Proof Positive that David Cameron, the BBC, Guardian, New Statesman and Entire Establishment are Peddling Blatant Untruths in the Kuenssberg Affair 232

Here are all the comments on the scrapped Kuenssberg petition. You know, the petition David Cameron condemned in the House of Commons today because it was accompanied by a storm of sexist abuse? Well, here are the comments in their entirety and out of 35,000 people who signed, there is virtually nobody whose comment can be seen as remotely sexist. See for yourselves. Can you spot the one sexist comment I found?

The comments show the petition was overwhelmingly signed by decent, concerned people who were sometimes quite eloquent. Also that the petition supporters are gender balanced and several specifically identify as feminists, and as supporters of the BBC. But neither Cameron, the Guardian and mainstream media nor 38 Degrees itself has any qualm about writing off all these decent citizens as a misogynist rabble.

The data link was left by a commenter on this site – I strongly suspect a mole within 38 Degrees has got it out. It is absolute proof that the politicians and mainstream media journalists have been pushing a plain lie about the nature of the campaign, and that 38 Degrees have colluded.

David Babbs of 38 Degrees appears to be setting new standards for lying. Now that the comments are public, he has changed his story and told Media Lens the abuse was not on the petition, it was on connected social media. I have repeatedly asked 38 Degrees for the evidence of abuse, but they absolutely refuse to show it. We have had five people searching all day. So far we have one single tweet, which was nasty – it called Laura K by a expletive reserved for women. And it did refer to the petition. But it was sent by a young man, 90% of whose comments referred to football and 100% of whose tweets used similar expletives. I unreservedly condemn what he did, but he was hardly a supporter of Corbyn or member of Momentum, as all the media are telling us. So far that is it – one young idiot – we have found nothing else.

But even if there are more nasty examples of abuse, that is not the fault of the 35,000 good people who signed the petition. And there is a disconnect between two establishment narratives, both unproven. One is that Kuenssberg has been a victim of terrible misogynist abuse since appointment. The other is that the abuse was caused by the petition. I utterly condemn any such abuse, but it does not negate the genuine concerns of the petitioners. Regular readers know I myself receive constant abuse, somethimes death threats. It does not mean I am not frequently in the wrong!

Now the lies have been thoroughly exploded. Of course the fact Cameron has been involved in peddling the lie may now be leading to some creative design, backdating and history creation in assorted Government establishments.

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232 thoughts on “Proof Positive that David Cameron, the BBC, Guardian, New Statesman and Entire Establishment are Peddling Blatant Untruths in the Kuenssberg Affair

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  • glubit

    I put up a link to this blog (and also one to the Barbra Streisand page) on the Guardian. It was very popular, with well over 100 likes. It appears to have vanished, along with the surrounding discussion. Obviously we are not allowed to talk about this. I don’t know about you, but I find this profoundly disturbing.

    • Enema of the State

      yep, I’ve found the Guardian taking some of my very reasonable point across that are not at all defamatory or offensive and I’ve sent emails and letters to them to take on a story of the Harrogate Borough Council, the police and judiciary in North Yorkshire protecting a wealthy property development family who have been abusing and defrauding me for a decade Plus, but no response – they didn’t want to know, even though the evidence I have of bias by the Establishment and collusion with these nasty greedy people ( the man being a retired North Yorks County Councillor for six years), was overwhelming – I am in my late Forties now and am beginning to understand just how biased and censored the mainstream media are.

  • Mark

    Its took me a day but I’ve worked my way through the data link; sad to say there are some sexist comments; LK being called a witch (2 instances) and the suggestion she’s having a thing with, or has had a thing with, Cameron, which is about 5 comments in. But these are very clearly a minority. I fail to see why a new petition cannot be started on Change requesting the editorial content at the BBC be examined, concerning all political journalists and not just LK, therefore not making her such a target, and with a note that all offensive remarks will not be tolerated.

  • Paul Taylor

    That link will expire soon, as Google will update their cache. Best to make a copy of the comments asap.

  • lysias

    Electronic Intifada has a piece on how the Blairites are trying to pack Labour’s National Executive Council.

  • nick

    How do I start a petition (38 degrees, perhaps) to get Mr Babbs sacked for perverting free speech and online activism. The point of 38 degrees.

  • Janet Barrow

    How did anyone not think to question the authenticity of a political party who have given to lying as there manifesto.. That they are putting the bias in the BBC, with the soul intention of selling it into the private sector..! Of course it is cleverly timed to disrupt the publics response, leaving it too late for recourse…

  • John

    I (and probably thousands of others) don’t know what misogynist means. Do people use these big words, instead of plain English, to show how clever they are or to turn one against another? Judging from my own experience of watching Keunsberg, she is definitely and blatantly biased in favour of Cameroon’s crowd.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Misogyny means hatred of the female sex. Since you are able to post the question on here, presumably you are able to use Google? It’s a very useful word and I can’t really think of a “simpler” equivalent (woman-hate, perhaps.)

      • lysias

        A lot of the coverage of the recent flap seems to be using the word “sexist” instead.

        • John Spencer-Davis

          Well, both are a load of rubbish, naturally, but “misogyny” is a lot stronger word than “sexist” in my opinion, and also it is gender-specific, which “sexist” need not be.

    • lysias

      If you know Greek, the meaning of “misogynist” is obvious. I suspect a good many people who use the word do not stop to think how few people study Greek these days.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        I doubt that. I know and use the word without having the slightest idea of its provenance, never having studied Greek. Probably most people who know and use the word don’t know where it comes from either, and don’t care very much.

      • Geoff Hartwright

        I use the word, and couldn’t care less how many people study Greek nowadays! I suspect that I have this in common with 99.999% of the people who use the word.

  • Elsdon Ward

    This appears to be the action of a government. bent upon regulating / restricting honest and just opinion and free speech –

    It is plain evidence of increasing state control of mass media seeking to control the whole of society by imposing a form of government in which the political authority is trying to exercise absolute and centralized control.

    We should not let this tactic pass without resisting it. We cannot let the government succeed in becoming a totalitarian one. We simply demand and fight to maintain an unbiased and just BBC

  • Stephen Kennedy

    I went on Ms Kuennsbergs twitter feed & found no sexist/misogynistic comments – worst comment i found was ‘tory gurner’.

  • Ros Curwood

    That was a useful list. I found only two personally disparaging remarks, one calling Ms Keunssberg a Scottish cow and the other calling her a witch. Considering the level of insult that most people posting comment endure after about six posts in a string, I think she has got off very lightly. I am encouraged at the number of people who simply express outrage at biassed reportage against someone with whom they do not even agree. Good for Brits…..sad about the coterie that run the BEEB though…..what a sad day when the BEEB becomes a propoganda machine after the heady heights of reputation reporters used to bring. I watch Channel 4 now for news, BBC news to find out what they leave out. It gives an interesting perspective on what the Establishment hope to get away with.

  • Malcolm Harrison

    So if anyone needs to stamp on a petition all you need is someone to put a non pc on it then presto 35, 000 signers are deleted

  • Mike R Godwin

    Disgraceful – Ms Kuenssberg is obviously biased against Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, in breach of the BBC’s constitutional requirement of impartiality.

  • Teifion Jenkins

    I will not be supporting 38 degrees on any issue until David Babbs comes up with a more convincing version of events relating to this deeply suspicious row back.

  • d

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