I am not a Pacifist

by craig on July 13, 2014 1:47 pm in Uncategorized

I am an anti-militarist. But I believe violence in defence can be justified. The Israeli mass killings by bombing in Gaza are absolutely unjustified. I also oppose the random and ineffective rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel. But when Israeli ground troops actually move into Gaza, it is my sincere hope that the Palestinians kill as many as are necessary to stop them. That is justified, legal and necessary.

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  1. Peace will never be achieved in this region until israleis go back to where they come from, name east europe, england, etc.

  2. Tito

    I don’t think that is practical, or desirable. Peace is going to have to be based on people being broadly where people are, but ending the racial and religious segregated states. Just as the solution in South Africa was not to send the white people to Europe.

  3. “But when Israeli ground troops actually move into Gaza, it is my sincere hope that the Palestinians kill as many as are necessary to stop them. That is justified, legal and necessary.”

    If that happens then you are, of course, right, just as when Argentine forces moved into British territory. But that wasn’t right.

  4. Miss Castello

    13 Jul, 2014 - 2:13 pm

    If the Devil incarnate came back to earth, he couldn’t do a better job than this bunch of Nazis. Israel, the Anti Christ.

  5. “Peace will never be achieved in this region until israleis go back to where they come from, name east europe, england, etc.”

    And yet across virtually the entire region we have a situation in which the Jews have fled or been forced out, but the violence continues.

  6. Anon

    The British retaking of the Falklands was legal. The Argentinian invasion was not. But lots of things are legal but not sensible. The government deliberately resolved the Falklands war in the most violent way possible to benefit from jingoism and overcome a disastrous popularity crisis for the Tories at home. Britain’s continued colonial rule over the Falklands is ludicrous.

    Having answered you, any other off-topic derailment efforts (from anybody) will be deleted.

  7. I’m not a pacifist either but I hope some settlement can be reached which forestalls any ground invasion so no more people have to die.

  8. I am appalled by what Israel is allowed to do in Gaza – i.e., concoct a justification for whatever kind of intervention it chooses, allow reporting which only suits its fancies, dragoon the cowardly international community to go along with whatever it wants, as lot as it wants, etc., ad nauseam

    When Slobodon Milosovic attempted similar behavior in Yugoslavia when it came to his treatment of Bosnia and Kosovo, the UN not only kicked the crap out of him, but arranged the dismantling of the country – culminating in his conveniently dying while on trial in The Hague for war crimes.

    The USA even hit Turkey with a devastating earthquake when it tried to help him out during the bombing campaign, resulting in the end of its military rule

    The so-called international community should deal even more harshly with the current thugs running Palestine, but, of course, it will just continue giving them the green light to do whatever they want with the poor imprisoned Palestinians.

  9. “If the Devil incarnate came back to earth, he couldn’t do a better job than this bunch of Nazis. Israel, the Anti Christ.”

    Nicely put. No doubt Murrayistas will be queuing up to denounce your rabid anti-Semitism..

  10. John Hilley has posted the names and ages of the 135 Palestinian people killed by the Israelis since last Tuesday. There do not appear to be any Israeli deaths.


  11. The Palestinians have two choices they can die while Israel bombs them to bits or they can fire some rockets while they die while Israel bombs them to bits.
    In the past they had the choice of being shot while they ran or being shot while they threw a stone.

    These fireworks and stones the Palestinians use are useless against Israel. But the Palestinians choose to do so instead of living in a state which the Israelis call peace.
    It is there choice to make.
    But when it comes to what will work against Israel. The only thing which will work is the prospect of war with a nation that can defeat it. Sykes Picot needs to be reversed. Just as Saladine reversed the devision between the Abasid Khilafah and the Fatimid Khilafah before he dealt with the Crusader states.

  12. The word is sumud, Arabic for steadfastness.

    ‘We stay together, or we leave this world together’
    July 12th 2014

    From the rehabilitation hospital he heads, Dr. Basman Alashi can see where Gaza ends and Israel begins. If he needed a reminder of just how close the border is, it came early Friday morning, when Israel fired two “warning” rockets at the El Wafa Hospital, stoking fears that its 14 remaining patients – all elderly and all dependent on round-the-clock professional care to survive – would become the next victims of a bombing campaign that has so-far killed more than 120 people.


  13. I am a pacifist. I do not know whether I can live up to that ideal under certain circumstances since I have not been put to the test. The people of Gaza have been put to that test. I do not blame Israelis. I blame their government. Until governments are forced to destroy all weapons we cannot have a peaceful world. This little girl from Gaza says it all.


  14. Does Godalming BDS keep such an accurate count of Muslim on Muslim violence, which kills scores more than Israel has in nearly 70 years? Does she publish names and ages, provide us with body counts and tallies of the injured and displaced, keep us updated with dozens of posts per day, describe their actions as sick and unbearable?

  15. خاله ووسو

    13 Jul, 2014 - 3:32 pm

    So where do you draw the line? If to stop Israel killing Palestinians you had to kill/silence most of the politicians in the world who back Israeli violence, would you do it?

  16. خاله ووسو

    13 Jul, 2014 - 3:34 pm

    Craig/mods, while you are around can you please delete Anon’s Godalming Ad Feminem

  17. There are 750,000 occupiers from the “Land of the free and home of the brave ” where “All men are created equal” living in israel, but are among the most strident in advocating evil apartheid upon the original inhabitants. I wonder how a person born under the hallowed and immortal American Declaration of Independence can turn out to become the opposite, it has to be Wendy Shermans DNA then?!

  18. Arsalan – the third choice is total non-violence. Yes, they’ll still suffer descrimination, apartheid, land seizures, beatings, assassinations, imprisonment etc while they demand their civil rights but they won’t hand the Israelis their excuses.

    Unfortunately we’re talking about various disparate groups and its a hugely tall order for them all to change to passive resistance. But its the only way out.

    The Palestinians with Israeli citizenship also have enormous voting strength – but again their vote is hugely fractured. “They are fools” as one senior Isreali politician put it.

    At the moment the Israelis have the Palestian authority (with their own personal vested interests) working for them as the most ardent supporters of the one state, two ghetto solution.

    If Hamas announced a unilateral ceasefire today, excepting the UN calls for one that would completely wrongfoot the Israelis. They need to stop playing into the Israelis hands, demand their civil rights, and resist passively.

  19. “the third choice is total non-violence”

    That was actually Arsalan’s first choice.

  20. “Craig/mods, while you are around can you please delete Anon’s Godalming Ad Feminem”

    Why? Does it shame you that there is so much Muslim violence around the world while you remain silent?

  21. Resident Dissident

    13 Jul, 2014 - 3:44 pm

    Kempe +1 – but as the leaders on both sides are spoiling for a conflict I fear the worse.

  22. MJ. “That was actually Arsalan’s first choice.”

    No it wasn’t. Without the rockets Israel’s don’t have the excuse to bombs them to bits.

  23. @Anon – for your information, the BDS movement is not anti-Israel. In fact, it legitimizes the Zionist entity.


  24. Anon I know nothing about ‘Godalming BDS’ if you are meaning me. I know nothing about Palestine solidarity in Godalming.

  25. I wonder if there is a point (?invasion of Gaza) where it would be legally justified to target foreign supporters of the Israeli government?

  26. Je
    They do have an excuse. They always do. And when they do, the people who support Israel keep on supporting it.
    They didn’t start killing Palestinians like this as soon as Palestinians learnt to make rockets. This has been happening as soon as Zionism started and they needed to kick Palestinians out to take their homes.
    Most of the Rockets are fired at Sidrot. Which was a Palestinian villiage, one were the Palestinians had actually sided with the Zionist. It didn’t stop the Zionists from killing and expelling them all, taking their homes and farms did it.
    They didn’t need the excuse of rockets did they?
    And the supporters of Israel supported that just like they support all else Israel does.

    All the provocation Israel needs to kill is the fact Palestinians breath.

    Jews are now a minority in the land controlled by Israel. So now you will see more of this to keep the Palestinian numbers in check so Israel can carry on claiming to be both a Jewish and a democratic state.

  27. “No it wasn’t. Without the rockets Israel’s don’t have the excuse to bombs them to bits”

    That’s Arsalan’s second choice. The point he was making was that the Palestinians can either do nothing (total non-violence) and get bombed to pieces or offer some token resistance and get bombed to pieces.

  28. Craig,quite a few of the rockets are falling on Palestinian land . Hot of the press .The truth of the matter.

  29. Rehmat – I’m not Jewish.

    I’ve heard a member of Hamas reported a while ago, saying he knows that the violence is counterproductive. He said, they just don’t know how to stop. The Israelis have the freedom. The Palestinians are in the trap. But the statistics are stark. Over a hundred Palestian dead to no Israelis. They have to acknowledge the greater strength of the occupier, and fight for their freedom and their land and their lives in better ways.

  30. Sjb- “I wonder if there is a point (?invasion of Gaza) where it would be legally justified to target foreign supporters of the Israeli government?”

    PS – Anon is in Godalming, if thats what you are after, bwahahaha!

  31. Arsalan/MJ “They do have an excuse. They always do.”

    No, without the rockets, they don’t have the excuse for aerial bombardment. Sure they’ll always find an excuse for all the other stuff. The rockets just play into the Israelis hands – and they’re increasingly futile as weapons.

  32. “I wonder if there is a point (?invasion of Gaza) where it would be legally justified to target foreign supporters of the Israeli government?”

    No, is the answer basically. You have the right to target combatants attacking you. That’s it. In modern warfare a country’s infrastructure also gets attacked – as the Israelis frequently do in Gaza. I think it would be legal for the Palestinians, had they the capability, to take out Israel’s utilities and transport system. It would certainly be a proportionate response. But to take out Tony Blair, sadly, I don’t think is legal.

  33. Je

    Absolutely, the rockets are counter-productive and deplorable.

  34. خاله ووسو

    13 Jul, 2014 - 4:25 pm

    Violence arises when agreed limits are breached. The Agreed Limits in this particular negotiation so far as Israel is concerned are that Israel permanently owns the land that their ancestors were promised. So far as Palestinians are concerned the ownership of the land is very often established by Ottoman Empire records in Istanbul.

    The starting point for ending violence would be that both of those claims are now obsolete. The Ottoman Empire fell when its Muslim political rivals in the Middle East conspired with the British Empire to remove it.

    The lesson to be learned from that, which political Islam has still not managed to learn, is not to try to gain advantage for Islam through political collaboration with its enemies. Muslim power comes from Muslim good deeds, establishing Justice and worshipping God. Anything else is like a worm ouroboros.

    To break the cycle of violence Muslims have to rediscover the meaning of justice from the forgotten teachings of the Qur’an instead of doing it the political way their fathers have done for over 1000 years.

    If the mosque starts with spying on the Muslims at micro level and goes on to deal unfairly at business or local or government or international level, eventually you will get violence, and violence against violence. Human beings do not appreciate being cheated. You think that 2 + 2 = 4, sign the deal and discover that your counterpart in the agreement is saying that 2 + 2 = 5.

    Somebody finds you a wife, then after you are married they tell you that because they found you a wife they can spy on you to check if you’re being a good husband.

    The British knew what they wanted from breaking the Ottoman Empire, oil, Palestine etc and it cost them 2 world wars and an Empire. The Kurdish knew what they wanted from breaking the Ottoman Empire, Caliphate and increased power to Sunni Islam, but it cost them by their country being divided and placed under the power of their enemies and the complete loss of the Caliphate for the Ummah.

    Both sides were trying to cheat the other. If you don’t want violence, then don’t cheat. As both of them like violence as a way of sorting out their cheating, the world has been in a mess because of them ever since. The main mess being the British creation of Israel on account of Kurdish ambition for theological power.
    History repeats.

  35. “without the rockets, they don’t have the excuse for aerial bombardment”

    Israel needs no excuse for air strikes. It goes on all the time. Are you not aware for instance that when the EU funded a new hospital in Gaza, Israeli contractors built the thing, then as soon as it was completed the IDF bombed it to pieces?

  36. And the French built airport and the electricity and water plants over and over.

  37. Short and to the point. Couldn’t agree more. Big regards to you, Craig.

  38. “No, without the rockets, they don’t have the excuse for aerial bombardment.”

    And that’s all it is, an excuse. They’re bombarding Gaza in revenge – for the deaths of three teenagers. They have blamed Hamas for those, but have provided no evidence. None. Reminds me of Bush announcing bin Laden was to blame for 9/11 and then bombarding Afghanistan. The U.S. is another “exceptional country” which thinks it can do what it likes. The U.S. and Israel are well suited.

    I’m so angry I have to take time out and read a ‘funny’ book. Some of the photos on Twitter would make you cry. It’s not a case of people being ‘quietly smothered’ under piles of rubble. There is blood everywhere and gaping wounds. There is a lack of hospital space, a lack of medics, and a lack of medications. Lack of water and lack of electricity.

    It is horrific. Disproportionate doesn’t even cover it. It’s fish in a barrel. And it’s disgusting.

  39. “Follow @ReturnPal for PHOTOS of #GazaUnderAttack reality not shown by your media. Don’t complain they are graphic. Genocide is ‘graphic’!”

  40. I found this excellent essay which provides perspective.

    Repetition and Death in the Colony: On the Israeli Attacks on Gaza
    by Nimer Sultany • 11 July 2014

    Repetition is merely the sign for the oppressed to surrender to fate. Either you accept your suffering or you unleash more suffering. Only eventual freedom will give meaning to the deaths of Gazans.


    Only one thing. The people are Palestinians, not ‘Gazans’.

    About the author.


  41. Je

    But Israel did use airstrikes before rockets existed. And they did use airstrikes during during ceasefire.
    The way Israel sees things is, peace means they attack when they want whenever they want.
    You said such attacks without Palestinian rocket fire can not be justified.
    Well they wouldn’t need to be.
    The press wouldn’t even report it.
    The press only start reporting on things when Palestinians start fighting back.

    What Israel does is it attacks, and kills some people without need to justify because no one will say anything.
    And when Palestinians do anything in response, they will kill a lot more people using that as an excuse.

    The Palestinians have the right to do whatever they want.
    I wont hold it against them that they scare a few people who stole their homes and their farmland with a few fireworks inresponse to the Israelis killing lots of them and maiming loads more.

  42. I can find a Wikipedia list of ‘Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel’ in great detail but absolutely NO list of ‘Israeli attacks on Gaza’. Isn’t that strange? 😉

  43. arsalan “But Israel did use airstrikes before rockets existed. ”

    Yes, when there were other forms of armed resistance. Zionism can be defeated – in the same way Apartheid was. By demographics, peaceful resistance, a demand for justice, and outside pressure. Armed resistance doesn’t work when the imbalance of arms is so great. All we’re seeing is a one-sided slaughter.

  44. Good on President Maduro.

    Venezuela’s Maduro Launches “SOS Palestine” Campaign to Demand End to Israeli Bombardment


    13 Jul, 2014 - 5:41 pm

    Part of the problem is the public perception that all is well until Hamas, or ISIS or Takfiris are firing rockets at civilian centers,

    The IDS facebook page was full of caucasians cheering the Israelis for returning fire. What’s missing is the human face of oppression leading to malnutrition, high infant mortality and scarce potable water. I’ve had many direct conversations with Palestinian emigres and they never have an answer when I remind them of the futility of fact-to-face military confrontation with Israel,. Just as it would have been foolish (but understandable) if Mohandas became a mad bomber, or MLK had called for insurrection, rather than ‘non-cooperation’.

    Of course all this would be easier if the Media would assist with the humanitarian side of the equation. Lacking that, just as many were crushed/killed by the British/ Southern US juggernaut, there has to be a willingness to turn the tide of public perception with suffering that is not muddied by random violence.

  46. Hell brought to earth. Unwatchable. From Harry Fear’s Twitter.


  47. Norman Finkelstein on HRW. HRW should be renamed.

    …. War Criminals’ Stooge Inc. or similar.

    Roth’s record is appalling esp on Syria.


  48. Britain’s chief Zionist, Lord Janner, is pulling an Ernest Saunders and avoiding prosecution for paedophilia by claiming senility. Can someone with a research bent find out for me when he last claimed his House of Lords attendance allowance?

  49. “it is my sincere hope that the Palestinians kill as many as are necessary to stop them”
    – The logical and morally correct aspect of that statement is of course it’s applicability to ALL Zionist theft and aggression against the indigenous population of Palestine. Zionist Israyhell has no legitimacy other than that of the “right” of overwhelming brutality. My Zion be purged and Palestine restored sooner rather than later.

  50. My friends who are muslims deplore the islamo-fascists, I am not a christian – but coming from that culture, I deplore those fundamentalists who claim “christian” justification. The greatest condemnation of extremism comes from those whose beliefs are traduced. I do not know a supporter of ‘radical’ Islam, I have many friends who are radical in the sense that they wish, pray and work for a fair society.

  51. Miss Castello

    13 Jul, 2014 - 6:55 pm

    Anon; 2.31pm

    “No doubt Murrayistas will be queuing up to denounce your rabid anti-Semitism.

    ‘Murrayistas’ (whoever they are)can all fuck off.

  52. I haven’t even started to mention my friends of the Jewish faith – Miss Castello, do you have friends?

  53. It is tiresome for westerners to tut that Palestinian rockets are counter productive.

    Israel treated the Palestinians like shit before the rockets and they would treat them like shit if the rockets stopped tomorrow. It has nothing to do with the rockets. The rockets are a sign of desperate rage.

    Illegal? Who the fuck cares about the law? Funny how the law cannot stop relentless massacre but it will be quoted to defend mass murderers.

    Kick a dog for years and when it eventually bites back would you say the nip is disproportionate because it is against the law?

    Any Palestinian, no anyone, who killed Blair would be a hero. Fuck the law. It’s their law.

  54. Mary @ 4:59pm


    As usual for Wikipedia articles on Israel/Palestine, the associated discussion pages (including in this case the AFD page) can be more illuminating than the article itself (click on the “Discussion” and “View history” tabs).

  55. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    13 Jul, 2014 - 7:16 pm

    “Venezuela’s Maduro Launches “SOS Palestine” Campaign to Demand End to Israeli Bombardment”

    His energies might be better deployed in trying to solve his own country’s political, economic and social woes, which are considerable.

    Typical distraction!

  56. I agree about David Mellor Craig. There is no one with a wide world view in the present government. The emphasis is on increasing personal wealth. The greater good does not enter into it. Mellor was a Swanage Grammar schoolboy and there’s the difference from the Bullingdon Boys posse with their Eton background.

    Ref Janner, the last claim I can see is for August 2013 for one day @ £300. In July, 2013 he claimed £2,850 for 19 days.


    I had not realized that there were so many lords and ladies at the collective trough. 21 pages or so x 35 entries per page = 700 approx.

    His dementia must have been sudden and rapid.

    His daughter is a Reform rabbi. http://www.jewishtelegraph.com/prof_184.html

  57. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    13 Jul, 2014 - 7:23 pm


    You have certainly stirred the troops into “action”. But, nevertheless, there are some nuggets of good sense among the dross of the comments.


    But it’s Sunday evening, I’m feelong strict,and I want to tease you. So would you please compare and contrast the following :

    “Having answered you, any other off-topic derailment efforts (from anybody) will be deleted.”


    “Britain’s chief Zionist, Lord Janner, is pulling an Ernest Saunders and avoiding prosecution for paedophilia by claiming senility. Can someone with a research bent find out for me when he last claimed his House of Lords attendance allowance?”

    Disclaimer : I am not related or in any way connected with Lord Janner and/or any organisation with which he is connected.


  58. Miss Castello

    13 Jul, 2014 - 7:25 pm

    John Goss; 3.09 pm

    Do israeli’s not have a mouth, and a brain to go with it? They don’t appear to have any problems shouting “Death to Arabs” do they? isra-hell doesn’t need apologists for its filthy war crimes. It has Britain & the US of Assholes for that.

    ‘Show me the Fuhrer to lay all the blame
    Where were the cry’s of “not in my name”
    As you watched from the sidelines, ‘Gurion’s Game’
    immune to the suffering of grief loss and pain

    Dave to Goliath, roles now reversed
    Victim to bully, chapter and verse
    Goebbels to Gaza, shades of ‘Mein Kampf
    Checkpoints and cameras, ID cards to stamp’

    Hard to believe, in the land of one’s birth
    1.7 million denied freedom, self worth
    Whilst Wankers in Whitehall, free roam this earth’


  59. Miss Castello

    13 Jul, 2014 - 7:37 pm

  60. Neil Thanks for that. Although Operation Protective Edge is ongoing place at this very moment, I see that there is a suggestion that the page should be deleted. WTF?

    Nishidani contributor has been accused of being a Jew baiting Anti Semite! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Nishidani and Fitzcarmalan contributor prefers to keep a low profile.

  61. Mary @ 7:50pm

    I see that there is a suggestion that the page should be deleted. WTF?

    Click on the link “this article’s entry” on the deletion notice for the AFD (Articles for Deletion) page. As I said, also quite illuminating (BTW, there is no chance that it will be deleted).

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    I have no idea what the score is…if it has even started yet…

    But I want The Argentinians To Win…

    Now How do I switch My Telly On???

    Not Finished Yet.


  63. technicolour

    13 Jul, 2014 - 8:16 pm

    “We’re part of a club, and we paid a very expensive membership fee to get in,” said Rami Elhanan, an activist with the Parents Circle, which includes both Israeli and Palestinian families who have lost loved ones to the conflict. His daughter Smadar was killed in a suicide bombing in 1997.

    “We are not going to let them use our pain to enlarge this club,” he said.

    Elhanan pointed out the other dozen activists — this one lost a mother, this one a brother, this one a son.

    “Every one of the people here has on their back a very heavy weight,” he said. “We paid that price and we know how important it is not to have other people join.”


  64. ….on going/taking place….

  65. “Illegal? Who the fuck cares about the law?”

    Oh, they’ll bluster in public, but in private, safe behind Nanny America’s skirts, they beg for protection from the “most dangerous issue”: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2010/02/10TELAVIV417.html

    Because times change.

    “the ball is now in the court of Palestine”
    “we are waiting for them”

  66. Looks like there has been one Israeli death.

    “An Israeli soldier was killed and three others were injured after their vehicle was targeted north of Gaza.”



    13 Jul, 2014 - 8:25 pm

    Chos; You should stick with one identity. I think it was you who counseled patience, yet your link indicates a very long wait indeed.

    “Indeed, after Operation Cast Lead, I recommended to President Abbas that Palestine accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, which President Abbas did do. And what happened? Mr. Moreno-Ocampo, the ICC prosecutor threw it out and said, “Well, it’s not for me to determine whether Palestine is a state,” despite the fact that Palestine had de jure diplomatic relations with 133 states and also state membership in UNESCO, a U.N. specialized agency. Still Mr. Moreno-Ocampo this coward and this hypocrite had the gall to just throw aside Palestine’s acceptance of jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and to investigate Israel for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.’

  68. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !
    13 Jul, 2014 – 7:23 pm
    Craig can write what he likes, say what he likes and do as he likes, unlike you on his blog.

    PS La vita non è bella per i Palestinesi.

  69. Not a Pacifist?

    Oh come on Craig..I can’t imagine you with a gun unless you threatened to take his gun off him and stick it up his arse.

    Great Match

    My Wife is home now…

    She is asking me if I can do The Gravy…

    We have Roast Chicken on a Sunday.


  70. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    13 Jul, 2014 - 8:56 pm


    “Craig can write what he likes, say what he likes and do as he likes, unlike you on his blog.”

    I quite agree, dear girl! Good to see you recognising it’s Craig’s blog, because some of your previous utterances gave me the impression you sometimes think it’s yours.

  71. Mads Gilbert is back in Gaza. Déjà vu. Cast Lead revisited.

    Israel hits Gaza with banned weapons: Norwegian doctor
    13 July 2014 06:54 (Last updated 13 July 2014 19:20)

    At least 166 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed in Israeli airstrikes since late Monday


    Renounced Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert on Sunday accused the Israeli army of using internationally banned weapons in its ongoing offensive against the Gaza Strip.

    Gilbert told a press conference in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City that examinations of the bodies of the Palestinian victims showed that they had been subjected to internationally banned weapons.



    Reference http://guevents.georgetown.edu/event/mads_gilbert_eyes_in_gaza_what_did_i_see_what_can_you_do#.U8Lm73JwbSd

  72. Apparently this is what they are using:


    Does anyone else agree with George Galloway’s plea to stop paying your BBc license fee??

  73. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    13 Jul, 2014 - 9:09 pm


    La vita sarebbe ancora più bella pei Palestinesi se cessassero di sparare razzi contro Israël.

  74. I think they meant ‘renowned’. Some years ago, I heard Mads Gilbert speak at UCL about his experiences in Gaza during Cast Lead. He has a terrific personality and spoke very movingly of what he and his Palestinian doctor colleagues dealt with over that dreadful time which lasted for 23 days. Some of his photos have stayed in my memory.

  75. Does anyone else agree with George Galloway’s plea to stop paying your BBc license fee??

    At least in USSR the population were not forced to pay for their propaganda. On the other hand in the capitalist UK the population are forced to pay for the propaganda that they are subjected to, in the format of the bbc license, that is so rigorously enforced and any one transgressing through none payment are fined and jailed to boot. We the people need to start thinking about license strikes.

    DIME weapons are filthy nasty weapons that dismember anything at the height of 30cm to 75cm (one foot to two and one half of a foot) ie any children in its path are decapitated their heads cut off clean a well as lots of limb amputations leaving the wounds highly impregnated with the super heated cloud of the vaporised heavy metal that in turn creates weird infections and an agonising death. The remains are often discoloured and have a distinct odour. I am sure you are aware of that.

    The crimes against humanity and peace committed by the mad rabid zinoists and explained way by the coterie of the zionist apologist scum somehow never entertain the horrid realities of the war crimes of the zionist mercenaries.

    Although fact that Palestinians are still preserving their identity after seventy year of sustained war on them and fighting the occupation is a testament to the Palestinians tenacity and bravery, and clear indication of the failure of the mad rabid zionists in subjugating the Palestinian nation, despite the applications of enormous amounts of force and explosives.

  76. One has to admit that Gaza Muslims are more humane than Israeli Jews.

    Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish 54, a Hebrew-speaking Gaza-born Israeli doctor at Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv and peace activist, was getting ready to join his new posting at the University of Toronto – but his dream of living a safe place with his eight children was smashed by the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) shelling of his house in Jabaliya during the final days of Israel’s 23-day attack on Gazzah, world’s most crowded place with 1.5 million Muslim and Christian Palestinian natives living on a small piece of land surrounded by Israel and its Arab collaborators. As result of Israeli shelling, Dr. Abuelaish’s three daughters, Bisan 20, Mayar 15, and Aya 13 along with their cousin, Nour 14, were martyred while seriously injured one sister Shatha 16. Dr. Abuelaish’s wife, Nadia, had died of leukemia before the Israeli attack.



    13 Jul, 2014 - 9:37 pm

    John curry-comb. Horse face and a horse’s ass.

  78. Messy? I blame my Dad..He went to Ushaw College..They were Trying To Make Roman Catholic Priest Out Of Him…

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    It is much Better Without a Condom…

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    Has anyone Scored Yet?

    I am rooting For Argentina.


  79. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    13 Jul, 2014 - 9:42 pm

    California Ben

    “John curry-comb. Horse face and a horse’s ass.”

    Gosh, that was witty, Ben. And very subtle with it.

    Now you can have a final smoke before going to bed (dried horse dropppings, perhaps?), happy in the knowledge of having done another day’s useful and productive work. :)

  80. Je

    South African Blacks did use armed resistance.

    And Israel would love it if Palestinians just sat back and got killed without lifting a finger to defend themselves. They would expel, kill, take houses and towns and demolish them to build what they want to on top of them. Just as they do now, except they would use the fact that the Palestinians don’t resist to say, they don’t mind.
    Sort of like what they say about all the discrimination Palestinian citizens of Israel face.

  81. I think it is wrong to compare South African apartheid with Zionism. South African Aparthied wanted to seperate whites from Blacks.
    It had no desire to expel all blacks out of South Africa and imports whites in their place.
    Zionism attempts Genocide and expulsion of the native population to be replaced by imported Jews.
    The closest comparison to Zionism is Nazi Germany. But even then, Zionism compares badly with Nazi Germany because Hitler had abolished the reichstag while Israel is a democracy. So Germans shared none of the blame for what Hitler did, while the people who voted for every Israel Government since the establishment of Zionism share the blame for all the actions of those governments.

    To tell Palestinians to stick to none Violent resistance while they are cramed and starved in concentration camps like Gaza would be no differnt to telling a Holocoast surviver that he should have limited himself to non-violent resistance while he was in auswitch.

  82. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    13 Jul, 2014 - 10:10 pm


    Just a couple of points, the first one historical:

    1/. “South African Blacks did use armed resistance.”

    And they got hammered.

    2/. “They {the Israelis}would expel, kill, take houses and towns and demolish them to build what they want to on top of them.”

    They wouldn’t – we are talking about Gaza here.

  83. In the Arab world, does World Cup soccer trump the Gaza war?asks that vile racist rag, the Jerusalem Post.

    Can we guess what the Zionists would say if say an Iranian or Egyptian newspaper asked, in connection with a hypothetical slaughter of hundreds of Israeli Jewish civilians in Tel Aviv, in the latest massacre in a conflict which killed one Jewish child every 3 days for more than a decade, “In the Jewish world, does reading the business pages trump the Tel Aviv massacre?

    Use the word ‘Zionazi’, people! It’s accurate.

    If anyone reading this is still buying their underwear at Marks and Spencer’s, shame on you!

  84. I never betrayed her and she never betrayed me. I never betrayed my wife, and she has never betrayed me. She is not interested in football…and whilst I am watching Extra Time in The World Cup Final…She Asks Me if I can make her phone work…Its Been (I suspect hacked to fuck…or maybe its a hardware fault..So I did..whilst eating my TeA. hAS ANYONE SCored YET? I don’t Do Penalties


  85. Oh Come on..Even David Beckham can do Better Than That…Good Match Though…They Didn’t Fake It.

    Thank God , we are not going to a German Beach Next Week in The Greek Islands…

    They will be even Nicer than normal.

    My Audi is now in Lithuania.


  86. The uncle of a slain Israeli teenager consoles the father of a murdered Palestinian teenager. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

    The words on dreoilin’s twitter picture, above link,

    How many people is it ‘necessary to kill’? How many armchair warriors are cheering on this violence? How many deaths are too many? How hard is it to just say stop?

  87. More Israelis opposing the Israeli state.


    via media lens forum

  88. Phil

    Marginalised non-entities. It means nothing.

  89. Meanwhile back in the real world

    zionist Lynch mob hunting for Arabs

  90. “Simon Cowell donates £100,000 to Israeli soldiers to please pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman”


    Jolly generous of Simon.

    Can’t be bad for the old careerio neither. I mean, what if he’d refused.

    Anyway, you don’t have to be rich to help out.

    You can keep 5 Israeli soldiers slaughtering for a whole day, from $28. Lashings of oats at 10 cents a pop would of course make them even more efficient, but whatever they’re into, eh.

    Go on. You know you want to:


  91. “Marginalised non-entities. It means nothing.”

    I can hear ‘them’ saying that about ‘us’ – the majority of the British people – in the run-up to Afghanistan/Iraq.

  92. …. targeted water wells in different parts of Gaza City, leaving thousands of families without access to clean drinking water. An Oxfam official said going into the weekend that 90 percent of the water in Gaza was already unsafe to drink .

    The sewerage system is also a target, with Israeli warplanes targeting sewage treatment stations in West Gaza City early on Saturday. The areas most affected are Shati refugee camp, Tal al-Hawa, Sheikh Ejleen and most Western districts, according to Saed al-Din Atbash, head of water facilities at Gaza Municipality.

    That is in addition to whatever restrictions that there are on the scant water allocation and access that is given to the Palestinians is further eroded by deliberate destruction of the water infrastructure, and creating an environment for pandemic water born diseases to extirpate the indigenous populations of the Palestinians in the way of realising the fairy stories that the murderous zionists are weaned on.

  93. Hurrah for the Communist Party of Israel (e&oe)

    “The Communist Party of Israel Strongly Condemns Israeli Aggression in Gaza, and Rejects Any Attack on Civilians – Israelis and Palestinians Alike”


    (thanks, Phil)

  94. The Times of Israel reported that Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday: “I think Israeli people understand now what I have been say: that there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security of the territory West of the River Jordan (the Wes Bank).”

    Israel’s justice minister Tzipi Levni and Israel’s outgoing president Shimon Peres have admitted that Netanyahu has never missed an opportunity to sabotage peace negotiations with Mahmoud Abbas. Like Netanyahu, Israel’s president-elect Reuven Rivlin also don’t believe in an independent Palestinian state, but contrary to other Israeli leaders, he wants the Zionist regime to treat non-Jew citizen of Israel “more humanly”.

    Anyone, who has studied history of Zionism from some objective source, he would know that Zionist leaders will never like to live with Palestinians and neighboring Arabs in peace – because they fear that would be the begining of the end of the Zionist entity.


  95. Craig,

    As a pacifist i have to disagree with one part of your post.

    I hope the Palestinians kill as FEW as necessary to repel the invasion.

  96. Habbabkuk moaning about distractions on this blog??

    LOL…Jeeez…we’ve seen it all now!

    You’re such a piss poor sockpuppet troll Habba why don’t you expend your useless energy on blogs where the punters are stupid enough to buy your schoolboy-level schtick?

    You’re woefully bad at your job Habba…try somewhere else eh?

    Even your line manager is weeping at your ineptitude.

  97. If an Israeli solider as much as tears a nail in a ground invasion, it will be held as proof that the invasion was necessary, because Palestinian monsters had to be killed.

    We – the US, Canada and the UK – “recognise Israel’s right to defend herself”, or words to that effect. But that’s all we recognise, because it’s a coward’s limited vision. We do not recognise the rights of Palestine at all. Not even its right to its own citizens’ human rights. Certainly not a right to exist – afaik, only Israel has that right – unique in the world. Does Holland have a declared “right to exist”? Poland? Any other country at all, less still a chemically, biologically and nuclear arm country ?

    The Irish must be might grateful this philosophy was not in place over the past few decades. Surely the US would not object to the bombing of every building in which a potential IRA operative and/or sympathiser might reside.


    But I would regret every casualty of the IDF , because it would only make it easier to blur the portrayal of this one sided atrocity.

  98. “People are passing around a disturbing exchange at the State Department Tuesday (first spotted by Megan Iorio at Just Foreign Policy) in which the State Department spokesman emphasized Israel’s right to defend itself from rocket attacks from Gaza but was then incapable of saying that Palestinians have a right to defend themselves from Israel’s onslaught of missiles.”


    (transcript and video)

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