The Embargo on the Truth About the Iranian Arms Embargo 82

The corporate media in both the UK and US are attempting to portray the Iranian desire to have the arms embargo lifted, as a new and extraneous demand that could torpedo the nuclear deal. This is an entirely false portrayal.

The issue has been included in the talks since, quite literally, the very first Iranian position document. And there is a reason for that. It is absolutely part and parcel of the issue and in no way extraneous to it. If there were any real journalists employed by the corporate media, that is obvious right on the face of UN Security Council Resolution 1747 of 2007 which imposed the arms embargo. The sole and exclusive reason given for the arms embargo is Iran’s nuclear enrichment programme. And it specifically states that, once the nuclear proliferation issue is resolved, the embargo will be lifted.

Paragraph 13 reads:

(b) that it shall terminate the measures specified in paragraphs 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
and 12 of resolution 1737 (2006) as well as in paragraphs 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 above as
soon as it determines, following receipt of the report referred to in paragraph 12
above, that Iran has fully complied with its obligations under the relevant
resolutions of the Security Council and met the requirements of the IAEA Board of
Governors, as confirmed by the IAEA Board;

It is the United States, not Iran, which is introducing extraneous factors, banging on about Yemen, Iran and Hezbollah, which are nowhere mentioned in the Security Council Resolutions.

The way this is being reported in the media is the exact opposite of the truth. The United States is attempting to welch on a deal which was not only open, but forms the very text of the security council resolution. None of the BBC’s highly paid analysts, reporters, or guest commenters is capable of noting this basic fact.

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82 thoughts on “The Embargo on the Truth About the Iranian Arms Embargo

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  • Harmany

    Hey CM for your dedication to the truth, I have an idea for you that will make you the next internet billionaire! With you gravitas and goodwill, a group of volunteer coders can come up with a mega site – an FB for dissenters, conspiracy theorists,truthers,whistleblowers and their supporters, if you will. Guaranteed 100 million subscribers in next to no time, that is the pent up demand for such a site WE ARE SICK OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. And we can see FB trying to satisfy this demand for the truth, but it will be zuckerberg truth once again. Clark can be the project manager for the new social site !!

  • fedup

    Dave Lawton, thanks for the article, although there might be an inaccuracy in that article (heaven’s forbid) the ten milligram “plutonium” was in fact Lithium 6 that is needed for the Hydrogen bomb to do it’s stuff. The fact that British government was helping zionistan to build it’s hydrogen bomb (this is far worse than the atom bomb, and does more damage over a wider area) cannot be in any doubt.

    However as we all know, there is the “ambiguity” policy, just like the antagonistic little boy who has peed on the kitchen floor and is blaming the poor Labrador for the mess on the floor!


    Clark Fukushima was doomed from the word go, the reactor housing of one of the reactors (the big metal casting that holds the whole caboodle in) was cracked from the go, and it was kept quiet because the suppliers (Hitachi et al) would have been suffering great financial losses and ruin.

    However, to invoke the “global financial collapse” as a precursor for the reactors to go belly up is a bit of a hysterical analysis, worthy of the “Green/etc. misanthropists” who are too busy with their misanthropy and in particular their misandry, wishing human beings would dies off and leave the planet to “beautiful polar bears”, Pandas, etc!

    As poor James Lovelock (the father of the Gaia theory) found whilst he was signing from the same hymn sheet; “nuclear power bad” he was chairman of many committees and every sock puppet in the oligarch owned media was trying to quote him, and kept ringing him. Soon as poor James decide that; boy nuclear power is far better than the current fuel alternatives, he was pilloried, kicked off the committees, and the oligarch owned media sock puppets stopped dialing his number.

    Simple fact is, instead of banning the industry, there should be a demand for much more oversight and transparency of the industry with goals of improvement on the power production and methods of decommissioning the old reactors. Simply pout shoving the genie back into the bottle is a futile attempt!

    Agree on Iran nuclear issue, the Iranians are using power production, as yet another means of exporting energy to their neighboring countries, they are already supplying electricity to few of their neighbors and are busy building up greater capacities of electricity export. Hence the introduction of nuclear power generation.

  • Graham

    What value do we give the claims that the US are going hard on Iran because the Saudis have told them that if Iran goes nuclear, they will too? The US need to keep demonising Iran because they won’t forgive the embassy siege and the loss of economic control until the people and their ideals have been defeated, but I’d certainly be more worried about a Wahhabist with a nuclear weapon and I’m sure Washington is too, even though they’d never say so in public.

  • fedup

    I’d certainly be more worried about a Wahhabist with a nuclear weapon and I’m sure Washington is too, even though they’d never say so in public.

    A- Saudi can only buy a bomb, as they are not capable of manufacturing nails, and needles, never mind sophisticated multi part equipment, involving cutting edge science. Who is going to sell them the Nuke?

    B- The al Saud are pretty good vassals/foremen/charge hand/roust about, and would do as their excellent and most benevolent Uncle Sam tells them to, without so much as a hint of complaint.

  • giyane


    “I’d certainly be more worried about a Wahhabist with a nuclear weapon and I’m sure Washington is too, even though they’d never say so in public.”

    There is not a hair’s difference between the takfiri fanatacism of the Saudis, the takfiri fanaticism of the Israelis or the takfiri fanaticism of the Shi’a. We still live in a world of argument and persuasion. The Saudis have been pouring money into Syria, but nobody wants their stupid ideas.

    I have nearly finished reading the Qur’an this Ramadhan, and came across a passage I had not seen before in which it is mentioned that if the Muslims had entered the Majid Al Haram when it was controlled by the polytheists they would inadvertedly become involved in fighting with Muslims who were living in Mecca and conealing their faith.

    Now Muslims are being encouraged by Saudi Takfirism and Muslim Brotherhood mercenary war mongering for USUKIS, not to mention many other parties, to kill other Muslims like flies.

    If they all got he bomb you might not have time to worry

  • John Goss

    Here’s more censorship of the real free press. The director of the news agency MIA (Russia Today) Dmitry Kiselyov has had his bank account closed by the shit bank Barclays.

    Barclays last year closed the bank account of Cage, and as far as I know it has not been reopened. So did the Co-op bank suggesting the government and secret services are behind the closure. Cage is a human rights’ advocacy group which has fought the cases of many innocent Muslims imprisoned or persecuted under the new British laws enacted since the so-called war on terror.

  • fred

    “The way this is being reported in the media is the exact opposite of the truth. The United States is attempting to welch on a deal which was not only open, but forms the very text of the security council resolution. None of the BBC’s highly paid analysts, reporters, or guest commenters is capable of noting this basic fact.”

    Nobody mentioning the fact that the SNP web site used to say this either:

    The SNP has a long-standing position of not voting on matters that only affect England. The Hunting Act is one such matter that purely affects England and Wales, and so SNP MPs would not vote on this issue.

  • OldMark

    Excellent post from Craig, and interesting comments following from Clark & Daniel.

    Meanwhile, just silence and rolling tumbleweed from the regulars on this site whose usual role is to toe the mainstream line.

  • John Goss

    It may be remembered that when the CIA was trying to get its hands on Julian Assange to bang him away for eternity Paypal would not permit donations to Wikileaks. That is the world we live in. Money is God. Bankers are its prophets.

    I sense the bankers are worried about the emergence of BRICS as a ‘complement’ to the IMF, World Bank and European Bank. The meeting of countries from BRICS in Ufa was ignored by our media.

  • KingOfWelshNoir

    Ah yes, the mainstream media.

    It’s amazing how a potentially seismic event took place in Ufa last week and was almost entirely unreported by the western press. This from the Asia Times:

    Leaders of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are meeting this week in Ufa, Russia. Already, the group can count two successes, its largest initiatives to date.
    It launched the BRICS New Development Bank, which has taken three years of negotiations to bring to fruition. With about $50 billion in starting capital, the bank is expected to start issuing debt to fund infrastructure projects next year. They also launched a foreign-exchange currency fund of $100 billion.
    The two new endeavors are statements that the five largest emerging markets are both looking out for each other and, simultaneously, moving away from the western financing institutions of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    The Washington Times is worried that the USA has conceded too much to Iran.

    The Washington Times is owned by Sun Myung Moon…founder of the Moonies. On the principle of first checking your sources, here’s a start:


    In a 2008 essay published in Harper’s Magazine, historian Thomas Frank linked the Times to the modern American conservative movement, saying:

    There is even a daily newspaper—the Washington Times—published strictly for the movement’s benefit, a propaganda sheet whose distortions are so obvious and so alien that it puts one in mind of those official party organs one encounters when traveling in authoritarian countries.[53]

    In 2009 The New York Times reported:

    With its conservative editorial bent, the paper also became a crucial training ground for many rising conservative journalists and a must-read for those in the movement. A veritable who’s who of conservatives—Tony Blankley, Frank J. Gaffney Jr., Larry Kudlow, John Podhoretz and Tony Snow—has churned out copy for its pages.[34]

    So it would be worried, wouldn’t it?

  • fred

    “Possibly because it’s nothing to do with Iran?”

    A lot to do with lying hypocrites who rewrite history though.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Something else the Israelis would rather wasn’t widely remebered (Feb 2014):

    One day after senior Israeli government officials raised eyebrows at an international conference by remaining in the room when Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif took the stage to speak, Zarif told a German television interviewer that Tehran could restore diplomatic relations with Israel in the event of a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. “Once the Palestinian problem is solved the conditions for an Iranian recognition of Israel will be possible,” Zarif said in the interview Monday.

  • nevermind

    Thanks for this very important issue, we are now in the third decade of US teasing of Iranm, they are almost tickled pink.

    Iran is surrounded by conventional forces and nuclear weapons and countries harboring them, still they do not want to develop these weapons, but want to harness nuclear power for a more sustainable economics.

    From the moment the Shah was disposed the US lost influence and control over Irans affairs. Since that day they tried and failed to oust the existing powers, elected by a fair democratic vote.

    It was the CIA that tried to smudge Irans Government by delivering the blueprint via a double agent to their embassy doorstep in Vienna. I believe it was in 2000.

    The USA has never stopped trying to control fossil fuels, its large multinationals call the shots, its them who pursue the new resources underneath the arctic ice, who already are contemplating to rattle Russia’s claims. Now they want to create as many divisions as possible to weaken and bamboozle Russia.

    I expect that the BRIC countries will develop a new international currency, backed up by a gold standard. Their foreign dollar holdings will be sacrificed in order to advance their own currency and that is what the US fears, a monetary standard that is not controlled by their institutions and banks.

    The continuous delays in signing this treaty, Bibi’s sniping behind Obamas back, the use of an ISIS construct to get at Assad and Iran, all signs of the same division. To rule over the last fossil fuels in the world and prevent the installment of benign sustainable CSP in the ME is their goal and that of the companies behind them pulling their strings.

  • YouKnowMyName

    @John Goss 13 Jul, 2015 – 11:26 pm: You’re just describing the “Google Bubble” effect, the Google servers try and work-out which news you’d like, what slant you’d like on it, then present it to you – with advertising. As you John, have some particularly “accurate world views” there might be some subtle programming in the Google (artificial intelligence) machine learning systems to lead you up a search-engine garden path, or dump you in a maze of twisty news passages, all alike, in-order to correct your warped view of things.

    It’s not like a few years ago (~10?) when Google would reliably give you exactly the page that you seek, now you have to fight for this!

    One way, is to use TAILS Live CD as an operating system, with *everything* going over TOR. there’ll be little actual anonymity, but you might begin to see some neutral untainted unbiased search results, especially as your TOR exit will randomly change over time, so you’ll eventually have different results delivered to you In USA, a Google search for the single word “Guns”, allegedly only brings up the NRA if Google think you might enjoy that, otherwise its, as the top hit!

    Now, try searching for ANYTHING about Persia or Iran, and getting reliable, accurate, timely information – without using TAILS & TOR to escape whatever particular individual/societal bubble that we might be trapped inside. . .

    who’s “fault” is this? this might not even be the Deny/Degrade/Disrupt/Deceive/Destroy propaganda brigades – it could just be the 2015 search engines trying to maximise revenue & keep the world happy, ignoring the complicated stuff. . .

    I was coming to the conclusion that I need a £25 Raspberry Pi small Linux PC to handle email [without compromising the main browsing PC via one of the increasing attack phishing links]; looks like I need a second £25 Raspberry Pi small PC running TAILS over TOR to get neutral search results. I then need the ‘main’ WWW browsing PC. Looks like a good university project for someone to take the user internet experience back a decade, an IMPROVEMENT in terms of useability & trust, by running a minimum of three small separate function computers to avoid/mitigate the myriad developing threats

  • Ba'al Zevul

    YKMN – Genuine question: wouldn’t any proxy server be as good? You could then use your system of choice (Linux being most configurable) and save yourself a small Pi – le.

  • fedup

    Netanyahu can only be described as a fuckpig of the first water

    Kindly don’t be so fucking rude and unkind to Fuckpigs! The cretinous wanker you are referring to, is the lowest of the low in fact there is a new dictionary word for it; nat’an’yahoo.

    The total disarray in the zionist supremacists ranks, to witness the prospects of a country moving ahead, and leaving behind the rest of the stick in the muds, and the benefit cheats, lazy thieves and land grabbers, as reflected in the vitriol getting dished out towards Iran.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Kindly don’t be so fucking rude and unkind to Fuckpigs…

    I of course apologise profusely to any Fuckpigs I may have offended by my thoughtless use of their title. Upon reflection I now realise that they are upright and honourable pigs compared to Bibi. Sorry.

  • Juteman

    I never realised that Fred was part of the ‘Tally Ho’ set.
    That explains a lot.

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