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We do not have a parliamentary system which can hold a government with an absolute majority to account, even when that government only gained 37% of the vote. This is a salutary video for all of us, but particularly my fellow SNP members who think that being on House of Commons committees will make a big difference. Watch it from 16.32.30 where Paul Flynn starts to explore the links between Liam Fox, Adam Werritty and Matthew Gould. As he threatens to uncover hidden truths, he is shouted down by Tory MP Robert Halfon and forbidden from speaking by Tory committee chair Bernard Jenkin.

The Tories will be even worse in this parliament.

Halfon has today been promoted to Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party and given a seat in the Cabinet. He is a really nasty piece of work whose political career has been sponsored and financed by a very sinister figure named Poju Zabludowicz, who works closely with Mossad. It is appalling that Zabludowicz should be able to place his puppet into the centre of government, and shows yet again that money can buy power at Westminster, every time.

It is amusing that Cameron has been forced to put David Mundell into the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Scotland. Also interesting that in the present state of opinion Cameron was not able to put in a colonial governor from the Lords or an English constituency. But whatever else may be said in Mundell’s favour, nobody has ever described him as highly intelligent, I suspect not even his mum. So it will be interesting to see how he manages his extraordinarily sensitive brief.

Labour equally had no choice but Ian Murray – which means as a shadow cabinet member he will have to stop pretending he is opposed to Trident. As anti-Trident rhetoric was the thing that saved Murray (plus disgraceful media attacks on his SNP opponent), by forcing him to become pro-Trident Scottish Labour will make a strong bid to have no MPs at all.

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  • Luke

    As much as I hate FPTP, I can’t help pointing out that if all the Green voters in his constituency had voted tactically for the SNP, Mundell wouldn’t be an MP and Scotland would – in a Westminster sense – be Tory-free.

  • Robert Crawford


    Stephen Paton Left:Scotland is a good watch listen to-day.

  • fedup

    See how far down the shitter have the UK politics slipped;

    Alan Sugar resigns from Labour party over ‘shift to left’

    Lord Sugar resigns from Labour party in disgust at anti-business policies

    Evidently now that Hitler is a rabid left wing do gooder cuz he had a socialist label in his titles. The shift to the right is so much so that any possible discourse about social responsibility/obligations of the government is no longer even so much as entertained, let alone god forbid debated.

    That is amidst the fake promises of the lying sons of the bitches even failing to keep a personal promise.

    Nigel Farage to stay on as Ukip leader after party rejects resignation

    If a flee market trader traded on these terms the trading standards would be all over him for breach of contract and contravention of sales act.

  • Becky Cohen

    Did anyone else see Nicola Sturgeon looking a bit like Margaret Thatcher in her pussy bow blouse on Andrew Marr the other day? Hmmm…be careful what you wish for as it may come true;)

  • vronsky

    Something horribly counter-cultural there. The extravagant opening formalities sound (to a coarse Scot like me) like chat-up lines on a gay contact site. If you begin with such a pastiche of sincerity, how can you credibly continue?

  • Republicofscotland

    I think you’ll find Mundells remit is to spy,spy spy,report report report.

    Meanwhile London Labour in Scotland has met at their Bath street headquarters in Glasgow,and from what I can gather from news reports,the Labour MSP’s gave Jim Murphy their backing,to remain as leader.

    “Always forgive your enemies,nothing annoys them so much.”

    Oscar Wilde.

  • John Goss

    Yes I remember the Halfon incident with Paul Flynn, who subsequently had to apologise because his leader, Ed Miliband was also a big friend of Israel, and when you are a political friend of Israel you can forget about doing the proper thing.

  • Republicofscotland

    Regarding the Tory cuts if you thought Esther McVey was bad,wait till Priti Patel gets into full swing.

    Between her and Ian Duncan Smith,you haven’t seen anything yet.

    Calums List will expand exponentially.

  • Republicofscotland

    Craig re Ian Murray,wasn’t it Neil Hay’s (SNP) stupid gaffs posing as Paco McSheeple on Twitter that cost him his MP’s seat,rather than Ian Murray professing to be anti-Trident.

    Even though Neil Hay damaged his chances,he received 16,656 votes.

    Whilst Ian Murray won on 19,293 votes.

    Hay could’ve won Edinburgh South if his Twitter account under Pac McSheeple hadn’t been outed,the voters punished him for his stupidity.

  • Republicofscotland

    “As much as I hate FPTP, I can’t help pointing out that if all the Green voters in his constituency had voted tactically for the SNP, Mundell wouldn’t be an MP and Scotland would – in a Westminster sense – be Tory-free.”

    Luke,it was a close run thing in Mundells constituency Mundell won on 20,759 votes.

    Whilst the SNP candidate Emma Harper received 19,961 votes.

    Scotland could’ve been Tory free,if 798 folk had voted SNP.

    798 votes to be Tory free……oh well.

  • Mary

    Should the son of a peer of the realm, Lord Patrick Jenkin, a minister in the Thatcher government between 1976 and 1985, be above this sort of thing?

    ‘Expenses claims
    Main article: United Kingdom Parliamentary expenses scandal

    In May 2009 (Bernard) Jenkin was reported by the Daily Telegraph to have used £50,000 in expenses in order to pay his sister-in-law rent on the property he uses as his constituency home. Jenkin claimed that he was just paying “an honest and reasonable rent” for the property.[8]

    On 27 October 2009 it was initially recommended that Bernard Jenkin pay back £63,250 by expenses auditor Sir Thomas Legg. This is the highest amount known to have been recommended after an audit of MPs’ claims on second homes expenses. This amount was reduced to £36,250 following an appeal.’

    That was indeed a very successful appeal.

    Jenkin has had two shadow jobs, one under Howard and the other under IDS.

  • RobG

    Off topic, but also sort of on topic…

    ‘Fifth Dead Whale In 3 Weeks Washes Ashore NorCal Beach’

    I could post zillions of similar links here from the last three years, all of which show that the Pacific Ocean is on its last legs.

    I wonder why?

    And I wonder why people in the UK don’t think that the death of the largest biosphere on the planet won’t effect them?

  • lysias

    BBC will never mention that Zionist groups help formulate Tory foreign and domestic policy

    Labour too. I happened to attend a cocktail party in honor of a visiting (Labour) MP at the British embassy in D.C. during the time Gordon Brown was PM. As the party was about to break up, I overheard the British Ambassador discuss with the MP how they would both now have to go to attend the AIPAC meeting which was just then taking place.

  • Clydebuilt

    Craig didn’t Tory voters save Ian Murray’s skin. …….. The last Labour MP owns his survival to Tory voters …….

  • Ba'al Zevul

    You don’t seem to have mentioned this, Craig:

    (context explained in link)

    Witness: William Shawcross CVO, Government’s preferred candidate, gave evidence.

    Q124 Chair: May I welcome our witness to this preappointment hearing for the Chair of the Charity Commission. Please could you start by identifying yourself for the record?

    William Shawcross: I am William Shawcross.

    Chair: One or two of us have to put some interests on the record, however peripheral they may be. You are a Director and Trustee of the Henry Jackson Society. The Henry Jackson Society provides the Secretariat for the All- Party Parliamentary Group on Homeland Security, of which I am Chairman. I also published a pamphlet in co-operation with the Henry Jackson Society a couple of years ago. Are there any other interests to declare?1

    Robert Halfon: I should declare that I was a founding patron of the Henry Jackson Society when it was first set up and I am fairly involved with the organisation.

    Paul Flynn: I think perhaps I had better say that the Henry Jackson Society organised a meeting at which I was a prime speaker, to my astonishment.

    Robert Halfon: To my astonishment too.

    Aside, I imagine Flynn would have a less interesting life without Halfon. They seem to be condemmed to each other’s presence on committees.

  • Mary

    Shapps demoted from party chairman to minister in DfID under Greening.

    Feldman replaces him. A party donor, fundraiser and a close friend of Cameron. They even play tennis just like Blair and Levy.

    Feldman was on Deripaska’s yacht with Osborne, Nat Rothschild and Mandelson. Supposedly fascinated by the idea of a £70m yacht. Really?,_Baron_Feldman_of_Elstree

    Lord Feldman: ‘I was fascinated by £70m yacht’
    Lord Feldman yesterday said he accepted an invitation to meet a Russian oligarch out of “human weakness” because he wanted to see his £70 million yacht

    Register of Interests UK Parliament HoL page

    1: Directorships
    Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party and Chairman of the Party Board
    Director, Jayroma (London) Limited (clothing manufacturing business)
    Director, Conservative Party Foundation Limited (endowment fund)
    Director, C & UCO Properties Limited (property holding company)
    Director, C & UCO Management Limited
    Director, C & UCO Services Limited
    The latter three are Conservative and Unionist Party companies.

    4: Shareholdings (a)
    Jayroma (London) Limited (clothing manufacturing business)

    5: Land and property
    Residential Property in London

    8: Gifts, benefits and hospitality
    Honorary membership of Carlton Club, given by Carlton Club (London) Limited, St James’s Street, London SW1


    Director Overview Andrew Feldman holds 5 appointments at 4 active companies, has resigned from 6 companies and held 0 appointments at 0 dissolved companies. Andrew began his first appointment at the age of 25. His longest current appointment spans 23 years and 6 months at JAYROMA (LONDON) LIMITED. The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Andrew holds a current appointment equals £4,136,811, with a combined total current assets value of £26,373,006 and total current liabilities of £9,733,760. Roles associated with Andrew Feldman within the recorded businesses include: Director, Company Secretary

    Read more at:

  • nevermind

    Thanks for the link to the footage, Phil, looks exactly like another of the Mets ‘getting to know the new PM#, sound of tongue’s probing his backside, showing off what they can do, his obedient political Dredds.

    Excellent, we all know this and will act appropriately.

    Robert Half on half off is the new ‘internet/twitter/FB csar, watch him move, would not put it past him if he’d try to shut progressive sites down.

  • Mark Golding

    Good work Mary – thanks – just to add:

    Mr Zabludowicz a Finnish-born property developer whose Israeli-based father built a fortune from the defence industry, once owned a mansion on a north London street dubbed “Billionaires’ Row” – Zabludowicz backed the agent Cameron leadership (<£600,000) to the Conservative Party.

    The property was a venue for secret talks between Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2011.

    Mr Zabludowicz funded travelling and the lavish lifestyle of former Defence Secretary Liam Fox and adviser Adam Werritty.

    Zabludowicz funded a chip & pin company whose technological guru gained insight from the confidential magnetic strip credit card encryption algorithm used by a London based British/Israeli embossing and encoding company.

  • Jemand

    37% ?? Congratulations to all those non-voters who elected a majority Tory government. Your strategy of boycotting the political system worked perfectly to shake things up and bring about ‘real’ change. Russell Brand must be just now recovering from his champagne-induced hangover.

  • jay

    The SNP were sentient facilitators of Cameron’s victory, you could not make it up…
    My analysis

  • bevin

    You are presuming, firstly that the 37% who did not vote would have voted for parties other than the Tories and secondly that such parties would have pursued policies other than those the Tories will pursue.
    The first proposition is dubious and the second difficult to sustain in view of the fact that the parties which came closest to the Tory vote total, Labour, the Lib Dems and UKIP all seem to have been committed to pretty well the same programme as Cameron’s.
    What those 37% certainly did was to chip away at the legitimacy of the mandate for mayhem that these people claim and to remind us that, in real terms, there wasn’t an option that any decent person could, in good conscience choose. (With the possible exceptions of Green, Respect and other local candidates.)
    As the wise old lady said voting only encourages them.

  • JimmyGiro

    @ Bevin

    Traditionalists know what they are voting for, they would not have been swayed by Brand in any way shape or form.

    Young minds, reared by the relativism of left-wing State education, are apt to move with the fashions of the hour; which for many of them, is embodied by the likes of Brand.

    Therefore, Jemand is right.

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