How the News Agenda is Set 298

David Cameron gets heckled every day of his life. The media never bother to report the names of the hecklers or the gist of what they say.

Yet a single heckler shouts at Jeremy Corbyn at Gay Pride, and not only is that front page news in the Guardian, it is on BBC, ITN and Sky News.

What makes a single individual heckling a politician newsworthy? There are dozens such examples every single day that are not newsworthy.

The answer is simple. Normally the hecklers are promoting an anti-establishment view, so it does not get reported. Whereas this heckler was promoting the number one priority of the establishment and mainstream media, to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. So this heckler, uniquely, is front page news and his words are repeated at great length in the Guardian and throughout the broadcast media.

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The impression is deliberately given that he reflects general disgust from young people, and particularly gay young people, at Corbyn over the EU referendum. The very enthusiastic reception for Corbyn at Gay Pride is not reported.

Nor is the fact that the incident was not a chance one. The “heckler” is Tom Mauchline, a PR professional for PR firm Portland Communications, a dedicated Blairite (he describes himself as Gouldian) formerly working on the Liz Kendall leadership campaign. Portland Communications’ “strategic counsel” is Alastair Campbell.

So far from representing a popular mood, Mauchlyne was this morning on twitter urging people to sign a 38 Degrees petition supporting the no confidence motion against Corbyn. Ten hours later that petition has gained 65 signatures, compared to 120,000 for a petition supporting Corbyn. Mauchline formerly worked for 38 Degrees, unsurprising given their disgraceful behaviour over the Kuenssberg petition. I am waiting for the circle to be squared and Kuenssberg to report on the significance of Mauchline’s lone heckle.

I find it incredible that the mainstream media are all carrying this faked incident while not one single mainstream journalist has reported who Mauchline really is.

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298 thoughts on “How the News Agenda is Set

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  • Andreas Hoberg

    and it also explains why JC didn’t want to talk to him, because JC most likely knew who he is.

    • michael norton

      It looks like as well as Le Pen
      Mr.Sarkozy is open to the notion that FRANCE can have their own Referendum.
      POLITICS Brexit sweeping the French presidential

      François Hollande has been found yesterday, receiving the heads of political parties, that the requirement of a referendum made its way beyond the National Front. Nicolas Sarkozy does not exclude addition to using such a procedure, the President refuses.

      It took only a few hours, time to return an overall stunning, for the Brexit sweeping the French presidential election. From 13 pm Friday, Hollande was speaking to call for a “surge” European. A start with blurred but who has had at least the merit to blow a strange optimism at the Elysee. Le Monde quoted a “close” the President explains that the head of state intends to “benefit from the historic shock for a historic rally. “And the same would have added:” No one disputes that the president is a great judoka. He will return this movement. ”
      Not for Marine Le Pen

      Bugger! The bosses of French political parties, Francois Hollande has consulted yesterday at the Elysee (before a debate Tuesday in the Assembly), were quick to shower this euphoria after the earthquake. As a start, they are more to be proposed to the President to act to greatly change the European rules. Leaves, for some, to call in France too, the weapon of the referendum.

      Francois Hollande said no, as expected, at the request by Marine Le Pen claims that it has long referendum. He also retoqué the proposed “alternative treaty for a Europe of nations and cooperation” presented by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Debout la République).

      Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Left Party) said he was “appalled” by his interview denouncing “agitation and crafts.” Marine Le Pen went further: “It will take into account any signals yet launched since already many years. ”
      Referendum: Sarkozy opened

      But through the door or through the window, the referendum theme returns, creeps and is poised to move into the presidential election. Nicolas Sarkozy, who demand a “strong initiative” for a “new European treaty” no longer excludes, to validate such a treaty, which France makes appeal to the people. He will say today in an interview with France 2 in the program “13 h 15 on Sunday.” It is necessary that “the peoples of Europe to understand that they have been heard,” argues the head of the Republicans. Bruno Le Maire and François Fillon, candidates for the primary right, vote also in favor of using the referendum to adopt a new European treaty.
      Macron erected dikes

      Embarrassment executive! The Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, who attended the hearings of the party leaders, said the presidential referendum will: “She will be the occasion of a great debate on the future of France in the Europe. That’s when citizens will vote, will choose what they want, in the light. This is all referenda, “said the minister. Emmanuel Macron is also mounted at the front, yesterday during a debate at Sciences Po on the future of Europe. He too does not exclude recourse to a referendum on a new treaty, but not to give the choice between the output or maintenance in the European Union. “Referendums when organized in the crash, never answer the question posed,” said Minister of Economy. He erected dykes, today very useful to Francois Hollande. Stand-in?
      ar Patrick FLUCKIGER

      Interesting surname

  • John Hargreaves

    Thursday will live in history as the day that we defied the European Empire and won, just as we did in 1940. That national spirit of defiance is alive and well after all !
    It’s a wonderful result and there are too many people and organisations to thank, but here are a few who need special mention:-

    1. Nigel Farage, who took the quaint and eccentric “Save the Pound” organisation, shook it up and made it into the organisation which put UK independence at the forefront of the fight for liberty.
    2. David Cameron. Yes, DC, who unlike every other weasel before him, actually promised a referendum and DELIVERED on that promise. He may have been forced into it and he may not have wanted it, but give the guy some credit….he delivered it.
    3. The internet, social media and alternative news, all of whom gave us a different perspective from the ones put forward by the British State Broadcasting Corporation, Sky Murdoch TV, The Times and The Guardian and all the other mouthpieces of the One World Government.

    What next? David Cameron has indicated he will resign, so that’s a good step forward. George Osborne should be next, followed by the utterly useless and incompetent Mark Carney at the Bank of England. These losers who campaigned so hard for the Empire need to pack their bags and push off now.
    If the Tories are looking for a replacement with ethics, motivation and a real grasp of ordinary citizens’ lives, they could do worse than choose David Davis MP as their new leader. Forget Boris…..he was always the Empire’s place-man..
    Now let’s set about making Britain great again.

    • michael norton

      David Davies

      brought up by a single mother in a council flat

      not like the two posh boys.

    • nevermind

      surprise nobody wheeled out a quote from Churchill yet, I suppose the old bugger was too pro a federalist Europe and we only deal with his death enticing quotes.

    • Derek

      Agreed. David Davis has always struck me as an honourable decent man. I liked the way he called a by-election over the principle of ID cards. Unfortunately he is probably too honourable and decent to be selected by the Tories.

      • Tony M

        Rubbish he’s a neo-liberal free-trader, devil take the hindmost, through and through. I’ll never forget within day or two of the death of Tony Benn how Davies was given an hour of radio 4 time to traduce the memory of the man he called a friend, most viciously, and spent most of that hour pounding a hard-right neoThatcherite line, as if tired ideas of the Tory right were new and the preceding 30 years had never happened, turned a dignified wake into a Tory PPB circa. 1983. Davies is far closer to Enoch Powell than to Tony Benn.

  • Shazam

    Wow! This really is telling -a blairite stooge being trumpeted as the voice of the people. Thanks for enlightening us craig. But what has happened to the bbc? It seem to be becoming an upmarket verdion of foxnewz.. Could it be because the beeb’s management positions are being filled with people from the murdoch stable?
    Was watching dateline london yesterday and they had david montgomerie included on the panel, spouting forth unashamed far right propaganda. What happened to the beebs so-called balance??

    • nevermind

      Hi shazam, the balance of the bbc has gone vertical, their top is emerged in the clouds whilst the bottom of it is sitting on the tip of a needle.

    • michael norton

      Nicola Sturgeon

      does not want anything to do with England, she might have a heart attack if England insists on the renewal of Trident -based in
      an Independent Socialist Scotland

  • Colin Glazebrook

    I saw that petition too, must have been quite a while after you as it had reached 73 votes. Think they’ve given up though, the petition isn’t there today.

  • Peter T Australia

    Well Corbyn has weapons of mass destruction hidden some where or so I have been told by American Intelligence and that friend of the British people Dick Cheney, apparently only the Blairites can save us and them implement genuine democracy and free trade,that what i heard, just sayin.

    • michael norton

      I fail to understand what the U.K. leaving the E.U.
      has got to do with the U.S.A.

      the whole point of having a referendum and the public decided for leave

      is to get back our country

      we have not taken that challenge, just to be instructed by another bully
      how to behave.

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