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This is the third time I have posted that there is a temporary hiatus in blogging but nothing to worry about, and subsequently ended up in hospital. Just discharged from Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after losing an unexpected argument with a piece of agricultural machinery. Between Eden Festival and that, I have missed the most fascinating fortnight in politics this year. Next time I have a break I shall put up a post asking you to worry a lot, then hopefully nothing will happen.

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270 thoughts on “Tempting Fate

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  • N_


    I’ll call your scenario

    8 Court declares referendum hacked

    If an EU court (ECJ or General Court) tries that, it will be a dream come true for extremist Leavers. But a British court? It’s an interesting thought, especially if Lab and Con take different positions. How do you envisage it might play out?

    All seems to have gone quiet on the Dominic Cummings front since he wrote to the select committee and told them (in so many words) that he was calling their bluff. Then suddenly his wordiness ceased. What happened?

    Did you watch or read Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore’s evidence?

    Asked about his meetings with the Russian ambassador, in particular in connection with goldmines, Banks dropped the name “Peter Hambro“.

    The select committee appears to have taken down the file of its correspondence with Dominic Cummings. They were theatrically biting the carpet saying how important it was for them to take his evidence, and now the pillocks have forgotten what they said. What’s going on?

    The only thing they’ve done is to publish some documents Banks gave them including emails with US government “officials”. You can read them here.

    One funny thing I noticed: select committee videos may be reproduced in accordance with terms and conditions, but not for “satire”. Seriously, that is what they say!

    There is no media coverage. A D Notice?

  • N_

    Correction: the emails published by the select committee were given to the committee by Andy Wigmore and they are between him and Kevan P Higgins, a political officer at the US embassy who has stated that one of his responsibilities is to manage the embassy’s relationships with the Houses of Parliament and British political parties.

    Before he had that job, he was on secondment to the FCO, where he “managed strategic communications in Europe Directorate”, including on immigration, freedom of movement, and justice and home affairs. “Geographical areas of responsibility included Central and Eastern Europe, and the Eastern Partnership countries, especially Ukraine.”


  • Republicofscotland

    Glasgow School of Art burns is badly damaged by a huge fire,a much wotse fire than the one four years ago. David Mundell a man under pressure to resign pops up and says the British government will help rebuild. Coincidence?

  • Sharp Ears

    In the local paper:

    Network Rail no longer allow disabled people, even with a blue badge, to park for free in the mainline station car park. £16.20 for all day parking for them now. Outrageous but someone has to pay Mark Carne’s inflated salary.

    Also a letter saying that our MP has not responded to his letter asking which way she stands on Brexit and how she would be voting in the recent debate on the HoL amendments. She never replies to me these days either. She has been in place since 2005 thanks to the Tory sheeple. Almost back to the days of Rotten Boroughs.

    • Anon1

      “Network Rail no longer allow disabled people, even with a blue badge, to park for free”

      Let me fix that for you.

      “Network Rail no longer allow people with a blue badge, even those who are disabled, to park for free”

      Unless the disability involves not being physically able to put your hand in your pocket/handbag and retrieve your wallet/purse (ie, a genuine disability rather than just being grossly overweight), then you should pay like everyone else.

  • Keith Prescott

    Farming, possibly the most dangerous occupation and one where the victim can be stuck isolated and in pain or deadly circumstances.
    I wish you a speedy recovery Craig, though enjoy your ‘convalescence’ !
    Keith Prescott

    • Xavi

      History has shown us what the Germans really think. In fact, this cosying up to a brutally oppressive racist state shows they haven’t really changed at all.

      • Republicofscotland

        It would seem at that festival anyway, that showing support for the oppressed people of occupied lands, by a violent apartheid regime posing as a democracy, is the wrong thing to do.

        • Nevermind, Duke of Doggerland

          you are a generalising penguin mate, the elite, just as the establishment arms traders and hangers on here, are the one’s who build and give them submarines with intercontinental missile capabilities, not the ‘Germans’.

          You also forgot to talk about the gilt business that is employing pressure at every possible time. Its guilt, not points, that bring you prizes.

          • Nevermind, Duke of Doggerland

            Jack, German fans are like that, but in no way are they representative of the various shades of politics, especially not power politics which works behind a façade of respectability and acceptance, and whatever this establishments supports is and never has been supported by the majority of Germans born after the war.
            To, once again, generalise, make it easier for one self to distinguish, or, god beware engage and try and find out what is going on behind the official narrative, is far less complicated/lazy in today’s world of simplistic solutions.
            And if you are aghast at fascists as I am you should try and look under your own carpet and see what is wriggling around in our midst, Our past record shows that we are as good at dominating folk with a piss poor unfair electoral system riddled with fraud, as any other nation, know how to handle Massay’s, Indians, Zului’s and Boor’s, designed by the establishment and that’s just at home. Now go and keep that egg of yours warm…. typically sad German joke…. Henning Wehn is much better.

          • Jack

            Nevermind, Duke of Doggerland

            I havent generalized any people I am taking about the germans at the festival that have banned this group.

    • Sharp Ears

      They ‘bought’ their Dolfin subs from Germany of course. Five are in use. Another is due to be delivered in 2019.

      Imaginative names like those for their wars on Palestine.
      Dolphin class submarine
      INS Dolphin (1999)
      INS Livyathan (Whale, 1999)
      INS Tekumah (Revival, 2000)

      AIP Dolphin 2 class:
      INS Tannin (Crocodile, delivered in 2012)
      INS Rahav (Demon, delivered in 2014)
      INS Dakar (Grouper, ordered 21 March 2012, expected operational date 2019)

      BiBi is currently being questioned about the deal. The investigation is named Case 3000.

      The Israeli Submarine Scandal: What We Know
      Netanyahu is taking on water as a potential conflict of interest scandal surrounding submarine purchase from German company grows
      Nov 06, 2017

      The torpedo tubes were specially enlarged to allow delivery of these evil weapons.

      ‘ Each submarine is fitted with 6 × 533 mm (21.0 in) torpedo tubes, and 4 × 650 mm (26 in) torpedo tubes. The very large 650 mm tubes can be used for laying mines, larger submarine-launched cruise missiles, or swimmer delivery vehicles, and with liners the tubes could be used for standard torpedoes and submarine-launched missiles. According to the German Defense Ministry the 650 mm tubes are to have a liner installed for firing 533 mm UGM-84 Harpoon missiles although the Dolphin class already has six tubes of the 533 mm size.’


    • Alan

      Good news that fine Edinburgh band have principles and stand by them, and will not be cowed by petty bureaucratic thought police. Who want to censor anti-apartheid campaigners. Who needs their insignificant festival anyway?

    • Twostime

      RoS – “terrorised of murdered enough of them yet, give it time, and they too will fear and obey you.” Is that irony / comedy or just casual impliction of “North Korean terror”? Just asking as I’m not sure I have come across any balanced media on the subject recently – other than “The Haircut” of course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BO83Ig-E8E 🙂

  • Sharp Ears

    Just reading a Tesco product label The product was made in China. Tesco give the instructions in 12 languages and describe themselves as: Tesco |International Franchising S.R.O, Bratislava, Slovakia with another address as Tesco Stores Ltd, Welwyn Garden City AL7 IGA.

    To which entity will they pay their taxes?

  • Sharp Ears

    RIPA – More of the same
    The United Kingdom Foreign Secretary has declared that the provisions of Part 1 of the 2016 Act of the UK General Privacy Protections will come into force on June 27, 2018. The regulations bring into force provisions in the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, relating to the interception of communications and equipment interference.

    The law allows UK authority to monitor all conversations on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, among others.


    • Bayard

      “The law allows UK authority to monitor all conversations on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, among others.”
      You have to wonder why they bothered.

  • Sharp Ears

    Could you make this up?

    Ex-top boss of prison contractor Serco becomes new justice minister
    15 Jun 2018

    ‘A former top boss of outsourcing firm Serco, which earns millions of pounds from UK government contracts and which manages five prisons in England and Wales, has become the new justice minister in Theresa May’s cabinet.

    Tory Edward Argar, who became Charnwood’s MP in 2015 – only nine months after quitting his role as head of public affairs at Serco UK and Europe – will be responsible for issues concerning youth justice, female prisoners, and offender health in his new role as justice minister.’

    Read on. He replaces Philip Lee who has just resigned.

    Argar has also worked for Mouchel who have government contracts for highways and transportation work.


    He had only been an MP for a year when he went to Israel in 2016 with the CFoI.



  • Republicofscotland

    Re the destruction of the Glasgow School of Art by fire.

    It would appear that a building infront of the GSoA, the 02 Academy (a cinema turned music venue) now up for sale (not sure if it was closed down altogether), roof was on fire prior to the GSoA catching fire, if this picture is genuine.

    The GSoA is behind the burning roof.


        • Nevermind, Duke of Doggerland

          Is it another case of curtailing the arts budget with a little help from a friend? Or a design to get an international worried movement to put their hands in their pocket?

          Any idea of the cause of this blazing inferno? any accelerants used in the ‘restoration’? Some serious investigation needed there.

          • JOML

            I really haven’t a clue. Glasgow had a reputation for listed, derelict buildings going on fire a few years back, but not this century. I know some people working hard to repair the damage from 2014, so this is a huge body blow. However, pales into insignificance when compared to human life.

    • J Galt

      Unless that photo is made up then it would appear that the fire spread from the O2 to the GSoA. The portion of the GSoA behind the raging inferno that is the O2 Academy is not alight, the scaffolding untouched.

      Why would anybody fake the photo?

      And yet in all media the possibility the fire started in the O2 Academy is not even considered.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Sharp Ears June 15, 2018 at 17:21
    ‘Trump puts 25% tariff on Chinese goods
    43 minutes ago

    Trade wars looming?

    It’s so good to be living in such peaceful times. ?’

    And China, understandably, responds proportionally:
    ‘Trade war escalates as China slaps tariffs on 128 American goods including meat and wine’:

  • Republicofscotland

    “A lawmaker from the ruling Likud party said Wednesday that the “J**ish race” is the smartest in the world and possessing of the “highest human capital,” which is why, he said, the Israeli public did not buy into the allegations
    of wrongdoing by Prime Minister Benjamin


    Oh right I see, I recall another country claim that it’s people were also superior, that didn’t end too well for them.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      Why do you not name the lawmaker so offcial complaints can be registered along with asking UK to suspend diplomatic relations with an absolutely racist rogue state?

  • Sharp Ears


    The Mysterious Wikipedia Editor
    Who is “Philip Cross”? That’s the name on an account that has made more than 130,000 Wikipedia edits since 2004. But it’s not so much the volume of his work but his subject matter that has irritated anti-war politicians and journalists around the world. His detractors claim that he’s biased against them and that his influence has made some entries unreliable. It’s a charge that’s rejected by the foundation behind Wikipedia, but the person behind Philip Cross remains elusive. So what happened when we tried to track him down?

    Presenters: Lee Kumutat, Jonathan Griffin
    Studio Manager: Mike Woolley

    Picture Caption: Screenshot of the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, one of the world’s most popular websites.
    23 mins

    And on the World Service tomorrow 17th June. O1.32

  • giyane

    Craig , you are lucky to be alive, Rear wheels of trailers projecting into the oncoming traffic are particularly dangerous at night. None of us believed that MI5 could devise novichocked doorhandles so I presume you were not combine harvested into a cubed bale of whistleblower chaff while snoozing in a cornfield or accidentally zipped yourself inside your sleeping bag from the outside.

  • N_

    To bring some topics together. You know Peter Hambro, the banking-family oligarch who has had substantial interests in Russian goldmining and timber and whose name was dropped by the not so posh oligarch Arron Banks, co-founder of Leave.EU, at the select committee before it went dark?

    Well…Hambro is a slaver. He has been exposed as having interests in timber enterprises in Russia that use North Korean forced labour. He founded the Russian Timber Group mentioned in that article.

    Arron Banks has said he’s “very bullish on gold”.

    Now why might that be?

  • N_

    Hi Giyane,

    I’m hoping Craig wasn’t sleep-deprived into believing he cracked himself over the head with a milking-stool.

    What do you think of the idea that the Tommy Robinson Leeds arrest was designed to distract from the sentencing of Alison Chabloz? Robinson got supported by Netanyahu’s no.2 social media guy, Hananya Naftali, who tweeted “Free Tommy Robinson!”

  • Brianfujisan

    Jeezo Craig.. I hope you feel Ok for Doune.. Some Injuries need resting.

    giyane thinks it may have been a Rear wheels of trailer.. I rember Laughing my head off, after a rear trailer wheel came off, Bounced over a fence on Balloch / Drymen Road.. It went rollinll down hill for about half a Mile.. When I cought up eith it , picked it up, and god a right bad burn to my hands..wasn’t laughing then.

    Node are you going to the Doune Fest too ?.You would fair enjoy it.

    .are you out in Russia For your Team..
    Nigeria were Murder to whatch tonight..They can well Run though
    But Argentina Played the same way Passing the ball back all the time.. We aint seen the last of Messi

      • Brianfujisan

        slàinte mhath. JOML..

        Maby next year a bunch of uf us can get together ..Couple of years ago Craig Touched on the Idea of a wee Boog Yurt / hut.. It will be interesting to see what a month Earlier will bring..

    • Node

      Node are you going to the Doune Fest too ?.You would fair enjoy it.

      Can’t make it, Brian. I’m working at Belladrum at the beginning of August so need to catch up on the real world in between. I’ll make it to Doune one of these years. Some of my mates are going so I’ll get the craic.

    • Nevermind, Duke of Doggerland

      No, just back from the Emerald isle and still moving to Irish speed, one step forward two steps back, what a beautiful island, people and roads for that matter.
      Can’t afford Russia’s hotel prices and Ireland is not cheap, not sure whether I want to drive all that way to Doune this year, too much digging going on.

      here is one I made up on the beach, after four weeks without rain, unheard of in Ireland, we sat in our waterproofs at a rocky beach as the first few drops of rain in the wake of Hector fell, for about 20 minutes, gentle pitter patter rain, nothing like a deluge. It was magic, all alone we watched the tide come in, counted hooded crows strut about the seaweed, and kitty wakes come to the beach and have a bath in the sweet water of a small beck/burn entering the sea at that point, utter bliss, nothing else mattered……

      Watching two rocks slowly subside,
      at Ballyvooney cove’s on the incoming tide,
      listening to the kittywakes screech,
      I slide…. slide and slide,
      importance disappears into the sand on the beach,
      for nothingness, inner silence,
      Tedium released to the waves.

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