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David Cameron gets heckled every day of his life. The media never bother to report the names of the hecklers or the gist of what they say.

Yet a single heckler shouts at Jeremy Corbyn at Gay Pride, and not only is that front page news in the Guardian, it is on BBC, ITN and Sky News.

What makes a single individual heckling a politician newsworthy? There are dozens such examples every single day that are not newsworthy.

The answer is simple. Normally the hecklers are promoting an anti-establishment view, so it does not get reported. Whereas this heckler was promoting the number one priority of the establishment and mainstream media, to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. So this heckler, uniquely, is front page news and his words are repeated at great length in the Guardian and throughout the broadcast media.

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The impression is deliberately given that he reflects general disgust from young people, and particularly gay young people, at Corbyn over the EU referendum. The very enthusiastic reception for Corbyn at Gay Pride is not reported.

Nor is the fact that the incident was not a chance one. The “heckler” is Tom Mauchline, a PR professional for PR firm Portland Communications, a dedicated Blairite (he describes himself as Gouldian) formerly working on the Liz Kendall leadership campaign. Portland Communications’ “strategic counsel” is Alastair Campbell.

So far from representing a popular mood, Mauchlyne was this morning on twitter urging people to sign a 38 Degrees petition supporting the no confidence motion against Corbyn. Ten hours later that petition has gained 65 signatures, compared to 120,000 for a petition supporting Corbyn. Mauchline formerly worked for 38 Degrees, unsurprising given their disgraceful behaviour over the Kuenssberg petition. I am waiting for the circle to be squared and Kuenssberg to report on the significance of Mauchline’s lone heckle.

I find it incredible that the mainstream media are all carrying this faked incident while not one single mainstream journalist has reported who Mauchline really is.

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298 thoughts on “How the News Agenda is Set

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  • Loony

    I recall that many people (including the host of this blog) were of the opinion that the EU referendum was little more than a Tory leadership contest by proxy.

    Strange then that Corbyn is suddenly to blame for the people having delivered the “wrong verdict”

    With an election likely in the relatively near term together the mass rejection of Blairite policies surely the Labour Party is busily defenestrating itself with the express intention of making itself unelectable

    Surely the question is why might this be

    • Ultraviolet

      That’s easy.

      If Corbyn becomes PM, the Blairites’ political careers are finished. That wing of the party will be totally irrelevant.

      They have to either topple him or damage the party so badly he can’t win.

      Be in no doubt, these Blairites are actively working for a Tory overall majority in any snap election this year.

    • michael norton

      what an excellent word, I assumed it would involve a window.
      I’ve looked it up and it means to throw someone out of a window.

      Now I’ll have to try that word out myself, one day.

      • Steve Horsfield

        My understanding is that the 1618 event was actually a political stunt. The papal envoys landed safely on a pile of rubbish outside, because it was a political gesture. They weren’t actually meant to be hurt, merely insulted.

  • lysias

    From the Washington Post:

    “If Scotland wants to be a member of the European Union as an independent country, then they are welcome,” said Manfred Weber, the chair of the European Parliament’s center-right European People’s Party and an ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “But that’s up for them to decide. That shows that there are positive signals. Some people do want to be members of the European Union.”

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Oh dear, I don’t know what to say…who’s idea was it to have a Referendum…cos it seems to have split us apart..and its not just Friends on Facebook – unfriending each other – The REMAINERS are so upset, that some of them have seriously lost the plot – even in a Professional Capacity…

    My Wife and I were both embarrassed, so we had to leave the last venue early – and we recommended them…

    He was extremely drunk and not even funny

    None of these people normally do politics..and The REMAINERS are extremely ANGRY and still can’t Accept The DECISION – except by becoming parallytically drunk – whilst Trying to Sing On Stage…

    wtf was that all about?

    I know the band tomorrow are going to be Professional – well they always have been in the past – I never bothered asking their political views.

    I never turned up at work – DRUNK – except very occasionally in the afternoon – when The Management took me out for a drink at lunchtime…

    What has happened to us? Where have all the Standards Gone…?

    But on the plus side…I met a guy today who I used to work with over 10 years ago..and hadn’t seen for about 10 years…We just kind of flew into each others arms…Nice bloke.

    Now can you REMAINERS – Please Behave…

    If you are not better tomorrow, I might say something rude.


    • Manda

      “The REMAINERS are so upset, that some of them have seriously lost the plot – even in a Professional Capacity…”

      UK is not used to democracy and cannot cope with it.

    • Alcyone: End every Cliche

      One of your better posts and one of the few of relevance.

      You should consider your own standards too Tony, esp in public spaces, like this?

    • Mark Potter-Irwin

      SAD, obviously angry at the establishment, aren’t we all, but tragically misinformed. See how you feel in a years time. I recon …not so good. (signed , a survivor of the Scottish Referendum con) xx

  • Mulga Mumblebrain

    Being rid of Corbyn is a matter of hysterical importance to the denizens of the Guardian sewer. I think part of the significance is that the ruling Atlanticist elites intend to end this ‘Exit from the EU’ trend by the traditional means of war and jingoism. I would say that the odds of an attack on Syria (possibly part of the reason Jo Cox was chosen as the sacrificial lamb)are rapidly shortening, whereupon loyalty to the EU will be demanded on pain of being portrayed as ‘pro-Russian’ or some such crap. And Corbyn has to go for this to occur, and the scum at the Guardian and their ilk will stoop to any depths of depravity to achieve that. If it looks impossible, I would worry about Corbyn’s physical safety.

    • Ultraviolet

      Last night, the Guardian published about half a dozen separate articles, all from treacherous Blairite scum, all attacking Corbyn, and none open to comments. They are no mere media organisation, they are a highly active participant in this coup.

      Previously when I used the word coup, I just meant it in the metaphorical sense, but right now, this is looking like a more widely planned and supported subversion of democracy, to deny the people in a forthcoming election the right to vote for someone on the left of the political spectrum.

      • voodoomoo

        I awoke thus morning to find the Corbyn/Benn story had been open for comments for a short while during the night. Quickly closed no doubt when mods realised that 90% of comments were pro Corbyn. The recommends say it all.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain

          voodoomoo,the Blairite vermin (my apologies to rats and cockroaches) and the similar denizens of the Guardian ‘Cloaca Maxima’, hate Corbyn with the loathing of amoral opportunists for a man of principle, with the detestation of the treacherous for the man of steadfast loyalty and with the fear of the Quisling when the tide of war is turning. And a war, a one-sided class war of the parasite elite against humanity has been waged for at least forty years now, and the Blairites have been volunteer renegades fighting against humanity and for the class and moral enemy. God I hope Corbyn has the nerve and guts to rout them, now, once and forever.

      • D-Majestic

        My thoughts precisely, Uv. A probability I have seen for some time has come closer, with comments columns increasingly infested by neocon-supporting unknowns. Someone somewhere is financing treason, apparently.

  • Loony

    So some Scots think that the English have deprived them of their chance to remain in the munificent but otherwise benign EU. The obvious solution is to break up the UK and join the benign and munificent EU.

    Whilst England looks inward Scotland will survey the whole world.

    Prior to acting in haste perhaps it would be wise to survey that part of the world that is Turkey. The same Turkey that has abolished the concept of free press, abolished human rights and is very keen to join the EU.

    As all newspapers in Turkey are government controlled it is reasonable to assume that they publish articles approved by the government. Turkish newspaper Akit decided to run the non provocative lead headline “Crusader Union Falls Apart”

    Perhaps a strange choice of language given that Turkish EU accession talks are due to start on June 30th. Or perhaps not if Turkish negotiating strategy is simply to make demands and if those demands are not met then flood Europe with millions of refugees that it has so far neglected to shoot.

    I understand that Scotland has quite a lot of unused land – your European partners may have some suggestions as to how this land could be best used. Please do attempt to let us all know how integrating with people who think you are crusaders works out.

    England meanwhile could offer employment opportunities to a number of Mexicans who have recent experience in building large walls.

    • Alcyone: End every Cliche

      Maybe Scotland can twin with Saudi Arabia, reputedly one of their largest whisky customers?

      Scotland could also rapidly set up some arms and munitions manufacturing industriesand take advantage of this oh-what-a-lovely-war post 911 world we live in?

      Don’t hesitate to come back for more ideas should you need to: there are many ways to be whorin’ once you are free, oops , sorry ‘independent’.

    • Alcyone: The 'What Is' is Sacred!

      Manda, thank you very much for that. Very insightful!

      Now, I wonder what Pilger’s advice would be to the people of Scotland and Craig on wanting to be a part of this New “Eoropean Ideal”:

      “he most effective propagandists of the “European ideal” have not been the far right, but an insufferably patrician class for whom metropolitan London is the United Kingdom. Its leading members see themselves as liberal, enlightened, cultivated tribunes of the 21st century zeitgeist, even “cool”. What they really are is a bourgeoisie with insatiable consumerist tastes and ancient instincts of their own superiority. In their house paper, the Guardian, they have gloated, day after day, at those who would even consider the EU profoundly undemocratic, a source of social injustice and a virulent extremism known as “neoliberalism”.

      The aim of this extremism is to install a permanent, capitalist theocracy that ensures a two-thirds society, with the majority divided and indebted, managed by a corporate class, and a permanent working poor.”

      Craig really has some explaining to do of his dubious (and potentially self-serving) decision.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I always encouraged my staff – I gave them responsibility – delegated I guess – -to think about it and do the best job they could in their own way – and of course I was aware of when they occasionally made serious mistakes..

    But this was My Team – if anyone Fucked Up – I would occasionally slag them off to hell in a Private Room – no one else knew. It was a private thing – I would go through all the details..and well just explain…

    I Took Full Responsibility For My Team

    The Senior Management Never Knew The individual in my team who had fucked up…

    They just knew our Team had

    I just kind of said – its already sorted.

    I do not dump on my team – I get ’em into shape.

    That was the guy I met today…

    Nice Bloke

    He ended up My Boss – which is how it should be.

    Now I could LEAVE

    It took 3 years.


      • Alcyone: The 'What Is' is Sacred!

        Itsy, I do question the value of Tony’s autobiographical anecdotes being played out in slow-mo here.

        He might yet give us some more unnecessary details about coming on his wife’s stomach and what not. But, I respect you as a wise guy, and ask, is this the place for him to be compiling his biography?

    • Alcyone: End every Cliche

      There you go lapsing back to I, me, mine…

      You’re pretty lonely aren’t you Tony, despite your gorgeous wife, family and ex-girlfriends?

      Class is all about knowing that there is a time, and in your case, especially so, PLACE for everything. You went to the best schools in Lancashire?

  • DomesticExtremist

    Is it just me? I haven’t seen an article citing Jo Cox since late Thusday night.
    It’s as though she never existed, despite the fact that as late as Wednesday people were shedding their salty tears for her on Trafalar Square and at other locations worldwide and invoking her death in every op-ed trying to argue for Remain.

    She and her memory seem to have sunk witout trace just as quickly as they rose.

    We must concede that without her untimely murder, Leave would have won with an even larger margin.

    • Ben Monad

      “We must concede that without her untimely murder, Leave would have won with an even larger margin.”

      It does make one wonder. Timing is everything.

      • lysias

        An interview of an FBI informant revealed on Democracy Now! a few days ago revealed that MI5 was tracking Cox’s murderer as early as 2000.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain

      Yes, Domestic. Poor, war-mongering, ‘humanitarian intervention’ Jo was sacrificed for nought.

  • Becky Cohen

    Agree that Jeremy Corbyn comes under more exacting criticism than Cameron, Craig but FYI it’s LGBTQI Pride as this is an event which also includes bisexual, transgender and non-binary people. I went today and it is a real eye-opener to see just how many groups are involved. Needless to say it was fab – despite the knuckle-dragging reality that many of us have to go home too:) What a sad contrast, eh?:(

      • John Spencer-Davis

        It means people whose gender self-identification is not either masculine or feminine.

        No matter what their genitals happen to look like.

    • Alcyone: The 'What Is' is Sacred!

      Please elaborate Mark. I know she was supposed to be at Glastonbury…

    • Chris Rogers


      Are you off your fucking rocker or something?

      Lets be blunt, during the Scottish Referendum Labour shared podiums with Tories, subsequently they were obliterated in last June’s General Election in Scotland.

      Corbyn did not call this Referendum, Cameron did and all blame rests entirely with him, or am I missing something.

      Further, and like many of my peers in Wales, I voted ‘OUT”, I voted out not because I’m anti-Europe, I voted out because neoliberalism is baked into the Lisbon Treaty and because of the way the EU has conducted itself since the Euro crisis – to call the EU democratic or allegedly progressive means you are a few pennies short, and to blame Corbyn just takes the biscuit.

      • Jim

        Chris Rogers
        If you’d read any of my posts on the subject you’d know I agree with you on the democratic deficit in Brussels. I’ve been talking for months about the desperate need for for reform of that malign institution, and quoting Varoufakis’ ideas in this respect. All too late now, thanks to you and your fellow leave voters.
        If you read the link I provided you’d see a stark description of Corbyn’s pathetic inability to see the importance of his solidarity on this issue. They were begging him. The guy is a total liability.

        To the other posters – keep your foul anti Semitism to yourself. The blog host seems to be tolerating it again, only a week after posting firm moderation protocols.

        • AliB

          Well if you’ve been reading Varoufakis then you know that he wanted us to REMAIN>

          • Jim

            Ali :
            Who said otherwise? He wanted us to remain in order to have a voice in the movement for change in Brussels. I’ve been telling people that for months.

  • Squonk

    Corbyn sacks Hilary Benn!

    Jeremy Corbyn has sacked Hilary Benn from the shadow cabinet following reports of a coup to oust the Labour leader.

    It follows claims in The Observer newspaper that the shadow foreign secretary would ask Mr Corbyn to resign as leader if there was significant support for a move against him.

    Mr Benn had also reportedly asked fellow MPs to join him in resigning from the shadow cabinet if Mr Corbyn refused to step down.

    • Ben Monad

      It’s just like a Corporate hostile take-over.

      Ironically it’s a bloodless coup sought by vampires…lol. (sorry)

      Whether it’s the ‘Mericans or British I find it hard not to find humor in the tragic sense.

      Gallows humor…

    • Heiroglyph

      This made me laugh. Jezza has been more than patient with these treacherous eels, and Benn’s sacking is well-deserved. Can we really imagine their hero Blair putting up with such gross disloyalty?

      As it happens, Blair is obviously a bad example. Still, enough is enough, and I’m pleased Jezza has axed him. This may very soon end Jezza’s career, but I’d bet if he hangs in for a few weeks, he’ll be fine. Winter is Coming, after all. Chilcot Winter.

      • Shatnersrug

        It won’t end his career anytime soon. Everyday more normal people join the Labour Party because of Jeremy Corbyn – as the press attempt to smear him as this or that, they don’t seem to be able to realise that it’s becoming less effective.

        In fact it’s become a joke. There will be no coup.

        • Ultraviolet

          If there is a coup, the Labour party is dead and the membership of the Greens will skyrocket.

          I would love to see one of the moderates explain this one to me. The problem is that too many traditional Labour voters in the north and midlands voted for Brexit. The complaint against Corbyn is that he was insufficiently passionate about Remain. The challenge is how to keep those Brexit Labour voters within the Labour tent.

          On what planet is the solution to that problem to replace someone who is quite sceptical about the EU with someone who is passionately in favour?

          • nevermind

            I hope this happens ultraviolet, indeed if all those part politically affiliated at the navel and or brain stem would vote Green, this country would change, there would be no more unlimited growth packeted derivatives and futures, finito, replaced by sustainable land value taxation and a brown paper bag over the head of all those who can’t watch.

    • Soulman

      The oxbridge labour MPs have ALL been compromised at Uni by MI5 dons (like miranda) and should be DESELECTED. There are enough grounds to do so, the bliarite “remainers” who were unable to carry their constituencies may all be targeted. The damned hypocrites have the cheek to point a finger at JC (who carried his own constituency) when most of their own constituents went against them?!!!

  • Ben Monad

    Fascinating narcissism case. You can’t get enough of yourself and can’t understand why everyone isn’t as fascinated as yourself. The fact that you often invoke the wife and children is not inconsistent. You see them as extensions of yourself. ‘Natch.

  • John Monro

    Thanks Craig, your encyclopaedic knowledge of all these miscreants and their biographies never ceases to amaze me. You must have a remarkably good memory for people, I can only envy (I’m not being ironic) – it’s your specificity and detail that makes your comments so valuable and enlightening, keep up the good work.

    • craig Post author

      Thanks John. Knowing who everyone is and identifying where they fit in to how power structures work, those are the core skills of a diplomat. I guess I developed them and the professional habits never left me.

      • nevermind

        Thanks for your analytical sleuthing once again. You reply to above sounds like a reply to a job advert….

        Would you ever contemplate working for a party political agenda in the UK?
        same question followed by ‘in Scotland’ ?

    • Soulman

      It always helps to know where someone is coming from (before you decide to go with them !)

  • Tony_0pmoc

    It’s going to get better now us British Working Class have just DEFEATED The Psychopaths…

    Well done Lads – We have just Re-Written History as If It Was 1066

    This Is REAL


    We just Re-Affirmed It


  • Alcyone: STOP Politics for the sake of Politics

    ALL Hillarys Must Go, especially if they have ridden in, in the First Place on others Coattails.

    In these times, we need Pioneers not Inheritors.

    Some politicians haven’t ‘got it’ yet: the People want Politicians to Stop Politics, for the Sake of Politics.

    Also, any half-influential ‘leader’ in the Labour Party who is not team-player enough to seize the opportunity of a Tory party in disarray is not smart enough to earn his keep. They need to be told to fuck-off.

    The Power remains, even moreso after the exit vote with the people. I might yet be wrong about the *People’s* support for JC, but time will show. In the meantime, he’s got to do what he’s got to do: The Right Thing!

    Are you around this Sunday morning RD? What’s your take? Craig, what’s your advice to JC?

  • Habbabkuk

    Speaking of petitions and recalling the enthusiastic and extensive coverage given on this blog to the recent petition on arresting PM Netanyahu if he came to the UK, I gather that the petition to Parliament calling on the UK govt not to trigger the Article 50 procedure for exiting the EU has now received over two and a half million signatures.

    With permission, I shall continue to post updates as and when appropriate.

    • Soulman

      Stop yer wishful thinking yiddo, it will need another 15m signatures to overturn the Brexit vote !

    • Alcyone: STOP Politics for the sake of Politics

      Morning Habby, what are prominent UK jurists, influential political analysts and other *respected* commenter intellectuals saying?

      • Alcyone: STOP Politics for the sake of Politics


        That helps keep things in perspective! Please keep your contributions coming. I have been, and continue to, read them with great interest.

        The British people are too smart to have the present Civil War in Parliament spill out in to the streets, I am guessing.

    • Alcyone: STOP Politics for the sake of Politics

      Habby, was the holding of the referendum itself approved by Parliament?

  • Soulman

    OMG all the yiidistanis are on social now as we speak, wishfully thinking their milliband can come in via Labour, now that Lord Astors son-in-law is gone. God help us.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Take your anti-Semitic crap somewhere else, please.

      English Knight, by any chance?

          • Soulman

            God knows everytime a white hair sprouts from around EVERY freemason devils arsehole, ALWAYS remember that. Now shut up,we are the 17.5 MILLION !

    • Soulman

      Its the same mob that got Herod to Kill Son of Man, on social frenzy now that wants to kill Jesus Corbyn !!

      • John Spencer-Davis

        Good God, English Knight imagines himself or herself to be a Christian.

        I am not going to comment further, because this is silly – I’m just calling attention to your disgusting prejudices. No doubt the moderators will deal with you shortly. I will take it on myself – and anyone who thinks I’m being presumptuous is welcome to say so – to say that I doubt that a single person regularly reading this blog feels anything but utter contempt for your views, so I really don’t know why you continue to bother. The mods throw you off the instant they find you – it’s happened many times, so I have no idea why you continue to come back, unless your idea is to discredit the blog itself, which is probable.

        You haven’t the guts to tell people who you really are, because you’d get punched if you expressed your loathsome opinions without cowering under a handle. Get stuffed.

        • Soulman

          your verbiage=garbage=freemason=devil , the truth has spoken and you devils are scrambling to recover.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain

          John, soulman is so luridly stupid I suspect a ‘false-flag’, meself. ‘By way of deception…’, and all that.

  • Chris

    As soon as I heard his voice I knew he was a either a Tory/Blairite plant or a journalist.

    Normal people don’t sound like that.

  • Alcyone: STOP Politics for the sake of Politics

    Any self-proclaimed, highly-qualified commenters here care to read why Tom Watson has been expanding to compete with Mr Bibbendum in recent years?

  • Alcyone: STOP Politics for the sake of Politics

    Is it a fact that Andrew Marr replaced John McDonnell with the ambitious Hilary Benn overnight?

    I wonder how that works? Doesn’t sound particularly graceful!

    Craig, I recall you once writing about how one of your scheduled BBC (?) appearances was cancelled at short notice? Would you please comment?

  • John Spencer-Davis

    For what it’s worth – maybe not very much – my own view is that Corbyn would now be well advised to resign and re-fight the leadership election.

    I am thoroughly confident that he would be returned again as leader of the Labour Party and I think it far from unlikely that he would increase his mandate.

    That would shut a few people up, as I see it – and if they did not like it they could then piss off and form their own party, like the Social Democrats did.

    • Alcyone: STOP Politics for the sake of Politics

      JSD, I get your drift and it’s my intuition too. The mechanics are important in terms of JC’s re-nomination if he should resign.

      Any thoughts, as a therapist, why Tom Watson has become so Fat?

        • Alcyone: Evil is not related to the good. It has it's own existence which needs to be brought to Court.

          Thanks, what is the psychology behind the over-eating? It’s a mindbody phenomena. Let’s try to observe and read the roots of this.

          • John Spencer-Davis

            Just for the record, I thought you were Loony. You know I don’t engage with you, so please stop bothering me.

          • Alcyone: The therapist needs a therapist!

            Thank you JSD, Loony as in the commenter present here with that name, or as in Lunar? The FACT is you have engaged, not that I give two hoots. I hope you will be able to live with yourself for the rest of the day!

            Kindest regards,

            Alcyone (just in case it wasn’t obvious)

    • Loony

      Is this possible?

      I thought that to stand for Labour Party leader a first step was to be nominated by a certain number of MP’s. If this is the case could Corbyn garner sufficient support to stand?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain

      I disagree, John. No matter how great Corbyn’s majority among the serfs, the Blairite Quislings will never cease their treachery. Their retirement income depends on it. Best that Corbyn excises the metastases, as soon as possible. Then I would refer Blair itself to the ICC over his crimes against humanity in Iraq. That would cleanse the Labour stable of its Augean filth, I reckon.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        But he would be much better positioned after a second mandate to boot them out of the Shadow Cabinet. After all, nobody can say he didn’t try his best to bring the party together.

    • lysias

      If he did that, could he run in the new leadership election, or would he need to be nominated by a certain number of Labour MPs that he might not get?

  • Rob Fawcett

    If we had chosen David Miliband instead of his brother, we’d have a Labour government now. Naive Labour factionalism destroyed that opportunity, and led to the delusion of the Corbyn era.
    Jeremy Corbyn is a nice guy and will always be applauded by a lot of people in the Labour movement, but Labour will never form a government without the votes of millions of people who regard the idea of Corbyn as Prime Minister as simply ludicrous. Get over this wishful delusion now, rather than after another five years of catastrophe.
    It’s astonishing how many blinkered obsessives still seem more worried about, for example, Blairites than the apocalypse the country is facing.

    • YouKnowMyName

      What ‘coup’? It’s purely a coincidence that Saint Anthony Miranda Blaire will be on BBC1 in 26 minutes. The helicopter gunships of the apocalypse will be along later. . .

      • Alcyone: Evil is not related to the good. It has it's own existence which needs to be brought to Court.

        Is he? Thanks for the tip-off, even though it may eat into my exercise walk. May well watch it on catch-up later so I don’t feel nauseous in the morning.

    • Alcyone: The 'What Is' is Sacred!

      Thank God we don’t have the charitable psychopath of David Miliband, in the mould of Tony Blair and David Cameron, in charge.

      The vote outcome is clear, but you don’t get it, do you? Get real, perhaps you don’t want to, though I strongly recommend you use this Sunday usefully to align wth Reality.

    • Jim

      Rob Fawcett:

      I totally agree with you, the rot started way back then. Labour polling now shows a 30% decline in support even from the 2015 election, the idea that the person the country is waiting for is JC is delusion beyond belief. Christ, I can’t believe it’s ended up like this, what a bloody nightmare.

  • Paul Hayes

    I posted a comment on the huffington post story saying this. It never appeared. Quelle surprise.

  • IslandDweller

    Just because some of us will never campaign for a Labour Party with Corbyn in charge, does not automatically mean we support Blair. Ask yourself how to regain power in the north and Scotland. Corbyn will never enthuse those voters.
    Leaving Corbyn in charge just gives Boris / Gove / Whichever-Rightwing-Fruitcake-Takes-Over an easy ride.

    • Anon1

      EXACTLY. Corbyn is a one-baller and completely unelectable. That is why the knives are out for him.

        • Alcyone: Get on with it positively!

          Exactly, what will we miss?

          Keep Calm and Carry On

        • John Spencer-Davis


          Stand fast, Jeremy Corbyn. Get the rascals out in the open. Stand for the leadership again. You will get it.

          Then, what are they going to say?

      • Alcyone: Get on with it positively!

        If Corbyn is really a ‘Leave’ man and that is what the British public have decided, why isn’t he the right person at the right time?

        • michael norton

          Where is Boy George,
          he was threatening to crucify pensioners, recently, if they dared to vote leave.
          Now seventeen million voters have defied Boy George, he should show himself.

        • Anon1

          Why wasn’t the “man of principles” campaigning for us to leave the EU, something he has wanted his entire political life?

          Instead he was only to be seen at the last minute loitering around like an idiot in the Remain camp with an IN badge pinned to his lapel.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      1/ Corbyn has a better chance than any Blairite of enthusing Scottish voters. The SNP=s recent success is more than slightly due to the perception that Labour had stopped being socialist, while the SNP made the right noises.

      2/ And who might you be thinking of backing? Can you offer David Miliband enough incentives to lure him away from being the major beneficiary of a well-heeled charity and deploy his business contact list to ensure funding (with strings)?

      What we are seeing is both major UK parties being challenged to work out what they actually stand for. The result may be three or four parties. Interesting times, and you may have to stop calling yourself Labour at the end of it.

  • Alcyone: Get on with it positively and make Britain win!

    McDonnell on BBC1 already talking sense>

    Hillary Benn was the Leader of the Remain campaign on behalf of Labour. LOL, what a Loser!

    • michael norton

      Czexit, Pexit, Frexit – EU referendum CONTAGION sweeps Europe amid political quake

      Rising disenchantment with the dealings of EU bigwigs is not just confined to the UK, with France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and the Netherlands considering turning their back on the 28-nation bloc.

      It is believed Britain’s decision will fuel a domino effect, resulting in a flurry of EU referendums, and an ultimate crash of Europe.

      These shocking statistics show the beleaguered EU is under mounting pressure to invoke changes and reform, whether or not Britain decides to remain or leave.

      Great news, the voters across Europe are revolting

      they are fed up taking shit from people who consider themselves to be the toffs.

        • michael norton

          The new prime minister should only come from the Leave camp, former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith has said.

          He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show that it would be “very difficult” for a public who voted to leave the EU to have a leader who had opposed this.

          Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Friday that he will step down by October.

          He had urged the country to vote Remain, but was defeated by 52% to 48%.

          “The government itself now had a view… which was to remain and so now we need to change that position and actually deliver on this very clear mandate from the British people,” Mr Duncan Smith said.


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