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The total amount thrown at the banks by the taxpayer to enable their casino banking scams and cocaine fuelled lifestyles to continue, was £1.16 trillion, courtesy of Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling. By one of life’s more meaningful coincidences, that is precisely ten times the annual budget of the NHS for the whole UK. Equally neatly, the latest contingency for quantitative easing announced by Mark Carney – money given directly to financial institutions by the central bank in exchange for junk – is £250 billion, which is precisely ten times the total hamstringing debts of the NHS.

It is good to understand what true British values really mean, as people in England die on trolleys in hospital corridors.

Alistair Darling is today a Director of Morgan Stanley bank. Gordon Brown is today a twassock.

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  • Sharp Ears

    Jeremy Hunt urged to “stop hiding” after 7,000 hospital beds are lost under Tories
    The shocking statistics comes as overflowing A&Es were brought “to their knees” prompting the Red Cross to step in and warn of a “humanitarian crisis”
    8 JAN 2017

    Thousands of spaces in NHS hospital bed have been lost under six years of Conservative rule, according to official statistics. Figures show there are 101,589 acute hospital beds, 7,301 fewer than in 2010.

    There are fears planned £20billion NHS savings in the next five years will mean even more beds are closed.

    Even though a steady population rise and care in the community failing the elderly mean demand for beds will rise.

    The UK already has one of the lowest levels of hospital beds in the EU, 2.8 per thousand people compared with 8.6 in Germany and 6.2 in France.

    David Cameron’s Conservative Government failed the NHS (Photo: Daily Mirror)

    Today ex health minister Norman Lamb said the Government should be “ashamed” and urged Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt “stop hiding” and tackle the NHS’s financial problems.

    This week overflowing A&Es were brought “to their knees” prompting the Red Cross to step in and warn of a “humanitarian crisis”.

    Two A&E patients died at Worcester Royal Hospital after waiting for hours on trolleys in crowded corridors.
    One suffered a fatal cardiac arrest after waiting 35 hours for a ward bed. The second had a brain aneurysm and later died. A third on a ward, recovering from surgery, was found hanged.


    • Sharp Ears

      Hunt is doing the rounds of the news channels and has just appeared on ITV. He responds as usual with promises of more money, recites the numbers of nurses and doctors, etc but does not actually address the current problems. He said that there is no crisis.

      . It is time he was moved out of Richmond House. He is in his fifth year in the job. His complacency is appalling.

  • apiers

    …and in perspective, the UK net contribution to EU budgets is GBP8.5bn, which means that it would take ca. 29 years to make the same dent in the public purse as the bank bailout mentioned above. Or, by the “leave” campaign’s own numbers, written in their famous “GBP350m/week” slogan, ca. 13 years. Nevertheless, the national wisdom is to float out into the mid-Atlantic without any partners or fiends, claiming we have “fixed immigration” and “got our country back”, while in our hospitals, doctors leave and people die. Hmm. Not sure I understand the logic.

  • Sharp Ears

    Hunt is either disingenuous or is away with the fairies.

    ‘Hunt states only ‘one or two hospitals’ are in trouble despite claims of humanitarian crisis
    The Health Secretary also said the public needs to stop going to A and E departments for problems better suited to GPs
    Joe Watts Political Editor |
    2 hours ago|

    Does he not know about the situation on GPs?

    • Sharp Ears

      Sky News have a resolute political reporter called Beth Rigby.

      She was in pursuit of Hunt today after he has spoken at the Kings Fund. She wanted an explanation of his comments on the ‘4hr target’ in A&E Depts.

      ‘Chicken Jeremy Hunt runs away from questions after true scale of NHS Crisis exposed

      Chicken Jeremy Hunt has been caught running away from awkward questions after the full scale of the NHS crisis was exposed.

      The Health Secretary was pursued for several minutes by Sky News reporter Beth Rigby, refusing to answer questions.

      Mr Hunt scrambled to find his ministerial Jaguar as his claim that only “one or two” hospitals faced crisis lay in tatters

      Figures obtained by the BBC revealed a record 18,000 patients waited in A&E for more than four hours in seven days from 2nd to 7th January.

      Some 485 patients waited for more than 12 hours.

      Mr Hunt was asked repeatedly about his apparent plan to ‘water down’ the health services’ four hour A&E targets in the face of the bed shortage.

      She asked: “Are you saying that you’re not scrapping four hour waiting times or watering it down?

      She added: “I think the public want to know Mr Hunt.”

      But the Health Secretary insisted “I’ve answered questions on this already” – as he walked around in circles through the streets of Westminster, looking for his ministerial Jaguar.

      He eventually found his luxury ride, and drove off.’

      Mr Hunt scrambled to find his ministerial Jaguar as his claim that only “one or two” hospitals faced crisis lay in tatters

      He and the others currently dismantling OUR NHS are a joke.

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