UK Parliament to Debate Iraq War: Emergency protest called 2




On Tuesday 31 October, Parliament will debate and vote on the Iraq war for the first time since March 18 2003. Alex Salmond, one of the MPs who initiated the debate, says: “This is the first time since the invasion of Iraq that the government can be held to account over this illegal and unwanted war.”

STOP THE WAR COALITION has called an emergency protest in front of Parliament when the debate takes place between 5pm and 7pm. MPs must end a war which has brought nothing but mass slaughter and devastation to the people of Iraq. There is no excuse. It’s what the majority of British people want. It’s what even the head of the British armed forces, General Sir Richard Dannatt, wants.

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2 thoughts on “UK Parliament to Debate Iraq War: Emergency protest called

  • Claytal

    The debate as you indicate will be comnenced by Alex salmond MP who,as you did not indicate,is leader of the Scottish National Party. The Scottish National Party (SNP) seeks to return Scotland to the independent statehood it had until the Treaty of Union with England in 1707. This debate will be seen by Salmond and everyone in the SNP,myself included,as yet another step in the now inevitable breakup of Britain. The SNP is now a huge nationalist party.

  • Craig

    I support Scottish independence myself – indeed, given EU membership, there are no rational grounds for opposing it any longer.

    I am currently discussing a commission to write a short book on a foreign policy for an independent Scotland.