BBC Bias 119

I am delighted that “London Calling”, the documentary on BBC bias during the referendum campaign, has now been released on YouTube. I very much enjoyed my own little contribution to it. May I just take time here to note again what a contemptible little lickspittle Gavin Esler of the BBC really is?

There is a fundraiser for DVDs and flyers to get this over to the wider public in Scotland. You can find it here.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am just the good-looking one in the film, I am not one of the producers. We are however still doing the very effective communal screenings and discussions, and I have dates in January for Perth and Berwickshire already booked. It is not that the documentary tells you much that you did not already know, it is the film’s relentless building up of the evidence and the indignation that is ultimately very moving.


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119 thoughts on “BBC Bias

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  • RobG

    Anyone would think that this board has been created to distract people from real things, like the liberation of Aleppo…

    And if you don’t trust Russian news sources you can always see what China is saying…

    But no, many would rather believe the muppets in the western media, whose narrative is a bit like an old British tv show called ‘Play Away’…

    This show was broadcasted at the height of the Savile stuff.

    Sick is not the word for these people; but even sicker are the brain dead public who fall for it.

  • RobG

    It gets harder and harder to find any early Dylan on video sites, but this one seems appropriate…

    This song is more than 40 years old. Back then there was still apartheid in America, and all the rest of it.

    Which side are you on?

  • giyane

    By androgyny do we mean misandry?
    By cultural communism do we mean bread and circuses?
    By BBC Bias do we mean British bias?

    Was the thistle drunk and the man sober. Scottish independence is an atavistic yearning for a pre-industrial society. Nothing wrong with that but don’t keep it just for yoursels, will ye?

  • michael norton

    Just saw this on the BIAS page of the BBC, I expect they made it up to make Islam look bad.

    ‘Five killed’ near Coptic church in Cairo

    • michael norton

      A train carrying liquid petroleum gas has derailed and exploded in Bulgaria, killing at least five people.

      More than 20 people are being treated in hospital with burns and other injuries after the incident in the village of Hitrino, local media say.

      The authorities ordered an evacuation as firefighters battled the blaze.

      At least 20 buildings were damaged in the derailment and explosion, spokesperson Nikolay Nikolov told Bulgaria’s Nova television.
      or this
      A twin bomb attack on police officers outside a football stadium in Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul, has killed 38 people and injured many more.

      A car bomb hit a police vehicle and a suicide bomber detonated a suicide vest in quick succession late on Saturday.
      Netherlands trial: Geert Wilders guilty of incitement

      He should have not asked his supporters if they wanted “more Moroccans or fewer Moroccans”

      Geert seems unable to grasp the new Liberal doublespeak.

  • michael norton

    Far-right Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders was found guilty Friday of insulting and inciting discrimination against Moroccans, though experts are divided about how it will affect his populist party in the coming elections.

    Presiding Judge Hendrik Steenhuis said the decision was made “to protect the rights and freedoms of others”, but added that the court would not impose a sentence on Wilders because the conviction was punishment enough for a democratically elected lawmaker.

    The decision comes three months before parliamentary elections on March 15. Wilders’ Party for Freedom is narrowly leading in nationwide polling and has risen in popularity during the trial.
    The politically charged prosecution centred on comments Wilders made before and after the Dutch municipal elections in 2014. At one meeting in a Hague cafe, he asked supporters whether they wanted more or fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. That sparked a chant of “Fewer! Fewer! Fewer!” — to which he replied, “We’ll take care of it.”

    Wilders, who has said the Netherlands is “under threat” from Muslims, had previously faced a hate speech trial in 2011, but was acquitted.

    This time, he overstepped a legal boundary by aiming his statements at a specific group of people, said Anders Widfeldt, a lecturer in Nordic politics at the University of Aberdeen.

    “There was a qualitative difference in what he said this time, because he specifically targeted Moroccans,” Widfeldt told FRANCE 24.

    I wonder if the Globalist Liberal Elite are worried by the notion that they will soon be electorally swept into the Mediterranean Sea?

    • michael norton

      If the Globalist Liberal Elite and their Judges are not swept away – soon, ordinary older Europeans will barely be able to write or speak,
      without being taken to court.

      This really is 1984

  • Resident Dissident

    I daresay that the true believers will argue that is another example of BBC bias

    As predicted the party within the party that is Momentum is now turning on itself – fighting itself is of course the main sport of the hard left, rather than improving the lives of ordinary working people. I wonder what side of the argument our self professed supporters of Momentum are taken in the debate/fratricidal conflict?

  • michael norton

    I don’t know why the BBC give this REMOANER air time?

    Former Chancellor Ken Clarke has suggested that Theresa May might not “survive” as prime minister if she sides with “hard Brexit” MPs.

    Mr Clarke, a leading supporter of the European Union, told BBC One’s Sunday Politics that only a “minority” in the Commons shared such views.

    He added it would be “pretty catastrophic” to tell the EU “we’re just pulling out”.

    The people have been asked and the people want out.
    That’s it

    • michael norton

      Vietnam War
      1.3 million – Total military deaths for all countries involved
      1 million – Total civilian deaths

      Yet the BBC would have us believe that the war in Syria is the most terrible conflict since WW2

  • Brianfujisan

    When I watched London Calling on Thursday had about 300 views NOW its Over 30.000

    That’s fast…. The First Time I saw was with Inverclyde for Independence In October

    • michael norton

      FLASH news Ministry of TRUTH

      Aleppo civilians ‘shot on the spot’ – UN

      Syria pro-government forces enter Aleppo homes, kill 82 civilians on the spot – UN (BBC Ministry of Truth)

      How on Earth does the BBC know this, is this “information” being delivered via the West/Turkey/Saudi backed “Moderates”
      or perhaps from The White Helmets?

  • Sam

    Known about their bias for years
    On matters of science they work with the Guardian and an organisation called the Science Media Centre which tries to control science reporting in the British press.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    An aide in the DNC got the Kremlin behind, according to the NYT, the hacking by charactering all 60,000 of Hillary’s emails as “legitimate” areas to investigate when he was expected to say the opposite, a typo that not only took in the FSB and Russian military intelligence but also the FBI, explaining Comey’s flip-flop over investigating them up to the last moment, and helping elect Russian puppet Trump.

    Was it really a typo?

    Now, who in Russia would notice the typo, and have enough influence to have Putin go all-out to exploit it?

    It certainly stopped Hillary in her tracks as Harper’s had called for two years before the election.

    • michael norton

      BBC Ministry of Truth

      Scottish Parliament’s chamber lights to be replaced at a cost of £1.75m!!!!!!!!!!

      you could hand out a lot of soup to the homeless
      for that sort of money.

  • michael norton

    Électricité de France – to raise electricity bills by 8.4% on 1 March, 2017 – in the United Kingdom
    EDF has been “tasked” by the French state to take over the failing AREVA who manufacture the Reactor Pressure Vessels in Le Creusot,
    ‘Nuclear Industry in France in Crisis,’ 20 Reactors Shut Down

    A third of France’s nuclear reactors have been shut down by industry regulators as revelations emerge about the supply of sub-standard parts.

    As investigations into falsified documents and excess quantities of carbon in steel continue, more closures are expected. This is not yet a full-blown crisis for the nuclear industry, but it is putting serious strain on the finances of French nuclear giant EDF and causing electricity price rises across western Europe.

    • michael norton

      Under normal times:
      France produces so much excess electricity,
      that it exports electricity to England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland.
      With 1/3 of its Nuclear Fleet shut down it is currently importing electricity from Germany and from England.
      The situation of AREVA /E.D.F. is dire,
      yet barely a flicker of recognition that the Nuclear World has gone into terminal decline from the BBC

  • michael norton

    The Simandou project provides access to one of the world’s largest untapped (over 2 billion tonnes),
    high grade iron ore resources in the world.
    It can sustain a mine life in excess of 40 years and has the potential to make Guinea one of the world’s top iron ore exporters.
    FRANCE 24 has been looking into allegations that François Polge de Combret, a French banker and adviser to Guinean President Alpha Condé, was paid to use his influence to secure a major mining project for the Rio Tinto mining company.

    FRANCE 24 has new revelations about the man in the middle of a major international scandal in Guinea. François Polge de Combret, a French banker and adviser to Guinean President Alpha Condé, has been in the eye of the storm since revelations came to light of his role in the battle for the Simandou project, which involves one of the largest deposits of iron ore in the world.

    For years, Simandou has been a magnet for mining companies and the subject of numerous corruption allegations. Over the past decade, mining interests eager to get their hands on this prime asset have fought a number of fierce battles – both in the media and in court – with the successive rulers of this poor West African country.

    The French banker at the centre of a Guinean mining scandal
    Polge de Combret, a French banker and adviser to Guinean President Alpha Condé,

    After his election in 2010, President Condé revoked the development rights to Simandou from BSGR, a company controlled by French-Israeli businessman Beny Steinmetz, accusing the firm of having obtained the rights through corruption. Steinmetz obtained them in 2008 under the ruling military dictatorship, beating out Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto. Rio Tinto was able to win back the rights under the new regime in 2011. But this agreement and several of its players are now in the crosshairs of the authorities of several Western countries. Combret is a central character in this saga.

    Assassination attempt

    On 19 July 2011, the presidential residence was shelled, resulting in the death of a presidential guard and the injuries of two others; Condé, however, survived the assassination attempt. A former army chief and a member of the presidential guard were arrested hours after the two attacks on his house. The President later spoke to the country saying that “My house was attacked last night, but I congratulate the presidential guard who fought heroically from 3:10 until 5:00 before backup arrived.” He also added that his plans for reform would not fail.

    Three days later at least 38 soldiers were arrested for the assassination attempt. A government official said that many of those arrested had ties to the country’s previous military rulers.

    • michael norton

      FBI investigation

      On Sunday, April 14, 2013, Frederic Cilins, an agent for Beny Steinmetz’s ( Diamond) company, was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida as a result of an FBI investigation that began in January 2013 to establish whether potential illegal payments made to obtain mining concessions in Guinea had been transferred to the United States in breach of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which allows U.S. officials to pursue bribery cases abroad. Cilin’s detention followed covert FBI recordings of a series of meetings that allegedly showed he had plotted the destruction of documents which it is claimed could have shown the Simandou exploitation rights were acquired following the payment of millions of dollars in bribes to Guinea government officials.

      This country is awash with minerals, in astonishing reserves, mostly in the rain forests, which will probably be ripped out to feed the rapocious demands of china.

  • michael norton

    Mosque in Cumbernauld SCOTLAND sprayed with racist graffiti

    Ministry of Truth

    The words “Saracen Go Home” and the term “Deus Vult”, translated from Latin as “God Willing”, were painted on two walls of the mosque in Cumbernauld.

    The attack, being treated as a hate crime, happened sometime between 21:00 on Friday and 07:30 on Saturday.

    This is a job for Police Scotland LBGTI Hate Crime Division

    • michael norton

      Ministry of Truth

      Police Scotland will eradicate all forms of hatred

      ‘Hate crime’

      The mosque, which is situated at Craighalbert Way, is run by the Islamic Education Trust of Cumbernauld, who say they are dedicated to providing “essential Islamic services” and to promoting community cohesion.

      A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We can confirm that an investigation is under way following an act of vandalism at the Islamic Education Trust (mosque) in Cumbernauld and inquiries are continuing.

      “This matter is being treated as a hate crime.

      “Hate crime remains a priority for Police Scotland and we are working closely with our criminal justice partners to do everything in our power to protect all communities and eradicate all forms of hatred.”

  • michael norton

    This is not believable – even by the standards of the BBC

    The widower of murdered MP Jo Cox will deliver this year’s alternative Christmas message on Channel 4.

    Brendan Cox will call for an end to the “rise of hatred” in the broadcast on 25 December.

    This is somebody who supports The White Helmets – he is fully into it.

    Have the BBC no shame whatsoever?

    • michael norton

      Ministry of Truth
      Berlin market attack suspect Anis Amri shot dead by police in Milan – Italian media

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