UK Moves to Block US Senate Report to Protect Blair, Straw and Dearlove

by craig on April 14, 2014 12:04 pm in Uncategorized

From a British diplomatic source I learn that Britain has lobbied the United States against the publication of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture and extraordinary rendition.  The lobbying has been carried out “at all levels” – White House, State Department and CIA.  The British have argued that at the very least the report must be emasculated before publication.

The British argument is that in a number of court cases including the Belhadj case, the British government has successfully blocked legal action by victims on the grounds that this would weaken the US/UK intelligence relationship and thus vitally damage national security, by revealing facts the American intelligence service wish hidden.  [We will leave aside for the moment the utter shame of our servile groveling judges accepting such an argument].  The British Government are now pointing out to the Americans that this argument could be fatally weakened if major detail of the full horror and scope of torture and extraordinary rendition is revealed by the Senate Intelligence Committee.  The argument runs that this could in turn lead to further revelations in the courts and block the major defence against prosecutions of Blair, Straw and Dearlove, among others, potentially unleashing a transatlantic wave of judicial activism.

The unabashed collusion of two torturing security states in concealing the truth of their despicable acts – including complicity in the torture of women and minors – and blocking criminal prosecution of the guilty is a sign of how low public ethics have sunk.  Fortunately there are still a few people in the British Foreign Office disgusted enough to leak it.


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  1. “However, if that family member commits a heinous crime, such as “murder most foul”, there are few families who wouldn’t turn them in as a matter of decency, unless they were in fear of their own neck. Indeed, the law of the land would expect them to. I’d have thought that in a “mature democracy” there would be procedures that could be invoked, if the betrayal of expected values at a national level goes off the scale.”

    That is logic, there isn’t anything logical about patriotism.

    The law does recognise the principle to some extent, a wife can’t be made to testify against her husband in most cases.

  2. Fred; “there isn’t anything logical about patriotism”

    How can crimes committed against one own citizens, & in the US case, against the very Constitution, be considered as “patriotism”, especially when the clear objective is personal financial enrichment ?

  3. “The Federation Council [upper house of parliament] granted the president the right to use military force in Ukraine. I really hope that I do not have to exercise that right and that we are able to solve all today’s pressing issues via political and diplomatic means,” Mr Putin said.

    Sod international law – its the Russian Federation Council that counts.

  4. The Russian Federation Council is of course very much Putin’s creature especially given that his view of federalism usually extends to extensive interference in the regional governments that are meant to appoint members to the Federation Council. Good to see that the old Leninist principles of “democratic” centralism are alive and well.

  5. “How can crimes committed against one own citizens, & in the US case, against the very Constitution, be considered as “patriotism”, especially when the clear objective is personal financial enrichment ?”

    I once saw an interview with John Wayne where he was asked his opinion on the slave trade and the discrimination against the African American.

    “Would any of them be better off if they had stayed in Africa?” he said.

    Don’t underestimate cognitive dissonance, it can justify anything.

  6. Fred; “Don’t underestimate cognitive dissonance, it can justify anything”

    For sure, but anybody offering irrationality & hypocrisy, cannot then complain if these factors are highlighted, with the resulting exposure of their povs as bogus & full of lies; the trouble is that when these people do get into power, they don’t complain, instead to misquote, “when I hear the word intellectual, I reach for my pistol”, or these days they simply frame you for some decades in jail.

  7. “@A Node
    Look I don’t have any sort of an agenda here. I had recently read the Huffington Post article because it was linked to from the Tom Watson twitter feed, it seemed relevant to the discussion so I posted it.
    If you don’t want to believe it don’t but don’t go calling me names to try and discredit it.”

    Thank you.
    And all I did was point out that the claim contradicts itself.
    The Huffington Post claimed Putin was the world’s richest leader, and ‘justified’ their choice thus:
    “Putin is believed to be worth between $40 and $70 billion, Bloomberg notes.”
    The link takes you to a Bloomberg article which explains that the claim is rubbish.

  8. @A Node

    Besides assigning ulterior motives to me for posting it then calling me a gullible fool for believing it you mean.

    If you don’t want to believe it don’t, fine by me.

  9. Fred,
    Do you believe that Putin is the world’s richest leader?

  10. Good news.

    BREAKING NEWS:Caroline Lucas MP found not guilty of public order offence along with four others after anti-fracking protests in W Sussex

    So Heir to Blair can frack off.

    Please sign this if you agree.

  11. Any takers? Surely the work has already been done and this course is redundant.

    Mar 30 2014

    University of Haifa’s ‘Cyber Warriors’ will help fight the delegitimization of Israel using new media

  12. “Do you believe that Putin is the world’s richest leader?”

    I don’t have any reasons not to. The people he hangs out with seem to be immensely wealthy it seems reasonable to assume he is as well.

    But I don’t intend to spend time on google to try and prove the unprovable, if it contradicts what you want to believe then just don’t believe it.

  13. Interesting read Brian at 17 Apr, 2014 – 3:30 am

    Paul Craig Roberts kinda merges our posts in that this reckless folly of their efforts at forcing regime change across Ukraine can drive the path to war.

    The CIA director instructed Washington’s hand-picked stooge government in Kiev to apply to the United Nations for help in repelling “terrorists” who with alleged Russian help are allegedly attacking Ukraine. In Washington’s vocabulary, self-determination is a sign of Russian interference. As the UN is essentially a Washington-financed organization, Washington will get what it wants.

    The Russian government has already made it completely clear some weeks ago that the use of violence against protesters in eastern and southern Ukraine would compel the Russian government to send in the Russian army to protect Russians, just as Russia had to do in South Ossetia when Washington instructed its Georgian puppet ruler to attack Russian peacekeeping troops and Russian residents of South Ossetia.

    Washington knows that the Russian government cannot stand aside while one of Washington’s puppet states attacks Russians. Yet, Washington is pushing the crisis to war.

  14. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 3:04 pm

    I should hazard a guess that rasPutin has a lot more money tucked away somewhere than Yeltsin ever had.

    Ni selling himself cheap for our Vlad!

  15. Fred,
    “I don’t have any reasons not to [believe Putin is the world’s richest leader].”
    You don’t have any credible reason to believe it either.

  16. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 3:12 pm

    re Paul Craig Roberts, lovingly cited by Mark “Wait” Golding:

    Apart from having been, for 10 months, 3O years ago, one of 11 US Assistant Treasury Secretaries, what qualifications does this chap have to pontificate on anything?

    He always reminds me of one of those guys one sees wandering around wearing a sandwich board on which is written “The end is nigh”. They’re still wandering around and the end still hasn’t arrived.

  17. You have been hearing of Mr Hunt’s plan to have virtual GP consultations by phone, email or Skype. Wonder how physical examinations would be achieved!

    Well this is what one doctor has to say on the current situation. Chapter and verse.

    GPs braced for shutdown after ‘toxic mix’ of loss of funds and high demand
    At one of 98 GP surgeries in England under threat of closure there is despair that NHS reforms could kill off good care
    16 April 2014

    It seems that Mr Hunt’s wheeze of issuing QOF points does not mean prizes.

    Lose the NHS and lose it forever.

  18. The ex UK Ambassador to Russia Sir Tony Brenton has been speaking on Sky News. He is saying that the West have got it all wrong with their plan to increase sanctions. No link.

  19. Residents of the United States and Russia, two nations currently engaged in an international brawl, might be particularly interested in the fact that their countries possess over 16,000 nuclear weapons. About 2,000 of them on hair-trigger alert, ready for use within minutes. According to the ICAN report, if only 500 of these weapons were to hit major U.S. and Russian cities, “100 million people would die in the first half an hour, and tens of millions would be fatally injured. Huge swaths of both countries would be blanketed by radioactive fallout.” Furthermore, “most Americans and Russians would die in the following months from radiation sickness and disease epidemics.”

  20. “You don’t have any credible reason to believe it either.”

    I don’t think Huffington Post would have printed it if they didn’t believe it and I don’t think Tom Watson would have linked to it if he didn’t believe it.

    So it all comes down to who you believe, I believe them, not you.

  21. I forgot to add – “Life is beautiful” remembering the ‘Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal’ was described as ‘so mind-bogglingly stupid that it assumes that if you can’t see it, then it can’t see you.’

  22. It’s so surreal you wonder if it’s true. He is threatening war with Russia yet takes time for a selfie with the war monger Biden yesterday.

    Barack Obama and Joe Biden took a selfie today. Yes, for real.

    Obama Raises Spectre Of War With Russia
    Sky News
    As tensions mount in Ukraine, for the first time in decades an American president has raised the prospect of war with Russia.
    by Sunita.Patel 2:36 PM

    The press conference is two and a half hours overdue.

    The question of Putin’s wealth is a total irrelevance btw.

  23. technicolour

    17 Apr, 2014 - 3:57 pm

    The Day Today: War

    NB It’s a spoof

  24. Fred
    “I don’t think Huffington Post would have printed it if they didn’t believe it”

    OK, you win, I can’t top that. Over and out.

  25. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 4:11 pm


    “The ex UK Ambassador to Russia Sir Tony Brenton has been speaking on Sky News. He is saying that the West have got it all wrong with their plan to increase sanctions. No link.”

    And on a Radio 4 programme this morning, another former and even more distinguished UK Ambassador to Russia – Sir Roderick Lyne – appeared to be saying the opposite.

  26. Oh that establishment stooge from the Chilcot School of Theatrics.

    Sir Roderic Lyne is now Vice-Chairman at Chatham House where, from 1986 to 1987, he was a Visiting Research Fellow. He is an advisor to JPMorgan Chase ,[1] who have been chosen to operate the Trade Bank of Iraq , which will give banks access to the financial system of Iraq [6] He was a special adviser to BP , which currently has major interests in Iraq.[7] He is a non-executive director of Petropavlovsk plc (formerly Peter Hambro Mining). He is a member of the Board of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce; the Board of Governors of Kingston University ; and is a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation .[5] From 2005-7 he was a member of the Task Force of the Trilateral Commission on Russia.[5] He was a member of the Chilcot inquiry into circumstances leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq ,[8] having been appointed to the Privy Council in 2009.[9] Several people have commented that he is the toughest inquisitor on the committee.[2] He currently sits on the Advisory Council of the Front Row Group of Companies Ltd.

    Ditchley, Chatham House, JP Morgan…. Shall I continue?

    PS BLiar is a paid adviser/operative for JP Morgan Chase but I expect everybody knows that.

  27. If it is available on I-player, Mary, I should listen to Sir Roderick on the balanced broadcasting corporation’s radio 4 this morning. He was interviewed by an increasingly fawning John Humphries, and giving “both sides”. The Russian side was given as “trying to destabilise the Ukraine”. I used to really think the BBC made an effort to be balanced.

  28. Lyne contd.

    Nice little earner here.

    I felt sick when a photo of Bono popped up on the Hospitality section.

    There’s Lifestyle, Luxury, Property, Leadership, Education…. all bases covered.

    The founder Interesting that there is a Russian connection there.

  29. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 5:46 pm


    “Oh that establishment stooge from the Chilcot School of Theatrics.

    Sir Roderic Lyne is now Vice-Chairman at Chatham House..etc, etc..”

    What, in that litany about what retired Ambassador Sir Roderick Lyne is doing at present, makes his opinions on Ukraine and Russia less valid than those of retired Ambassador Sir Tony Brenton?

    In what way is he a “stooge”?

  30. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 5:51 pm


    “If it is available on I-player, Mary, I should listen to Sir Roderick on the balanced broadcasting corporation’s radio 4 this morning. He was interviewed by an increasingly fawning John Humphries, and giving “both sides”. The Russian side was given as “trying to destabilise the Ukraine”. I used to really think the BBC made an effort to be balanced.”

    A comment typical for those posters who, when airtime is given to someone whose views they don’t like, call the BBC “biased” and the interviewer “fawning”.

  31. Thanks Peacewisher. I will have to steel myself to listen to it.

  32. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 6:31 pm

    Just to GIVE THE LIE to the assertion frequently made by MARY and other ISRAEL DENIERS that the UK govt is biased in favour of Israel and against the Palestinians, here is the text of statement issued by Foreign Secretary WILLIAM HAGUE thid very day, 17 April 2014:

    “The UK condemns the decisions taken by the Israeli authorities to change the status of a significant amount of land around the illegal settler outpost of Netiv Ha’avot and to create a new settlement in Hebron. Settlements are illegal and an obstacle to peace, and these decisions detract from on-going efforts to deliver a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The only path to peace is through negotiations.”.

    Source: FCO website.


    There you go, Mary and other Israel deniers, put that in your pipe and smoke it! :)

  33. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 6:35 pm


    After you’ve steeled yourself and listened, perhaps you will then tell us why you rushed in to call Sir Roderic Lyne an “establishment stooge”?

    I notice you are quick with the insults and accusations, but somewhat slower to justify or back them up. Cowardly or ignorant?

  34. Craig

    Mary thinks that Sir Roderic Lyne is rather too close to “Da Management”.

    She further thinks that Sir Tony Brenton is of rather more independent mind.

    I’d say that their careers after FCO are rather divergent.

    Sir Roderic seems to have plumped for, shall we say Atlanticist employ, whilst Sir Tony seems more content in academic pursuits and advising a large British mutual.

    Have you a view?

    Sir Roderic was an Eton chappie, and a rather poor scholar, if that helps.

    Again though I think we see that recurring divide between those who favour a unipolar world against those who’d prefer a multipolar arrangement.

    Funny the way this fundamental dispute isn’t made much of in media.

  35. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 7:15 pm


    What would you see as the benefits and advantages – for the UK and its citizens (as yourself)- of a “multipolar” world as opposed to a “unipolar” one?

  36. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 7:30 pm


    “Sir Roderic was.. a rather poor scholar, if that helps.”

    Where do you get that one from? According to Wikipedia, he got poor A level results but was a good student at university. Leeds University, by the way, not Oxbridge – a fact that I should have thought would endear him to you.

    All should read his entire page on Wikipedia: dishonest as so often, Mary carefully selected only those bits which she thought would most discredit him in the eyes of the other Eminences. He’s a good guy.

  37. Yes Mary, I also heard the plummy Lyne pontificating about Russia. We told them what to do, join the status quo of the international community, and they didn’t listen.

    Alhamdulillah I am not part of the status quo, whoever they are and whatever they own. They don’t own me. even if they do pay the mosque to bug my mobile phone.

  38. No not cowardly or ignorant. Possessor of the characteristics of a lion and very well informed. :)

  39. This will shock the t—-ls. Something good being said about President Assad and in the Torygraph. Zut alors!.

    Syria: As the bombs fall, the people of Damascus rally round Bashar al-Assad
    The West may oppose Assad’s regime, but on the streets of the capital the people fear a greater evil

  40. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 7:58 pm

    “Zut alors!.”

    No one says that in France these days. You’ve been watching too many repeats of ‘Allo ‘allo.

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  42. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 8:06 pm


    “No not cowardly or ignorant. Possessor of the characteristics of a lion and very well informed.”

    Then prove it to your avid readers by telling them exactly why you think Roderic Lyne’s an “establishment stooge”. :)

  43. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    17 Apr, 2014 - 8:09 pm


    “I also heard the plummy Lyne…”

    That mention of “plummy” reminded me of something I’d been meaning to ask you. Do you drink a lot of prune juice? It could just be an explanation…

  44. Resident Dissident

    17 Apr, 2014 - 8:21 pm

    “Do you believe that Putin is the world’s richest leader?”

    He is certainly a liar about his income however – his declared income on his public tax returns is less than the equivalent of £100k per annum. Masha Gessen’s book provides plenty of evidence regarding his personal financial wealth and even if it doesn’t make him the richest leader in the World (his fellow crook in Kazakhstan will be up there aa well)he is certainly a contender.

  45. Resident Dissident

    17 Apr, 2014 - 8:27 pm


    The Russian side was given as “trying to destabilise the Ukraine”. I used to really think the BBC made an effort to be balanced.

    So who do you think all those balaclaved types, wearing very similar uniforms without insiginia, and well armed and drilled in Eastern Ukraine at the present are. Google and you can find the photos.

    Just a clue their uniform and equipment is very similar to the same types in Crimea.

  46. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 8:29 pm

    “Discussing this vote, I found – to my surprise – that even people outside the governing Ba’ath party, including some of Assad’s political opponents, said they would support him.”

    Shadows of Iraq, Mary. I guess the people recognize Assad is the best bad idea we have.

    I didn’t weep over Saddam’s demise, but in retrospect I think Iraq and the Region have suffered more from ousting a dicktator, than any rape room or evil prescribed by a tyrant’s rule.

  47. Resident Dissident

    17 Apr, 2014 - 8:32 pm

    Those who believe this, will also believe everything that Vlad says – I should add that the number of Russians who believe this can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand.

  48. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 8:33 pm

    Ah, yes. The regime change magic-bullet.

    “Two years after the capture and death of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, a new saying has emerged in Libya: “Before we only had one Gaddafi, but now we have hundreds.”

    As GlobalPost chatted to locals in the streets of Tripoli, all complained of the current situation, but none openly showed any love of their former ruler.

    “I’m glad we got rid of Gaddafi of course, but it’s tough now,” said banker Taher Giuma. “Libya is ruled by militias who enforce their agenda on the government, but I hope it will improve in time.”

    Others drew comparisons between the old regime and the new.

    “There was a lot of talk during the revolution of change, but the new government do not do anything different,” said Radwan Smeda as he sat in Martyrs’ Square. “Before you couldn’t say anything bad about Gaddafi. Now you can’t accuse the rebels no matter what they do. It’s the same old system. Only the faces have changed.”

  49. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 8:42 pm

    Zionists going full Jihadist.

    “Just weeks before Pope Francis’ first official visit to the Holy Land, a number of Christian holy sites in Israel and Palestine have been targeted in ‘price tag’ attacks by the radical Israeli settler movement. These attacks have been increasing since 2008.
    Just weeks before Pope Francis’ first official visit to the Holy Land – the first Papal visit in 50 years – a number of Christian holy sites in Israel and Palestine have been targeted in ‘price tag’ attacks by the radical Israeli settler movement. The most recent attack occurred at the Our Lady at Deir Rafat Monastery located on the site of the depopulated former Arab village of the same name, north-west of the Israeli city of Beit Shemesh. The graffiti, sprayed in Hebrew on the outer walls of the Monastery, read ‘Jesus is an ape and Mary is a cow’, to which the Latin (Catholic) Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, responded, ‘I don’t believe this is a proper way to receive the Holy Father here next month.’ However, this is only the latest in what the UN High Commission reported was a 150% increase in ‘price tag’ attacks since 2008, with over 788 registered attacks from 2012-2013.

  50. @Resident-Dissident That was my quote, not Mary’s. If you had listened to radio 4 this morning and were anything like of independent mind you’d have seen it as biased. They may be “pro-Russian” or they may be “anti-Kiev” but they are not Russian. Channel 4 tracked one of the balaclava-clad to hospital after he was injured, and later interviewed him. He was clearly Ukrainian. Thank goodness Channel 4 is not as bias as the BBC, which does now appear to be edited by neo-cons.

    Thank goodness Kerry and Ashton weren’t similarly looking to raise the anti and achieved a remarkable agreement with Lavrov this afternoon.

  51. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 8:49 pm

    Of course, we shouldn’t assume Putin could be bested by neo-nazis in their blood feuds.

    We have many examples of how evil dicktators produce a panacea for progress when they are removed.

  52. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 9:04 pm

    I expect some pushback on Zios from Cameron; him being a good christian, and all.

    “Presumably Cameron and his aides have had a little chat and realised that around this time of year small ‘c’ conservatives are thinking a little more about Christianity than they ordinarily would. And they’ve decided, as they do most years, that it might be a good idea to reinforce their leader’s claims to being a man of religious depth.
    Speaking as a Christian and a student of religion who disagrees profoundly with the spirit of Cameron’s premiership so far, I have some serious theological problems with what he’s had to say.
    Of course, Cameron’s right that religion can ‘help people to have a moral code’. He’s probably also right that non-believers and hardline secularists may underestimate the importance of this for the health of society (though some would inevitably also say that it is precisely this ‘moral code’ that is the problem).
    One of the places where Cameron has pointed people this Easter for Christianity’s ‘moral code’, though, is Jesus instruction to ‘love thy neighbour’. And here he is a little… weak.”

  53. RD as confused as ever. Wonder how many other blogs they have to patro


    In sharp contrast to the Oborne piece on Syria, we discover that Mr Zionist Harper has a plan afoot, in fact several.

    As children in post war Britain, we were led to hold Canada in high esteem. Part of the Commonwealth they had come to our aid in large numbers. There was much imagery including handsome Mounties in red and navy.

    All Empire and decency and the beautiful maple leaf. Now it is a rotten imitation of that federation to its south where goodness and principle are rare amongst those with power. And we all know why and say it.

    Canada Plans to Invade Syria

    The pro-Israeli government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making diplomatic and military preparations for military intervention in Syria, leaked documents show.

    Canada’s National Defense has drawn up at least five scenarios for the country’s military mission in Syria, according to documents obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.



  54. …..patrol and police.

  55. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 9:27 pm

  56. We should all hope so, Joker. The alternative (money war) will be pretty bad Economically for both Europe and the US.

    Kerry has done good. The stumbling block with be the Eastern Ukrainians who have been so outraged by activities in Kiev in recent months that that won’t retreat until the last neo-fascist is purged from the Ukrainian parliament.

  57. Mary.

    Exploitation through-

  58. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 9:41 pm

    “We should all hope so, Joker…”

    We can hope in one hand, and shite in the other, then wait to see which fills first. I don’t trust the useful idiot, beyond his mindless gaffes, as gaffes.

  59. John Pilger

    Nato’s action plan in Ukraine is right out of Dr Strangelove
    From China to Ukraine, the US is pursuing its longstanding ambition to dominate the Eurasian landmass
    17 April 2014

    John Stanton

    FIDO and General Wes Clark in Ukraine
    US Advisors on the Ground, Deadly Messenger
    16 April 2014

    FIDO = Foreign Internal Defense Operations

  60. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 9:54 pm

    “In 1964, the year Dr Strangelove was made, “the missile gap” was the false flag. To build more and bigger nuclear weapons and pursue an undeclared policy of domination, President John F Kennedy approved the CIA’s propaganda that the Soviet Union was well ahead of the US in the production of intercontinental ballistic missiles. This filled front pages as the “Russian threat”. In fact, the Americans were so far ahead in production of the missiles, the Russians never approached them. The cold war was based largely on this lie.”

    I remember the 80’s when Reagan was pushing the MX missile which he double-speak renamed ‘Peacekeeper”

    He used pictures of ancient USSR missiles with massive hydrogen powered missiles and compared them to our smaller but more powerful sold-fuel stages to make the enemy appear larger than reality. It’s an old strategy.

  61. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 9:56 pm

    I somehow feel some sympathy for our local Authoritarians who must defuse the evidence. :)

  62. Yup. Looks like Putin wins again:

    ““It calls for an immediate commencement of a broad national dialogue which must be inclusive, transparent and accountable,” he said.

    Lavrov stressed that measures to disarm illegal armed groups and free seized buildings would apply to all regions of Ukraine without exception.

    “The measures we have stated concern all regions of Ukraine without exception and all problematic questions without exception,” he said.”

    Interesting chap this, Andrii Deshchytsia, who represented the Kiev govt, in his capacity as acting Foreign Minister designate.

    Seems he’s a career diplomat:

    Machine back firmly in control then, eh.

  63. “We can hope in one hand, and shite in the other, then wait to see which fills first. I don’t trust the useful idiot, beyond his mindless gaffes, as gaffes.”

    Another one for the downstairs loo

  64. Not quite, Herbie…

    It will be interesting to see Svboda (sp?) getting voluntarily disarmed…

  65. Details are starting to leak, but what is really needed is a another brave whistleblower;

  66. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 11:01 pm

    Ah…regime change.

    Baghdad now WORLD’S WORST city.

    A trillion dollars in gold, and countless pints of human blood. How long before we can flatten the learning curve?

  67. Snap Ben ! I just posted that link on the previous thread !

    Anyhow, there’s another;

  68. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 11:15 pm


    “Update: This post should be absorbed along with the news that Syrian opposition fighters now have U.S.-made anti-tank missiles given to them by Saudi Arabia with Washington’s consent.”

    Because of the economics of warfare. It’s not personal; just bizness.

  69. Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    17 Apr, 2014 - 11:17 pm

    Weird that we posted just minutes apart, Macky.

  70. A couple more;

    Pity there wasn’t any Swedes on Yashika Bageerathi’s recent deportation flight;

    The Government making full use of the truthism of Dead Men Don’t Talk;

  71. Ben; “Because of the economics of warfare. It’s not personal; just bizness”

    Putin should try the same line, and maybe match every new weapon supplied to the anti-Government forces in Syria, with supplies to the anti-Coup protesters in Eastern Ukraine !

  72. “Deal Struck to Calm Ukraine Crisis” trumpets the BBC.


    The Yanks, and whatever proxies they are using, will be in there, beavering away. The Craft, or G4S, or even Right Sector goons, will do something nasty in Eastern Ukraine, there will be a reaction, and that way a little more civil strife will be sown.

    Such is the neocon method in the War on Terror (Phase 2). Shock and awe is so Roland Emmerich. A little more subtlety is now required to sustain the illusion of anything remotely akin to noble ends.

  73. Mike; “Bullshit”

    I agree; it’s not worth the paper it’s written on, and all that signed it, know that; just playing for time on all sides; so not that it actually means anything, but these under-reported aspects were part of the agreement;

    #1: Recognition of Crimea as Russia
    #2: Gas and debt payments by Ukraine
    #3: Referendums, not just top-down “autonomy” from Kiev

  74. BrianFujisan

    18 Apr, 2014 - 1:29 am

    Great posts n links n Info floating around..Cheers all…

    Some more from Mark’s excellent post @ 3;03 pm 17th….

    The danger for Russia is that the Russian government will rely on diplomacy, international organizations, international cooperation, and on the common sense and self-interest of German politicians and politicians in other of Washington’s European puppet states.

    For Russia this could be a fatal mistake. There is no good will in Washington, only mendacity. Russian delay provides Washington with time to build up forces on Russia’s borders and in the Black Sea and to demonize Russia with propaganda and whip up the US population into a war frenzy. The latter is already occurring.

    Kerry has made it clear to Lavrov that Washington is not listening to Russia. As Washington pays well, Washington’s European puppets are also not listening to Russia. Money is more important to European politicians than humanity’s survival.

    In my opinion, Washington does not want the Ukraine matters settled in a diplomatic and reasonable way. It might be the case that Russia’s best move is immediately to occupy the Russian territories of Ukraine and re-absorb the territories into Russia from whence they came. This should be done before the US and its NATO puppets are prepared for war. It is more difficult for Washington to start a war when the objects of the war have already been lost. Russia will be demonized with endless propaganda from Washington whether or not Russia re-absorbs its traditional territories. If Russia allows these territories to be suppressed by Washington, the prestige and authority of the Russian government will collapse. Perhaps that is what Washington is counting on.

    Full Piece as Mark’s link Above @

    And Then This ….

    Open letter to President Obama

    You know very well that Russia has never stated it was going to invade Eastern Ukraine and you know very well that Russian troop movements inside Russia are Russia’s business, and not yours. Mind your own business, while you maintain torture camps and thousands of armed personnel overseas, and what has Ukraine to do with you? Does it share a frontier with the USA? Or has the arms lobby told you to set up a NATO base there so that Ukraine can contribute 2% of its GDP, like the other NATO member states which last year spent some 1.2 trillion USD on NATO weaponry/administrative costs?

    1.2 trillion USD in one year, four times more than it would take to eradicate endemic poverty, worldwide, forever. And your political epitaph is what, exactly? The one who supported terrorists and Fascists to spread the interests of the lobbies you are too damned weak to stand up against, thereby letting down every single woman and man who has supported you?

    You also know very well that this Fascist Junta in Kiev being illegal, and the removal of the elected President being illegal, only a Government headed by President Viktor Yanukovich has any authority in Ukraine and in the absence of this, the authority in the Crimea was and is the Assembly, which had every right to organize a free and fair referendum on the status of the Crimea. 97 per cent of the voters wanted to return home to Russia. It is called Democracy, Mr. President, so what have you against that?

    Finally, Mr. President, take a trip to the Donbas area of Ukraine, in fact walk around all over Eastern Ukraine, then come back here and tell me if Russia needs to send any agents into the area to fight for their rights over the Fascist Junta which seized power in Kiev. Of course it doesn’t, they are perfectly capable of standing up for themselves, as Ukrainian citizens, living in a Ukraine which respects their rights in a Federative State. That is all they ask for and Russia has never said or done anything to foment violence, instead Moscow has always called for a diplomatic solution whereas you, Mr. President, are the only one who has mentioned war, just as your country is the only one to have perpetrated an atomic terrorist attack on civilians. Twice. And after the Japanese Government had offered your country the same terms it accepted at the peace agreement, as you know, or should know.

    See, the ones you support in the Ukraine are the ones calling for the death of these citizens, the ones Moscow supports are innocent civilians trying to protect themselves against death threats, trying to stave off a massacre, and simply calling on the Government to hear them and protect them.

    Your Government wants them massacred by the Fascist Junta? Russia’s Government wants your Fascist Junta to guarantee their human rights. The bottom line is, after Iraq, after Abu Ghraib, after Guantanmo, after Libya, after Syria and the demonic hordes Washington supports, there is no high moral horse for you to ride into town on, Mr. President. You know it, we know it, so how about that C word, Change?

    The Russian Federation has annexed nobody as you know, the Russian Federation poses a threat to no-one, as you know. So why do you repeat the lies every time you open your mouth? How about less propaganda, less rhetoric, less hype, less hysteria, less intrusion, less spreading hatred and more dialogue and more respect?

    Now that you have sided openly with Fascists, now that you have sided openly with terrorists in several theatres of war, now that you have sided with or identified yourself with torturers, now that you stand side-by-side with your country’s torture and concentration camps, where citizens are detained for a decade without right to due legal process (and you call yourself a lawyer?), now that you side with those who call for, or are supported by those who call for, the death of Russians and Jews, I believe the ball is in your court, Mr. President.

    by… Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey @

    Lastly some more From J. Pilger –

    So there you have it. The United States government is so overwhelmingly corrupt that even the financial regulatory agencies have been corrupted by the money of the private capitalists they are supposed to regulate.

    America the corrupted. That is what we have become.

    Not even Vladimir Putin understands how totally corrupt and insensitive to humanity Washington is.

    Putin’s response to the Ukraine crisis created by Washington’s coup in Kiev is to rely on

    “Russia’s Western partners,” the UN, the Obama regime, John Kerry, etc., to work out a reasonable solution to the crisis.

    Putin’s hope for a diplomatic solution is unrealistic. The NATO governments are bought-and-paid-for by Washington. For example, Germany is not a country. Germany is a mere piece of Washington’s empire. The German government will do as Washington says.The German government represents Washington’s agenda. The European governments to whom Putin is speaking are not listening.

    Paul Wolfowitz, the neoconservative who as Deputy Secretary of Defense presided over the orchestration of the false evidence used by the Bush regime to launch Washington’s wars in the Middle East, declared the minimization of Russian power as the “first objective” of US foreign and military policy:

    “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

    What Wolfowitz means by “hostile power” is any power independent of Washington’s hegemony.

    Washington overthrew the elected Ukraine government in order to orchestrate a crisis that would distract Russia from Washington’s adventures in Syria and Iran and in order to demonize Russia as an invader rebuilding an empire that is a danger to Europe. Washington will use this demonization in order to break-up growing economic relationships between Russia and Europe. The purpose of sanctions is not to punish Russia, but to break up economic relationships.

    Washington’s strategy is audacious and brings risk of war. If the West had an independent media, Washington’s plan would fail. But instead of a media, the West has a Ministry of Propaganda.

    Full piece @

  75. BrianFujisan

    18 Apr, 2014 - 2:56 am

    Here’s A Brilliant Piece by Finian Cunningham

    On Ukraine, Putin said:

    “Instead of realizing that something has gone wrong in the Ukrainian state and making attempts to start dialogue, they [the Western-backed junta in Kiev] have intensified their threats to use force and have even decided to send tanks and aircraft against the civilian population. It is another very serious crime on the part of the current Kiev authorities”.

    It is only Western rulers and their pliant news media that seem to have a problem with relating to such unequivocal reality. Obama and his ilk twist reality by accusing Putin of violating Ukraine’s sovereignty – this after the American government helped bring neo-Nazi paramilitaries to power in Kiev through murderous street violence and occupations. Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague this week accuses Russia of pushing Ukraine to “the brink”, while the French government is adding its support for imposing further provocative diplomatic sanctions against Moscow. Such people are living in a parallel universe, and most ordinary citizens around the world are increasingly becoming aware of their appalling irrationality.

    It is only the patronage of Western governments and their news media that lends this chauvinist junta a veneer of legitimacy, even while it is declaring war on its people.

    As Putin said in his televised nationwide interview:

    “Order in the country [Ukraine] can be established only through a dialogue, in the course of democratic procedures, rather than through the use of the armed forces, tanks, and warplanes”.

    There is a strong sense that Putin may be far too decent with regard to the Kiev mob. But it is Putin’s civility and common sense that has seen him winning over public opinion, nationally and internationally.

    Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize warrior and Assassin-in-Chief whose name has become a byword for liar, told American media earlier this week. “What we do need is a recognition that countries like Ukraine can have relationships with a whole range of their neighbours and it is not up to anybody, whether it is Russia or the United States or anybody else, to make decisions for them”.
    Well, empty platitudes aside, that is exactly what the US has done in Ukraine by fomenting violence in Kiev from the end of last November until the coup in February and is doing now by bestowing a completely illegitimate and illegal junta with the false nomenclature of “government of Ukraine”.

    This week too, Samantha Power, the American ambassador to the United Nations, echoed the distortion by telling the Security Council that Russia was subverting eastern Ukraine: “We know who is behind this. Indeed the only entity in the area capable of coordinating these professional military actions is Russia”.
    This sounds rather like the voice of guilty conscience speaking out about its own dark and dirty secrets.

    Despite her assured tone, Power’s lack of evidence regarding Russia amounted to fanciful speculation, which the Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin duly noted and derided as “phantom chasing”.

    THIS IS THE SAME Samantha Power.. who last August ( “ASSURED” ) THE WORLD that her country had “conclusive proof” that Syrian government forces had used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of its citizens. Power was urging back then for US military strikes against Syria in response. We are still waiting to see American “conclusive proof” for that warmongering claim, while substantial counter-evidence has in fact since emerged to show that the culprits for the atrocity were actually US-backed militants in Syria.

    Every time, it seems, that Western political leaders and their media make bombastic claims, it is subsequently shown to be fabrication, deception, lies or arrant nonsense. No wonder the Western public is deserting them en masse.
    They have lied about wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. That makes these wars criminal aggressions and huge crimes against humanity. They lie about the reasons for why the US and its allies kill people every week with assassination drones in Somalia and Yemen and with criminal trade sanctions imposed for bogus pretexts on Iran.

    Finian Cunningham @

  76. Habbabkuk,

    Oh dear Habba,you eternal fool you…

    Surely you must realise the only thing Yeltsin had hidden away was bottles of vodka??

    Usually hiddenbehind filing cabinets,in his airing cupboards and in the footwell of his Zill…

    Surely even a paid for fool like you Habba understands that hmm??

  77. Brian I hope you don’t mind a correction to your 1.29am post with its good links. The last one was by Paul Craig Roberts and not John Pilger.

    I look at Dandelion Salad too. Nice little site.

  78. BrianFujisan

    18 Apr, 2014 - 5:20 am


    Thank You..i Knew i fucked up somewhere… i thought i had seen reff from you to j.p up threads….and after much work left the page here.. tried to correct..too Late….Had go over the Whole effin post again….

    Mods – ALCANON’S Edit Button

    Anyway..rather you correcting Me Mary…Than the creepy things…:)

  79. Brian.

    Mind your p’s and q’s when in company of a lady! Please.

  80. Correctionn to my Post @11.39pm, as it seems I was misinformed about what was agreed; instead these seems to be the main points;

    1) Kiev has agreed to negotiate with the East.
    2) All illegal armed groups will have to disarm (that was already agreed between Yanukovich and the EU).
    3) OSCE monitors will be dispatched to the East to monitor the situation.
    4) Kiev has committed to legal reforms for greater autonomy.
    5) The Crimea has not even been discussed.
    6) The EU has accepted Putin’s proposal to discuss gas deliveries.
    7) Nobody will face prosecution except for major crimes.

  81. And Kerry threw this in to stir the pot.

    April 17, 2014

    GENEVA (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday that Jews in a city in eastern Ukraine had been ordered to register with the authorities, calling the idea intolerable.

    “Just in the last couple of days, notices were sent to Jews in one city indicating that they had to identify themselves as Jews … or suffer the consequences,” Kerry told reporters. “This is not just intolerable, it’s grotesque.”

    (Reporting By Arshad Mohammed; Editing by Robin Pomeroy),0,1617822.story

    Dealt with here in a post by the Medialens editors.

    Yatseniuk knew of the order. I understand there are many Jews in the Ukraine, and apart from that very small plutocratic section, they are well assimilated. Divisions are always being triggered, just as Gove has sent Clarke, late ACC Met i/c counter-terrorism, to Birmingham to inquire into ‘islamic extremism’ in the schools there.

  82. Resurrection and Israeli Restrictions: Easter in Jerusalem

    Occupied East Jerusalem is the center of Palestinian celebrations, whether Easter or Ramadan. Freedom of religion and freedom of movement are basic human rights enshrined in international law. However, since 1967, successive Israeli governments have developed a number of policies aimed at directly and indirectly force the people from their land.

    For billions of Christians worldwide, the holy week of Easter is an opportunity to celebrate, pray and remember Jerusalem. Easter is supposed to be a time of hope and joy. But for hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Christians, the first Christian community, the reality today is one of oppression and discrimination. Of these Christians, who are the centuries-old inhabitants of this land, only a tiny minority are able to celebrate in Jerusalem.

    Please find our latest fact sheet in the following link.

    For More Information About Palestinian Christian Preparations for Easter, please contact:

    · Fr. Jamal Khader – Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Jerusalem) – 0599 762 220

    · Fr. Ibrahim Shomali – Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Bethlehem Area) – 0598 903 785

    · Fr. Firas Aridah – Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Ramallah Area) – 0599 325 957

    · Fr. Johnny Abu Khalil – Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Nablus and northern West Bank) – 0597 420 450

    · Yusef Daher – Jerusalem Inter Church Center: 050 554 51 79.

    Have a Happy Easter!

    By e-mail from the Palestinian Ambassador to the UK.

  83. Resident Dissident

    18 Apr, 2014 - 9:51 am

    “But for hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Christians, the first Christian community, the reality today is one of oppression and discrimination.”

    Of course not of all the oppression and discrimination is carried out by the Isreali authorities is it Mary?

  84. Question is why is the very undiplomatic Dipolmat Kerry, so keen to scaremonger & demonise using an obvious hoax registration story;

    “Novosti Donbassa speculated that the men involved were provocateurs who “tried to provoke a conflict, then to blame the attack on separatists.”

  85. Did D Millipede engineer this appointment for E Millipede?

    Ed Miliband signs up top Obama adviser David Axelrod for UK election
    US president’s right-hand man, who masterminded back-to-back election wins, to sharpen Labour party focus on inequality

  86. ‘Herbie vaunts Nasser and De Gaulle, and then when I point to their singular lack of success’

    Habba- apropos De Gaulle, so this is your definition of ‘singular lack of success eh ?

    Who in your view were the most ‘successful’ leaders of their countries in the second half of the last century, and how do their achievements compare with those of De Gaulle ?

    Answers on a postcard please to-

    Mr Brennan
    Langley VA
    Zip Code 666

  87. As it is in the UK, so it is in Australia.

    Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Macquarie Capital appointed for Medibank Private float

    Macquairie collared Thames Water.

  88. The rape of Libya contd

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) will seek to have a $1 billion lawsuit by the Libyan Investment Authority thrown out before trial.

    The bank will ask a London judge to decide whether the case has a realistic chance of success and issue a so-called summary judgment, according to court documents released this week. Libya’s sovereign wealth fund says Goldman made about $350 million selling investments that turned out to be worthless.

    The LIA said in a statement it “considers this application to be misconceived and looks forward to full and proper determination of all issues by the English court.”


    Yet GS attempt to wriggle out. They did the same thing to Greece.

    I hope a non compliant judge hears the case.

    Yet the Libyans continue to trust the vultures with £11billion of their assets. Amazing.

    What a swamp of greed and deceit GS, SG and the others operate.

  89. doug scorgie

    18 Apr, 2014 - 3:17 pm

    17 Apr, 2014 – 8:35 am

    @A Node
    “Only you could take an article that puts Putin at the top of a list of world leaders by wealth and decide it says he isn’t.”

    Fred, don’t believe everything you read just because you want to believe it.

    They tried it with Fidel Castro:

    In 2005, American business and financial magazine Forbes listed Castro among the world’s richest people, with an estimated net worth of $550 million.

    The estimates claimed that the Cuban leader’s personal wealth was nearly double that of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, despite evidence from diplomats and businessmen that the Cuban leader’s personal life was notably austere.

    Forbes later increased the estimates to $900 million, adding rumors of large cash stashes in Switzerland.

    The magazine offered no proof at all of this information.

    Of course it was all entirely bogus – the bunk methodology they used was based on the lie that Fidel Castro owns everything in the entire country of Cuba. Even in their article they admitted their “estimate” was “more art than science” — or in other words, bullshit.

    And they tried it with Hugo Chaves:

    Analysts say Leftist leader had ‘amassed private fortune of $2 billion’ –

    That too was bullshit.

  90. doug scorgie

    18 Apr, 2014 - 3:45 pm

    17 Apr, 2014 – 12:55 pm

    “Sod international law – its the Russian Federation Council that counts.”

    UN Security Council and the military coalition in Libya acted in contravention of international law in its use of force against Libya

    The war in Afghanistan was illegal under international law

    The war in Iraq was illegal under international law

    The annexation by Israel of the Golan Heights was illegal under international law as are all the settlements and outposts in the West Bank

    The Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara was illegal under international law

    My Lai Massacre was a war crime under international law

    I could go on…

  91. @Doug, don’t forget also the illegal NATO attack on Serbia;

  92. “Doug Scorgie:

    “They tried it with Fidel Castro …. bullshit.
    And they tried it with Hugo Chaves …. that too was bullshit.”

    …. and they tried it with Gaddafi …..

    “Reporting from Washington — Moammar Kadafi secretly salted away more than $200 billion in bank accounts, real estate and corporate investments around the world before he was killed, about $30,000 for every Libyan citizen and double the amount that Western governments previously had suspected, according to senior Libyan officials.”

    …. more bullshit – grudgingly debunked by, surprisingly, Forbes:

    “As such, while agencies of Gadhafi’s regime administered the funds in question, the vast majority of those assets were never owned directly by Gadhafi or members of his family. Just as governments from Australia to South Korea maintain sovereign wealth funds, so too did Libya under Gadhafi, established for the purpose of diversifying the profits flowing from Libya’s state-controlled oil producers.”

  93. @Macky re Kerry.

    I honestly thought he was referring to the neo-fashs in Kiev. Now I’ve read this article in The Guardian…

    I understand your outrage.

    The one thing that was putting people – including Jews – off the Kiev Junta was the fact that they had (have) raging Anti-Semitics among their number. This is a lie, but it will surely confuse.

    I heard an incredibly sneaky news report on radio 5 earlier today. Two factual pieces presented in rapid succession. These were unrelated, but put one after the other to make it look as if Putin was behaving unacceptably again. Do they really think their listeners are that stupid?

    I think they (whoever “they” are) are trying to discredit the Eastern Ukranians the way they discredited the Serbs re Serbia/Kosovo back in 1999. We know what happened next… and it was shameful that Barry George was stitched up. Those were dark days.

  94. “Fred, don’t believe everything you read just because you want to believe it.”

    Look Doug I couldn’t care less. I’m not the fanatical one either way. I saw it, it was relevant, so I posted it.

    Might I suggest you don’t not believe things because you want to not believe them.

  95. doug scorgie

    18 Apr, 2014 - 6:13 pm

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !
    17 Apr, 2014 – 6:31 pm

    “…assertion frequently made by MARY and other ISRAEL DENIERS…”

    Firstly Habbabkuk, what is an Israel denier? The term doesn’t make sense.

    Secondly, William Hague’s statement is the “official” position of the UK and he has to say this as Israel’s actions are illegal under international law.

    You wouldn’t expect him to congratulate the Israeli government would you?

    (you Parus major)

  96. doug scorgie

    18 Apr, 2014 - 6:31 pm

    Resident Dissident
    17 Apr, 2014 – 8:21 pm

    “Masha Gessen’s book provides plenty of evidence regarding his personal financial wealth…”

    “Plenty of evidence! Please enlighten us with some extracts ResDis.

    By the way:
    Her 2012 book The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin is a political biography of Vladimir Putin, whom she describes as a dictator

    She might be a bit biased against Putin don’t you think?

  97. doug scorgie

    18 Apr, 2014 - 6:40 pm

    Resident Dissident
    17 Apr, 2014 – 8:32 pm

    “Those who believe this, will also believe everything that Vlad says…”

    No one on this blog is stupid enough to believe that.

  98. doug scorgie

    18 Apr, 2014 - 7:45 pm

    18 Apr, 2014 – 10:01 am

    “Question is why is the very undiplomatic Dipolmat Kerry, so keen to scaremonger & demonise using an obvious hoax registration story…”

    I agree Macky, a pretty obvious false flag.

  99. doug scorgie

    18 Apr, 2014 - 7:46 pm

    18 Apr, 2014 – 6:08 pm

    “Fred, don’t believe everything you read just because you want to believe it.”

    “Look Doug I couldn’t care less. I’m not the fanatical one either way. I saw it, it was relevant, so I posted it.”

    You posted it Fred because you believed it without question.

    The word pillock springs to mind.

  100. “You posted it Fred because you believed it without question.”

    Didn’t see any reason not to. Still don’t.

    The word pillock springs to mind.

    Fuck off retard.

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