Pro-Israeli Terror Threat at Labour Conference Covered Up By MSM 224

A fringe venue at the Labour conference was evacuated last night after the screening of a film about my friend Jackie Walker was cancelled by a terrorist bomb threat. Jackie, a black Jewish prominent critic of Israel, is currently among those suspended from the Labour Party over accusations of anti-semitism which are, in her case, nonsense.

What is astonishing is that the state and corporate media, which has made huge play around the entirely fake news of threats to pro-Israel MP Luciana Berger leading to her being given a police escort to protect her from ordinary delegates, has completely ignored this actual and disruptive pro-Israeli threat – except where they have reported the bomb threat, using the big lie technique, as a further example of anti-semitism in the Labour Party!

The Guardian’s report in this respect is simply unbelievable. Headed “Jewish event at Labour conference abandoned after bomb scare” it fails to note that Jewish Voice for Labour is a pro-Corbyn organisation and the film, “The Political Lynching of Jackie Walker”, exposes the evil machinations of the organised witch-hunt against Palestinian activists orchestrated by Labour Friends of Israel and the Israeli Embassy. It is not that the Guardian does not know this – it has carried several articles calling for Jackie Walker’s expulsion.

The attempt to spin this as the precise opposite of what it was continues on social media. This chap is followed on Twitter by the Foreign Office.

I want you to undertake a little mental exercise for me, and try it seriously. Just imagine the coverage on Newsnight, the Today Programme and Channel 4 News if a Labour Friends of Israel meeting had been cancelled by a bomb scare. Imagine through the experience of seeing or listening to the coverage, on each of those in turn, of a bomb threat to Labour Friends of Israel.

Done that?

Well the bomb threat to the pro-Palestinian rights Jewish Voice for Labour has so far received zero coverage on those programmes.

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224 thoughts on “Pro-Israeli Terror Threat at Labour Conference Covered Up By MSM

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  • Philw

    I searched (hard) to find any coverage on the Guardian website, just to see if they were covering it at all, and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the headline. And I am well aware of what the Guardian is like and its agenda. Astonishing.

    • Clive hulett

      As weeks and months go on I’m increasingly of the belief that where traditionally the Guardian could be depended on to deliver a realistic, substantially fair view, I find it better these days to take more note oh the Independent newspaper
      The Guardian appears to have become a “fifth columnist” subterfuge pushing the establishment line.

      • Garth Carthy

        Yes. I agree, though the Independent does plenty of Corbyn bashing. However, in mitigation, the Independent does offer a few favourable articles on Corbyn and other alternative views to other mainstream media offerings. At least the Independent does provide a comments section to the public – though it’s comments system is technically fraught with problems

        • Paul Greenwood

          See not all Russian attempts to sway public opinion are regarded unfavourably ! First Director KGB and operator of a UK tabloid and you are happy……

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Garth Carthy September 26, 2018 at 12:10
          Make you right – at least the Independent allows comments.
          But still, where is a British MSM newspaper going to print the truth, and go after the truth?
          If the Unions were in fact ‘United’, and not compromised, they could back a newspaper that did print the truth.
          The Mirror is as compromised as the Guardian.

      • Jo1

        All true. Except we can choose to hurt the Guardian by not buying it. The biggest concern is that the worst offender, the BBC, is publicly funded.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Anyone with two brain cells knows that Israel now controls the two major parties in both UK and US where commenting about Israel is concerned.

    It is astonishing as Israel receives huge funds and weapons from US, not the other way around. He who is paid by the piper calls the tune….

    I can only assume that Israel blackmails WWII allies about taking in nazis in 1945 for their mind control experiments etc etc. They used this and positive inducements to zionists to stage 9/11 and get all their wars in the Middle East.

    I am very strongly in favour of calling Israel’s bluff: not going to war with them, just becoming agnostic about them.

    They are so superior, after all. Those thick Arabs cannot compete with them….

    • Doodlebug

      “Anyone with two brain cells knows that Israel now controls the two major parties in both UK and US where commenting about Israel is concerned.”

      I have previously opined elsewhere that the tail is now wagging the dog as regards the middle-east. I have no doubt whatsoever that the influence extends beyond PR and commentary ‘pro’ or ‘contra’.

    • Hatuey

      Lol @ “I can only assume that Israel blackmails WWII allies about taking in nazis in 1945”

      You really think that’s what it is? Really?

    • Johnny Rottenborough

      Rhys Jaggar—Israel now controls the two major parties in both UK and US where commenting about Israel is concerned

      Before the 2015 British general election, Gilad Atzmon, the self-described ex-Jew and ex-Israeli, posted a list of pro-Israeli parliamentary candidates. Atzmon commented: ‘This extensive list reveals that British politics is in urgent need of a major overhaul. It must cleanse itself of the corrosive influence of a very dangerous foreign Lobby. The list reveals that Zionist corruption has planted its roots in pretty much every British parliamentary party.’

      • Charles Bostock


        “Before the 2015 British general election, Gilad Atzmon, the self-described ex-Jew and ex-Israeli, posted a list of pro-Israeli parliamentary candidates. Atzmon commented: ‘This extensive list reveals that British politics is in urgent need of a major overhaul. It must cleanse itself of the corrosive influence of a very dangerous foreign Lobby”

        My long-standing contempt for Atzmon is bolstered by the sheer silliness of what you quoted from him. If that’s an example of a dissenting Israeli intellectual then I’m not surprised that the anti-Israel lobby on the UK is getting nowhere.

        Examples of silly sound-bites backed up by nothing :

        1. Why – and in which way – does the existence of an “extensive” number of pro-Israel MPs show that British politics needs a “major overhaul”? What is the causal connection between the former and the latter? What does a “major” overhaul consist of?

        2. In which way is the existence of that lobby (if you want to call it that) “corrosive” in terms of British politics and why is it “very dangerous” from the point of view of Britain? (Other than just to say that Israel should not be supported).

        It’s all just words, isn’t it and worse, words backed up by nothing. Like Blair’s “education, education, education” (to take just one example ), magnificent…. but vapid.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Israel pulled a masterstroke in bombing USS Liberty and letting LBJ cover it up. Since then they have behaved like arsonists in the powder store…..and are now hoping the US will help them – after being caught setting up an unarmed Russian aircraft for destruction

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Paul Greenwood September 26, 2018 at 12:28
        To put it in a nutshell, from that comment, assuming you believe it correct, you need to get your facts right.
        Ideally, read Peter Hounam’s ‘Operation Cyanide’, or at least check out:
        “USS Liberty: Dead In The Water” (BBC Documentary 2002):
        LBJ was complicit – simple as that. If you check out his history, you will find he was one total a**hole.

    • Charles Bostock


      A few comments if I may be so bold.

      “I can only assume that Israel blackmails WWII allies about taking in nazis in 1945 ”

      Yes, the WW2 allies did take in quite a few Nazis, but I would probably place this slightly later than 1945, ie when the Cold War really got going. By the way, I’m glad you were honest enough to say “allies” (plural) because the Soviets were not laggards in that game; the Soviets made extensive use of former Nazis in setting up the East German secret police and the upper echelons of the Volksarmee.

      ” They used this and positive inducements to zionists to stage 9/11 and get all their wars in the Middle East.”

      Subject to what you mean by “they” (the allies? the new state of Israel? the Zionists?), I note that you appear to be claiming that these mysterious “they” were responsible for 9/11. I think you’re in a distinct minority there and it would be interesting if you were to expand a little on that rather unclear assertion.

      “They are so superior, after all. Those thick Arabs cannot compete with them…”

      Assuming that the “they” here are the Israelis (correct me if I’m wrong), I wouldn’t if I were you get sidetracked into racist considerations but it is certainly true that the Israelis show a considerably greater sense of unity than have – and do – the Arabs, whether we’re talking about Israel’s Arab neighbours or indeed Arab countries further afield. Various attempts at Arab unity (eg the short-lived Egypt-Syria union..) did not get very far.

      • Paul Greenwood

        Israel made a deal with Konrad Adenauer. When it was directed to Eichmann by Fritz Bauer in 1957, the State Prosecutor in Hessen who had to fight against the Adenauer regime to brief Mossad that Eichmann was in Argentina……

        Adenauer needed to protect his Adviser Hans Globke who had written the Nuremberg Laws and was involved in the massacres in Greece (which Bauer uncovered and Adenauer blocked in 1961) – and so cut a deal with Ben Gurion to have Eichmann tried in Israel but silenced on matters pertaining to Globke and executed. In return Adenauer funded Israel’s Dimona reactor and the nuclear program.

      • Paul Greenwood

        Charles you are off your head. 14th Galician Waffen-SS was the only unit allowed to retain its weapons and billeted in Rimini. Operation Unthinkable was Churchill’s plan to launch an attack on the Red Army near Dresden using Wehrmacht soldiers and this unit. the Us refused to play. Instead the Ukrainian SS troops were given legends and slipped into Oz, UK, Canada and US ready for the planned War in 1954 against USSR…….they turned up as old men in 1980s and 190s accused of war crimes. If you look at Christa Freeland the Canadian Foreign Minister her grandfather was one of these Ukrainians…….Stephen Harper kept himself in power using Ukrainian exile voter groups – Canada is knee-deep in Ukrainian Nationalism against Donets because of this connection

    • Charles Bostock

      Sharp Ears

      “PS I put up a link about Luciana’s stunt on a previous thread. She is very active in the HoC – debates and questions – and is a member of the Health and Social Care Committee.”

      Surely it should be welcomed that an MP is very active in the HoC? And surely one should prefer that to the inactivity of MPs like George Galloway who did not (I believe – correction welcome, of course) serve on any committee during his long HoC career and who I believe (again, correction welcome) admitted himself that he found attendance on the floor of the House a waste of time?

  • Christopher Rogers


    You have a massive Typo in this article, towards the end of Para three, you refer to Ms Walker as Jackie Wilson, mind you, I actually like Jackie Wilson, alas the typo needs correcting if possible?

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Mary September 26, 2018 at 08:50
      Personally I’d run with Colin Wilson, who wrote the heavyweight book ‘The Outsider’.
      Helped me a lot on my path to where I am.

    • Paul Greenwood

      He died on 13 Jan 2017 and the vicious commentaries in German media indicate how much resentment his exposure of their slavish adherence to State Agencies and CIA-prepared press handouts really was

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Isa September 26, 2018 at 08:58
      Don’t vorry, already! Thanks to my meagre efforts, the ‘Privishers’ were divested of their copyright, and the book WILL be published in English.
      But for those who don’t know, already, here is Udo Ulfkotte, in flagrante, on video: ‘Dr Udo Ulfkotte confesses to being a CIA stooge’:
      Now some folks might say all sorts of things about Udo Ulfkotte, but they cannot counter his revelations.
      Eh bien, alors.

  • R Michael Bone

    Luciana Berger did Not have a police escort,
    It was a Photo Bomb by the press the two police officers were walking to confrence she was walking behind them the picture was taken to show the police near her they walked away from her 2 minutes later and she walked it confrence with No police.
    I walked in after her to confrence

    • S

      But John McDonnell confirmed that she had an escort? So maybe she did, and they were just walking at an arm’s length? Or maybe John doesn’t know what’s going on and bluffed and answer, which is equally worrying.

  • Anthony

    Further confirmation of the dishonesty of the British Establishment and that the only correct response to it is dissent. Sad that there are still people, even commenting on your site, who line up behind these elites and defend them. Stockholm syndrome.

  • Ian

    I am surprised you are surprised. This is standard MO for Israel and its support groups. Conferences, meetings, debates, talks on pro-Palestinian subjects are consistently harassed and liable to threats of shutdown and silencing.

    • S

      It is perhaps not surprising that pro-Israel groups try to close down the screening, if that is what happened. In fact it is a perfectly reasonable response from a nation state that is frankly under attack.

      But it is surprising to me that this is not being reported clearly, even being spun against Corbyn.

      • uncle tungsten

        Thanks S, The open society and its enemies? I agree with you “it is not surprising that pro-Israel groups try to close down the screening. It is an outrageous silencing of dissent, discussion, open inquiry. Since when is dissent, discussion, open inquiry a crime or an offence to a civilised mind?

        The nations under attack in the middle east are Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and of course Lebanon being permanently manipulated. They don’t seem to be silencing debate .

        What is wrong with a debate ?? and it is not “perfectly reasonable” to subvert open discourse. What the hell are you imagining here?

        • S

          I agree that other nations are also under attack. I didn’t say otherwise. But it doesn’t help anyone to deny that Israel is vulnerable, no matter what you think of its foreign policy. I meant was that it is understandable that pro-Israeli groups would disrupt pro-Palestinian events. I would expect MI5 and MI6 to do the same if there were anti-UK events around the world.

          Nonetheless I agree that our government and our media should try to protect us from disruption like this.

          So it is understandable that pro-Israeli groups seem to act in this way, but not acceptable that our media seem to collude.

          • ADKC

            Israel isn’t under attack but does feel vulnerable because the land they occupy belongs to Palestinians. Palestinians have the legal right, under international law, of return and the restitution of their property.

            Within Israel (including the West Bank and the Gaza Strip) the populations of Jews and Arabs are probably at parity. As the years go by, the Arab population will begin to greatly exceed that of Jews. The writing is on the wall for Israel as an apartheid state.

            Their are only two possible solutions for Israel:

            1. To grant equality to Palestinians and engage in a restitution process, or…

            2. To commit a genocide against Palestinians.

            Israel is creating the situation where the only option the Israeli Jewish population can envisage is the genocide option. Many believe that Israel is already implementing a slow genocide against Palestinians (although, this is, at present, failing to reverse population growth).

            Unfortunately, I believe that Israel will aim to implement a more direct genocide option against Palestinians within the context of a wider war/conflict when they believe there will be less focus on (or can disguise) their actions.

          • SA

            I am not sure what you are defending. Effectively what you are saying it that any means are admissible when a nation feels under threat. We all agree, but within the Law and not by disruption and threats.

          • S

            Hi SA, I’m not saying any means are _admissible_, I’m saying it’s _understandable_. In things like this I don’t think there is much point appealing to a higher morality.

            Hi nevermind, If western support for Israel waned, which is directly the risk here, Israel would be very vulnerable, even with their weapons. I assume you can see that?

          • ADKC


            Israel is a nuclear armed state. In no way it is vulnerable to external states in the middle east. Israel could inflict significant harm even against nuclear armed states (such as Russia).

            The only thing Israel fears is the Palestinian population within it’s own borders (including West Bank & Gaza) and Palestinian refugees (outside of Israel) who have the right to return home and reclaim their land and property. What Israel fears is justice and fairness for Palestinian and the obvious fact that the Arab population will (in time) greatly exceed the Jewish population. This fear will lead Israel to commit an unspeakable atrocity unless they start talking to Palestinians, grant them equality, allow the right of return and restitution.

          • ADKC


            Why is my latest comment subject to moderation. This is just ridiculous.

            This is not the first time that you have done this and never any explanation.

            I would be happier if you just told me I wasn’t wanted and that I should go away than this tiresome censorship.

          • S

            Hello Dennis Revell, Why am I a “Zio Nazi”? I only said it is understandable why Pro-Israel groups might try to disrupt Pro-Palestinian meetings. If there were two sides, A and B, and I was Pro-A, I would probably try to disrupt people who were Pro-B. It would be the strategic thing to do. Regardless of who had the biggest army or who was actually in the moral right.

            I also said that while we shouldn’t presume any standard of behaviour from one side or the other we should understand it and counter this by trying to have an accurate media and also protection against disruption.

            Honestly, it’s jumping to extreme phrases like “Zio Nazi” that turns people back to mainstream media and their biased reports.

          • ADKC


            You initially stated said that Israel is under attack which is just not true. In context, you imply that Palestinians are attacking Israel which is simply blaming the victim.

            The overwhelming Israel lobby closes down nearly every forum available for Palestinians. Politicians are lobbied and/or cowed into support or silence.

            Why can’t a pro-Palestinian group have a meeting on the fringe of Labour conference? Because Israel is not prepared to allow Palestinians to have any voice or gain any traction in UK politics.

            Israel has stolen the land, livelihood, futures and, in many cases, the lives of Palestinians.

            I don’t understand why Israel won’t genuinely grant equality to Palestinians, threat them fairly and address their grievances!

            Israel is the oppressor and Palestinians are the oppressed. Your attempt to equate their power, position and treatment is fundamentally dishonest.

            I have followed the plight of Palestinians for over 50 years and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians just gets worst and worst, and more and more dead end.

            I return to your original statement “that Israel is under attack”. You push this because if it accepted that Israel and Palestinians are “at war” then any action by Israel against Palestinians can be justified. You will, of course, be aware that is the view of Ayelet Shaked, the Israeli Minister of Justice since 2015. In what other country could a politician advocating genocide be rewarded with a position in government?

          • Dennis Revell


            ‘Course, from what I remember of Dexy’s Midnight Runners, “Dexy’s error” could be interpreted as an error caused by being high on drugs? … 😉 … .

            Please delete this if you suspect the Grauniad may take it and run with it to concoct some nonsense along the lines of: “evidence has emerged that Craig Murray gets high on illicit substances”. 😉


          • Dennis Revell


            Again, when replies to a thread get long, the reply button disappears; so this reply is to you NOT S – I’ve had enough discourse with this shameless Social Darwinist anyway – Social Darwinism being the root of fascism, NAZIsm, includeing Zio-NAZISM and its implemenation of APARTHEID. I never met a Social Darwinist who wasn’t a complete POS.

            ANYWAY, to my reply to you: Don’t fret about Craig Murray putting an ‘Awaiting Moderation’ delay on your posts; I didn’t know what your post said, but as a “sufferer” of political Tourette syndrome 😉 I’ve had several comments ‘wait moderated’; most get through eventually, occasionally not; no big deal, though I haven’t always agreed that some that didn’t shouldn’t have anyway – nor do I agree, for example, with what I regard as “Craig Murray’s irrational adoration of Jeremy Corbyn” 😉 – and he has censored NOT ONE single post of mine regarding that disagreement.

            THE THING IS that you should realise that Craig is a pretty well-known guy – formerly very prominent in the UK Govt’s Civil Service heirarchy himself – and now very clearly a thorn in the sides of that Government, that Civil Service, and the mainstream media hacks that bolster them. Hence, at least I understand that he needs to maintain at least some semblance of decorum and civilised commentary on his blog, otherwise we’ll be providing another inadvertent arrow in the quiver of the enemy. All that said, I think he’s actually pretty tolerant in what he does let pass; most probably a difficult balancing act for him.


          • S

            Thanks ADKC. I agree with most of what you say. Israel can claim on a technical point to be in a vulnerable position, because of for instance the stated position of Iran and Hamas towards them, even if as you say they ought to strive as hard as they can towards a peaceful solution. But either way, this doesn’t necessarily justify any actions they take.

            This is a distraction from my main point, which was really that there are always going to be people trying to cause disruption for whatever reason, but we really need it to be reported accurately.

            And thanks Dennis Revell for the information about social darwinism (?!)

        • Charles Bostock


          “The nations under attack in the middle east are Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and of course Lebanon being permanently manipulated.”

          Palestine is not a nation; Iraq, Syria and Yemen have, since independence, been under attack internally, with civil war (Yemen) and successive violent overthrows of the governments (Iraq and Syria) being endemic; and if the Lebanon has been manipulated since independence it has been by Syria (which has never fully digested the fact that the Lebanese preferred to have their own state rather than be a province of neighbouring Syria.

          • Paul Greenwood

            Oh come on the British and French traded the Bekaa Valley. The French gave away the Christian enclave Hatay to Turkey and it was Leon Blum who sacrificed Christian villages.

            Sitting in London and Paris trading away people’s heritage is such a habit that no wonder people get irritated…..

          • Dennis Revell


            HOWSOEVER you designate Palestine, country, area, whatever there is NO DOUBT that almost a million indigenous people in that area were GOT RID OFF through Zio-NAZI terrorism in the NAKBA and since; through a combination of sheer genocidal mass murder, people – including PALESTINIAN Christians fleeing from the Zio-NAZI terrorism (such terrorism alluded to in a well-known letter to the New York Times in 1948, that was co-signed by Albert Einstein).

            The fact is that before the absolutely tragic creation of the Zio-NAZI entity, there was NEVER a country known as Israel; nor should there EVER have been, nor should there be now – as the large Jewish group Neturei Karta believe to this day.

            The FACT of the existence of PALESTINE – as a WELL-DEFINED area, however designated politically – and therefore artificially is EXTREMELY well established – even given the nodded assent and DATED official signature by such extremely eminent Zio-NAZIs as the one-eyed Moshe Dayan, thankfully long dead. The link to the high resolution British Mandate map of PALESTINE linked to carries Dayan’s signature at top left:



            The creation of the state of Israel has turned out to be the second worst man-made catastrophe ever inflicted on human-kind.

            The WORST man-made catastrophe ever inflicted on human-kind; and, for that matter, most of the rest of animal-kind, has turned out to be the creation of the United States of America.

            The terrible natures of these two creations are NOT unrelated – one creation having been enabled by the other.

            Those at Echelon, GCHQ, MI6, NSA, CIA and similar fascists reading this post and ‘signature’, are referred to the profanity used by the sadly seemingly immortal lying manipulative War-Criminal, Mass-Murderer and Traitor Dick Cheney to some Democratic Party non-entity (as pretty much all the Democrats are).


      • Clark

        “a nation state that is frankly under attack”

        I thought Israel was illegally occupying a lot of land and repeatedly attacking Syria at present.

          • Charles Bostock

            This idea that Israel knows no laws is just a very silly one. The evidence shows clearly that Israel – as compared to most of its Arab neighbours near and far – is a state built on law.

            I realise that what you’re trying to say is that – in your opinion – Israel does not respect international law and it is certainly true that it has broken some aspects of international law. However, I wonder however if you in turn realise that making such silly sweeping statements which fly in the face of the facts is simply counter-productive and highly unlikely to win over many people. A true friend of the Arabs (Palestinians) would not make such claims.

        • ProfessorPlum

          The west bank and Golan heights were lost during the six day war.

          That’s what happens when you start wars and lose them. Do you apply the same criteria vis-a-vis the annexation of East Prussia by the Russians and the expelling of Germans that lived there for centuries?

          I assume not because you understand that is the price for losing wars of aggression. Funny that the same rules don’t appear to apply to Israel…

          • Charles Bostock

            Professor Plum

            That is very well said and I support your view, which of course applies not only to the Six Day War but also to the military aggression of several Arab states against the newly-founded State of Israel in 1948.

          • Charles Bostock


            The Six Day War was between Israel on the one hand and Egypt, Syria and Jordan (and perhaps Lebanon – not sure here) on the other. Hence your thought is mistaken.

          • ramblings

            Plums old chap, a woman(?) who used to post here under the name Habbabkuk (but has since been banned) enjoyed reminding people that Isral and Syria are still technically at war. So that would mean you are wrong with your observations above. Have a good a day.

          • ProfessorPlum

            Nevermind – ‘…taking over Palestine’

            You mean the Jordanians? The now inhabit approx 70% of the former Palestinian mandate.

            But you don’t mean that bit do you? You mean the other bit…

          • Dennis Revell


            Professor Plum LIES through his, her, or its teeth, in ‘later’ post with no reply ‘button’:-

            “You mean the Jordanians? The now inhabit approx 70% of the former Palestinian mandate.

            But you don’t mean that bit do you? You mean the other bit…”

            The Zio-NAZI propagandists seemingly infest EVERYWHERE; I guess that that includes Craig’s blog is good in that it indicates that these supporters of Mass-Murder and serial War-Crimes are bugged by it.

            I’m tempted to post the liar, Liar, LIAR youtube song by Captain SKA, but I’ll post this instead, the BRITISH MANDATE map of PALESTINE signed and dated top-left by the very well-known Zio-NAZI, Moshe Dayan:



      • Maria

        Not surprised at all, israel currently have over 20 journalists and press photographers held without charge or trial, indefinitely, in their military prisons. All media in Israel is censored and constantly monitored by the regime.

        • Charles Bostock

          There is military censorship in Israel, which applies to military and security matters. That is ahrdly surprising – or original fr that matter – when a state is still officially at war with at least one neighbouring state (Syria) and with organisations (Hamas, Hizbollah) who proudly proclaim that they are at war with Israel.

          • ramblings

            ”There is military censorship in Israel, which applies to military and security matters. That is ahrdly surprising – or original fr that matter – when a state is still officially at war ”

            No, but prosecuting children in ‘military’ courts is Charles, wouldn’t you agree?

      • Paul Greenwood

        from a nation state that is frankly under attack.

        Yes but Britain is used to this. Lobby groups typically try to hi-jack the foreign policy go nations and how readily the UK succumbs

    • Sharp Ears

      However many times Israel tries to shut down criticism and opposition its actions are still unacceptable and unlawful in the eyes of the world.

      I see Regev popped up to Liverpool. Ryan on his left. Pure chutzpah.

      ‘Mark Regev 11h
      From Attlee, Wilson, Callaghan and Foot, to Kinnock, Blair and Brown: @UKLabour leaders have supported Israel’s cause, precisely because Zionism is an anti-racist cause.

      Part of my remarks at @_LFI #Lab18 ‘
      (video 54 secs) followed by some good comments.

        • Alyson

          Joan was busy on Facebook saying the sort of decent things she should have been saying for years, while police were actually evacuating Jackie Walker’s venue, after a phone call claiming to be anti Semitic threatened 2 bombs would kill lots of people. Police want to link their investigation to death threats towards other Labour MPs

      • Peter

        @ Sharp Ears – Thanks for this.

        “I see Regev popped up to Liverpool. Ryan on his left. Pure chutzpah.”

        Oh dear.

        Ryan to his left, and Tom Watson, laughing and clapping, though not without a slight look of apprehension, to his right.

        There’s realpolitik and then there’s realpolitik.

        The whiff of sulphur plays havoc with the stomach.

      • Charles Bostock

        Sharp Ears

        “However many times Israel tries to shut down criticism and opposition its actions are still unacceptable and unlawful in the eyes of the world.”

        That is an exaggeration. If by “the world” you mean the governments of many countries then I would submit that many of those governments would do better to cease their own human rights violations first.

        A little question: which of the following groups of refugees is more numerous – the Palestinians who were displaced in 1948 (when Israel was under attack by its Arab neighbours) or the Rohingya from Nyanmar in 2017/18 (Nyanmar not being under attack by anyone)?

  • Skye Mull

    I happened to be driving through Liverpool yesterday heading for the Mersey Tunnel. As I got to the tunnel approach around 3.30pm suddenly there were lots of police cars, special support vehicles etc with screaming sirens rushing past heading for the city centre. Was this the same incident? Plenty of time to report it, but nothing on any news last night.

  • S

    The reporting in both the Mail and the Guardian on this is really very shocking and suggests some really serious national imbalance. This is a bit of a turning point.

    A long time ago I thought “I’ll read both the Guardian and the Mail and then I’ll get some balance”. On the BBC I saw Victoria Derbyshire’s slightly critical interview with the people leaving the UK because of antisemitism, and I thought perhaps there is balance there, but then I looked deeper into CAA and discovered they are an aggressive organization, e.g. baselessly defaming Palestinian students in the UK, and so her interview gave the appearance of balance but was actually nowhere near as critical as it should have been.

    So I sometimes check the Canary, which is a bit shouty, and then I found this wonderful blog.

  • Frank Torr

    This is Orwellisation of the media at its highest. The Guardian is no longer a newspaper, it is dross.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Guardian lived off Auto Trader for decades but still could not avoid losses – now they simply get the slush funds and pay-for-copy

  • Sharp Ears

    Anywhere else in the UK MSM?

    Times of Israel — BRITAIN’s main opposition Labour Party on Tuesday passed a motion strongly criticizing Israel and pledging to halt all UK weapon sales to the J.wish state if it rises to power, as a senior lawmaker warned the party must root out anti-Semitism amid persistent scandals dogging the party.

    Delegates at the party’s conference in Liverpool voted to criticize Israel’s use of force against violent protests and riots on the Gaza border, urge more UK funding for the UN agency for Palestinians, and back a freeze on British arms sales to Israel.

    The vote came after a heated debate that saw Palestinian flags waved in the convention hall and participants chanting, “Free Palestine.”



        • Alyson

          Try reading it, Laguerre. After the Skripals event, they commented that it looked like one of theirs, and detailed other assassinations and failed attempts. They also detailed Netanyahu’s visits to Putin, in which he established that Russia would not shoot down Israeli planes, nor allow either Israel or Iran to attack each other, but would try and protect borders, as they are. There is still the matter of the Syrian Golan Heights, where villagers are waiting in Syria to return, but Israel is selling mineral rights

    • Charles Bostock

      “Delegates at the party’s conference in Liverpool voted to criticize Israel’s use of force against violent protests and riots on the Gaza border, urge more UK funding for the UN agency for Palestinians, and back a freeze on British arms sales to Israel.”

      1. Good to see that the protests on the border are now characterised as “violent” and that demomnstrations have turned into riots. This represents progress.

      2. Would the freeze on arms sales include the supply of spare parts for, and the servicing of, arms already sold? Probably not…. 🙂

      • pretzelattack

        especially those violent medics trying to save those violent children gunned down from afar by israeli snipers. i’ve read that some nazi guards in concentration camps eventually broke down from the wear and tear of slaughtering people, wonder how the snipers are doing.

        • joeblogs

          It will not be a problem for them; they must be certifiable lunatics to do a ‘job’ like that. Remember the expression: ‘he who has no sense, has no feeling?’

    • TFS

      Can I say, in the absence of any evidence, you don’t convict Pro-Israelis for the bomb scare.

      I only say this because I became embroiled with the Pro-Israeli women on Facebook who was blaming Anti-Semites for the spate of targeted Jewish bomb threats in America. It turns out it was by a Jewish person, and she wasn’t at all apologetic about apportioning blame before the fact became known.

      Oh, man you gotta love The Guardian. A canary in the goldmine to just how un-journalistic our press has become.

  • Ella

    All of a sudden the curtain has been pulled back from our mainstream media, the Guardian, the BBC and our civilised commentariat who we all trust to tell us the truth about the state of things in the world, revealing a shockingly ugly agenda.

  • DiggerUK

    There is a myth about the freedom of the press that has never really passed a credibility test. A media outlet that publishes only does so on the basis that it turns a profit, or for propaganda. As far as I am concerned, morals, principles and honour have never been involved when publishing……but their publicity people will say different.

    The Guardian came clean about its morals, principles, and honour code when it destroyed the Snowden hard drives. They didn’t even ensure that it got leaked again from wherever copies are kept.

    The legend of a free press is maintained in blogs such as this. Viva the new media, sell off the BBC, and plough the proceeds in to wiring up the whole of the country, allowing everybody to be online…_

    • Paul Greenwood

      John Wilkes went to prison for reporting on events in Parliament…….now no-one really bothers… real reporting

  • jonathan elliott

    I have been pushed out of my local CLP because i dared critises my new MP for canterbury Rosie duffield who has taken sides with the bliarites and pro israel group. she said of me and others who asked her politely to stop undermining labour and the leadership calling us racists and telling us to go and visit Auschwitz. I have now left canterbury labour as it is controlled by blairites it appears and they squash socialist motions from going through. It would in fact be better if the tories were still here at least people would know who their enermys were and be aware of the hate and deviousness of the chrataters

    • Christopher Rogers


      ms Rosie Duffield is a well known Israeli Apologist and Bitterite, however, and despite not Voting to Adopt Open Selection, it is now far easier for CLPs to rid themselves of Blairite relics like Ms Duffield who ensure perpetual Tory Rule – instead of leaving the CLP, you need to communicate with your own members and affiliates to get rid of this trash, basically Red Tories and Blue Labour PLP members who detest Corbyn and 85% of the membership.

    • DiggerUK

      “I have been pushed out of my local CLP”…….no, you turned and walked away at the sound and sight of gunfire. Get a pair and get back in there…_

      • Charles Bostock

        That is a good question, Digger.

        “Pushed out” implies that Mr Jonathan Elliott was expelled.

        Was he, or did he resign?

        Perhaps he will tell us?

  • Hatuey

    The BBC world service is talking about a possible war breaking out between Hamas and Israel, so I guess this anti-semitism junk is likely to continue.

    Decoded, a war between Hamas and Israel means a couple of thousand innocent and unarmed civilians in Gaza are probably going to get murdered by one of the biggest and most advanced militaries in the world.

    Decoded, anti-semitism refers to objections to the torture and slaughter of innocent and unarmed Palestinians.

    Decoded, peace in the occupied territories refers to imposed abject poverty, starvation, demolished villages, shooting kids and reporters, and stealing organs from murder victims as well as their land.

    Imagine the life of a Palestinian. Imagine watching as they demolished your house, rendering you and your family homeless. The typical Palestinian house in Gaza has no fresh water or regular supply of electricity, all cut off by Israel years ago, but even so.

    Imagine your son or brother objects to this and takes part in a protest. They detain him and you probably won’t see or hear from him again for months – no trial or explanation given. In many cases they die whilst detained and their bodies are held on to for months. It is alleged that Israel has been taken body-parts from these dead victims too — the Swedish government issued a formal protest about this (it isn’t conspiracy theory).

    Anyone who disagrees with the sort of treatment I have outlined above is anti-Semitic.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Israel created Hamas………surely they are not proposing matched forces. Israel must at least have F16s and Cluster Bombs

    • Tom Welsh

      It seems quite likely that the Israeli armed forces, and especially some of their politicians, are in a state of abject misery now that Russia has denounced their treacherous plan to murder 15 Russian service personnel. It seems that the main outcome will be that Russia finally gives Syria state-of-the-art defensive systems, so that the Israelis will no longer be able to bomb and strafe anyone and anything in Syria or Lebanon.

      So I suppose they will take it out on the Palestinians.

      “They stood for quite a while in front of a cage containing a large family of capuchins, watching them eat, sleep, court, nurse, groom and swarm aimlessly around the cage, while Jill surreptitiously tossed them peanuts despite “No Feeding” signs.

      She tossed one to a medium sized monkey; before he could eat it a much larger male was on him and not only stole his peanut but gave him a beating, then left. The little fellow made no attempt to pursue his tormentor; he squatted at the scene of the crime, pounded his knuckles against the concrete floor, and chattered his helpless rage. Mike watched it solemnly. Suddenly the mistreated monkey rushed to the side of the cage, picked a monkey still smaller, bowled it over and gave it a drubbing worse than the one he had suffered – after which he seemed quite relaxed. The third monk crawled away, still whimpering, and found shelter in the arm of a female who had a still smaller one, a baby, on her back. The other monkeys paid no attention to any of it.

      “Mike threw back his head and laughed – went on laughing, loudly and uncontrollably. He gasped for breath, tears came from his eyes; he started to tremble and sink to the floor, still laughing”.

      – Robert A Heinlein, “Stranger in a Strange Land”

      • Alyson

        I think Russia will be circumspect and diplomatic. Iran is the main prize. Remember Bush, and McCain, singing Barbara Anne? Obama lifted sanctions, gave US dollars to get Iran into dollar hegemony, selling their oil through OPEC, and now Trump has cancelled the agreement. And Europe has contracts to buy oil, and has a Renault factory in Iran. Things are very delicate. May is in New York talking to Trump. It is very important to lower the tension as much as possible. Russia currently holds the balance but efforts to paint Putin in a bad light are many and on various fronts, trying to tip the balance. Russia has its own agenda, for sure, but I have not seen evidence of duplicity as of yet, agreements seem to be holding.

    • Charles Bostock

      “Decoded, a war between Hamas and Israel means a couple of thousand innocent and unarmed civilians in Gaza are probably going to get murdered by one of the biggest and most advanced militaries in the world.”

      If that is so, then the best way – from the Hamas point of view – of avoiding such an unfortunate development would be for Hamas not to start it and not to give the Israelis any reason for starting it.

    • Dennis Revell


      Not too surprising for Tom Watson is an odious Iraq war voting Mass-murdering War-Criminal, who along with Blair should have been tried Nuremberg style, and then hung by the neck until in a far more satisfactory condition.

      It seems that War-Mongering is incurably in the blood of these murderers; amazing the platform they are given considering that they should by now be long time incarcerated for life, or preferably judicially DEAD.


  • R19a

    In terms of the Guardian coverage I was also struck by their conference quote of the day for yesterday. It was the union leader’s rant about Thatcher and not, for instance, Thornberry’s description of the Natanyahu policy towards Palestinians as ‘racist and illegal’ or the eyepopping revelation from Alf Dubs about Theresa May begging him to withdraw his motion about the UK accepting child refugees – because she didn’t want to take in more child refugees. That’s Theresa May summed up and has the MSM made anything of it?

  • James Mills

    Apologies if someone has already raised this point :
    It appears that many comments on here have just ‘discovered’ the imbalanced /bias of the MSM – try being a supporter of independence in Scotland ! Approx. half the population leaning towards independence yet a visitor from Mars ( Westminster )reading the MSM would infer that independence was sought only by a small cult following of blue-faced cybernats !

    • N_

      Many people I know who read a lot of SNP material with approval are unaware that the party lost its seat majority in the most recent Scottish general election.

      • Dennis Revell


        The Scottish Greens – also pro-Independence – will almost always, if not always, vote with the SNP, so your point is utterly ridiculous. The SNP STILL has more than TWICE as many MSPs as ANY other party; and in terms of absolute membership is now the SECOND largest party in the WHOLE of the United Kingdom, yer Yoonionist dick-wad.

        May be you can point to any OTHER party with such stunningly good statistics, go on, any party, including the ones that field candidates in EVERY UK constituency – I’ve reckoned for quite a while that if the SNP would or could fieled candidates in constituences north of the line joining the Humber-Mersey estuaries, they’d pick a few of those seats up too – even improving on the remarkable number of Westminster seats they hold, and which currently, in those terms makes them the THIRD largest party in the WHOLE of the United Kingdom.

        Desperate clutching at straws on your part.


  • Paul Greenwood

    Luciana Berger has always been histrionic. It might have been private schooling that developed her extra thin skin. She certainly sets out to antagonise but then she has the new definition of Anti-Semitism to use as a flail……”anyone Jews don’t like”.

    It gets tiresome and she might look at the nature of Modern England if not Britain – rather like Germany has just discovered its once high performing school system in Baden-Wuerttemburg is now 16% Muslim – that the nation has changed and votes are harvested where they fall. There are I understand 7000 Jews left in Leeds the rest having escaped to Manchester. The demographics are shifting as Bradford?Leeds shows.

    Frankly I am fed up of Kashmir being an election issue in places like Bradford and Jewish Lobby in BBC and Adworld thinking they can force British institutions into lockstep with US and French dirigisme in direction of Likud.

    • Charles Bostock

      Please don’t say anything against private schooling. Some of the most eminent and “vigorous” commenters on this blog were educated privately. They know who they are 🙂

  • N_

    Summary: the compradore British “establishment” is encouraging and supporting a large-scale campaign of racist baiting against the British left by a foreign fascist government, one which is a long way beyond having mere “fifth columns” in Britain, having suborned the British media, the Palace of Westminster, Whitehall, and all major British political parties, using its own partisans who in effect hold dual nationality, and an extensive network of fellow travellers.

    In the crazed ultra-racist fascist mind, everyone who doesn’t bow down to their own ethnic group’s supposed superiority deserves to be crushed, and every member of their ethnic group who opposes them, who reviles them, is a race traitor.

    You can be absolutely certain that if fascist race-baiting isn’t called by its real name, it will win

    And where is MI5 when this is going on? If you’re in MI5 and you’re reading this, how about you wipe the brown off your tongue and consider blowing the whistle?

    It really doesn’t take a genius to suss that “Islamist” terrorism suits the goals of the Z__nists extremely well, and they have the resources to run a lot of it.

    • N_

      I hope everyone here appreciates what race-baiting is. It’s what was done to Ken Livingstone and John McDonnell, and it has also been done by Z__nists in the comments sections at this blog.

      Baiting has a long history in politics.

  • Sharp Ears

    I have dipped in and out of O’Brien’s phone in on LBC this morning. An anti-Corbyn production pure and simple. Phrases such as ‘Corbyn’s Red Army’ came from him. He purports to be fair minded. He has a book coming out – ‘How to be a world gone wrong’.

    O/T Just heard that Javid is giving more funding to Operation Grange, the ‘search’ for Madeleine McCann. Outrageous. £11.6million and counting.
    ‘UK detectives were granted an extra £150,000 in March to continue the probe, to cover until the end of September.
    Operation Grange has cost £11.6 million so far.’
    Craig has written several times on the matter.

      • N_

        For those who don’t already know: Margaret Hodge’s nephew Philip Edmonds was in that hotel in Praia da Luz in Portugal when Madeleine McCann “disappeared”, and he skedaddled faster than greased lightning, earlier than planned, without even checking out.

        • Charles Bostock

          Are you suggesting that Philip Edmonds (who is, as you say, Margaret Hodge’s nephew) was in any way involved in that disappearance and/or has any knowledge which might be useful to the authorities?

          Or is that just a little smear attempt, just on the right side of the libel laws?

        • ramblings

          Margaret Hodge has quite a chequered past regarding child abuse doesn’t she N_? I always wonder why the BBC is so accommodating to her.

          What does her nephew do for a living do you know N_? Does he work in logistic or something?

    • Jay

      “How to be a world gone wrong”

      The remedy people like James O’Brien propose to the world going ‘wrong’ is to return to the glory days of centrist austerity/warhawk consensus. He and his private school media buddies have it all worked out.

  • Deb O'Nair

    “a film about my friend Jackie Walker was cancelled by a terrorist bomb threat.”

    One only has the word of the police to go on for that, and in my experience that means nothing. If there was a credible bomb threat then why were there only a few patrol cars in attendance? Where are the sniffer dogs etc.

    • N_

      @Deb O’Nair – The Guardian quote organiser Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi as saying that the threat was telephoned to the reception desk at the venue.

      She says that the police then arrived, combed the building, and called the film screening off.

      She also says that events hosted by the J__ish Voice for Labour group often get disrupted, and that it had hired security staff to protect Tuesday’s film screening.

      Can someone tell me whether the JVL support BDS? I had a quick look at their website and they support the “right” of supporters of justice for the Palestinians to engage in BDS, but that is not quite the same thing. We have that right under the law already.

  • Claudine

    Literally the worst anti-Semites are committing anti -semitism against their own groups and blaming Labour. Yet Jeremy Corbyn has the longest, demonstrable record of anti-anti-semitism in parliament as well as the most diverse shadow cabinet! Quite the opposite of certain party leaders, actively supporting ultra right groups in far flung EU (and I hazard a guess at Ukraine too)quarters. Hell’s Bells Mr.Murray, nothing at this point is allaying my fears if a 1984 Owellian future. My grandchildren to come will not know the freedom I have enjoyed,albeit fake it at least resembles some choice in life. I see them locked in by AI, Amazon controlling the flow of goods, Amazon providing the goods, Amazon trains on our roads, Amazon cameras in our homes controlling us, Mays face everywhere. The future ain’t bright, it’s not there.

    • Charles Bostock

      “Yet Jeremy Corbyn has the longest, demonstrable record of anti-anti-semitism in parliament ”

      I know that for some Jeremy Corbyn is a secular saint. But is the above not just a little (well, a lot) over the top?

      It’s true that Jeremy Corbyn has been in the HoC for a very long time though. Since his record is “demonstrable”, would the person who posted this care to do a little demonstrating to back up that Pharaonic claim?

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