Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

At 16.00 Today I Was…

on a train from St Pancras to Ramsgate, with Cameron.

Really a bad day today. Up till 5am with a family member who was being very sick; too early to know how serious this will be. Then after two hours sleep, off with Nadira to help out at a photoshoot in Southwark for the Edinburgh play, with some shots taken featuring Cameron as well, as one possibility for the poster. Did a number of things with my production assistant hat on, yes including the coffee, and picking up scripts from the printers. Then back home utterly exhausted.

I also got very worrying news about the power station project in Ghana, which I will tell you about next week after I have had a chance to confirm (related to the finances, not the physical project, which is great).

Would like to rant about the complete and utter divorce of the Sarkozy/Cameron/Obama policy article from UNSCR 1973, but really am too tired. Now just another illegal war for neo-colonialism.

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