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  • Mary

    What a piece of work. That is Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News last night in her failed attempt to harangue Julian Assange on a mobile outside the Embassy. She got Michael Ratner instead, his lawyer. She would hardly let him speak.

    In this thread on medialens, ‘Brooks’ has made a transcript of her comments and parses them. This was the British corporate media in full flow.

    I thought this one of hers was ace. She is referring to supporters like John Pilger and Craig Murray who I am sure have continued to stick by Julian.

    ‘Newman…One by one, supporters of Julian Assange have become disillusioned.’


    And by the way Resident Dissident, I keep telling you that there is no such person as Lady Dorking and why would I want to join any of the fascists in Pugin’s Palace or County Hall anyway. I think you have to go to the root of our ‘democratic’ system, ie a parish council to see democracy in action. Any interests are honestly declared and there is proper representation. In the borough council and county council systems there is greed, preferment, collusion and gross inefficiency. Councillors are party political and that is the problem as they act at the central government’s bidding like sheep. An Independent or a Ratepayers’ representative is now a rare beast.

    Did you enjoy firing out your five posts last night in the space of 20 mins? Do you have your comments all ready prepared on a pro forma system? You are a really impressive contributor here!

  • Mary

    Paxman packed up last night but I bet it’s not the last we see of him on the box. Earlier in the day he was shown on the back of a wobbly tandem with the ambitious and faux buffoon Boris.

    I like this tweet. Says it all.

    Tony Shenton

    Paxman willingly riding a tandem bike steered by Boris Johnson. A better metaphor for the current state of @BBCNews would be hard to imagine

    10:37 p.m. Wed, Jun 18

    Paxman is said to ‘earn’ £1m from the licence fee pot.

    He was given a nice little series to do on WW1 which coincided with the publication of his spin off book Great Britain’s Great War. Both were dull and pedestrian. Who wants to be reminded again of that terrible slaughter? We have had enough recent bloodshed. The ‘lessons to be learned’ go unlearned.


  • Observer

    “Pope Francis: ‘Inside every Christian is a Jew’!”

    Wow, our very Catholic habba (and CMs personal court jester) is even known personally to his Pope , bwahahahahahaha !

  • Resident Dissident

    You mean antecedents/ancestors, surely?

    Yes – but is that the best you can do – really?


    And what do you mean exactly by direct democracy – cutting out the persuading people and getting them to vote part? Or Lenin’s democratic centralism? Or sitting unwashed in a tent for many weeks claiming that you are part of the 99%? I’m afraid a little more precision is required.

  • Sofia


    I know trying to sit through those endless planning meetings with Dad can wear a person down but is that really any excuse for this morning’s offering?

    BTW A node gave you a link explaining Direct Democracy in english. How about reading then we can get to the discussion part.

    And while you are educating yourself here’s a map, courtesy of CNN which just clarify the whole ISIL / Ukraine thing…. http://en.alalam.ir/news/1593598

  • nevermind

    Thanks for that press release Aidworker1, very revealing but not suprising. The vast majority of Labour supporters have no idea that he is another warmonger who thinks that Iran is a threat.

    ‘Iran has not attacked another nation for 250 years, Ed, and the UK is reopening its embassy there, now that business can return and punative sanctions are on the way out, so what are you licking the backsidses of warmongers for?’

  • Phil

    Here, addressing Labour Friends of Palestine and Middle East, Miliband says it was a good decision to not invade Syria and he likes Palestinians or something along those lines.

    I am shocked. Where is this politician’s consistency?

  • Mary

    ‘Did anyone see this?’ @ Ba’al.

    Yes Aidworker1 posted it above last night and comments followed.

    Miliband is an out and out Zionist, even more so than Brown, Cameron and all the Friends of Israel in ALL parties.

  • Mary

    Miliband is toast anyway.

    ‘Many of today’s papers report that pressure is mounting on Ed Miliband after two new polls indicated that most voters believe he is not up to becoming prime minister.

    The Guardian leads with news that Ed Miliband will today set out Labour’s first plans for cuts to the welfare system, ending out-of-work benefits for roughly 100,000 18- to 21-year-olds and replacing them with a less costly means-tested payment dependent on being in training.’

    Indistinguishable from a ConDem.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Resident Dissident

    Superb post at 22h48 yesterday!

    First and foremost for its content, which deserves to stand as one of this blog’s “definitive statements” or “milestones” if you will.

    Its quality is attested by the flurry of furious comments your post attracted for the rest of the evening; I have this pleasing image in my mind of various Eminences and useful idiots going puce-faced and choking over their cups of cocoa as their little fingers scrabble desperately with the keys of their PC 🙂

    No one managed to land a blow on you, of course – pure magic!

    (No reaction from Mr Scorgie, to whose questions your post was in fact replying)

  • Ba'al Zevul (Armageddon My Gun)

    OK, here’s Milband’s role model two days ago.


    Blair told Army Radio that the international community sent its condolences and “heartfelt sympathy and solidarity” to the families of the three youths.

    “There is nothing but revulsion in the international community for this act,” Blair said when asked why it took four days for him to issue an official condemnation of the kidnapping.

    The reason being he was too busy pontificating about Europe while schmoozing the Chinese leadership.

    Note (1) He is now speaking on behalf of the entire international community.
    (2) He’ll change his melodious little tune if the kidnapping proves to be a false-flag aimed at wrecking the Hamas-Fatah accord – not at all unlikely.
    (3) No-one is yet known to have been killed.

    Mr. Blair is currently working on his melanoma in Marbella.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Ba’al (10h21)

    Thank you for once again taking the time to explain the true significance of various events (or non-events) for the benefit of ordinary mortals siting in the shadow of Mt Olympus.

    Thanks also for continuing to keep us up-to-date regarding bLiar’s whereabouts!

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    “Mr. Blair is currently working on his melanoma in Marbella.”

    To which I would add that Mr Cameron is in London, Mr Obama in Washington, Mr Chirac in Paris, I am here and Ba’al is there.

    I knew you’d be interested! 🙂

  • Ba'al Zevul (Armageddon My Gun)

    Is your Dad being a pain again, Sofia? And it’s fully five days after full moon. That exorcist wasn’t much good, then. I know a vet who’s had some success with dogs, if you want to stop the howling, though.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Armageddon My Gun)

    Tony’s visit to Kuwait on the 17th was completely unreported except by the Kuwaiti sheiks themselves. What was he doing there? Funding Sunni insurgents?


    There is evidence that significant finance flowed from and through Kuwait, an initially supportive regime turning a blind eye to donations in its desire to see President Bashar Assad overthrown. Curiously, millions also flowed from this same oil-rich state into Blair’s companies.



    Ah. Contract renewal.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Armageddon My Gun)

    The Dear Ex-Leader also visited Cairo. The media are quiet about this too – MEM merely giving a couple of lines to Blair’s meeting with his apparent hero Sisi (anag. ISIS). But it notes that a Commons delegation left Cairo around the time Blair arrived. Once again, the suspicion of collusion arises.

  • doug scorgie

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !
    19 Jun, 2014 – 10:15 am

    Re Resident Dissident:
    “(No reaction from Mr Scorgie, to whose questions your post was in fact replying)”

    It takes time to deconstruct a cleverly worded none-answer Habbabkuk

    I’ve a lot of work on at the moment but I will be back.

    As they say: a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on.

  • doug scorgie

    Return of the other neocon Zionist Millipede?

    Something I put forward as a possibility a while back on another thread:

    “A YouGov poll for Prospect magazine suggested more voters believe David Miliband would make a [better] prime minister than his brother Ed, who beat him in the contest for the job in 2010.”

  • Sofia


    I’m sorry about Dad. It’s so embarrassing!

    We’ve tried everything, vets, priests, Rentokil, Academi (they left in tears!) and all, but to no avail.

    And you should hear the racket from the garden shed everytime RD visits (which is most of the time) and the Prendergasts have put up that ugly 20ft high concrete wall but they found a way to get over and we’re at our wits’ end…

  • Ba'al Zevul (Armageddon My Gun)

    “A YouGov poll for Prospect magazine suggested more voters believe David Miliband would make a [better] prime minister than his brother Ed, who beat him in the contest for the job in 2010.”

    A pig in a wig would make a better PM. (And would have no hope of schmoozing Israel).

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