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3 thoughts on “Screenshot (51)

  • Fenella Roberts

    Very sad for Mr Corbyn. Yes he did his best. However we are not sheep we knew which way we wanted to vote. I voted Remain. I think the people in the party who want him to step down are using this very awful referendum to try and make their case for a leadership contest. We voted for Corbyn, we want Corbyn as our leader. When will they as my late father used to say ‘get it into their thick heads’ Enough is enough. The British people chose the result of the referendum with their own free will, nothing to do with politicians either right or left.

  • jenny sims

    Well a whole load of people will just leave the Labour party if they force Mr. Corbyn to step down. Didn’t the membership go up by four fold when Corbyn was elected as the Leader of the Labour Party??? I believe most of the decent folk of Britain are ready for change & the only one they can trust right now is Jeremy Corbyn after all he does speak the truth which is very rare in the political world…..