At 16.00 Today I Was… 7

on a train from St Pancras to Ramsgate, with Cameron.

Really a bad day today. Up till 5am with a family member who was being very sick; too early to know how serious this will be. Then after two hours sleep, off with Nadira to help out at a photoshoot in Southwark for the Edinburgh play, with some shots taken featuring Cameron as well, as one possibility for the poster. Did a number of things with my production assistant hat on, yes including the coffee, and picking up scripts from the printers. Then back home utterly exhausted.

I also got very worrying news about the power station project in Ghana, which I will tell you about next week after I have had a chance to confirm (related to the finances, not the physical project, which is great).

Would like to rant about the complete and utter divorce of the Sarkozy/Cameron/Obama policy article from UNSCR 1973, but really am too tired. Now just another illegal war for neo-colonialism.

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7 thoughts on “At 16.00 Today I Was…

  • kemal Guller

    Dear Craig ,
    have a good rest.we will go to fishing in Ramsgate.All tools are ready.c u soon take care.

  • Canspeccy

    Come on Craig, your criticism of Bam, Cam and Sark makes no sense.

    You are for mass immigration to Britain, which makes perfectly good sense, provided you are a globalist, intent on destroying all nationalisms, breaking down national barriers and denying residents of any particular territory the privileged use of that territory — the supposed benefit of the destruction of the nation state being the freedom of world citizenship.

    However, if you wish to genocide the nation state (correct terminology, incidentally, according to Raphael Lemkin, who coined the term "genodice") without a transformation to global governance, that looks very much like treason.

    Clearly, the aim in Libya is to break up another nation state and open it up to development by the multi-nationals, without political interference by Quaddafi or whoever rules in Libya or its successor states. So why are you not supporting the war?

    • Jon

      I don't follow your reasoning (CM is supporting your particular/peculiar definition of British "genocide", and hence ought to be in favour of the attack on Libya) but isn't rolling out your immigration hobby-horse at every bloody opportunity getting a bit dull? It is for me, and I dare say the same might go for others here. I think you get Craig's position on immigration wrong, in any case; I think he tends towards controlled immigration whilst being firmly anti-racist, i.e. differing from many left-liberal commentators here who are in favour of a fairly open immigration framework.

      Strangely, Craig's position on immigration genuinely makes me consider re-thinking my position. But you seem to be doing your damndest to turn people off the topic. Just like JimmyGiro on how awful women are, or Larry on how stupid the Islamofascist-lovin' liberals are, you bash people about the head, and consequently people stop listening. Can you honestly blame them?

  • A. S. Mercouris

    Dear Craig,

    Do give yourself a rest. Nothing good comes from burning the candle at both ends.

    Could I make one point and ask you one question on the Libya business:

    1. A few weeks ago you reported on your blog that Hillary Clinton had done a deal with the Saudis whereby they would be given carte blanche in Bahrain in return for their getting the Arab League to give a green light to the western intervention in Libya. Some doubted this but it has now been confirmed by two UN diplomats one European and one from one of the BRICS states, The news is all over the internet but. I read it on your blog first.

    2. I read in the Daily Telegraph that more than half the diplomats working at the Foreign Office are now working on Libya. Do you know if this is true? It so does it looks to me obsessional.

  • Jon

    All the very best to you Craig, and good wishes to your family member, who I hope makes a speedy recovery. Hang in there, and don't wear yourself out – though that's quite rich, coming from me :o)

  • Arsalan

    It is Kameron with a K.

    Everytime you say Cameron I keep thinking about the leader of the Liberal Democrats.

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