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If you hate the corruption of FIFA and the commercialisation of football, hate the US air base on Diego Garcia, and are ashamed of the British forced deportation of the entire Chagos Islands population to make way for the base, you have an ideal opportunity to do a little good in the world by supporting the appeal to finance the Chagos football team to participate in the Conifa World Cup.

chagos team

This blog makes a point of never asking for money or taking advertising, yet has asked for donations for good causes twice in a fortnight. I apologise but I love this idea, both for the spirit of football and to support the islanders in affirming their right to be considered a nation and to return to their homeland. I have carefully checked it out and this football team – based in Croydon – really does consist of the Chagos community, and it is important to them in helping the young people preserve their identity.

Donate via this page using the “Sport Fund” option. Alternatively you can donate to the UK Chagos Support Group here.

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16 thoughts on “Support Diego Garcia Football

  • BrianFujisan

    Craig You are costing Me a Fortune… Yir Book..bbC thingy…. But i Love my Football… And the Only Dude to match My skill was
    actually my effin Brother in Law

    i was switching between the voting results….Hebridean music.. And sad deaths of Footballers in action on youtube

    I shall contribute to this one too…. Cheers

  • Node

    OK Brian, if you’re in, I’m in. I’m pretty broke at the moment but as it happens, somebody just bought something off my website today for £6 so I’ll pass it on to the Chagos team. Actually, it’s cheap at the price to get an instant interest in a world football championship.


    • Node

      You have to set a slider to the amount you want to donate. It was pretty tricky setting it to £6 ….. took great hand-eye coordination …. wonder if they need a goalie ….?

    • Node

      On 06/05/16 10:28, [email protected] wrote:
      > Thank you for your support! Warm regards, CRG UK

      Hi CRG,

      You are welcome, it wasn’t much but it’s all I can afford at the moment.

      I responded to an appeal on Craig Murray’s blog. He has been a big supporter of yours for years and often publicises the injustice your people suffered. Hopefully you will get a few more donations today. You should check out this page :

      • Node

        Email reply from CRG :

        Thank you very nice article But just a small correction the team are based in Crawley not in Croydon

    • BrianFujisan

      Well done Node

      Do you sell odds n bobs on Ebay ?

      I see what you mean about slide bar Lol.. A goalie.. One of my joys was Scoring from Long range Free kicks..the wall always helped..And the Envious types kept saying it was Toe-Benders 🙂

      • Node

        I make stuff in my workshop and sell it from my own website. Quite unusual stuff, so I’m Google-able, so forgive me if I don’t go into detail.

        I always reckoned I’d be a good goalie if it wasn’t for my bandy legs 🙁

  • Clark

    CONIFA (The CONfederation of Independent Football Associations) is a federation of football associations established in 2013. It is made up of teams that represent nations, dependencies, unrecognized states, minorities, stateless peoples, regions, and micronations not affiliated to FIFA

    What an excellent idea.

  • nevermind

    I’d love to donate 10,- but my computer is warning me that my information is not safe to be left, nothing to do with the site, but something that ocurred this morning.

    Time for me to get an encrypted operating system.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

      Despite the lucrative nature of exploiting the oil tar sands around Ft. McMurray, I cannot understand how the authorities allowed the process which just made the whole landscape a fire trap.

      I don’t claim to have known about the increasingly dangerous conditions, but anyone living there must have suspected that they were just allowing a massive fire trap to be created everywhere.

      And the city is not going to be restored because there is essentially nothing left to work with.

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