Theresa May’s Terrible Instincts 341

In December 2002 I cooperated closely with the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Theo van Boven, who was paying an inspection visit to Uzbekistan. As I recorded in Murder in Samarkand “against the protocols, the Uzbek authorities refused to let him enter the SNB holding centre in Tashkent, the most notorious of all the torture sites.” I upbraided the Uzbek Foreign Minister for this.

That kind of contempt of the UN is perhaps expected of dictatorships. But consider this. The Immigration detention centre at Yarls Wood became notorious for the sexual exploitation of female detainees by staff, on a large scale. In April 2015 the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, Rashida Manjoo, visited the UK. The government denied her entry to Yarls Wood. In accordance with UN protocols, she went anyway, and was blocked from entering – on the direct orders of Home Secretary Theresa May

You very probably did not know that, because the great problem our society faces is an over-mighty executive government backed by corporate wealth which controls a corporate media. But it is typical of May’s instincts, and they are terrible. Her default position is retreat into secrecy and blatant abuse of power. That is precisely what we are seeing over Brexit, where there is no plan and much to hide. May’s natural instinct is to brook no opposition, debate or discussion of her actions, but to proceed on the basis of executive fiat, with as little information as possible given to parliament, devolved authorities and – Heaven forfend – the public.

Everything you do on the web is now stored for twelve months by the security services. They can hack into your laptop or phone to see what is on there without any conditions at all. Not only do they not need to convince a judge you are suspected of a crime, they do not need to even pretend to actually suspect you of anything at all. They can just decide to target you and go fishing. The UK has now zero right to online privacy and the most vicious security service powers of any democracy. Indeed when you combine powers with capability (and the security service are recruiting tens of thousands more staff to our stasi state) the UK is now the most authoritarian country in the world. The legislation. passed this week, was framed by Theresa May as Home Secretary and received no significant opposition from the UK’s complicit political class.


This mass gathering of data is nothing to do with fighting terrorism – being lost in a massive ocean of irrelevant data is actually a major hindrance to fighting terrorism. It is about social control. I have nowhere heard this better explained than by John Kiriakou, former senior CIA agent who was jailed as part of the Obama administration’s vicious war on whistleblowers, after Kiriakou blew the whistle on CIA torture. Kiriakou’s speech on receiving the Sam Adams award in Washington is well worth hearing, and beings 1 hour and 3 minutes in here.

It was May who sent poster vans around London urging immigrants to go home, and whose anti-immigrant instincts were so strong she banned the tiny number of Afghan interpreters for UK armed forces from being given asylum in the UK. That May is intellectually out of her depth is plain even to Conservatives every Prime Minister’s question time in the Commons. Expect her to fall back more and more on those instincts for secrecy and authoritarianism – and the abuse of the massive powers of the state.


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341 thoughts on “Theresa May’s Terrible Instincts

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  • Anon1

    Well done to Andy Murray!

    I heartily recommend him for a knighthood in recognition of his achievements for British sport.

    “Arise Sir Andy!”

  • michael norton

    Anyone understand why the oil conglomerates would not be financially liable for decommissioning?
    UK taxpayers could be liable for a North Sea decommissioning bill of £75bn, according to a new study.

    The GMB union said its research suggested an increased financial burden will be placed on the Treasury via tax refunds to oil and gas companies.

    It also called for urgent action to get Scottish ports and fabrication yards “decommissioning ready”.

    The UK government says it has provided more support than any other government in response to falling oil prices.

    Is this a SCAM

    • Alex

      The oil companies are not liable for Decomissioning, because the British Government did not require them to be liable when issuing licenses.

    • Loony

      This is exactly what diversity is all about – and it is important to recognize that diversity is our greatest strength.

      You, on the other hand, appear to be trying to enforce your cultural norms on others – and that kind of thinking is racist thinking.

      We do not know what the woman did to deserve her treatment. Europe has a well organized and well funded feminist movement with ready access to the media. If this were a simple case of sexism then I am sure that the feminist movement would be taking to the airwaves all across the free world to denounce this incident. That they are not doing so is surely instructive.

      • Anon1

        This is the fault of privileged white women for not understanding their place in a multicultural society. They should cover up and use a male chaperone if they wish to just wander about.

        Of far more importance is the suffering women endure when a male colleague asks them out for a drink, or, God forbid, wolf-whistles at them on the street from a dominant male position such as a scaffolding platform.

        These are the sort of backward attitudes towards women we ought to be tackling in 21st century Britain.

    • michael norton

      Kurdish origin

      I expect it is a domestic incident
      but it has played out like a scene from the Middle East.

      • michael norton

        near me, a year ago, a Pakistani, who had outstayed his welcome, battered his girlfriend in the underpass, and killed her with a pair of tinsnips.
        Tree surgeons found her in the morning.

        My point is, why should we in Europe
        have to have this in our areas.
        It is not what normal people do.

        • philw


          Woman ‘disguised herself with a goatee beard, wig, heavy framed glasses and a hi-vis jacket before killing her half-sister with a chicken-shaped casserole dish’

          Is this what ‘normal people’ do? Or maybe this:

          Two items at random from today’s news.

          Thing is, you see one isolated incident, and because its somebody from the Middle East you pick up on it and assume its typical, whereas all the stuff that white English people do you ignore as aberrations. This is the stuff that racism and xenophobia is built on

          • michael norton

            Correct, Phil, it is not all from the Middle East, try this from the land of the Scots.
            Couple deny murdering woman and cutting up her body

            An Angus couple have gone on trial accused of murdering a Montrose woman and cutting up her body.

            Steven Jackson, 40, and Michelle Higgins, 29, deny killing 37-year-old Kimberley MacKenzie in October 2015.

            They are accused of wrapping parts of Miss MacKenzie’s body in bin liners and bags and hiding them in bins in various locations in Montrose.

            Her father, Terence MacKenzie, 66, gave evidence on the opening day of the trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

            He said he saw his daughter walking in Montrose High Street on 27 October and she had waved to him.

            Mr MacKenzie said he became concerned when his daughter did not contact him the following day, and reported her missing to police.

            The trial was told that Miss Mackenzie had been in a relationship with Mr Jackson which had ended in August 2015.

            Miss Mackenzie’s friend Michelle Emslie said that Mr Jackson had then became involved in a relationship with his co-accused.

            The jury was told that a week after Ms Emslie last saw her friend, police came to her house and told her they were looking for Miss MacKenzie, who was missing.
            ‘Rotten’ smell

            Ms Emslie said: “I went to Steve’s house the next day.

            “I went up to his house and I was banging at the windows.”

            “I noticed a smell coming from inside the building while I was standing outside the close.”

            Ms Emslie described the smell as “rotten.”

            The couple deny murdering Miss MacKenzie by repeatedly striking her on the head, neck and body with a hammer or similar instrument at a flat in Montrose on 27 October last year.

            They are also accused of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by dismembering Miss MacKenzie’s body using a saw, knives and a screwdriver and wrapping parts of her body in bin liners and bags and hiding them in bins.

            It is alleged that Miss MacKenzie’s head and other body parts were in a rucksack and suitcase concealed in a shower cubicle at another Montrose property.

            The couple are also alleged to have disposed of clothing and footwear worn by Miss Mackenzie and washing their own clothing.

            The trial before judge Lady Rae continues.

    • michael norton

      It makes you proud to be multicultural

      ISIS barbarians decapitate 100-year-old cleric for ‘witchcraft’ in front of baying mob
      MEDIEVAL Islamic State savages have brutally decapitated two elderly men for the alleged ‘crime’ of practising “witchcraft”.

      • Tom

        No doubt another ‘atrocity’ stunted up by western intelligence and peddled by our lying media.
        Strange that these alleged atrocities never seem to happen during important events, such as the presidential election campaign.

    • Laguerre

      “The Middle East comes to Germany”

      I thought we admired the Kurds. They are supposed to be a noble people who deserve their liberation. How come they are implicated in non-admirable activities?

      By the way, I’ve never seen an evaluation of the role of the AfD in all this. There will be many supporters of the AfD in the German police. Police are like that. How many of the accusations against immigrants do not really stem from police racism? There’s no reason that German police should be different from British police.

  • Republicofscotland

    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian woman who has been wrongfully imprisoned in my opinion in Iran, has begun a hunger strike.

    She was found guilty of offences regarding national security, but precise reasons for her arrest, and subsequent five year prison sentence, have never been released, by the Iranian authorities.

    Iran’s record on human rights and executions are appalling, according to Amnesty International. Indeed only China, executed more people than Iran in 2015, followed by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the USA, in that order.

    Wooly charges have been aimed at Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, fomenting a soft overthrow of the Islamic republic, is the only hint we have at why she’s been imprisoned, and that she worked for an Iranian technology website.

    However, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe did participate in a BBC training course, which involved the Irainan technology website. The Iranian authorities loathe the BBC because of its London-based Persian service, which is watched (illegally) in Iran by millions of Iranian’s.

    Dual nationality is not recognised in Iran, and ergo cannot be used as a form of protection, from Iranian law.

    • Laguerre

      There’s no certainty that that lady is in fact innocent. She’s the sort of person who could well have been recruited by MI6 for a spying job, and now they want to deny. A big play about how she is innocent is just what one would expect.

    • bevin

      Innocent or guilty the woman deserves our sympathy.
      But surely the worst country on earth for wrongful imprisonment is the USA where a quarter of all the world’s prisoners are held and where most of them never had a proper trial.

      • Laguerre

        “Innocent or guilty the woman deserves our sympathy.”

        I don’t quite see why. MI6, or other intelligence agency, will often recruit people like her for missions in Iran. Because she is a woman, means nothing. The choice of a woman is better, because less likely to be arrested.

        The Iranians, as opposed to what is depicted in the MSM, are not capricious murderers. It’s not a subtle regime, but the heavy load of executions is because of the drug trade. Opium, was, and is, widely used. I myself tried it in the days of the Shah. The religious regime want to stamp it out. Execution of gays, there’s commonly something else behind, at least in every case I’ve seen actually detailed.

        So what’s the reason to simply suppose that a woman must be innocent? She may well have been up to something, but MI6 is not going to protect her, rather deny their implication.

      • Resident Dissident

        “But surely the worst country on earth for wrongful imprisonment is the USA”

        Just what is the conviction rate in the Russian courts?

    • Alex

      From Channel4 …..Her husband suspects she and others are being held as a result of the U.K. reneging on a contract to supply tanks to Iran, after being paid.

    • michael norton

      Madi Mahaboudi, murderer of a British pensioner, sentenced to life imprisonment
      La justice française a condamné vendredi à la prison à perpétuité Madi Mahaboudi, 32 ans,l’assassin d’une octogénaire britannique,
      Violet Price, tuée dans un déchaînement de violences en 2015 dans le sud-ouest de la France où elle résidait.
      The 32-year-old Madi Mahaboudi was sentenced to life imprisonment by French justice on Friday in Violin,
      a British octogenarian who was killed in an outbreak of violence in 2015 in southwestern France where she resided.
      Madi Mahaboudi, had already been sentenced to eight years in prison in 2005 for killing a woman on the French island of Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean, where he originated.
      Ten years later, he attacked Violet Price, 80, with the same violence. Madi Mahaboubi was the brother of her daughter-in-law. She had disappeared from her home in the evening of a barbecue at the relatives where the accused was, whom she knew.
      According to the account he gave to the court, the accused, who had a long-standing dependency on cannabis and pornography, went to the house of the octogenarian in Moustier (southwest), where he thought he found his companion.

      The retired brings him in and offers him a cup of coffee, on which the investigators will find his DNA.
      “It was stronger than me”, “I took it by the neck and I tightened,” said the accused, who acknowledged sexual beatings and abuse, without being able to explain this impulse.
      “We are on a rampage of violence. In fifteen years of practice, I have never seen such a haemorrhage in the trachea and neck,” the forensic doctor said on Thursday. Madi Mahaboubi then cut the body into seven pieces before burying it on a dirt road.

      The defendant’s lawyer, Isabelle Gillet, said that she was raped by a knowledge of her father at the age of 10-12 years, which explains, according to her, her “violent, archaic, regressive sexuality “.

      At the end of the trial, the accused had apologized to the victim’s family and then implored him to be given a chance to rehabilitate himself. AFP / LE FIGARO.FR

  • michael norton

    Perpetual state of emergency
    Authorities in FRANCE have arrested seven men and say they have foiled a terror plot which was ‘‘envisaged for some time.’‘

    Bernard Cazeneuve, the country’s Interior Minister, did not reveal the site of the planned attack.
    “An anti-terrorist operation led by the General Directorate for Internal Security (GDIS – intelligence services) under the authority of the judiciary took place overnight between Saturday and Sunday in Marseille and Strasbourg. It led to the arrest of seven people, aged between 29 and 37, of French, Moroccan and Afghan nationalities,” Cazeneuve said.

    France remains in a state of emergency, giving extra powers to police and security forces, following last year’s Paris attacks which left 130 people dead.

    Are there any elections coming up in France – soon?

  • Republicofscotland

    Earlier this year, Westminster parliamentarian’s, were considering debating whether or not, to ban Donald Trump from the UK, for his odious and outlandish comments.

    However it would appear that a change of heart is on the cards, and a state visit is in the offing for Mr Trump.

    A new political romance could be on the cards, a kind of Reagan/Thatcher, liaison amoureuse, so to speak, between the Donald and Theresa May.

    From what I’ve read it seems traditional that HRH the Queen, acts as the host on these occasions, and after the ceremonial niceties are over, the Donald resides, either at Buckingham palace or Windsor castle.

    One wonders, what Trump will make of Bucks palace, will he see it as a five star hotel? Or will he think Trump tower, is just that little bit more classy?

    • Kief

      He’s unaware he lives on Elba. He’s a Castaway on a deserted island who is assumed to be dead.

      He’s used his credibility up.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Our house is one of the very few in our road that still has the original leaded stain glass windows. Most of them got blown out in WWII – bomb blast. We live near an airfield – where The Spitfires took off.

    The windows are not double glazed, and so not that efficient keeping heat in. We do however have thick curtains…and the walls of our house are over 100 years old – and very thick. They seriously retain heat and gradually release it when the sun shines through our beautiful windows.

    However, its going to be hard to maintain hospital temperatures…

    So I am testing the gas fire too…In fact I might leave it on all night.

    My wife is coming home tomorrow.

    She survived being hit by a car….

    I don’t want her freezing to death or dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Quite a lot of brick dust, bird and probably mice and rat shiit – has fallen down out chimney – since the last time it was very cold.

    She’s coming home tomorrow.


    Thank You Guys for Saving My Wife’s Life.

    She will pay you back in some way when she is better.


  • michael norton


    A 6.9 magnitude earthquake off eastern Japan near Fukushima prefecture has prompted a tsunami warning of possible 3m (10ft) waves.

    The quake struck on Tuesday morning at about 06:00 local time (21:00 GMT, Monday), the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

    The depth of the quake was estimated to be around 11km (7 miles).

    In 2011, a large tsunami caused by a quake destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    Broadcaster NHK said Tokyo Electric Power was checking the plant for damage.

    Everything you ever hear about Nuclear Power leads you to think it is all bad, no upsides, at all.

  • John Goss

    “It was May who sent poster vans around London urging immigrants to go home, and whose anti-immigrant instincts were so strong she banned the tiny number of Afghan interpreters for UK armed forces from being given asylum in the UK.”

    Yes and it was Theresa May who sent Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan to be locked away 23 sometimes 24 hours a day in solitary confinement in US Supermax prisons. What is really frightening now is the unholy alliance that could come about with a new ‘special relationship’ between Trump and May. Racist Trump has pledged to keep the concentration camp open at Guantanamo Bay, fill it with undesirablesand reintroduce torture. Andy Worthington is a journalist I respect and his work on the main US gulag is second to none. Here he explains the prospects for Muslims (and others).

    Trump is a dangerous character and just because in his early years relations between Moscow and Washington might improve, and further wars in the Middle East might not happen, he has a dictatorial mindset. His former wife, Ivana, said he kept Hitler’s speeches by his bed and a friend gave him a copy of the sequel to Mein Kampf.

      • michael norton

        This from State Run French news.
        I did not know that THREE REACTORS had gone into meltdown, I thought it was one reactor?

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          Looks like it would have been a good idea not for the Pentagon to cause the Tohoku earthquake back in 2011 to get rid of the anti-Washington New Democracy administration.

          Now the Pacific ‘ring of fire’ is ablaze everywhere.

          • Kief

            It’s rumbling for sure, but we have someone managing the Magnetosphere without our need for input or adjustment. This is too great an experiment to allow it to go unrequited.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            Afraid Kief, we are now in a condition where there is no one controlling it.

            A few earthquakes in strategic positions. especially the one before Christmas 2004 which the USS Jimmy Carter caused, and broke the Australian-Indian plate off from Antarctic one, and the one off Fukushima where the attack sub, helped by the Boeing X-37B. caused the Tohoku one were more than enough, though there might have been other ones too.

            We are now experiencing Hell for trying to play God.

          • Kief

            God has nothing to do with it Trowbridge, unless you mean Shiva the Destroyer.

            Two sides to that coin, btw.

        • bevin

          Three reactors for five years and nobody knows where the radioactive cores are.
          Not to worry though: the Japanese government has made it illegal to try and find out.

          • Kief

            We should all be dead now, even y’all across the pond. Why wasn’t Chernobyl the End?

            China Syndrome aside. that is.

      • RobG


        Each unit was a Mark 1 boiling water reactor (BWR), designed by General Electric (GE). There is much testimony during its original design as to the flaws with the Mark 1 BWR, but I won’t go into that here. All I will say is that each unit had a spent fuel pool suspended at high level in the reactor building (between six and eight storeys up in the air). These spent fuel pools contained a radioactive inventory that far exceeded that of each individual reactor. Reactors 1, 2 and 3 at Fukushima plant No.1 melted down, and it’s highly probable their spent fuel pools went down with them. Unit 4 at Fukushima was closed for maintenance. and all fuel was in the spent fuel pool, which we know for certain went sky high, There’s also units 5 and 6 at Fukushima, which it’s very hard to get any information about.

        I know all this is probably very confusing, but next time someone you know gets cancer* you might have some inkling why.

        (*man-made radiation principally effects the human autoimmune system; that’s cancer, but also dementia, diabetes and a whole host of other diseases)

  • Kief

    Oh fuck you Activist Post-progressives.

    This is what the media and politicos have always done. If you read any books you would find Walter Cronkite, the icon of Journalism and the Most Trusted Man in America in the 70’s was a back-stage supporter of Eisenhower and worked with the General to defeat the ‘Commie’ Adlai Stevenson.

    Asswipes have always populated the Press, just ask William Randolph Hearst.

  • fwl

    I see that the diplomatic practice that has not died out (p 83 of Sikunder) is apparently an Antiguan norm. Thought CM’s comment “normally” agree to pretend amusing. Enjoying the book.

    • nevermind

      Don’t, I’m not that far into it yet….fwl.
      just had our first grand daughter, the extensions going up, the garden’s full of rubble and its water water everywhere….

  • michael norton

    I read Nissan have suspended vehicle manufacture in Fukushima, for the time being.
    If you buy a Nissan, made in Fukushima, will it be slightly radioactive?

    The Japanese government are already encouraging residents to buy Fukushima caught fish, to eat, yet the pollution is in the water table and leaching into the sea?

  • Sharp Ears

    Branson offers funding for anti Brexit campaign ie the BLiar/Osborne/Murphy

    Richard Branson’s Virgin to bankroll secret Blairite campaign to stop Brexit
    Exclusive: Email seen by The Independent shows billionaire’s company has offered tens of thousands of pounds to fund new group

    Don’t bother Richard. Stay in the sun in Necker. Theresa and co are already doing a fine job of kicking the Brexit ball into the long grass.

  • michael norton

    Well, is the BBC belatedly seeking some truth?
    I almost never watch the T.V. news, it is usually such hogwash, but last night, inertia got the better of me, and i saw ten mins of the BBC at ten o’clock, I was surprized to see the BBC, yes, that is right,
    the BBC openly questioning where the arms came from and who paid for the arms and by what route the arms got in to the hands of Islamic State in Syria/Iraq.
    They suggested that some of the arms were manufactured in “East Europe” ( no specificity), these arms were funded by Saudi Arabia and the U.S.A. and entered Syria/Iraq via TURKEY.

    So good so far BBC.

    They then went on to claim these arms were for the “moderates” fighting Islamic State.
    At that point I switched off.

  • Tony

    And don’t forget her murderous instincts:

    George Kerevan MP: “Is she personally prepared to authorise a nuclear strike that can kill a hundred thousand innocent men, women and children?”
    Theresa May “Yes.”
    Hansard, 18 July 2016.

    • michael norton

      A reactor at the Torness Nuclear Power Station in East Lothian, SCOTLAND has been shut down because of seaweed.

      Reactor one was shut down just before 09:00 when the seaweed began to threaten a cooling water inlet at the power plant near Dunbar.

      DF Energy said there was NEVER ANY RISK to safety at the facility but added the shut down was “unusual.”

      The reactor is not expected to resume production on Tuesday.

      So Nuclear Reactors can be shut down because of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Seaweed, War, Terror, lack of electricity,
      all leading to “cooling” problems.

    • nevermind

      today plans were revealed for TWO, not one new nuclear power stations at Sizewell. Will these idiots never learn?

  • michael norton

    Good News for Syria

    Russia sets up free trade zone with Syria

    An agreement on creating a ‘green customs corridor’ for agricultural products has been signed by Moscow and Damascus during a visit by a Russian delegation to Syria.
    “Syrians are trying hard to supply high-quality products to the Russian market. Why shouldn’t we take these products that give jobs to thousands, tens of thousands of Syrian people? We have agreed on this,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told TASS.

    Rogozin has been heading a Russian delegation meeting Syria’s President Bashar Assad to discuss economic assistance. He co-chairs a Russian-Syrian commission for trade and economic, scientific and technical cooperation.

    “Syria was a successful country that used to sell oil, grain. Now it has neither oil nor grain nor many other products to meet the demands of the population,” Rogozin said, adding that the commission will consider any means to support the country.

    The heads of major private Russian industrial companies were in Damascus to present energy and transport projects to President Assad. “He personally guaranteed that Syria will create a most favored treatment for each Russian company,” Rogozin said.

    Syria applied to be part of a free trade zone with Russia two years ago. Negotiations have been going on since before the war erupted in the country.

    I am very pleased for them but I expect Obomba/Clinton will be livid.

  • michael norton

    Donald Trump has repudiated the fringe “alt-right” group that celebrated his election win with Nazi salutes.

    In a far-ranging interview with the New York Times, the US president-elect was quoted as saying: “I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn.”

    He said he did not want to “energise” the group, which includes neo-Nazis, white nationalists and anti-Semites.

    Alt-right supporters were filmed on Saturday in Washington DC cheering as a speaker shouted: “Hail Trump.”


    I think he will make a fine president, far better than the evil Killary

    • michael norton

      Now it is being said that
      The Donald
      did not win the election, it has been fiddled and Killary is the real winner.
      let’s see where they go with this twaddle.

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