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They were too extravagant to be buttonholes. The SNP’s MPs wore elaborate corsages. The unextinguishable impression is that they were going the extra mile in dressing up as particularly obsequious flunkies chuffed to be appearing before Her Maj, herself bedecked with the Koh-i-Noor and other jewels gained by the rape of conquered peoples, and enrobed in the furs of butchered rare animals.

Even if the white rose really were a symbol of Scotland – and a single allusion by Macdiarmid does not make it so – I would not want it used to make us look like the class creeps on a Royal visit. Much has been made of the battle for Dennis Skinner’s seat. But at least that awkward old man has repeatedly had the guts to make plain he does not approve of all the ludicrous flummery of faded but still vicious power – still vicious as the snooper’s charter and attacks on coastal Libya will shortly make clear. The SNP looked like a very determined set of entries for the toady of the year competition.

We should leave this loyalist monarchical crap to the unionists. An independent Scotland should not be a place where you dress like a florist’s advert before some fur-draped billionaire pensioner.

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75 thoughts on “Flunkies

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  • fred

    “Any symbol can be assumed by different peoples or groups to represent very different meanings.”

    Yes they can and this case the symbol was to honour SNP founder member Hugh Macdiarmid the man who wrote such works as “Programme for a Scottish Fascism”.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Who were the two ladies to the right of the Queen (her left) who looked as though something very nasty was stuck up their bottoms?

    Didn’t see them, but likely Clarissa Jell de Spencer First Lady Pursuivant of the Royal Dildo, and Alan Fitztightly, Gentleman of the Stool, in drag.

  • Muscleguy

    @Donn Darko

    Just because the Establishment approved of the SNPs changed stance on NATO doesn’t mean they were behind it. The leadership’s and Salmond’s in particular assessment of public opinion both in terms of electoral support and wrt the referendum was that it unnecessarily scared too many horses. The whole strategy under Salmond was no unnecessary scaring of horses. Part of why they were so cautious and uncombative during the referendum, to the frustration of many of us on the ground.

    I’m not sure they will be quite so risk averse in the next one, but it will be a matter of degree only.

  • Mosstrooper

    There are times Craig when you do write a lot of shite. The white rose in Scotland is neither fascist nor English yorkist nor is it worn or displayed in honour of Hugh MacDairmid.
    The origin of the symbol as a Jacobite one and June 10 is recognised as White Rose Day to commemorate the birth James VIII and III. It is also said that when Prince Charlie, after leaving the raising of the Standard at Glenfinnan, was passing Fassifern House the daughter of the house ( they were Camerons) gave the Prince a rose from a bush in the garden and when the prince put the rose in his bonnet his followers plucked the bush of all flowers. It is said that this then gave rise to the white cockade of the Jacobites as opposed to the black cockade of the Hanovarians.

    The rose bush, of the family Rose Alba( or it’s decendents) still grows in the grounds of Fassifern House. Many years ago when visiting the people of the house I was given a cutting and that rose bush continues to grow in my garden. I might also point out that Scots bonnets as worn by the army still have the black cockade as are those sold to members of the public. Mine was cut off a long time ago.

  • Bob Smith

    I find it difficult to go through all the comments so if this has already been said, apologies. With regards to how to tie a tie, Ian Fleming always used a simple hand over hand knot as he claimed to use a Windsor or half Windsor knot would show support to the Windsor family, one of whose most senior members was a traitor and NAZI supporter. I am surprised to read that a leading member of the SNP would recommend such a knot. I need to get out more and no longer wear a tie.

  • fred

    “So arming the police and the NHS aren’t quite the only issues, then.”

    No, the SNP policy of rewarding those in big fancy houses while penalising the most vulnerable in society seems to be a factor as well.

    Don’t worry about closing down nursing homes because of lack of funding so long as those in the higher council tax brackets are better off.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Keeping the lid on council tax doesn’t exactly hurt people on incomes just above the discount threshold, either, Fred. However, I agree there’s a case for changing the weighting. Maybe Labour would agree with that? Ho, ho. Better still would be to readjust income tax. Which the SNP will try to get under the, er, pledge.

  • fred

    “I just feel so sorry for Fred.
    His mind must be such a house of pain.”

    Fuck and die off retard.

  • MerkinOnParis

    I saw the 56 MPs as wearing the White Cockade.
    Wonderful symbolism at the heart of Westminster.
    Of course, they couldn’t admit to this coup, hence the reference to an obscure poem. Excellent strategy.
    Think of the headlines in The Telegraph which didn’t appear.

  • Gary

    Ahh, as ever it’s the same old Floribunda Vs Hybrid T with the roses. The ‘War of the Roses’ if you will. I’ve always preferred Hybrid TS but the fashion in buttonholes is for the smaller, neater Floribunda flower type. They are neater but with fewer petals they are never as long lasting.

    Of course Floribundas are cheaper to produce, easier to store (being smaller) and more profitable. If you’re having a bouquet made up however, they are a poor shadow of their Hybrid T counterparts.

    So, call me old fashioned if you like, but I still go for the Hybrid T every time.

    NB nice to have a chat about flowers for a change hehe.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    No matter what happens, the usual, generally disgusting, debate reappears.

    Makes the most troubling tributes to Kennedy by people like Baroness Williams and Menzies Campbell sound acceptable.

  • jake

    According to Fred, ” Apparently the rose was not warn to show SNP allegiance to Scotland but to honour a Fascist sympathiser who wanted Germany to win the war and was indifferent to the bombing of Londoners who’s sons were giving their lives to prevent what happened to the Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals of Europe happening to the Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals of Scotland.”

    And yet The White Rose was actually an anti-fascist, anti-Hitler resistance organisation in 1940’s Germany.

    The motto of the White Rose Resistance:

    “We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace! ”


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