Pro-Israeli Terror Threat at Labour Conference Covered Up By MSM 224

A fringe venue at the Labour conference was evacuated last night after the screening of a film about my friend Jackie Walker was cancelled by a terrorist bomb threat. Jackie, a black Jewish prominent critic of Israel, is currently among those suspended from the Labour Party over accusations of anti-semitism which are, in her case, nonsense.

What is astonishing is that the state and corporate media, which has made huge play around the entirely fake news of threats to pro-Israel MP Luciana Berger leading to her being given a police escort to protect her from ordinary delegates, has completely ignored this actual and disruptive pro-Israeli threat – except where they have reported the bomb threat, using the big lie technique, as a further example of anti-semitism in the Labour Party!

The Guardian’s report in this respect is simply unbelievable. Headed “Jewish event at Labour conference abandoned after bomb scare” it fails to note that Jewish Voice for Labour is a pro-Corbyn organisation and the film, “The Political Lynching of Jackie Walker”, exposes the evil machinations of the organised witch-hunt against Palestinian activists orchestrated by Labour Friends of Israel and the Israeli Embassy. It is not that the Guardian does not know this – it has carried several articles calling for Jackie Walker’s expulsion.

The attempt to spin this as the precise opposite of what it was continues on social media. This chap is followed on Twitter by the Foreign Office.

I want you to undertake a little mental exercise for me, and try it seriously. Just imagine the coverage on Newsnight, the Today Programme and Channel 4 News if a Labour Friends of Israel meeting had been cancelled by a bomb scare. Imagine through the experience of seeing or listening to the coverage, on each of those in turn, of a bomb threat to Labour Friends of Israel.

Done that?

Well the bomb threat to the pro-Palestinian rights Jewish Voice for Labour has so far received zero coverage on those programmes.

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224 thoughts on “Pro-Israeli Terror Threat at Labour Conference Covered Up By MSM

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  • Sharp Ears

    Jeremy has just said that, as soon as Labour take office, the Palestinian state will be recognized. That promise will increase the opprobrium being heaped on him by the Israel supporters.

    • flatulence'

      Yes, in your face all who parrot the crap about Jezza only saying what people want to hear to get himself to power. May better get her Bostik out for the crumbling lies she wants to glue up behind her speech, because JC is kicking arse.

      • Garth Carthy

        Yes, whatever the mainstream media try to tell us, I get the distinct impression that Jeremy Corbyn has enormous support – you just have to read the comments columns in the Independent and hear what the public think on the Jeremy Vine show to realise that there is massive support for Jeremy Corbyn and people are totally p***ed off with the mainly manufactured anti-Semitism accusations.

        No doubt there are many Tory deluded bigots who comment in the Daily Fail and Sun columns who will always see Corbyn as an anti-Semite, Commy, and IRA supporter but I think they will find they have an increasingly enlightened opposition.

        • N_

          The Z__nist power structure in Britain has strings to its bow that it hasn’t pulled yet.

          I would love to watch the Tories base their campaign in the next election on calling Jeremy Corbyn an “anti-Semite” to the extent that they used the “IRA supporter” line last year, and for them to fall flat on their poshboy faces. But I fear the election will be like a retrial after the first trial ended with a hung jury and now the prosecution know what all the defence cards are.

          Besides, as I said, strings to the bow. Imagine a Bataclan or Moscow theatre event at a venue in the West End of London, with military weapons used (submachine guns, gas grenades, hand grenades, whatever) and the Sun and Daily Mail saying TERRORISTS equal MUSLIMS equal FOREIGNERS equal LABOUR PARTY equal DEAD BRITISH PEOPLE ON THE STREETS – and take a look at these horrendous pictures. Would Labour have a good chance then?

          Labour has “young people” and “falling living standards”.
          The Tories have xenophobia.

          The Tories also have “f*** you, I’m all right Jack”, but their problem now is that not so many people ARE doing “all right”.

          Xenophobia is a powerful tool, and I suspect in the next few days we are going to see a big “EU27 are sh*tting on Britain and have stopped any chance of a ‘deal'” push. If she’s still leader by the time of the Tory leader’s conference speech, that’s what Theresa May will say. She is not going to stand on the stage and say three cheers for Chequers.

          From the 1970s on, Z__nist propaganda associated the word “Palestinian” with “terrorist” in many minds. Things have moved on now. The association a few years ago was of “terrorist” first with the foreign-sounding name “Al Qaeda”, then with an ancient Egyptian goddess – more powerful than any storm? – called “ISIS” Now? Well now the association is of “terrorist” with your Muslim neighbour in a wimple headscarf, whom you are encouraged to dehumanise by referring to as a “postbox”.

        • flatulence'

          Right on. We will still have issues with the selfish and or bigots etc, but possibly the biggest problem is the ignorance. I don’t think everyone should have to go to the lengths we do to try and discern the truth, but with the MSM the way it is, we are forced to, and it leaves a lot that will quite understandably just buy and regurgitate what they are told. I heard of a farmer the other day who introduced an old couple to twitter. They were always Tory voters, but one week after using twitter, they were shocked to see the obvious bias in the MSM and are now praising Corbyn and vow to vote Labour. Now that’s progress.

        • Alan Wick

          820,000 members, increasing throughout the anti-semitism horse shit. That’s approaching 1 in 60 of us, which is unpredented, if I’m not mistaken, but who would think it, from the media? Great point mate.

          • Michael McNulty

            A comment on one of Craig’s articles a couple of years ago said the secret to conservatives being re-elected is to give just enough money to just enough people. With their worsening greed and austerity reaching deeper into society which includes middle class Tory voters they’ve stopped giving enough money to enough people, and as they know they’ll likely be in the political wilderness a very long time they’ll loot the country of everything worth having before they’re removed.

    • flatulence'

      contrast this to May, currently passionately shoving her nose right up the arses of big business leaders at the Bloomberg Forum New York, praising the ‘progress’ of big business driving humanity forwards. If what has been happening for the past decades is considered progress, expect more of the same and worse from her and her puppet masters.

      • Sharp Ears

        @ 15.04
        You mean the Israelis I assume. The Palestinians know exactly where their borders are. Some of them still have the keys to their homes taken in al Nakba in 1948.

        • Alyson

          The issue at source is the Balfour Declaration, which for some reason was signed by Rothschild and Balfour, agreeing to respect property and freedom of worship, recorded in UK civil service records, in return for welcoming the European refugees. The dispossessed hold British issued land title deeds, they own houses, in law, which were stolen, and they are owed compensation. Palestinians also don’t have the same rights as other refugees, to leave, and move elsewhere. They have no passports, and no rights as citizens of the world. Restoring any kind of national sovereign territory for Palestine will be impossible. Land owners have been heard to say that there is plenty of land if only the settlers would behave like human beings, but they don’t. A court of international law will have to be convened at some time to call the thieves and murderers to account. To name them, shame them, and require reparation. In the meantime claiming some kind of collective identity is shielding the criminals from justice.

    • Sharp Ears

      Almost funny to see Vaz on the list, which is taken from the LFoI website, in view of his antics, so far free from the long arms of the law even though he supplied cocaine (allegedly). I bet there are many more who would be members but are too cowardly to be named.

      Corbyn should have a spring clean.

    • duplicitousdemocracy

      Indeed Anthony. The list of LFI is also a who’s who of Corbyn’s most prominent critics. The current campaign to discredit Corbyn has subsided a little but it will be back, they are just collecting anything they can get hold of to make the next smear more effective. Chris Friel wrote MuralGate, a very well researched paper which joined the dots and discovered that nothing surrounding the smear attacks were coincidence. It was all very calculated and included in the conspiracy were politicians, media officials and the usual pro Israelis that purport to be charitable campaigners. It’s a snake pit.
      We had an incident at work the other day, a mad man going crazy, we all felt physically threatened but none of us were afforded a police escort along the menacing unlit streets going home. This is in stark contrast to the unverified threats claimed by a prominent Corbyn critic, who was given a police escort for the well lit conference complex.

  • Jonathan Adams

    Unless Corbyn finally and at last shows some backbone and calls for a vote to expel from the party all LFI members, being as they are representatives of a hostile foreign power, then those doubting his sincerity or capacity to lead, will unfortunately have been proved right.

    Couple this with the disgraceful announcement to revisit the Brexit vote, in a shameless bid to curry more populist votes, without for a second considering how many more would be lost to those seeing the EU as a greater immediate danger than the tories, beggars belief.

    • marvellousMRchops

      As a Labour voting – pro brexit voting (Tony Benn POV) the only thing I can add to this is the deselection of any Bliarite’s who are not also LFI …………. if you can find any.

      • Sharp Ears

        Joan Ryan, the LFoI ringleader, has already lost this vote in her constituency of Enfield N but she is ignoring it. Similarly Shuker.

        Labour’s Joan Ryan and Gavin Shuker lose no-confidence votes

        I can remember her for this robbery from the taxpayers when she was a junior Home Office minister in Brown’s government. Pure chutzpah. Most decent people a) would not do it in the first place and b) when found out, go away and hang their head in shame. Not her. She was not the only one at the trough of course.

        Joan Ryan: expenses switch after £4,500 spend
        Joan Ryan, an MP whose constituency is only 14 miles from Westminster, spent thousands of pounds on repairs and decorations at her constituency home before switching her designated second home to a London property.

        Jacqui Jackboots Smith was another.

        And yet they refer to each other as ‘Honourable’!

    • N_

      One of the reasons Labour did so well in last year’s election was that they managed the difficult task of downplaying the EU issue. That was quite an achievement. Seumas Milne’s a bright guy.

      But you can’t always get what you want. It may well not be possible next time.

      Any issue to do with the relationship between British people and foreigners, or between those who are as perceived as natives and those who are as perceived as foreigners, benefits the Tories, the far right, or both. (The US unfortunately isn’t perceived as a foreign country.)

    • Blunderbuss

      Imagine if these ‘representatives of a hostile foreign power’ were Russians, rather than Z_ists.

    • Dennis Revell


      As I’ve summarised elsewhere, Corbyn’s a coward, and probably a hypocrit, though is is hard to be the former without also appearing to be, or even being, the latter. Consider who he has as the DEPUTY LEADER of the “Labour” Party:

      “Tom Watson MP, Labour Deputy Leader (Voted for the war on Iraq. Abstained or not present during 2016 vote to withdraw UK support for Saudi war against Yemen. Watson was keynote speakerat LFI’s 2016 “annual lunch” and praised LFI for being “fearless in its support for the state of Israel”. Since December 2015, Watson has received £50,000/$65,500 in personal donations from Sir Trevor Chinn*. Watson has also received £15,000/$19,600 from Sir David Garrard#, and £4,500/$5,900 from LFI. There is no Labour politician more welcoming of pro-Zionist largesse than Watson)”

      Apart from this, of those in Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet who were MPs back in 2003, there is STILL a majority of them who voted FOR the atrocity against Iraq; when he became leader it was 15/15: 100% of those who were MPs back in 2003 voted hook-line-and-sinker in EVERY Division for that atrocity. Corbyn fired NOT A ONE OF THEM on their War voting record – so much for his previous anti-war reputation and speeches: the incompetent coward revealed that he has absolutely no problem hob-knobbing with War-Criminals ever since he thought (probably mistakenly) that he could sniff the reins of power.

      – Then there was the free vote on bombing Syria – coming pretty close to joining the War-Criminal Crowd himself, the Cunt.

      – Then there weak-kneed, hardly lifting a finger, making no effort to change “Labour”‘a anti-nuke stance.

      What a proud record since becoming leader this former President of the Stop-the-War Coalition and former co-chair of CND has … Corbyn-The-Compromiser-Too-Far.



      • joeblogs

        flatulence (rather appropriate id., considering your ‘comment’ was a lot of wind).
        Ad- hominem attacks against Revell such as yours merely prove you are unable to supply a reasoned rebuttal.
        Given the tens, possibly hundreds of thousands, that died, and the awful aftermath that Iraq now finds itself in, makes the use of a mere swear word a little irrelevant don’t you think? Hurt your ‘feewings’, has he?
        The commenter is outraged – and rightly so. Who on earth could call these people human beings at all? They are a total disgrace to our species – it is complete proof, that scum always rises to the top – they fit the dictionary definition of psychopath perfectly: the commenter put the medical term rather more straightforwardly, in a way all can understand. No normal person can treat deaths and mutilations of adults and children, on an industrial scale, with equivocation. Crime must be called out, and those that committed the sins of commission by voting for the action, and of omission, by abstaining or keeping ‘shtoom’ will eventually be called to account.
        I believe, as I have written in numerous post before on Mr. Murray’s site, that Corbyn will obediently wear his red tie – the same one he wore for his leadership win – when his ‘turn’ as PM comes. He will make an about face; they all do.

      • flatulence'

        booooo. Mods, you’ve deleted my posts but left this crap in?

        Okay, to sum up what I said, but without the insults.

        Agree there is an infestation, and the corrupt and war criminals and criminally negligent should be brought to justice.
        Watson is elected Deputy Leader though, not Corbyn’s fault.
        Neither can Corbyn be blamed for the infestation, or for trying to unite the party, even the Blairites.
        Giving a vote on Syria was democratic. And the rest of your arguments are again blaming Corbyn for not dictating his own agenda above that of the party’s as a whole. Your issue is with democracy.

        • joeblogs

          Waste of time writing on here when my stuff is censored for no reason.
          I am finished with this site.

  • remember kronstadt

    i am reminded of the title of Ernie O’Malley’s book – it’s easy to be brave “On Another Man’s Wound’ on seeing the agression and lies of z-ionists involved in the labour campaign. Standing on the corpses of the dead and throwing ashes into to eyes of the living so the truth can’t be seen.

  • Blunderbuss

    @Jonathan Adams

    “Unless Corbyn finally and at last shows some backbone and calls for a vote to expel from the party all LFI members, being as they are representatives of a hostile foreign power, then those doubting his sincerity or capacity to lead, will unfortunately have been proved right”.

    You can’t say that if you are a member of the Labour Party. According to the sacred IHRA definition, it is anti-semitic to be:

    “Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations”.

    • Charles Bostock


      There is a myriad of Parliamentary groups who call themselves the “friends” of this or that foreign country (or wortds with a similar implication).

      In your opinion, are the members of all those groups “representatives of foreign powers” (whether hostile or not)?

      If that is not your opinion, how do you differentiate and, as a quick second question, why do you thonk Israel is a “hostile power” (to the UK, I suppose you mean0?

      • Jonathan Adams

        To see Israel’s obvious hostility, if not in fact naked contempt, one need look no further than the Shai Massot affair, and the disgraceful utter lack of any meaningful response by either the government or the opposition. Add to which the obvious machinations at work against Corbyn throughout the mainstream media, very probably attributable to Israel or her Sayanim, the case is imho well made.
        But no one is suggesting a command from on high to expel LFI members, but rather a democratic vote of Party members on the proposal.
        There is of course nothing whatever to stop anyone proposing a similar vote for any other “friends of ” organisation who may be perceived to be damaging to the party, although imho you’d have to go a long way to find anyone remotely as toxic as LFI

    • Dennis Revell

      “Unless Corbyn finally and at last shows some backbone and calls for a vote to expel from the party all LFI members, being as they are representatives of a hostile foreign power, then those doubting his sincerity or capacity to lead, will unfortunately have been proved right”.

      – I’m one of those, and I’ve ALREADY been proved RIGHT.


  • marvellousMRchops

    I would love to see the metadata for the comments section on the BBC news website.
    Who needs Russian trolls when we have our own homegrown ones. It’s full of the usual bile including the constant rehash of the ‘Magic money tree’ line – Labour can’t be trusted with the economy. Are these real people? If they are then I am living in some parallel universe where life is good and my children’s prospects look rosie indeed.

    Nuff said………..

        • Blunderbuss

          Funny how Labour is accused of being irresponsible with money when the Blairites and Tories are far worse. Talk about fake news!

          • Charles Bostock

            I agree that Blair and brown shouldn’t have thrown all those extra billions at the NHS and education.

          • flatulence'

            well it certainly ain’t where the Tories spent our TRILLIONS.

            Tut tut Bostik, you almost sound like you are sticking up for Labour, when read in your usual smug sarcy manner.

    • Blunderbuss

      There’s something funny about the National Debt Clock. The text says:

      “Mainstream media headlines today (no date given) are focused on Britain’s record national debt, which just surpassed £1 trillion”

      but the clock shows just over £2 trillion.

      There also seems to be inconsistent use of 1,000 markers. I think £ 33.429 Debt per citizen should read
      £ 33,429.

    • Alyson

      Just in case anyone thinks the Magic Money Tree is a fiction, it isn’t. It is a catchy euphemism for Modern Monetary Theory, which explains how Tories can give a billion to 10 DUP MPs, to bribe them to support them, can give tax cuts to billionaires, and pretend this will reduce the Deficit. The Duke of Westminster hid £4 billion tax avoidance last year. Britain’s entire Welfare bill is £3 billion. Government can spend on what it wants, Trident anyone? Or perhaps jobs, infrastructure, modern rail services? Different priorities. Austerity is a heist.

      • Alyson

        Nonetheless wiki leaks indicated that the ECB was intending to crash Britain’s economy, after Greece and Ireland, calling in a debt of £28,000 per person, or some such. Creative accounting is beyond me, though. Money multipliers soon lose the plot, I.e. How many times can you count the same sum, as loan, purchase, investment etc. At least Labour’s manifesto is fully costed, consistent with MMT, and compliant with banking regulations…. Brexit is an opportunity to get some of this complexity out into the open. The EU crackdown on offshore tax havens, starting in January next year, was the motivation of those who funded the Brexit campaign. It does however imply the existence of a ‘reserve’ of some kind though. Eurodollars etc

      • Mr Shigemitsu

        Britain’s entire welfare bill is £3bn?

        Lol!! You’re out by around two orders of magnitude. Try £260bn+

        Much as it would be satisfying to reduce the Duke of Westminster’s cash pile, along with that of other wealthy UK residents, which would serve to lessen their power and influence, taxing them till the pips sqeaked bears no particular relevance to how much a UK govt was prepared to spend on welfare, or any other worthy target, because taxes in the UK do not *fund* spending.

        They serve the vital function of mopping up sterling previously spent by govt in order to prevent the inevitable massive inflation that would result were continual govt spending to remain intaxed year on year.

        And they can also be used to disincentivise unsocial or unhealthy behaviours, enforce the use of an otherwise worthless fiat currency, and… clobber the rich to bring them down a peg or two – but it’s govt spending, and only govt spending which will improve the lot of ordinary people.

        And that govt spending gets spent into the economy at a keystroke by the BoE every day, crediting the reserve accounts at the BoE of the retail banks of the recipients of that initial spending – and the gov has no need whatsoever to see what amount of sterling the Exchequer happens to have hoovered up that month, before doing so.

        • Moocho

          Unemployed – 1% of the total welfare bill. if you were to believe the MSM, you could be forgiven or thinking the unemployed are crashing the economy with all the benefits they are taking – but they represent just 1% of the welfare spend. divide and conquer in action

    • Mr Shigemitsu

      Referring to UK public borrowing in this context is ridiculous.

      You may as well bemoan the high number of goals that were awarded in the Football League last season.

      Govt “debt” is nothing more scary than private sector savings that have yet to be spent – ask yourself who owns Gilts, Premium Bonds, NSI products etc (all of which are the methods by which the Govt “borrows” money).

      Do you worry that eg Barclays or HSBC increase their “debt” each month when you pay in your salary? Of course not, because, on the other side of the balance sheet, you, their lender, are in credit. Same thing for public sector “debt”. It’s just non-govt (ie private sector) savings.

      If every year the govt taxed a sum equal to its expenditure (ie a balanced budget), there would be no savings possible at all that year for the private sector.

      If it, god forbid, ran a surplus, then the private sector would have to either raid its savings or borrow money in order to pay the taxes demanded by govt in excess of what it spent that year.

      The govt runs a deficit (and the accrued national debt) so that the private sector can stay in surplus, ie accrue savings.

      The UK govt is the monopoly issuer of Sterling – all its debts are in Sterling; Sterling which it can create at the BoE at a keystroke and at zero cost, so the UK gov will never, ever need to bounce a sterling denominated cheque.

      Govt “debt” bears no relation to, and should never be confused with, private sector debt, because, unlike govt, the private sector is a currency user, not a currency creator.

      • Melanie Baynes

        Absolutely brilliant explanation! I keep trying to get this point across to others, but they have been so indoctrinated with the ‘household budget’ analogy, they just can’t get their heads around it. The Tories cry “we have to live within our means”, and slash govt spending, dangerously damaging all our public services, when all the time they know that it’s utter nonsense.

  • Sharp Ears

    The Guardian hack is Kevin Rawlinson. From university in 2008/9, he has worked at:
    The Independent Paris bureau
    Mercury News Agency
    The Independent Home news desk
    BBC currently Freelance Reporter ) since 2013
    ITN currently Freelance Producer ) since 2013
    Guardian currently Freelance Reporter ) since 2013

    Is that what’s called job mobility?

    He tweets too.

  • pretzelattack

    and of course comments aren’t enabled on the g story. it’s harder and harder to publicly criticise the guardian on their own site.

  • Republicofscotland

    Jackie Walker suspended by Labour, Labour Friends of Israel, the media completely bias in favour of Israel. Corbyn can’t move for fear of transgessing political correctness.

    The British political establishment has built itself a gilded cage, with regards to anti-Semitism. Where anything said or done in this case viewed, is measured against the considerably long anti-Semitism barometer.

    Israel has far to much influence in corridors of Westminster. The British media are a bunch of charlatans.

  • Jeanette Fletcher

    The are an estimated 11 -12.000 Labour members either suspended or expelled as a result of this witch hunt. I am one of those expelled from the party. The false antisemitism claims are being used by CLP members to remove obstacles to those with personal ambitions or settle political differences. The party have ignored this fact, preferring to portray those suspended/expelled as proof the party is taking antisemitism seriously.

    I had hoped that once the corrupt practices of the now Lord McNicol would have been dealt with by the new General Secretary, but no. The suspensions still continue on trumped up allegations from the right of the party. Add to this, a corrupt appeals system and members get nothing like a fair hearing.

    I’ve taken to blogging to get my side of the story out, as nobody in the party is listening to its members. In my latest blog, I believe I have shown how a member of the NEC, Labours ruling body, worked with a gang of right wing bullies to cover up the bullying of three members at a CLP executive meeting.

    • flatulence'

      That’s disgusting is that true?? So the Blairites are probably using this to try and kill off the party members that will support Corbyn, on the basis that the members, normal human beings, have not been perfectly politically correct in a tweet for example. It is a media created minefield of political correctness gone mad. It renders political opposition impotent. For example how can anyone fight for the rights of the falsely accused antisemites with all this nonsense going on. They’d be playing right into the hands of the media or blarites or tories and have disgraced themselves in the relentless trial by corrupt media, no matter how unjustified. Antisemitism is just one of their most recent weapons. Antisemitism exists of course, as does Islamophobia, which is actually rife in the tory party but not big news. Without the corruption of the media these weapons would be useless and we would have to rely on good old investigative journalism and real scandal. The scandals still happen, mostly ignored, but people like Liam Fox just pick up where they left off. The MSM has the power. But who controls the MSM? I don’t think it’s the tory party, it’s global, and I don’t think it’s Israel either. Probably big business which May loves to brown nose and pander to so much.

  • Paul Barbara

    Blimey! So the film showing was cancelled due to a double bomb scare. Such a thing! Who would benefit from such a bomb scare (Cui bono)? But be that as it may, De remedy is simples: a showing in the Houses of Parliament.
    ?Como no?

  • Melanie Baynes

    Thank you so much for what you do Craig, you inform us of much that our wholly corrupt, truly Orwellian media fails to. I had no idea about the bomb threat, or that the film about Jackie Walker had to be cancelled. Jackie’s story needs broadcasting from the rooftops, along with Marc Wadsworth, they have both been treated shamefully by the Labour Party. Or rather a certain quarter of the Party. I’m actually angry that no-one from the main stage of Conference, thought to call the bomb threat out, and in so doing keeping members who, like me, are stuck at home. It would also have meant the BBC would have had no choice but to broadcast it, as it went out live, though I have no doubt that the wholly govt propagandists would have edited it out for anyone catching up on iPlayer. Sorry for the rant, it has made my blood boil. Many thanks again for all that you do to get the truth out there.

  • Sharp Ears


    Our World
    Gaza Dreams

    With nearly two million people living in miserable conditions in Gaza, the Israeli blockade has taken its toll on mental health there. Against the backdrop of the border clashes**earlier in 2018 this film goes deep inside the minds of the people of Gaza to explore the mental health issues affecting many there.
    23 minutes

    It opens with a shot of those earth banks overlooking the open air prison, constructed for use by the IDF snipers.

    **’Border clashes’ indeed. Organized slaughter more like.

    Broadcast 22nd September. Available for 26 days thereafter

  • Komodo

    For reference:
    List of Labour politicians who are/were officers of or support Labour Friends of Apartheid (sic)

    There are at least three hidden issues here.
    (1) It is very much in Xrael’s interest to maximise its Xewish population, as it will soon be outnumbered by non-Xews on current trends. To that end exaggerating the threat to the diaspora in Europe and encouraging its members to make aliyah, or ‘return’ to Xrael is a useful strategy.
    (2) The powerful Xewish lobby, which, to put it no more strongly, is extremely supportive of Israel, has lost control of Labour, which was literally in its pocket under Blair and Brown. It wants that back: real support for Palestine and BDS are a threat.
    (3) An anticapitalist Labour Party terrifies the global capitalists and oligarchs-by-another-name who enjoy a free run for their highly profitable activities in the UK. They take the threat very seriously. Consequently, Xewish or not, and even if themselves antisemitic, they will back any and all campaigns to undermine and destroy the threat. Hence the acquiescence of the media.

  • Sharp Ears

    Bostock has taken over this thread. 18 comments on p 1 and 2 on p 2.

    My comment about a PSC meeting I attended last night didn’t get past the mods though. Quite telling.

    • Komodo

      Looks like Habbabkuk to me. Also looks as if he’s making legitimate and relevant, if not always factually accurate, comments on the topic under discussion. Are you complaining that he has exceeded your total for the two pages (17 comments)? Not to worry, your response to this will make it a draw!

      • Sharp Ears

        Ha! But my comments are about the Palestinians, in both the ‘West Bank’ (there’s a euphemism) and Gaza.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Jenny Hardacre
      September 27, 2018 at 14:57
      And this: ‘…Jade Unal is an activist and local campaigns manager for Young Labour. On Friday 21st September, she and her mother were having a quiet drink in a local pub, when, without warning, several people came up to them and physically assaulted them both. They snarled at Jade that she was,
      “a posh c*nt in politics, that’s stuck up your own a*se”….’

      Although the woman was badly hurt, there is nothing on the news about her – the only article is this one:

      Police and local Labour Party seem to be very laid back about it.
      How is it there are no CCTV pictures of the attackers? Didn’t the pub have CCTV?
      And the two women were followed home by the attackers – was there no CCTV on the route?
      I checked the local Yorkshire papers on the web, and found no mention. Perhaps it’s too recent for coverage.

    • Sharp Ears

      As was this:

      Newsletter – August 2018
      Detention figures – According to the Israeli Prison Service (IPS), as of 30 June 2018 there were 5,667 Palestinians (West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza) held as “security prisoners” in Israeli detention facilities including 273 children (12-17 years). In the case of children there was a 6% decrease in the number compared with the previous month and an annual increase of 1% compared with 2017. These figures include 3 children held in administrative detention. According to the IPS, 54% of child detainees were unlawfully transferred and/or detained inside Israel in violation of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention during the month. Child detention rates are currently up 37% since UNICEF published its child detention report in 2013. More statistics –

      The ‘Boshirov is not Chepiga’ comments extend to seven pages now. Normally O/T comments are allowed on long threads.

    • Sharp Ears

      That evil is Gaza is being carried out with impunity and in plain sight of the world. Nobody cares or takes any action against Israel. It is a terror ‘state’ and is supported.

  • Kim Chenoweth

    Thanks so much for your views on the right wing press bias and the treatment of Jackie Walker.
    I appreciate any effort that be made to draw attention to the appalling behaviour of Israel towards Palestinians. Justice for Palestine is long overdue.

  • Ray Visino

    It would be interesting to see an analysis of convictions for different forms of terrorist activity. I know many are fantasies or thought crimes which still result in long sentences but don’t know how many genuinely threatening cases there have been.

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