German Armed Forces University: British Boundary Map “Fictitious” 1

Translated from the German:

In today’s printed version of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Prof Khan of the University for the Federal Armed Forces in Munich confirms Craig Murrays statement:

“In their presentation, the British have effectively drawn a fictitious line in their attempt to prove where exactly the soldiers were when taken captive instead of showing a clear border. They couldn’t have done the latter in any case as the border between Iran and Iraq around Shatt el-Arab is not clearly identifiable.”

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One thought on “German Armed Forces University: British Boundary Map “Fictitious”

  • bdgolf

    To all

    This is so simple to fix. Why not eat crow a little and apologize? This would cut short this crisis in a hurry.

    The U.S. and British are so stubborn at times that it does nobody any good. Sometimes you lose the battle to win the war.

    Let's move on and concentrate on doing productive things around the world rather than spending all this energy on this little bump in the road.

    These people are running countries and can't solve something this simple?



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