released.  He is a decent journalist, who back on 30 October 2007 did a very good piece on Newsnight about the terrible child slavery compelled by the state in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan.  They had done some secret filming in Uzbekistan, which took much courage.

There was however one strange thing about Ostrovsky’s film.  I was called in to the Newsnight studio in the morning to do a pre-record piece on what I had witnessed of this terrible system of cruel forced labour.  I also recounted how I had reported it to government while I was Ambassador there from 2002 to 2004, but the British government had refused to take any action, as had the EU.

But none of my interview was shown in the programme, nor was I mentioned.  Instead a New Labour minister was interviewed and he was allowed to say, unchallenged, that the film was absolutely shocking and the British government had no prior idea this was happening; they would now look into it etc.  Needless to say they still did nothing, nor has anything ever been done to have child slave cotton banned from the UK.  Why do you think Primark is so cheap?

I do not know whether Ostrovsky had any editorial control over the decision to cut the interview which proved the New Labour minister was lying through his teeth.

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  • Ba'al Zevul (soy Marxista de tendencia Groucho)

    High school children, to be precise: you need to be of certain height in order to reach to cotton tree branches.

    ‘Oh the buzzing of the bees
    In the cigarette trees
    And the soda water fountains….’

    What Craig said. It’s not so long ago, btw, that Scottish schools would close for the tattie howkin’ (Eng: potato harvest), and I’ve seen Turkish kids picking cotton…but not off trees. In the absence of machinery, people are all you’ve got, and the time window is short for cotton. It’s not so much what they do, in Uzbekistan, I suspect, but the way that they do it.

  • John Goss

    Mayor of Kharkov shot (in back) and fighting for his life.

    “Russia, for its part, does not fully recognize the post-coup Kiev government as legal. Moscow stressed that it is using diplomacy and its influence to advise protest leaders and self-defense forces in southeastern Ukraine not to use violence.

    Meanwhile, the US-backed government in Kiev has neither disarmed the neo-Nazi Pravy Sector or radicals of the Svoboda party, nor has it disarmed the UNA-UNSO. Protesters in southeastern Ukraine are afraid of the perspective of not being able to defend themselves. The situation has been aggravated and exploded in bloodshed when Kiev deployed over 11.000 heavily armed troops to the region.”

  • Mary

    Back in March, Soros said:

    George Soros Predicts Ukraine Could Ruin The EU
    The billionaire financier says in its tepid response to Russia’s Crimea land grab, the EU flubbed a key chance to breathe new life into the stale union

    George Soros is the power and money behind many ‘alternative’ media stations that are pushing Government’s agendas.

    He funds and is actively pushing Agenda 21 and pro-Government agenda activists and sets in place many co-intel operations. – The ‘official’ version. : ….” However, his critics point out that “[In] 2010, tax records show that Soros, a convicted inside trader … deployed grantees from his Open Society Foundations to lobby for and acquire federal contracts for job training, green energy, and community redevelopment programs.” By employing such coordinated activities, critics aver, Soros “advanced his agenda for “green economics”, open borders, and increased government handouts.””[5]

    Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute

    The list is extremely long.

  • John Goss

    George Soros seems like a good bedfellow for Tony Blair. Both accused, though deny, of being involved in the grab of African mineral grabs. As everybody knows Blair’s financial dealings are so complex nobody understands where the money comes in. But it keeps coming in.

    One of the aims of those who own governments is to make sure that whoever gets to power they are still in charge.

  • karel

    John Goss,

    no apologies needed. I hope that you found it amusing. The Beeb must be run by idiots, as the controllers fail to see the wider implications of what they broadcast. Propaganda must be consistent and well controlled,otherwise it is just laughable.

  • Resident Dissident


    “I must be a magician!

    Here is my spell to make RD/ELSO etc disappear… “Just imagine for a moment you have family in a place, which kind of help would you really choose?””

    Hardly magical – I was just hard at work last week and hence had little time for Holodomor deniers such as yourself.

    The short answer is that any family, including my own, would ask for the time and help that circumstances demanded. At no time have I ever advocated US military intervention in the Ukraine or Russia – but if the US wishes to support human rights and the Helsinki Accords through the OSCE they have my support to do so. Similarly, I do not support US military or other intervention in all cases – but then I do in others as a last resort to remove regimes that are massively abusing the human rights of their own people. I very much doubt that those in the concentration camps or in occupied Nazi Europe or my wife’s ancestors were opposed to the US eventually joining the wars against the Nazis.

    I’m afraid you and Mr Goss are as usual just pitching at a straw man of your own construction and in the process revealing more about your own one dimensional view than anything else. In your simple world I’m afraid everything has to be converted into one simple enemy whose every action is bad/evil/fascist and everyone who opposes it is good and beyond criticism whose every action can be justified by its opposition to the universal evil. Sometimes this view can be excused as part of the idealism of youth – but this is clearly not the case for Mr Goss and if Habba is right that you are a middle aged man then time is running out on your part.

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