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In Heywood and Middleton, a classic Labour northern English seat, UKIP and the Tories combined got 51% of the vote. In Clacton – a deprived coastal area – the Conservatives and UKIP got 83% of the vote.

It is not that Labour and the Lib Dems offer an alternative that is in any significant way less devoted to corporate interests and serving the economic needs of the super-rich. The large majority of voters, and especially those who do not bother to vote, have by now worked out that the difference in their lives is negligible if they have a different member of the political class with his or her nose in the trough at their expense.

But everybody who has seen an actual UKIP campaign knows that their grassroots appeal is simply racist – they promote the idea that it is not the billionaires and ultra-wealthy who are sucking the resources from society, but rather the poor of a different colour. The Conservatives are striving, particularly through rampant Islamophobia, to compete for the atavistic vote.

UKIP is an antibody produced by the political establishment and their paymasters, to counter public disillusion with a dreadful and worsening unequal society. UKIP’s task is to divert public anger away from their exploiters towards specific groups of the poor. It does so very effectively. UKIP’s success yesterday will lead to a race among the mainstream parties to scapegoat vulnerable social groups – immigrants, benefit claimants, unemployed – and to compete in external xenophobia. The next government of the United Kingdom will be right wing to a degree which would have seemed unthinkable for the majority of my life.

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  • Silvio

    Jewish scholar and history professor, Shlomo Sand, says he has given up on being a Jew:

    His views on Israeli society – “one of the most racist… in the Western world” – and his realisation that his “fleeting utopian dream that a Palestinian Israeli should feel as much at home in Tel Aviv as a Jewish American does in New York” would never come to pass are outlined in his book, How I Stopped Being a Jew, published by Verso and available at the Guardian bookshop.

    Here are extracts from the book:

    “I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew”

    …Now, having painfully become aware that I have undergone an adherence to Israel, been assimilated by law into a fictitious ethnos of persecutors and their supporters, and have appeared in the world as one of the exclusive club of the elect and their acolytes, I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew…

    In the light of the historic tragedies of the 20th century, I am determined no longer to be a small minority in an exclusive club that others have neither the possibility nor the qualifications to join…

    Israel “one of the most racist societies in the Western world”

    I am aware of living in one of the most racist societies in the Western world. Racism is present to some degree everywhere, but in Israel it exists deep within the spirit of the laws. It is taught in schools and colleges, spread in the media, and above all and most dreadful, in Israel the racists do not know what they are doing and, because of this, feel in no way obliged to apologise. This absence of a need for self-justification has made Israel a particularly prized reference point for many movements of the far right throughout the world, movements whose past history of antisemitism is only too well known.

    To live in such a society has become increasingly intolerable to me…


  • Kempe

    ” Kempe actually BELIEVES the herald? ”

    As opposed to anything posted by RoS?

    Every time.

  • Jives

    Hey yoll.

    I really wouldn’t worry about hasbara Habby and his bitch Kempe.

    They’ve only scattergunned here for a coupla hours ‘cos their main gig is on other blogs defending the indefensible of collateral drone attacks on innocent women and children in the name of Freedom and Democracy…

  • Mary


    Afraid the effects of radiotherapy got to me and I fell asleep! Was it all about the Shin Bet extra judicial killing of Palestinians?

    Saw these two old reviews by Philip French and Henry Barnes in the Guardian.

    I gather from this Medialens thread below that there is a longer version and that the BBC showed a truncated version.

    ‘Anyone seen the long version of “The Gatekeepers”, the docu of ex Shin Bet leaders shown on BBC?
    Posted by Keith on October 12, 2014, 1:10 am
    Apart from missing any mention of the murderous brutality of the occupation, such as things like all those Palestinian kids shot in the head and chest by Israeli soldiers (recorded on a website called “if americans knew” if i remmeber correctly), it is a great documentary, imo.

    I think someone said it was all the living ex heads of the Shin Bet, and they’re basically calling for an end to the occupation, that theres no way to end the violence without ending the occupation.

    Anyway, there is a longer version than the BBC showed last night, apparently – has anyone seen it?

    Director/maker of “The Gatekeepers” speaks in this clip, four minutes in
    Posted by Keith on October 12, 2014, 1:22 am, in reply to “Anyone seen the long version of “The Gatekeepers”, the docu of ex Shin Bet leaders shown on BBC?”

    101 min version of “The Gatekeepers”
    Posted by Gutenberg on October 12, 2014, 2:01 am, in reply to “Anyone seen the long version of “The Gatekeepers”, the docu of ex Shin Bet leaders shown on BBC?”
    Just had a look. The BBC have shown a truncated version, the same thing happened with the Blade Runner documentary, Dangerous Days. Perhaps some contractual stipulation to prevent competition with the home video releases?

    There are copies of the full length version available from the usual locations… I can get one and check it out.

  • Mary

    Malala the poster child for the axis.

    Sanctifying Malala: The Nobel Prize and Moral Alibis
    by Binoy Kampmark / October 11th, 2014

    and the drone strikes in North Waziristan continue unabated. Not reported widely and not by the BBC but they have lots about Malala.

    (C)overt war: Two drone strikes kill 8 in Khyber, North Waziristan
    By Our Correspondent / Muhammad Irfan / Tahir Khan
    Published: October 12, 2014

  • guano

    Though everyone adheres to Washington and its Gulf allies’ anti-terrorist discourse, everyone understands that it is only a rhetorical justification for a war that has other purposes. The United States say they want to destroy the Islamic Emirate which they created and which performs for them the ethnic cleansing necessary to its plan for the remodeling of the “Broader Middle East”. Stranger still, they say they want to fight in Syria alongside the moderate opposition which is composed of the same jihadists. Finally, they destroyed Rakka buildings that had been evacuated two days earlier by the Islamic Emirate. For Thierry Meyssan, behind these apparent contradictions the gas war continues.

    In Dobane USUKIS have proved this theory correct. They monitor the movements of both Kurdish and IS forces. With this information it should be possible to decisively turn the battle in favour of the side they are really on.

    Did they give the positions of senior Kurdish commanders to ISIS to target with truck suicide bombs or did they separate ISIS from their supply routes? It is rapidly becoming clear that USUKIS are not fighting on the Kurdish side, and maybe they are seeking to impose one of their clients like Mursi in Egypt, trained and indoctrinated in Zionist politics from the nest of spies in London, into the shoes of the current Kurdish leaders.

    The BBC constantly clouds the issues and anyone seeking the truth about the Middle East should reverse their lies. Recently they reported that Turkey is split between Islamists who support ISIS and secularists who oppose it. Turkey is full of die-hard Ataturk revivalists and a ground swell of Muslims who still believe the Muslim slogans of President Erdogan, but the Muslims do not support ISIS even if he does. Who would?

    David Cameron Obama M.Hollande and the UK Asian Ahzab.

  • guano


    Hey yoll.

    I really wouldn’t worry about hasbara Habby and his bitch Kempe.

    They’ve only scattergunned here for a coupla hours ‘cos their main gig is on other blogs defending the indefensible of collateral drone attacks on innocent women and children in the name of Freedom and Democracy… ”

    … better to have been drowned at birth the pair of them than troll the ethernet with their neo-con lies.

  • Lurker007

    With “butter me up” habba begging at every post, why crofter Fred instead prefers sheeple , remains an abiding mystery of the blog!

  • Sofia


    While the world is looking away here’s an aniversary.

    1914…..…purpose built for the genocide of ethnic Russians of the Ukraine.

    2014… re the new “Filtration Camps”…Michail Koval, a high ranking general of Ukrainian Army, “We shall perform a full filtration of the populace. We will employ certain filtration techniques to make sure that no people, including women, who harbor separatists sympathies remain…We will of course separate the women and men for treatment…. After the filtration we will resettle those deemed trustworthy to remote regions… We shall take a close look at any of the participants in “information warfare” as well. Our special forces will be searching computers, telephone connections, friends …”

    Plus ca change!

  • Silvio

    The Lie Machine
    Paul Craig Roberts

    I have come to the conclusion that the West is a vast lie machine for the secret agendas of vested interests. Consider, for example, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the Transpacific Trade and Investment Partnership.

    These so-called “partnerships” are in fact vehicles by which US corporations make themselves immune to the sovereign laws of foreign countries in which they do business. A sovereign country that attempts to enforce its laws against an American corporation can be sued by the corporation for “restraint of trade.” For example, if Monsanto wants to sell GMO seeds in France or US corporations wish to sell genetically-modified foods in France, and France enforces its laws against GMOs, the Transatlantic Trade Partnership allows France to be sued in jurisdictions outside the courts of France for “restraint of trade.” In other words, preventing the entry into France of a prohibited product constitutes restraint of trade.

    This is the reason that the US has insisted that the Transatlantic and Transpacific Partnerships be totally secretive and negotiated outside the democratic process. Not even the US Congress has been permitted knowledge of the negotiations.

    Obviously, the Europeans and Asians who are agreeing with the terms of these “partnerships” are the bought-and-paid-for agents of the US corporations. If the partnerships go through, the only law in Europe and Asia will be US law. The European and Asian government officials who agree to the hegemony of US corporations over the laws of their countries will be so handsomely paid that they could enter the realm of the One Percent.


  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    “No powers of any consequence will be devolved by London EVER, let me assure you. The revenues from whisky and oil are simply too enormous to let go of. If London lost these enormous revenues, the UK would be instantly bankrupt! London has already been forward spending the proceeds of oil and whisky for years now-how do you think cross rail, m25, and multitudes of other grandiose projects benefiting no-one but southern england have been financed, ffs!!”

    One referendum to leave the EU will be followed instantly by a referendum on Independence I guess, because one would not want to let all these companies wanting to leave England for a pro EU base wait too long.
    I would feel aggrieved if Scotland would not to be wholly Independent, with all scottish revenues staying in Holyrood, its obvious that nothing the politcal parties muttered had any value to it.

    I have got the sneaking suspicion that Osborne is dying to have the TTIP signed so that he can sell fracking concessions away to multinationals from underneath everyone’s arse, making large fines for non compliance a hard cross to bare.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “You are the Sir Les Patterson of this blog and i claim my £5.”

    I’m intrigued but don’t know whether to be flattered or not. Who is Sir Les Patterson?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Nigel (21h08 yesterday)

    The scenario you describe strikes me as highly unlikely and the product of wishful thinking.

  • Mary

    I always value John Hilley’s take. Here is his earlier piece on The Gatekeepers.

    The Gatekeepers – a ‘confessional’ film still evading the truth


    Sky News are making a big thing of the 30th anniversary of the Brighton Bomb and Thatcher’s survival. They had the spookcatcher Peter Clarke on. He said he was a young police inspector at the time on the picket lines of the miners’ strike.

    Well embedded.

    He is a director of two companies, Crimestoppers Trust and Knightsbridge Guarding.

    Director Overview
    Peter Clarke holds 2 appointments at 2 active companies, has resigned from 0 companies and held 0 appointments at 0 dissolved companies. Peter began their first appointment at the age of 52. Their longest current appointment spans 6 years and 5 months at CRIMESTOPPERS TRUST.

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Peter holds a current appointment equals £12,517,887, with a combined total current assets value of £18,736,847 and total current liabilities of £12,586,239. Roles associated with Peter Clarke within the recorded businesses include: Director

    Look at the list of directors on Crimestoppers Trust… Lord Ashcroft, Lord Steinberg….. some ex coppers… Amanda Platell!!

  • Fool

    Mary – I didn’t see Gatekeepers, but caught some of the subsequent News night discussion of the Gatekeeper and then watched an interview with the director. I intend to see the full programme. Therefore I apologise for the following foolish words of one who doesn’t know much about it and who has not seen the file.

    Apparently the film interviews the last 6 heads of Shin Bet who are quite candid about their activities, about their feelings about their work and one says that when they retire they tend to move towards the left.

    They say that their job was tactical and that they were so successful in it that it allowed the politicians to fail in their job of strategy. In part it would seem the politicians, with the exception of PM Rabin, all abrogated their responsibility thereby making the security chiefs feel that they have had to continue with their tactical ways of surveillance, blackmail torture etc longer than should have been necessary i.e. the blame the political leaders for having made them continue in their dirty work for longer than they feel they should have.

    Part of the problem was the fact of continuous coalition government in which the majority who it is presumed would have preferred negotiation and strategy had to give way to demands of a minority within the Government, who were set on continued opposition to Palestine and who reflected some extreme Israeli terrorist views.

    The film certainly looks interesting and worth watching. The point about coalition government is worrying. So far in the UK we only have this current experience of the minority partner being the centre ground, but if UKIP gain ground then the future minority coalition partner could be that of the extreme right in which case the lesson of post 1967 Israel might be that if the minority coalition partner is of an extreme persuasion then be prepared for it to use its minority position in government as a little man with a megaphone. Therefore if we have to have a minority voice within a coalition better for it to be the centre ground than that of an extreme (unless you want the extreme in which case get a minority stake and coalition must be the aim). If you oppose UKIP you should oppose a UKIP Tory deal.

    Apologies to jews and palestinians for stating opinions based on so little, but thoughts have to start somewhere.

  • Jemand

    Doug Scorgie
    10 Oct, 2014 – 4:10p (page 2)

    “Don’t you see Richard, it’s the same thing.
    Criticism of a set of ideas (ie religion) is a valid topic in free speech but criticism of the people who follow a religion (Islam) simply because of their religion, is discriminatory and illogical.”

    – – –

    You are such a dope, Doug. By your ‘logic’ criticism of Nazism is valid but criticism of Nazis is discriminatory and illogical. Or is Nazism excluded from protection because it does not hold a mythical god as its source of authority? 

    What a dope you are. “Islamaphobia” is a thought-terminating term of abuse used to intimidate critics of Islam into silence. It’s use is Orwellian in nature and users are invariably liberal bullies like you.

    So kindly stop lecturing grown ups on matters that you have no grasp over and go finish your education.

  • Arbed

    Republic of Scotland, 11/10, 6.04pm

    (cont) by which I mean, it’s the sloppiness in the way the US Army Biowarfare division carries out its export procedures, as revealed in that Wikileaks cable, that’s the worry when dealing with pathogens like Ebola.

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    Thanks for that specific nugget sleuth Arbed, who would have known that this trade was done in 2009, some 5 years ago. How many batches have they developed since then, and how have they been kept safe and for what purpose? one might ask.

    PS Hope to hear from the swedish prosecutor general soon, they can’t possibly want to leave Julian in limbo for much longer.

  • Jemand

    It’s an interesting question. If the US had an effective treatment for Ebola, would it deploy it at the earliest opportunity? Or would it stand back and watch Ebola spread as an experiment and only when the disease seriously threatens its own interests pretend to have produced a timely therapy for immediate deployment?

  • johnnyrvf

    Tidal? That works well. the tide stops flowing every six hours or so and building anything that operates underwater, let alone sea water makes decommissioning a Nuclear power station a walk in the park. Why buy Chinese when there are other proven manufacturers? As for the £8 billion wasted by the DECC that is because the U.K. govt. is following a flawed ideoligocal policy of immensily stupid and sadly grave proportions. Whilst the Nuclear industry hs been dragging it’s feet with regard to other technologies, such as LTFR’s or LMSR’s this technology is being pursued in other countries. The facts are that as ill developed as Nuclear reactors are mainly because of a lack of political will and the imbecilism of the green and environmental movements, they provide the most reliable, clean longterm electricity. The life of a generation 2 and beyond Nuclear plant is 60 years and with the CORRECT maintenace proceedures produce 100% of plate capacity for every minute that they are in operation over that life span. Compare that to the miserable 23% avarage plate capacity over a third of the lifespan of a wind turbine and then tell me how a Nuclear free Scotland is coing to compete with the cheap energy produced by other Nuclear mix countries?

  • doug scorgie

    12 Oct, 2014 – 11:23 am

    “You are such a dope, Doug. By your ‘logic’ criticism of Nazism is valid but criticism of Nazis is discriminatory and illogical. Or is Nazism excluded from protection because it does not hold a mythical god as its source of authority?”

    “What a dope you are. “Islamaphobia” is a thought-terminating term of abuse used to intimidate critics of Islam into silence.”

    I see it took you two days to come up with that fallacious [in dictionary under F] reply.

    Violent extremism (Nazi) is a bit different to conventional religious beliefs don’t you think?

    Violent extremists within any religious group can be condemned but not all followers of a religion.

    What you’re trying to say Jemand is that you hate Muslims and you pick out Islam as an “evil religion” to justify your racism.

    Violence by extremist Christians in the United States has been responsible for attacks on Jewish centres, attempts to poison municipal water supplies, bombing of abortion clinics, and shooting of abortion providers.

    On February 25, 1994, Baruch Goldstein, an American-born Israeli member of the Jewish Defence League (JDL), opened fire on Muslims kneeling in prayer at the revered Cave of the Patriarchs mosque in the West Bank city of Hebron, killing 29 worshippers and injuring 125.

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