Rally For Independence Tomorrow George Square 37

I am speaking tomorrow at the Independence Rally at George Square in Glasgow. It is more than ever important that we mobilise the Yes movement now and step up campaigning for Independence, as the Establishment are keen to pretend that we are beaten down and cowed. I am also very pleased to note that there are more than the usual number of identifiable SNP activists supporting this rally, and hopefully we are learning that for the Judean People’s Front to boycott the People’s Front of Judea is no way to win your freedom.

The event starts from 11am. I shall be speaking shortly after 1pm, contrary to what it says in the programme.


I continue urgently to need contributions to my defence in the libel action against me by Jake Wallis Simons, Associate Editor of Daily Mail online. You can see the court documents outlining the case here. I am threatened with bankruptcy and the end of this blog (not to mention a terrible effect on my young family). Support is greatly appreciated. An astonishing 4,000 people have now contributed a total of over £75,000. But that is still only halfway towards the £140,000 target. I realise it is astonishing that so much money can be needed, but that is the pernicious effect of England’s draconian libel laws, as explained here.

On a practical point, a number of people have said they are not members of Paypal so could not donate. After clicking on “Donate”, just below and left of the “Log In” button is a small “continue” link which enables you to donate by card without logging in.

For those who prefer not to pay online, you can send a cheque made out to me to Craig Murray, 89/14 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8BA. As regular readers know, it is a matter of pride to me that I never hide my address.

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37 thoughts on “Rally For Independence Tomorrow George Square

  • Ishmael

    States are illegitimate, i’m concerning myself with local struggles that tangibly improve things for people (like a local factory spewing out noise pollution) without all the obviously dismissed issues, and unknowns, by people who won’t be affected with a good cut of public money they get for ideologically incomplete highly selective analysis of what “independence” will bring.

  • Brianfujisan

    I was NOT Going….Till You Tunend Up.The Hope over Fear..Dont Learn Do They.. PAT Lee in the Kilt..ACHHHHH Poeple singing Awww The Kilts’tn nthe Highland…Clearances King What the Fuck.. ALUB was At Glasgow Green..Pissin Rain thunders..Yip AYEI had a Fll ot cos I left mu bag to iake Fotos… I’m Heart Brocken.. Sad..I DO KNOW THAT FOR REAL…

  • Sharp Ears

    Scottish National Party Conference – Sunday 8 October to Tuesday 10 October at The SEC Centre, Glasgow

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Scotland, like Japan, should recall that when the USA threatened a nuclear showdown during the 1962 Missile Crisis in Cuba by blockading the island, like it is now seeking against North Korea, JFK informed Canada’s PM Difenbaker and France’s President De Gaulle that it was just tough shit if they got caught in any shootout.

    America’s allies are just dead meat when it comes to its ultimate interests.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    I congratulate you, for continuing to be very pro-active in support of The Independent causes you believe in. As regards your previous thread,the last time I was in Southend was in 1963 to fly to Ostend, to get a bus via Paris and Monte Carlo to Diano Marina. The aircraft was even louder than Motorhead. Paris seemed like a Third World piss hole compared to Oldham and Blackpool but had a nice tower. Monte Carlo was rich and The Italians were all lovely.

    The following partly explains my opposition to The EU, and why I voted BREXIT, cos I have witnessed what has happenned to The Greeks who also are lovely.


    “Saving the banks in the richer countries by waterboarding an entire other country is not just the worst thing they could have thought of, it’s entirely unnecessary too. The EU and ECB could easily have saved Greece from 90% of what it has gone through, and will go through going forward, at virtually no cost at all. But yes, German, French, Dutch banks would likely have had to cut the bonuses of their bankers, and their vulture funds couldn’t have snapped up the real estate quite that cheaply.

    Summarized: the EU is a disgrace, morally, politically, economically. I know that French President Macron on the one side, and Yanis Varoufakis’ DiEM25 movement on the other, talk about reforming the EU. But the EU is the mob, and you don’t reform the mob. You dismantle their organization and then you lock them up.”


      • Tony_0pmoc


        I can do Trump as well, if you like, and I can forgive your views on 9/11, cos you still occasionally make a lot of sense, which is pretty good for someone your age. Have you been taking lessons from Gordon Duff? He quite freely admits (when drunk?) that at least 25% of the stuff he writes on Veteran’s Today is a load of complete bollocks…

        Here’s a Trump one for you written by someone I really respect. It’s sad, but true – and I really like Metallica. Saw them before they were famous in the Strand Palace Hotel, London about 1983-84. Posh place. I preferred The Marquee in Soho and the sticky floor.

        “Who Rules America? The Power Elite in the Time of Trump” By Prof. James Petras

        ” The global-militarist elite purge of economic nationalists and anti-militarists was supported by the entire US left with a few notable exceptions. For the first time in history the left became an organizational weapon of the pro-war, pro-Wall Street, pro-Zionist Right in the campaign to oust President Trump. Local movements and leaders, notwithstanding, trade union functionaries, civil rights and immigration politicians, liberals and social democrats have joined in the fight for restoring the worst of all worlds: the Clinton-Bush-Obama/Clinton policy of permanent multiple wars, escalating confrontations with Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela and Trump’s deregulation of the US economy and massive tax-cuts for big business.

        We have gone a long-way backwards: from elections to purges and from peace agreements to police state investigations. Today’s economic nationalists are labeled‘fascists’; and displaced workers are ‘the deplorables’!

        Americans have a lot to learn and unlearn. Our strategic advantage may reside in the fact that political life in the United States cannot get worse – we really have touched bottom and (barring a nuclear war) we can only look up.”


        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          Have no problem with American Jim Petras who used to be on Veterans Today when I was. Left VT when Duff, probably drunk. started messing around with my stuff, Like changing the name of the US attack submarine USS Jimmy Carter which caused that devastating quake and tsumani off Aceh in December 2004.

          Stop trashing the EU for the benefit of places like Oldham and Blackpool, and patronizing me and other Americans.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            As I recall, you said that I damn well knew nothing about Klein, and you claimed she had said nothing about 9/11, and when I objected to your lies, and said that Naomi had written extensively about 9/11 in the Shock Doctrine, the mods conveniiently deleted it for you.

            I wrote a long article about disaster capitalism, The Nation, Klein and the Katrina hurricane which can be found somewhere on google.

    • Laguerre

      Curious that you should choose that link, Tony (The Only Real Europe is Greece). Because there’s nothing more fake than Greece. Before the war of independence, most of continental Greece was occupied by Albanians and Slavs of various kinds (and Turks, who were forced to leave in the end). But the Albanians were forced to convert to orthodoxy and change their names to Greek-sounding ones. Greece is really an artificial invention of the 19th century.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        I’ve spent a lot of time in Greece with ordinary Greek people, and this is the link, I forgot to include above for Trowbridge. You gain a different perception from actually “Being There” (I like Peter Sellers too) than from reading someone else’s point of view (who often has never been there at all).

        ” Who Rules America? The Power Elite in the Time of Trump By Prof. James Petras”




      • giyane

        Were their willies really as small as classical sculpture ones? I always thought that was artistic licence. There is a completely naked man striding across the entrance lobby where I was working today, to remind the students of their purpose in life. Talking of miniaturisation the tiny thing we should all be worrying about is the microphone chip activated by wifi implanted in our mouths behind the molar teeth. That makes the dental profession , like the medical profession , the spiritual, political, military, banking and managerial professions, willing accessories to the mark of the Beast, the control of humankind by Gordon Brown’s new world order.

        No wonder the A1 hasn’t been dualled: it passes through the United Kingdom Brown-Blair constituencies of England’s North-East.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Jack Shae, Craig has got a lot of friends, some of who’m do extremely high quality videos with excellent sound.

  • Nieman

    “The Yes movement”? The racists you mean.

    It is a scientific fact that 80% of the residents of the British Isles are of Celtic descent; the only thing that ever changed was the nationality of our “Lords and Masters, the so-called “British” establishment, starting with a monarch that is half Scottish and half German.

    You talk about the wonderful achievements of Clan Murray, which of course, makes Clan Murray part of the “British establishment”.

    In this particular post you talk about “English Law” while you mean, and refer to “Admiralty Law”. English common law was made by the English while admiralty law was made by the “British Establishment”t, of course, which you have told us, Clan Murray is a part. The fact that you got to be “Ambassador Murray” testifies to this fact.

    You have spewed out your hatred of the English ever since you ran away to become part of the great Scottish Independence movement, which of course, depends on lies, and hatred of the English, to drive it forward.

    Hey, if you libeled somebody, suck it down, you have libeled the English more than enough. Suck it down Murray, I hope they take you for every penny you have.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      That was a bit harsh, but most of what you wrote is correct, except that a lot of my Celtic bit came from North Western France. At least Craig Murray so far as I can tell, isn’t a Nazi even if he maybe slightly Anglo-Saxon.

      How about you…Where do you come from?

      Just tell the truth, No one minds. In fact hardly anyone could give a shit.

      They are just glued to their phones and Come Dancing


    • Peter

      You are right Nieman. And what about this kick for the Judean people.
      The history of the SNP is a racist one.

    • craig Post author

      I don’t recall ever saying anything about the “wonderful achievements of clan Murray.” You appear to be indulging in some peculiar fantasy. What you write about “Admiralty law” is simply nonsense. I am rather fond of the English, being half English myself. As it happens my English side is from a coastal fishing community in Sheringham that is certainly Danish in origin, and very isolated and in-bred, so probably not much Celt of that side, but very much English for a long time.

    • giyane

      Not sure how 80% of the UK can be Celtic when we are told that 40% are immigrants or other minorities. What about all those Angles and Saxons who decided that a few metres above sea-level was not a good place to be. You have to add a few herbs to make nice cooking. I am disturbed to hear that Celts were pracising their barbarities a tStonehenge as early as 7,000 BC. Might it not be time to add a few more flavours to the curry?

        • Sinister Burt

          The idea of a celtic migration has been largely discredited now – it’s thought that it was just the cultural ideas that moved (and maybe a few druids) – genetic evidence suggests that celtic people in western europe have lived there long before celtic culture arrived.

          Incidentally, some people think similar about the anglo saxon ‘invasion’ – the story of anglo saxon invasion comes largely from Bede, who was interested in separating his christian tradition from the pre-existing celtic christianity. Archaeological and genetic evidence suggests there was no massive influx of german people, but instead an adoption of european culture in eastern england after the roman empire fell.

          This is according to Britain AD by Francis Pryor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aQAtlrCpGQ

          • Sinister Burt

            Btw – i think there is stronger evidence for the Danes’ physical ‘invasion’ (i always thought the geordie accent does sound a bit scandanavian…)

  • Murray Mint

    Allow me to investigate the history of Clan Murray:

    The progenitor of the Clan Murray was Freskin who lived during the twelfth century.It has been claimed that he was Pictish but it is much more likely that he was a Flemish knight, one of a ruthless group of warlords who were employed by the Norman kings to pacify their new realm after the Norman conquest of England. David I of Scotland who was brought up in the English court, employed such men to keep hold of the wilder parts of his kingdom and granted to Freskin lands in West Lothian.The ancient Pictish kingdom of Moray (Moireabh in Scottish Gaelic) was also given to Freskin and this put an end to the remnants of that old royal house. In a series of astute political moves Freskin and his sons intermarried with the old house of Moray to consolidate their power. Freskin’s descendants were designated by the surname de Moravia (“of Moray” in the Norman language) and this became ‘Murray’ in the Lowland Scottish language.The original Earls of Sutherland (chiefs of Clan Sutherland[note 1]) descend from Freskin’s eldest grandson, Hugh de Moravia], whereas the chiefs of Clan Murray descend from Freskin’s younger grandson, William de Moravia.
    Sir Walter Murray became Lord of Bothwell in Clydesdale thanks to a marriage to an heiress of the Clan Oliphant. He was a regent of Scotland in 1255. He also started construction of Bothwell Castle, which became one of the most powerful strongholds in Scotland. It was the seat of the chiefs of Clan Murray until 1360 when it passed over to the Clan Douglas.

    Hey, you are just one of the “Scottish People” aren’t you Murray? Just one of the lads; no political machinery in action, eh?


    Yea! Dream on RoS!

    • craig Post author

      No idea of your motivation, but like many surnames Murray refers to geography and means from Moray (same word, identical pronunciation). The idea we are all descended from one Freskin, or that Moray originates with Moravia, is just silly. People have been selling little clan booklets with that blurb my entire lifetime, and I guess 100 years or so.

      But if your point is my ancestors have possibly only been Scottish for 1,000 years, I guess I could live with that.

    • JOML

      Murray Mint – allow me to copy and paste, you meant…
      ‘Never hurry a Moray’, apparently from Andrew De Moray, preserving his men. I could be wrong, but I didn’t copy & paste!

  • fwl

    Its not just defamation which is expensive any multi-track claim is expensive. Is it cheaper in Scotland? Do different provisions and expectations on disclosure and what I assume to be lower over heads reduce litigation costs?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I wish I could get more supportive of independence movements these day but they seem to accomplish little these days.

    Look at what happens to Castro’s Cuba around the clock, Independent Jamaica having a big massacre back in 2010 while harboring a US wanted drug lord, Miranmar’s problems, East Timor’s, Ireland’s and what lies in wait when Cataonia seeks it seriously.

    • giyane

      Uncle Trowbridge, not trying to be patronising, just trying to be true to my inner feelings, and as one brought up on Brer Rabbit’s, ‘ born and bred in the briar patch ‘ statement: independence is a state of mind , not a political actuality. You are on the face of it an American citizen, and yet in some way, from your writings, you are not.
      The Caribbean people are not from the Caribbean, and yet they are not from Africa either; they are from Islam which flourished on the African continent long before the day. The absolute opposite of the all-controlling New World Order is not Independence, it is distant memory in the cultural that I remember that the reason why I ended up here was that my inner beliefs were not approved of by the powers that be.
      I am in exile in a Muslim suburb of Birmingham, Craig is in exile in Scotland, and the people of the USA, your former homeland, are there because of their Lutheran refusal to accept intermediaries between a human soul and his/her Creator, insisted on by the powers that be.

      Mrs May has the illusion that because she has a record of everyone’s speech as recorded by GCHQ, she somehow has power. But watching the Brexit negotiations is like watching two parrots chatting in human phrases while thinking in parrot what a wonderful load of bollocks they are saying.

  • Hieroglyph

    Donated a small amount. Would be fantastic if Craig wins, though I’m not confident. In Australia, too, the merits of any case seem to compromised where politics is involved; in other words, our High Court is as bent as the UK’s. It’s really quite blatant these days, which doesn’t augur well for the near-future. On the upside, I do think people are genuinely sick of the levels of corruption in the UK and Australia, which longer-term could prove interesting …

    Personally, I’m interested in what’s happening in Spain\Future Catalonia. It Catalonia gets independence, despite some draconian action by Spainish authorities, then Scotland can just hold another referendum, and screw the UK authorities; in fairness, a position Craig has taken before, but now we can see it in action, real time. As ever, I am in two-minds about the EU, which rumour has it was set up by the deep-state in the US (if you like these rumours, that is). So, dunno. It’s a tough one. I suppose with certain compromises – no free flow of labour, and better protections for nationalised industries – I’d be onboard. And I know the immigration issue is complex, but I’m more and more persuaded that a nation-state should set the number if immigrants, as happens in Australia, and we can just argue about the numbers. Merely a practical suggestion, I’m an immigrant after all, so no issues with the principle of immigration.

  • Sinister Burt

    Didn’t want to put this on the top thread, but are any lifeboaters reading here? Do you know what’s happened it this morning? (seems it’s taking on water…)

  • Sharp Ears

    The BBC actually reported it.

    Pro-independence rally held in Glasgow’s George Square

    16 September 2017

    From the section Glasgow & West Scotland

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    Hope Over Fear rally
    Image caption
    Crowds gathered for a march then a rally in George Square

    Large crowds gathered in George Square in Glasgow for a pro-independence rally on Saturday.
    Organisers said the Hope Over Fear event was to remember the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.
    There were speeches and music from special guests.

    whereas The Scotsman say ‘1,500’.

    1,500 attend pro-independence rally in Glasgow
    Hundreds filled the streets of Glasgow for a pro-Scottish independance (sic) march Photo
    16 September 2017
    Independence supporters have held a rally almost three years on from Scotland’s referendum. Police Scotland estimated around 1,500 people attended the event in George Square Glasgow, the scene of a number of rallies on the eve of the 2014 vote.


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