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The BBC Today programme haven’t asked me to appear, but have used a quote from me on their website on the tuition fees debate. That is as close as I’ve been allowed to get to coverage by the BBC in the last twelve months. Presumably it will disappear shortly, but while it’s there:

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18 thoughts on “Tuition Fees

  • Dodoze

    The Today quote (just seen at 9.15pm) is an active link to this Blog 🙂 taking you to “A Really Stupid Policy from some Really Stupid People”.

    That is about as close as you will get these days to the Beeb sanctioning an article describing the great and the good as “arseholes”.

    But it will usefully extend the awareness of your blog to a further interested few.

    I guess Mark Thompson must be on holiday, then.

  • mary

    Mark Damazer (Controller Radio 4)will be cross that it got past him! He is the one who has just decided that Seven Jewish Children is not suitable for airing as a drama on Radio 4 on grounds of breaching the BBC code of impartiality, the same rotten and biased reason Thompson used for blocking the DEC Gaza appeal.

    These are his mealy mouthed words on his blog.

    He gives a link to Michael Billington’s review in the Guardian which is informative.

    and this is the actual script.

  • researcher

    Thanks for the update on BBC censorship, mary.

    Did you see the clip where the BBC announced the collapse of WTC 7 before it happened ?

    They get their scripts about secret service operations before they happen.

    Top journalists get 2 salaries.

    See Operation Mockingbird.

  • Strategist

    I’ve just emailed Today to ask that they accredit you as Rector of Dundee University when quoting you. This is surely relevant.

    PS Is Rector a one term job, or can you stand for re-election and renew your mandate to sock it to ’em? What is the rectoral electoral cycle btw?

  • Anonymous

    “That is a terrible condemnation of how remote these people are from their [for students, read patients] in particular, and reality in general. The macho management culture that beset these isles led to these people becoming vastly overpaid and cosseted.”

    I’ve just been reminded of your comment above listening to the scandal at Stafford Hospital. For “students” in your comment, simply read “patients”.

    Stafford Hospital should be New Labour’s Waterloo. The final end; no more chances.

  • George Dutton

    “Oz Internet censorship :Australia secretly censors Wikileaks press release list, 16 Mar 2009”

    “Corrupt big international Bankster censors busy too”

    “Barclays Bank gags Guardian over leaked memos detailing offshore tax scam, 16 Mar 2009″…

  • Lonie

    Two problems about the tuition fee argument annoy me from people who want to cut the number of people going to uni and increase tuition fees.

    1. you get people saying that people who are intelligent enough to go to university should not go. In my view everyone should be allowed free education up the to the level they can reach. More than half the population can do degree level, I am sure. It is levels above that where most start to struggle.

    2. People who say the way to stop long term unemployment or youth unemployment is to chuck 40% of the population out of university like that will help them in some way. How will that help them? It just means more people will have less education. Should we stop people doing a levels and gcses, on some con argument that it saves more money for the elites education. :

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