UK Moves to Block US Senate Report to Protect Blair, Straw and Dearlove 461

From a British diplomatic source I learn that Britain has lobbied the United States against the publication of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture and extraordinary rendition.  The lobbying has been carried out “at all levels” – White House, State Department and CIA.  The British have argued that at the very least the report must be emasculated before publication.

The British argument is that in a number of court cases including the Belhadj case, the British government has successfully blocked legal action by victims on the grounds that this would weaken the US/UK intelligence relationship and thus vitally damage national security, by revealing facts the American intelligence service wish hidden.  [We will leave aside for the moment the utter shame of our servile groveling judges accepting such an argument].  The British Government are now pointing out to the Americans that this argument could be fatally weakened if major detail of the full horror and scope of torture and extraordinary rendition is revealed by the Senate Intelligence Committee.  The argument runs that this could in turn lead to further revelations in the courts and block the major defence against prosecutions of Blair, Straw and Dearlove, among others, potentially unleashing a transatlantic wave of judicial activism.

The unabashed collusion of two torturing security states in concealing the truth of their despicable acts – including complicity in the torture of women and minors – and blocking criminal prosecution of the guilty is a sign of how low public ethics have sunk.  Fortunately there are still a few people in the British Foreign Office disgusted enough to leak it.


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  • Mary

    Sincerely hope you are wrong there Fred.

    Lord Blair of ……….? Can someone photoshop him in the ermine and suggest a place name for his title. Wouldn’t Cherie love to sit listening in her finery to the Queen’s Speech etc!

  • intp1

    @Ba’al Zevul (Follow The Money)
    15 Apr, 2014 – 8:41 am

    Thank you, it seems like the Justice and Security Act 2013 is the death knell of fairness and morality in the British judicial system.
    I just read it, a chilling Act of power grabbing Fascism.

    Dude, Where’s my country?

  • Winkletoe

    You have to laugh. MI5 getting suddenly caught short?

    Russian Intelligence Analysts
    Ref:RV Russian Apr 14
    Salary:£30,000 including language allowance
    Closing date:12 May 2014

    The deeper you go into a language the more you uncover.

    A conversation turns from sport, to the economy, to politics. And you’re there not just to translate it, not just to interpret it; you’re there to add a depth of understanding that enables us to make the right choices to help safeguard national security.

    As a Russian intelligence analyst at MI5, you’ll be a core member of the investigative team. Your work will involve translating a wide variety of challenging audio and textual material from Russian into English. You’ll listen to Russian language telephone calls and work with written documents intercepted under warrant, and your translations and analysis will feed directly into the team’s investigations. Your excellent Russian language comprehension will enable us to make the right choices to help safeguard national security.

    This role will stretch you like no other and you’ll develop not only your Russian language but also a range of other workplace skills in a supportive environment that is both friendly and informal. Every day you’ll be exposed to new subtleties and nuances in the Russian language, new terminology, new political, cultural and social differences.

    Using your specialist Russian language skills and your knowledge of Russia’s cultural affairs, history, politics, ideology and economy, you will add real understanding to the intelligence that has been gathered and deliver clear analysis in a variety of ways. Your work will enable us to take a well-informed view of potential threats to national security, including terrorism and espionage.

    As your experience grows and following relevant training and development you should have the opportunity to become more directly involved in investigations, working closely with colleagues from across the wider UK intelligence community and presenting on your work to other departments or agencies.

    Your linguistic skills and cultural awareness will be invaluable as you’ll be asked to contribute to team discussions on how to progress investigations. You also may be involved in providing interpreting support for agent meetings or assisting with delivering realistic training for our agent runners, all of which will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of what is fascinating work.

    […& cetera]

  • Macky

    Indeed Mark, I remember the impact that accidently stumbling on Collapse had on me; RIP Michael C. Ruppert

    A very important Blog post here, Craig doing what he does best, providing an insider’s insight, thank you.

  • A Node

    Mary 15 Apr, 2014 – 9:29 am

    “Lord Blair of ……….? Can someone photoshop him in the ermine and suggest a place name for his title. Wouldn’t Cherie love to sit listening in her finery to the Queen’s Speech etc!”

    Sorry hurried job, anyone got a better title?

    Going out now, back tomorrow.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Follow The Money)

    More correctly, Lord Mandelbrot (chaotic name, chaotic guy!) is officially styled thus: The right hon. the Baron Mandelson of Foy in the county of Herefordshire and Hartlepool in the county of Durham

    Blair will need to trump the dual-residence thing and might add a couple of foreign plaguespots to his pedigree…so…

    The right hon. the Baron Blair (KCBS, etc – insert idiotic orders at random) of Sedgefield in the county of Durham, Almaty in the country of Kazakhstan and Baghdad in the country of Iraq?

    Kigali’s a contender, too…

  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    Winkletoe. 12 23pm

    Beat the gridlock and get to MI5 early as thousands, eager for the colossal £30,000 salary* are expected to clog the streets, desperate to get into the interviews.

    “…A conversation turns from sport, to the economy, to politics. And you’re there not just to translate it, not just to interpret it; you’re there to add a depth of understanding that enables us to make the right choices to help safeguard national security…”

    Once you have the job, and when you have listened in on you targets for a few days and can’t bear to hear another word about Lokomotiv Moscow you can get the fecker droned.
    In a few months time you can join the drone pilot in therapy.

    I bet you’ll be able to find the kidnappers and torturers in there too.

    *including language allowance!!!

  • Ba'al Zevul (Follow The Money)

    eager for the colossal £30,000 salary*

    Was wondering about that, too. And the cost of commuting to the nearest affordable housing, in Handsworth, maybe. The language allowance will be for fluency in Brum.

  • Mary

    Thanks A Node for that and for the name suggestions. Excellent.

    These are some ‘news’ items for Mandelslime.

    Britain can cut gas prices by working with Europe, says Mandelson Apr 2014
    “We pay more because Russia and Gazprom play divide and rule,” Lord Mandelson told the British Chambers of Commerce annual conference …

    Peter Mandelson Says UK Would Be ‘Stark Staring Bonkers’ To …
    Huffington Post UK-1 Apr 2014

    Lord Mandelson: Britain ‘bonkers’ to leave European Union
    Whittier Daily News-1 Apr 2014
    Explore in depth (43 more articles)

    Peter Mandelson refuses to defend links to Russian defence firm Apr 2014
    Lord Mandelson, the former Labour business secretary, faces calls to surrender his directorship at Sistema, a large Russian conglomerate…

    ‘Lord Mandelson is not the marrying kind’ Apr 2014
    After more than 15 years together as a couple in all but name, Lord Mandelson may not be walking down the aisle with Reinaldo da Silva any …

  • Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    “still gunning for war’

    Yes, Mary. Clegg even said Iraq may have been the worst move since the Suez Canal. The MO doesn’t change.

    (trip down memory lane)

    “The attack followed the President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser’s decision of 26 July 1956 to nationalize the Suez Canal, after the withdrawal of an offer by Britain and the United States to fund the building of the Aswan Dam, which was in response to Egypt’s new ties with the Soviet Union and recognizing the People’s Republic of China during the height of tensions between China and Taiwan.[16] The aims of the attack were primarily to regain Western control of the canal and to remove Nasser from power,[17] and the crisis highlighted the danger that Arab nationalism posed to Western access to Middle East oil.[18]

    Less than a day after Israel invaded Egypt, Britain and France issued a joint ultimatum to Egypt and Israel, and then began to bomb Cairo. Despite the denials of the Israeli, British, and French governments, allegations began to emerge that the invasion of Egypt had been planned beforehand by the three powers.[19] Anglo-French forces withdrew before the end of the year, but Israeli forces remained until March 1957, prolonging the crisis. In April, the canal was fully reopened to shipping, but other repercussions followed.”

  • Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.”

    ― Kurt Vonnegut

    Sofia; thax for intro to Prose before Hos. 🙂

  • Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    “Each Javelin round costs $80,000, and the idea that it’s fired by a guy who doesn’t make that in a year at a guy who doesn’t make that in a lifetime is somehow so outrageous it almost makes the war seem winnable.”

    ― Sebastian Junger, War

  • fred

    “Lord Blair of ……….?”

    I was referring to being made a Knight of the Garter Mary, I don’t think you need to be a Lord to qualify though many of them are.

  • guano

    ” …if major detail of the full horror and scope of torture and extraordinary rendition is revealed …”

    The US and UK have succeeded in limiting the discussion of torture to what they may have directly instructed others, such as Assad and Mubarak, to do. Craig has long campaigned against the additional creation of a market for evidence from torture by those dictators. But the discussion surely needs to move on to the message coveyed to the dictators of the entire world if UK and US leaders sponsor torture.

    Until Obama, Cameron, Bush, Blair and their accomplices stand trial I can’t see how the rest of the world’s crackpot rulers could see it to their advantage to stop it. Come on Dave, let’s wire you up first, and Barack, try this Klu Klux Klan style hood for us please.

    The reason why Syria won’t move forward is because Muslims have united with torturers against torturers. You can’t pass heat from a cooler to a hotter and you can’t win a jihad from the moral low ground.

  • Mary

    This comment is in the Medialens thread about Mike Ruppert’s suicide.

    ‘Devastated to hear the news

    Posted by Sherwoodian on April 15, 2014, 4:52 pm, in reply to “A good brave! Go well bro. NOM”

    Ruppert was a warrior to the last, RIP brave soul.

    I can´t help worrying for the safety of the other brave warriors, very few in number, Galloway, Craig Murray, Keiser, Ron Paul, PC Roberts, et al.

    We are approaching the end game and the empire will stop at nothing to win.

    I´m not saying that Ruppert was killed, but that he was put under enormous pressure. Jesse Ventura, another warrior has “gone underground” with his broadcasts for the same reason.’

    He was obviously well liked and loved.

    The war criminals walk free and breathe fresh air.

  • Ben-Smoker, joker, red-eyed toker

    Mary; MR was an LAPD narcotics officer. He didn’t have psychological problems.

    At the time of my resignation from the L.A. Police Department I had been certified for promotion to Detective, had no pending disciplinary actions, and was earning the highest rating reports possible. The records speak for themselves.

    Have I ever seen a psychiatrist? Absolutely. In 1977, after I had discovered the CIA bringing drugs into New Orleans, detectives from LAPD’s Organized Crime Intelligence Division, who I knew had CIA connections, began suggesting to me that I hadn’t seen what I had seen and that perhaps I was hallucinating. They began suggesting that I go see a psychiatrist of their choosing for “help.”

    Instead, I went to my own psychiatrist. His statement is included for your review. Having been betrayed by my fiancée and also by members of my own department, I do not need to justify a statement that this was a stressful period of my life. I had been threatened, burglarized, followed and shot at for months. If that isn’t stressful, then what is? I make no apologies for it and feel no shame. No one who seeks therapy or guidance should ever feel shame. My “injury” was ruled as being “Duty Related” or IOD. Never once was I placed on restricted duty.”

  • The Slog

    Everything about this brilliant post rings true. In fact, the anti-Blair faction inside the FCO tried to get damning papers against Blair released during 2010…they hated Moral Tone because he’d ignored them nonstop for seven years.
    The papers were never leaked – MI6 made sufficient nasty threats to ensure this.
    At the time, my FCO source said “It will all come out in Congress in time”. So much for that.
    There is something about Blair and Black Jack Straw I find depressingly disturbing every time I watch them in action…but Hague has continued the nose/bum position without missing a beat. One wonders why…

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