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1,681 thoughts on “One of the Following is True

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  • Peter C

    “b) No blogging recently because I am awaiting my next pay cheque from the Kremlin.”

    “Ha, ha, ha . . .!” You, Alex and all the other so called “fake news” outlets. “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” What should we do? Duck and dive under a table was the old advice – no one needs a nuclear bunker, except for the Elite, of course. Personally I just watch RT to get a better idea of what is really going on – the established fake news outlets are disappointing when it comes to truth and facts.

  • Peter Beswick

    Forget the Russians, cosy up with the Saudis they spend more on “defence” than the Russians and are looking to buy influence.

    In the past 10 years Saudi has spent ~ 675 Bn US$ on military spend peaking at 90 Bn US$ / year recently.

    Iran spends about 12 Bn US$

    So Saudi need to get the message across why they have to be aggressive with their neighbours and spend money killing people rather than building a modern country.

    You may have found a new niche now you are officially not anti-Semitic (no baggage)

  • mike

    Not you as well, Craig ! Those devils are everywhere! If there’s a bad flu outbreak this winter my money is on a Russki bioweapon.

  • mark beer

    Дорогой Крэйг, я не предполагаю, что Вы могли видеть ваш путь, чистый к предоставлению мне несколько рублей, могли Вы, товарищ?

    [Dear Craig, I don’t suppose you could see your way clear to lending me a few rubles, could you, comrade ? ]

    • Macky

      Maybe it should be you apologizing for being wrong; “For all you know, he is in hospital with exhaustion and worse.”

      Far from being hospitalised with exhaustion, Craig had in fact rushed off across to Africa to work !

      • John Spencer-Davis

        And the reason for the lack of blogging was not because Craig was idle, as pietra pompously assumed (which would be none of his or her business in any event), but because he was ill, as I suggested.

        • Macky

          No sorry, there’s no option “c) No blogging recently because I was ill.”

          Far from “recovering” because of the “stress” of the court case, he was well enough to shoot-off to Africa for work; that he has now come down with food poisoning, is beyond even your Mystic Meg abilities to have foreseen.

          • Macky

            Admittedly it rather difficult to argue against rational argumentation, but to pretend that it’s not worth doing, I regret to advise, says rather a lot about you .

  • mike

    This is the kind of shit people are hoovering up without asking any questions. Marbles are being lost without so much as a nod toward, er, basic fucking logic.

    This is Wired from 10th November on the Russian Brexit tweets:


    Note the line “In a small snapshot of what is likely to be a much bigger issue.”

    “Likely”? You’re kidding, right? Is this how journalism works now? It gets worse.

    This is the killer line: “Surprisingly, all the posts around Brexit in this small snapshot were posted after the June vote.”

    So Russia influenced the Brexit vote after the vote happened????

    Do you have a functioning neocortex?

    And let’s not forget the DNC server. You know, the one HACKED BY THE CONVENIENTLY-NAMED FANCY BEARS!

    Except the FBI never examined the server to find out for sure:


    • Shatnersrug

      Even the Fortean Times is at it. Having a bad guy is good for business I suppose. I do think that MI5 have an asset in every mainstream publication in the UK – it’s the old Oxbridge connection.

    • Shatnersrug

      What stuns me is just how bad propaganda is in this day and age. The BBC used to be past masters at it, highly sophisticated . Now they’re useless and transparent. They think we’re all idiots but actually the idiocy is all there’s too smaller gene pool I think

      • Peter C

        No, I think what is happening, with the BBC and other establishment outlets, is that they know they are losing the master narrative and their response is inevitably to be more and more blatant with their propaganda, because the old way doesn’t work any more. In short they are panicking and in the panic are showing themselves for what they really are. Who believes their pish any more?

  • Republicofscotland

    “because I am awaiting my next pay cheque from the Kremlin.”

    Nice work if you can get it. ?

    Meanwhile the world just keeps on getting madder by the minute.

    As a charity make Tommy Robinson (EDL founder) its good will ambassador.


    Robinson was recently dishing out his “feelings of goodwill” at the far right rally in Poland, where banners could be seen “We Pray for a Islamic Holocaust.”



    Tommy when asked about the 60,000 rally replied “I’ve had an amazing time.”

    Robinson has all the hallmarks needed, to replace BoJo as Foreign secretary.

    • Loony

      Good smear – very impressive.

      So someone at a rally incorporating 10’s of thousands of people is waving an offensive banner and you immediately identify one named individual as supporting the message on the banner.

      Try it another way around. Take Robert Back a Scottish child killer. Is it reasonable to conclude that all people who identify as Scottish are either child killers or supportive of child killing? Why not quote someone visiting Scotland who says they have had an “amazing time” and then associate that statement with support for child killing.

      • Republicofscotland


        If you had bother to read the links you may have noticed this.

        “I have had an amazing time with polish patriots marching against Islam . Polish pride is something else,” he wrote on Twitter.”

        I’ve never heard of a child murderer called Robert Back, I have heard of a Robert Black, but what has a child murderer got to do with Robinson attending a far right rally in Poland?

        More to the point though, are you that naive that you believe that Robinson

        (A) Didn’t know what the rally was about?


        (B) Tommy (EDF founder) went there knowing exactly what the rally was all about?

        • J

          It reads:

          Tommy Robinson – Goodwill Ambassador

          MMBF Trust is pleased to announce Tommy Robinson as the Goodwill Ambassador for our Trust. A keen supporter of the world of media and the arts, Robinson will be responsible for briefing the Board of Trustees on initaitives within the arts we can work on to support more young talent.

          We are also pleased to announce that Tommy Robinson will as part of his role oversee our new £100,000 arts grant scheme being launched in February 2018. This will trigger the launch of the MMBF Tommy Robinson Award scheme that will offer grants and funding to creatives and artists across the UK.

          MMBF Tommy Robinson Award

          Calling all creatives, artists, actors & filmmakers! MMBF Trust has teamed up with Tommy Robinson to offer you opportunities & funding to kickstart your career. Launch Date : 30th January 2018

    • Tony_0pmoc

      I suspect Tommy Robinson is working for MI6, and that Christopher Spivey has been brainwashed by them, or has naturally gone all David Shayler on LSD, or whatever they use now on people they want to turn mad.

      • Shatnersrug

        Christopher Spivey has less than one functioning brain cell. He is extremely typical of the classic Southend nutter. I strongly doubt if he’s even been noticed by the authorities besides being nicked for sharing pictures of naked children.

  • reel guid

    The Russians are undermining Western governments says Theresa May.

    Undermining of other governments has been a very large part of British foreign policy for a very long time.

    When the pro-Western Mossadegh government in Iran nationalised the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company in the early 1950s to try and give the people Iran the benefits of the oil profits, instead of to a British company that had been so powerful it had effectively ruled Iran, the British government tried to interest the US in toppling Mossadegh.

    President Eisenhower at first was inclined to be sympathetic to the Mossadegh government’s stance against British imperialism. However the Dulles brothers – John Foster Dulles, US Secretary of State and Allen Dulles, CIA Chief – stepped in because their Wall Street law firm Cromwell and Sullivan represented considerable corporate interests in Iran. The Dulles brothers falsely persuaded Eisenhower that Iran was in danger of going communist and that he should back a British coup.

    The British/CIA coup was one of the most destabilising events ever in the Middle East. And set a trend for CIA – often with British help – undermining of governments in all continents.

    The BBC has never bothered to tell this story about the coup against Mossadegh. Although I’m sure it has been mentioned many times on RT.

    Get lost Theresa May, you fascist fellow travelling, dishonest and nasty piece of work.

      • Loony

        Undermining Bolsheviks was such a terrible thing to do. After all communism only directly killed 94 million people in the course of the 20th century.

        Famine killed a further 101 million people. Oddly enough the worst examples of famine are to be found in China, North Korea and the USSR. who all happened to be communist at the time of famine.

        …and still people seem content to promote a communist ideology. I guess it just goes to show exactly how much these people care for humanity.

        Maybe that is why you find Poles so objectionable. They have some experience of being slaughtered in the name of ideology and don’t seem keen on repeating the experience.

          • Loony

            Hard to say as records are incomplete and/or contested but about 55 million would seem a sensible estimate.

            It is far from clear that this is all the responsibility of the British as famines likely occurred prior to their arrival.

            I have no idea what your point is because the British have all left India and no one is proposing that they return. My point is that Communism killed a lot of people (certainly more than the British killed) and yet still people are arguing, protesting and lobbying in favor of communism. Your argument is only valid to the extent that you can identify someone proposing to reconstitute the British Empire.

        • Republicofscotland


          Again you jump in and assume I’m defending Bolshevism, I’m not, my comment pointed out allied actions and nothing more.

          • Loony

            I wonder what prompts your question? There are 2 main possibilities (i) A flailing attempt to divert attention from the staggering death toll of Communism or (ii) A seemingly spontaneous desire for information. Let us assume that it is the second possibility.

            The first industrial nation was the UK and it is likely that the lassaiz faire Capitalism that accompanied the Industrial Revolution was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths – principally disease and industrial accidents. Balanced against this is that between 1750 and 1900 the UK population grew by 260%, Similar trends were observed in other Capitalist countries.

            Maybe you want to include WW1 as a “Capitalist” war – in which case you can add a maximum of 40 million. However a lot of these people would have been Russian peasants (nothing to do with Capitalism) Ottomans (nothing to do with Capitalism) and Armenians – genocided for non Capitalist reasons by the Ottomans.

            World War 2 is more complicated because of the large Communist involvement. Korea was all about Communists. From about the commencement of the US involvement in Vietnam Capitalism was essentially over and replaced with Corporatism – a trend still in place today. It is highly probable that Corporatism has already killed more people than Capitalism ever did. Corporatism lends itself well to Marxist infiltration and so you can be pretty confident that the death toll will rise considerably.

            This time around the Marxist plan is clearly to use Corporatism as their preferred killing machine and then try to deny any Marxist involvement. Only problem is the killing will never end – unless it is stopped by an outside force. Cambodia serves to illustrate. This time around there seems to be a paucity of outside forces. Ironically enough Russia would appear to be the best hope.

          • Stu

            “I wonder what prompts your question? There are 2 main possibilities (i) A flailing attempt to divert attention from the staggering death toll of Communism or (ii) A seemingly spontaneous desire for information. Let us assume that it is the second possibility”

            My question springs from the fact that every swivel eyed loon online has a figure for deaths attributed to Communism so it should surely be possible to calculate a total for capitalism under the same methodology.

            You have missed out the transatlantic slave trade, the Native American genocide, the Taiping Rebellion, the many crimes against the peoples of Africa in your calculations so i’m not sure how authoritative your figures are.

            As for the assertion that capitalism ended in 1945…….

      • Loony

        Quite a lot is the answer. However prior to nationalism there was tribalism – and that too killed quite a lot of people. Carries on killing them in modern times. Take Rwanda 800,000 chopped up in only 3 months. The Nazis never matched that rate of extermination. A lot the “xenophobic violence” in South Africa is tribal. There is no doubt that the benighted state of Zimbabwe is riddled with tribal tensions. Maybe you remember Joshua Nkomo.

        Is Nationalism better than Tribalism? No idea really. But some form of “in group preference” would appear to be part of the human condition. Better to recognize what we are and deal with it rather than to seek to deny our own reality and march forward to an unobtainable utopia.

  • reel guid

    In trying to bash Salmond’s RT show and question his editorial control I’m surprised that no one in the Britnat media has pointed out that an anagram of Putin is input.

    Silly you say. But no sillier than a lot of the irrational unionist bilge being offered.

  • Habbabkuk


    On a point of information in the interests of openness and transparency : have you been paid for any of your appearances on RT ?

    • Squonk

      I think he said they once sent him a slightly less cheap and crappy webcam than the one he had but apart from that I’m fairly sure he has previously said explicitly he doesn’t get paid for the appearances but that’s just my recollection.

    • craig Post author

      Easy answer. No. But during my fundraising campaign for my legal defence, I asked them for a fee towards it when they asked me to appear. They offered such a small fee I took umbrage and haven’t been on since.

  • Loony

    Trying to find anything in the UK that has not been completely hollowed out and substantively destroyed is a hard job. Luckily the SNP has risen to the challenge.

    The National Audit Office remains, broadly speaking, fit for purpose. It estimates that 1 in 5 Scottish taxpayers are now paying more tax than they would be were they in England. Time for the SNP to heap abuse on the NAO and rigidly claim that the true number is 1 in 7. How would the SNP know? I was under the impression that they were a political party and not a statistical agency. Never let ignorance of the facts stand in the way – indeed much better to attack those with facts. Who needs facts? Who needs methodology? Who needs proof? No-one is the answer. Feelings are all that count.

    One happy bonus of attacking the NAO is that there is no need to explain what has happened to all the extra tax revenue, since you simply deny that it exists.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    This is purportedly by the BBC – and is well worth reading

    “Exposed: Secret Raqqa ISIS Withdrawal Deal”


    However, I would like to make a few points clear.

    The BBC is a very large media organisation, that employs thousands of people (some direct) and many others subcontracted.

    I know some people who work for The BBC…

    A large number of people who work for The BBC, do not support their management, nor their political views,nor the propaganda, that the editorial control, tries to insist that they produce. There is still some honest resistance, and some honest reporting by honest journalists..It’s just that most of the time the jounalists reporrting the truth, have their content deleted, within a few hours, if the editor in control on the night shift has had a few too many bevies (or could simply no longer give a sh1t). A few things still leak out.

    I won’t bore you with white helmets, proven fake videos of chemical attacks, and all the rest…that The BBC propaganda machine produces. Even the quality of the acting is quite obviously crap.

    In my expereince…most of the people who work for The BBC – especially the Film Crews – don’t like me and can be very aggressive if I try and do better photography than they do – but they haven’t knocked me over yet, nor sworn at me that much.

    Some are really nice (but most I know have retired now – they couldn’t take the management any more)

    I felt much the same in my job which has nothing to do with The BBC.

    The upper levels of management were almost overnight taken over by a complete bunch of bullshitting morons, who didn’t have a clue, and were trying to tell me how to do my job.


    • laguerre

      That story is not actually new. I remember it being mentioned in less detail at the time of of the retaking of Raqqa. The new element is the much larger numbers than were stated then. But it’s not really different from the deals done by Asad with the rebels like al-Nusra. The Americans pretended they weren’t aware of the deal, but I’m certain they were aware – they just didn’t want to admit it publicly. It was a very sensible move, avoiding heavier casualties. Maybe not straight away but the ISIS fighters will all end up being pushed over the border.

      By the way, the KRG Kurds have now agreed not to secede from Iraq. They’ll remain an autonomous entity. Must have been the consequence of the Talebani takeover (if such a takeover was what happened in the end), and the deal that the Talebanis made with Baghdad. I thought you lot would be interested in that news.


    • nevermind

      What was secret about it apart from the amount of people that were rescued by their employees, left to live another terror plot?

      At the time we clearly did see two buses being filled up and people milling around and it was said that there was a deal and that they are leaving Raqqa.

      But nobody looked at the orderly withdrawal of ‘our terror fighters’ we so dearly paid for and armed, no that they are safe its becoming a story?

      No doubt those who want to carry on taking the shekel, oops it just came out, could always pitch their tents with their brothers in arms and help train some new recruits
      to fight for Israel, fight those who stood side by side with the coalition when it suited them, the Kurds and Iranian guards who helped to defeat Isis on the ground.

      what was it about de-nazification that did not work then, that we did not use a similar solution for returning Isis fighters?

  • DiggerUK

    Rubbish, you’ve been got at by Priti Patel’s travel guide lawyers. Didn’t think you would sell out for an all paid weekend to the Gaza Strip…_

  • Sharp Ears

    Wash your mouth out Squonk. You surely know that Treeza’s dress was acquired from a designer at high cost. She ordered it so that her bare white arms could be shown fully. As she abhors waste, the chiffon top layer is to be recycled to protect Philip’s goldfish against the marauding herons in Sonning.


    The hat she wore at the Cenotaph is dual purpose. It will be handy for forcing the rhubarb.


  • Sharp Ears

    Russian politicians dismiss Theresa May ‘election meddling’ criticism
    14 November 2017

    Senior Russian politicians have dismissed accusations by Theresa May that Moscow has meddled in elections and carried out cyber-espionage.

    On Monday night, Mrs May accused Moscow of “planting fake stories” to “sow discord in the West”.

    She said Vladimir Putin’s government was trying to “undermine free societies”.

    Russian senators accused the UK’s PM of “making a fool of herself” with a “counterproductive” speech.



  • Tony_0pmoc

    Exactly a year ago today (The Tuesday), I got this phone call.

    He said, I’m sorry you don’t know me, but your wife has just been run over by a car. Then the phone went dead.

    I thought she was.

    But she was lucky – she survived – just a very badly broken leg…

    So I thought it was a good idea to get a cab tonight – cos we’ve not been to this Working Men’s Club before.

    We will get a bus and walk on the way home assuming we get there.

    Life in us old dogs yet.

    We have seen the young band before.


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