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BBC Bias

I am delighted that “London Calling”, the documentary on BBC bias during the referendum campaign, has now been released on YouTube. I very much enjoyed my own little contribution to it. May I just take time here to note again what a contemptible little lickspittle Gavin Esler of the BBC really is?

There is a fundraiser for DVDs and flyers to get this over to the wider public in Scotland. You can find it here.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am just the good-looking one in the film, I am not one of the producers. We are however still doing the very effective communal screenings and discussions, and I have dates in January for Perth and Berwickshire already booked. It is not that the documentary tells you much that you did not already know, it is the film’s relentless building up of the evidence and the indignation that is ultimately very moving.


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