220 People Attend David Cameron “Rally for the Union”. 68

According to staff at the Dewar’s Centre in Perth – capacity 1,000 – the attendance at David Cameron’s “Rally for the Union” today was just 220. Even the ultra-Tory Dundee Courier only claimed 300.

That the Prime Minister of the UK cannot fill a hall, at least to not embarrassingly empty, at an event billed as a “rally” to “save” his country, at which he stated that to lose the referendum would “break his heart”, is astonishing.

Even more astonishing is the body language of his supporters. Look at the faces behind him in this BBC video. Have you ever seen a body of people look less enthusiastic about anything? Had they been instructed that they must at all costs look sullen and unpleasant? What on earth can be the explanation?

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68 thoughts on “220 People Attend David Cameron “Rally for the Union”.

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    “I actually just feel sorry for your”

    You are a sick little man, Jives. You are just like Hab, except that he attempts to make a behaviorally disadvantaged form of contact.
    You seem to eschew any human emotion, save anger and antipathy. Get some help, dude. You are on the verge of doing something to yourself or someone else.

  • YouKnowMyName

    From today’s DailMail

    ‘They will be picking up David’s balls and then give them to Nick Clegg, who hasn’t got any,’ Mr Swire is said to have joked.
    Mrs Лубов Chernukhin’s lawyers, Carter Ruck, released a statement to the Guardian newspaper confirming her purchase of the lot.

    (A tennis match that ‘call me Dave’ has sold to mates of Putin, allegedly!)

  • Phil

    Craig, you’ve been mugged. You sell yourself short. Evens?! You can get 9/2 on the high street.

  • craig Post author


    Being given 100 instead of being given 450 is not being mugged! It’s just not taking advantage of someone.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Not exactly Nürnberg is it ?
    Dave is now beginning to resemble Del Boy but without the charm.

  • Brendan

    They probably bused in a bunch of homeless people on the promise of free food. Then didn’t give them any food. I hate on these Tories.

  • craig Post author

    Couple of comments I have received by SMS:

    “Maybe they are all on zero hours contracts and have been told that’s it for July.”

    “They look like Gerard Depardieu hearing that lunch is off”

  • Phil

    Just watched the video. The reverberating quality of Cameron’s voice betrays an empty cavern.

  • Mary

    The girl with the long hair behind Dave’s left was immobile. Perhaps the extras thought that they were playing Grandmother’s Footsteps and should not be seen to move if Dave playing ‘It’ turned round. Like a lot of dummies holding those boards too. Wonder if there was any clapping at the end.

    Dave has some very bad advisers and backroom boys and girls but maybe they find it hard to keep up.

  • Mary

    Especially for Dave to cheer him up for the weekend. He should relax, stop the jetting round the globe and spend some time with his family. He is missing his children growing up and will regret that in later years as many other men have found out.


    PS I know it’s a different union but the words are apt.

  • Abe Rene

    Goodness, they do look glum! I wonder if the reason is that London party chiefs wouldn’t listen to local activists about the planning or timing of this event, because Cameron’s timetable was given priority, and therefore it turned into a fiasco.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    Heard a clip of Cameron preaching to that lot on R4. (Always a good idea to listen to the sermon without looking at the pictures. Tells you a lot more about the speaker.) Sounded like it had been based on Henry V’s Agincourt number, avoided any substantive issues and rehearsed for hours in front of the mirror, with Sam clapping dutifully at the bits marked ‘Applause’. Roughly what you’d expect from someone whose transient career in PR had ended ignominiously in politics, then. Oh, and there were a couple of glo”al stops thrown in to indicate Scotch demotic, the effect of which was lessened by his immediate reversion to slightly common Etonian – all consonants returning.

    No wonder he can’t pull a crowd.

  • Summerhead

    Cameron clocks up some considerable mileage. On the same morning (3rd July), he was visiting my local train depot at Long Rock near Penzance in West Cornwall. He apparently left by helicopter no doubt paid for by us plebs.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    You haven’t been following the Travels of Turdney Blair, have you? This week, Aspen, Colorado: Cartagena, Colombia; and back home for drinks in London. Bodyguard paid for by us. Private jet paid for by god knows.

    Cameron’s an amateur, and he needs more practice if he is to convert his premiership into a nice little big sinecure for the rest of his life. Though to be fair, Eton may have given him a better idea of what constitutes unacceptable bad taste than Fettes did Blair…

  • Andrew Parrott

    Unless she has changed her mind recently Daye Tucker is very much a YES voter. She spoke at a YES meeting in Pitlochry earlier this year.

  • DavidFromScotland

    Hi, I’m a Tory and I went to the meeting in Perth yesterday. I wasn’t involved in the organisation of the event at all and I didn’t know all the people there, but I certainly enjoyed meeting up with a lot of well-kent faces from around Perth. A number of my friends weren’t there because of work commitments or holidays. There certainly were no buses in the car park and there didn’t seem to be anyone from the Lib-Dems or Labour attending. Everybody carrying a placard seemed to be happy to do so and nobody was forced to carry one. There were a small number of protesters at the entrance, who were politely protesting about NHS privatisation. I enjoyed a free cup of tea beforehand, but I did leave a donation.
    To be honest, I have heard better speeches, but I did enjoy the “Alex the Unready” gag. IMHO, it would be better to talk about the “Quieter Majority” rather than the “Silent Majority”. We do admire the Yes campaign’s passion and commitment to their cause and both sides clearly only wish the best for Scotland. It’s just we feel our case is stronger and we’re happy to be ahead in the polls.

    Love and Kisses


  • Mary

    Scotland: For Richer or Poorer?

    Next Monday BBC2 9pm
    Duration: 1 hour

    In September 2014, Scotland’s people face a momentous choice: should they remain part of the United Kingdom, or opt for independence? As the debate hots up, Robert Peston asks the big question which is at the heart of it: would Scotland be richer or poorer as an independent nation?

    It is a journey which takes him from oil platforms in the North Sea, to the Shetland folk festival, and the high-tech industries of Dundee. He discovers that although money matters, it isn’t the be all and end all. For many, just as important is what kind of nation Scotland wants to be.

  • fred

    “For many, just as important is what kind of nation Scotland wants to be.”

    Which is why many of us have concerns over the Scottish governments moves to arm the police. Not armed response teams with weapons locked in the boots of their cars, not police in sensitive locations, here in the Highlands we now have police routinely patrolling the streets of our towns with hand guns on their belts.


    “here in the Highlands we now have police routinely patrolling the streets of our towns with hand guns on their belts.”

    Not a good sign. In the US each cop car is equipped with M-5’s and 12-gauge shotguns. Many instances of ‘trigger happy’ cops who used to think of public safety first. Now they are shooting first and asking questions later, just to keep their pubic servant asses safe.


    The US citizenry is very well-armed as you know, and it’s not without cause. The UK has such proscriptive laws on firearms, it seems quite unnecessary. I don’t intend to stand by while my loved ones are mowed down by cops or criminals. It seems irresponsible.

  • fred

    “The US citizenry is very well-armed as you know, and it’s not without cause. The UK has such proscriptive laws on firearms, it seems quite unnecessary. I don’t intend to stand by while my loved ones are mowed down by cops or criminals. It seems irresponsible.”

    Plus we have one of the lowest crime rates in Britain.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    If they were Scottish Conservative party members and potential candidates they’d know being seen with David Cameron could only harm their party’s vote in Scotland – and that every time he speaks against independence it frames it as Tories or independence – and given that choice it’s likely to swing a few undecided voters towards a Yes vote.

  • DavidFromScotland

    Thanks Craig for your welcome to your Web-Site.

    It surely must be interesting to a neutral observer, if there is such a person in Scotland today, to note that none of the comments on this page relate to the content of David Cameron’s speech. No witty ripostes to his points about the Pound, financial stability, defence, the BBC and the myriad ways we all benefit from the Union. This is a pity as everyone in a democracy gains from robust intellectual debate.

    @everyone who is discussing firearms. When Mrs Thatcher came to visit Perth in 1988, the cops were clearly armed with sub-machine guns, our cars had to be parked over a mile away and we were all searched before entering the building. This was only 4 years after the Brighton Bombing. Yesterday, we could park where we wanted, there were no obviously armed police and no searches were conducted. Perhaps we have entered into a less violent era.

  • Mary

    ‘Perhaps we have entered into a less violent era.’

    Oh sure! Look around.

  • Sally

    There have been many cases where Better Together campaigners have pulled out of debates and events. This is, apparently, due to them having full time jobs and not always being able to get the time off. I’ll ignore the implication that Yes supporters are less likely to be bound by work constraints for a moment. I would suggest that maybe all the loyal supporters for the union are so apathetic and happy to expect misery they cant even rally the motivation to support their own beliefs. Lets hope that that apathy stays with them and they can’t be bothered voting come September 18th for fear a happy, friendly Yes voter flashes them a cybernat smile!

  • Clark

    DavidFromScotland, 11:54 pm:

    “Yesterday, we could park where we wanted, there were no obviously armed police and no searches were conducted”

    I wish it was like that in London.

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