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My Defence Fund has now reached over £75,000 from almost 5,000 donors. I am extremely grateful to each and every one. Work is now proceeding apace with the legal team. If charges are brought against any of the others who have been threatened by Police Scotland or the Crown Office over this case, including the journalist whose laptops and phones were seized by police, the funds will be made available to their defence also.

Original Post (from 24 April, with further update below).

I know of four pro-Independence folk who were last week phoned or visited by Police Scotland and threatened with contempt of court proceedings over social media postings they had made weeks back on the Alex Salmond case. Then on Monday, a Scottish journalist I know had his home raided by five policemen, who confiscated (and still have) all his computers and phones. They said they were from the “Alex Salmond team” and investigating his postings on the Alex Salmond case. He has not to date been charged, and his lawyer is advising him at present to say nothing, so I am not revealing his name.

Then on Tuesday morning, a large Police van full of police pulled up onto the pavement right outside my front gate, actually while I was talking on the phone to a senior political figure about the raid on my friend. The police just sat in the van staring at my house. I contacted my lawyers who contacted the Crown Office. The police van pulled away and my lawyers contacted me back to say that the Crown Office had told them I would be charged, or officially “cited”, with Contempt of Court, but they agreed there was no need for a search of my home or to remove my devices, or for vans full of police.

On Thursday two plain clothes police arrived and handed me the indictment. Shortly thereafter, an email arrived from The Times newspaper, saying that the Crown Office had “confirmed” that I had been charged with contempt of court. In the case of my friend whose house was raided, he was contacted by the Daily Record just before the raid even happened!

I am charged with contempt of court and the hearing is on 7 July at the High Court in Edinburgh. The contempt charge falls in two categories:

i) Material published before the trial liable to prejudice a jury
ii) Material published which could assist “jigsaw identification” of the failed accusers.

Plainly neither of these is the true motive of the Crown Office. If they believed that material I published was likely to have prejudiced the jury, then they had an obvious public duty to take action BEFORE the trial – and the indictment shows conclusively they were monitoring my material long before the trial. To leave this action until after the trial which they claim the material was prejudicing, would be a serious act of negligence on their part. It is quite extraordinary to prosecute for it now and not before the trial.

As for identifying the failed conspirators, I have done less than the mainstream media. But plainly the Crown Office, or whoever is pushing them to this persecution, had no genuine interest in protecting the identities, otherwise why did they tip off the media that I was being charged, and thus guarantee further publicity? If protecting the identities was their motive, to tip off the media would obviously be counterproductive.

But what proves that the Crown Office is acting from base motives and not those stated is the one-sided nature of this. Only supporters of Alex Salmond – the Alex Salmond found innocent by the jury – are being pursued by this continuing Police Scotland operation.

There are literally thousands who put out “Salmond is guilty” “Salmond is a rapist” “Salmond is a pervert” posts on social media before and during the trial. Not one has had the police knock on the door. The Herald published absolutely deliberately, the day before the trial, a montage of Alex Salmond amongst photos of mass murderers. They have not been charged. Every newspaper published “jigsaw identification” information which I withheld. They have not been charged or investigated, despite the evidence brilliantly compiled and presented to the Police.

No, this is a blatant, one-sided political persecution. That much is entirely plain. I have therefore decided, in the interests of open justice, to publish the entire indictment against me (with a single sentence redacted where I think the prosecution were excessively indiscreet). Neither the indictment nor the covering letter is marked confidential or not for publication. It is, so far as I know, a public document.

The Crown have very deliberately not included the names of any of the failed conspirators in the indictment and instead refer to the women by their court allocated letters. That is a plain indication to me that this is a public document drafted specifically with publication in mind. Otherwise the document would have more naturally used the names and not the alphabet letters.

More fundamentally this indictment is the basis on which they are attempting to put me in prison – in fact the indictment specifies up to two years in jail and an unlimited fine as the punishment sought from the court. I think the public interest, and my own interest, in it being public is very substantial.

The state believes it has finally discovered a way to put me in prison without the inconvenient hurdle of a jury of my peers. Contempt of Court is just decided by a judge. It is extraordinary that you can go to jail for a substantial two years with no jury protection and no test of “beyond reasonable doubt”; and on the whim of a judge defending what he may view as the dignity of his own office. This really is the epitome of bad law. To use it against freedom of speech is disgusting.

So here is the full indictment against me:

redactedcaseagainstcraigmurray (1)

If the indictment contains anything they did not wish to be public, well, I didn’t force them to serve it on me. From my side, the proceedings against me will be entirely open. I will remind you that you may find all or part of the indictment initially convincing; but you are yet to see my point by point reply, which naturally I shall also publish in due course.


Pending the outcome of the trial, and on legal advice, I have redacted from the indictment those sentences complained of as aiding identification of a witness, and have redacted same sentences from original blog posts. My position is firmly that they absolutely do not they do not contribute to likely identification of witnesses, and the mainstream media did that to a far greater degree than I.]

The purpose of this operation against free speech is a desperate attempt to keep the lid on the nature of the state conspiracy to fit up Alex Salmond. Once the parliamentary inquiry starts, a huge amount of evidence of conspiracy which the court did not allow the defence to introduce in evidence during the criminal trial, will be released. The persecution of myself is an attempt to intimidate independent figures into not publishing anything about it. The lickspittle media of course do not have to be intimidated. To this end, I am charged specifically with saying that the Alex Salmond case was a fit-up and a conspiracy in which the Crown Office was implicated. So I thought I would say it again now:

The Alex Salmond case was a fit-up and a conspiracy in which the Crown Office was implicated, foiled by the jury. If Scotland is the kind of country where you go to jail for saying that, let me get my toothbrush.

Before then, I am afraid we have to fund my defence and I shall be very grateful for donations to my defence fund. My initial target is £60,000. I shall post daily updates on total reached, but I shall be using my established funding channels and not involving a crowdfunding website. I do not intend to fight this battle entirely on the defensive, and some of the funding may be put to launching actions against the Crown or others.

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Account number 3 2 1 5 0 9 6 2
Sort code 6 0 – 4 0 – 0 5
IBAN GB98NWBK60400532150962
Bank address Natwest, PO Box 414, 38 Strand, London, WC2H 5JB

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752 thoughts on “Craig Murray Defence Fund Launched

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  • Emanuela Fortunato

    I think he just misinterpreted what he has been told and done . His intentions were good he just didn’t use his brain and heart much

  • Julia+Gibb

    Given the impact of Covid19 on many people’s finances the amount raised so far is remarkable. It shows the disgust we all feel regarding these petty, vindictive charges.
    Good Luck and best wishes.

  • Julia+Gibb

    I will never be convinced that an attack on Alex Salmond, followed by the smear on his defence counsel, then the charges against Craig, have not been orchestrated.
    The whole fiasco stinks and people know a set up when they see it.

    • Robert

      If it’s all a plot, it’s not working very well … smells to me like incompetence and knee-jerks. Or just maybe “who will rid me of this turbulent priest?”.

      • Tatyana

        I wonder if we see “fine art of provocation” in action again. That would put Mr. Murray on higher pedestal in my eyes. Even his ability to dissassemble a rifle commenting the process in Latin couldn’t impress me more 🙂

      • andic

        The qualifications to rise to power in a political party are ambition, sycophancy and erm,… eh no I think that’s it maybe a complete lack of morality and conscience if you really want to get on.

        These traits tend to be manifest with insecurity, fragile egos, jealousy and vindictiveness. This is the origin of what Craig is now on the receiving end of.

        Nowhere in the list is intelligence or patience hence the plot was/is pretty crap since most of our politicians are second rate at best

        • Lev Ke

          I think you hit the nail on the head here Andic.
          Their power hides a deep insecurity and negativity, which is their Achilles heel.

          • Scotty13

            All politicians, second rate or otherwise, probably need a lengthy period of analysis to find out their personal frailties and examine them in the relative security of the patient-psychoanalyst relationship.

            I suspect Nicola Sturgeon would be resistant to this form of enlightenment as I sense she has many secrets that cannot be allowed the light of day until her political career is ebbing.

            Ex tenebris in lucem.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Scotty13 April 28, 2020 at 07:57
            ‘…probably need a lengthy period of analysis to find out their personal frailties and examine them in the relative security of the patient-psychoanalyst relationship…’
            Psychoanalyst? What do you think MI5, the FBI etc do half the time? Not to mention Mossad’s Jeffrey Epstein ring.

        • Alex Birnie

          I’m a fan of Isaac Asimov. In one of his books, he talks about a planet ruled by a mayor, someone who has the complete powers of a despot. He or she is chosen by acclaim for a tenure of one year, with the proviso that they have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the office. Anyone who shows the slightest inkling of wanting the post, is automatically disqualified.

          Can this be any worse than what we have now?

          • Davy Smith

            Alex, that’s exactly how our government should be run.
            Like jury service but after a year you come back into the real world you have been shaping in office.
            Do you really want to crap on your peers, knowing you have to live among them again after your term?

        • Squeeth

          Those are the qualifications to rise in any hierarchical structure but not to the top. You need to show some will and ability to command the behaviour of others for that (or be in the boss’s family).

  • Scotty13

    I think it’s impossible to believe that AS would employ a ‘team’ acting to investigate anyone interested in his case, either before or after the court sat. Would Polis Scotland not be under the control of anther agent who has the clout to call the shots on potential critics of the current SNP’s high table?

    We still have nothing on who shopped Alex. Will we ever know or does the great man know this answer already?

    I want to be in the queue for a signed copy of his magnum opus. I enjoyed his last book on dreams never dying and hope this forthcoming title will deliver some serious nightmares for those who deserve nothing less.

    • Tom+Welsh

      Scotty13, I think the idea is that “Team Salmond” is a police/prosecutorial team set up to investigate Mr Salmond and collect information about him and his associates and supporters.

      This is shocking after the clearly collusive case against Mr Salmond collapsed like a house of cards for lack of evidence. Apparently the authorities will not take “no” for an answer, even from a jury.

      • Scotty13

        Ah! How silly of me to put the cart before the horse, Tom + Welsh.

        As you’ll appreciate now, I imagined some scurrilous scumbags had created another rumour about Mr Salmond’s character. ‘Team Salmond’ is in actual fact a demolition mob who have been operating by the Edinburgh Establishment to undermine our ex-FM? I’m always amazed that many Scots fall for the accusation that Alex’s critics are funded by the British state when the more likely culprits are on our own doorstep.

        The Scottish Establishment is alive and kicking and no doubt getting the occasional donation from those within Holyrood who want to maintain the status quo. I wonder who that would be?

        Yes, when a jury in a Scots court gives the wrong decision, clearly on occasion that’s not the end of matters, merely a prelude to the next course. These complaining women certainly seem to be wanting their pudding best served cold.

        • Giyane

          Scotty 13

          Most empires delegate power to locals in their own colonies. That preserves the illusion of political independence to satisfy local pride.
          Imho what you call the Scottish Establishment , though they may be Scottish are no more working for Scotland than the Barzani family in Kurdistan who have not paid government salaries for six months, are working for Kurdistan. They have received payments from Baghdad for the salaries, including the salaries of their stooges, but they have retained the salaries and all oil revenues due to Baghdad, in their own pockets.

          So it could be worse and maybe this is the real plan behind the Alex Salmond trial and this AS team. Maybe the Scottish Establishment wants to have an independent Scotland with themselves in charge, and a stooge like Nicola Sturgeon to retain the popular vote.

          That would actually probably be far worse than an independent Scotland run by idealists like Craig and Salmond because England could just wash its hands while the Scottish establishment picked up the rents for nukes and royals, and put it in their own pockets like a freedom instead of giving it to the people of Scotland.

          When such privates see the opportunity for gross embezzlement of funds and mismanagement of services, they do get ruthless, and journalism is the first victim, usually by gun. I am thinking about Craig’s wise words on the state’s monopoly of violence, which at the moment includes exposure to Covid19 iin prison.

          In fact everything above could also apply to England as a colony of the USA which is why our PM always has to exaggerate his English drawl, so we don’t see him as a US stooge.

          • N_

            The Scottish “establishment” wants whatever it can line its pockets from the most. It’s favourite two political parties are the Tories and the SNP which together win a very large proportion of the vote. Its favourite professions are probably the law and medicine. Remember that senior nurse talking about bed blockers in care homes as if she were explaining what was really what in this world? I bet she’s not so keen on blogs like this one or on courageous guys like our host here remaining at liberty either. A “trial” of a rebel without a jury gives these scum a warm glowing feeling inside as they get ready to seize their victim’s assets and split them up among themselves, all the time feeling a “dignified” feeling as they imagine how filthy the cells are at Barlinnie – all the fault of the prisoners who are born to live and die washing their hands highly infrequently of course. The persecution of Craig should not become a focus for independence versus Unionism, but if it becomes a focus for opposition to these sleazebags whether Tory or Sturgeonite then all is well and good.

          • Giyane

            In fact you could say that this Ancient Roman model of empire which the US now uses, farming countries to provincial governors who pay rent and collect revenues for their own pockets, replaces, in the case of Eastern Europe, one corrupt system of mismanagement, the Soviet, with another.

            In fact, in a world completely dominated by the US it might be that treatment would be better under direct Westminster rule than under a privateer, provincial governance form of independence.

            The evil in this case , as Scotty 13 rightly says, is the ambitions of the Scottish establishment, which is in fact unrelated to the Assange case.

    • Shatnersrug

      I think you’ve confused yourself scotty, the Police mean that they are part of the team investigating Alex Salmond. Considering Mr Salmond is not guilty there should be no police in any ‘Salmond team’ anymore. It’s extreme Harassment

      • Scotty13

        Thank you for pointing this out, Shatnersrug.

        You will appreciate I got the wrong end of the stick here. Another commenter also kindly pointed out my mistake for which I’m most grateful.

  • Tony M

    It seems to me quite bizarre that CM pointing out to persons that their, not his, tweets might be be construed as contempt of court should be regarded as such, and the tweets to which he was responding are apparently not. This is like something out of Lewis Carroll’s writings, with a hint of Kafka for good measure. The courts, the prosecutor are making laughing-stocks of themselves and rods for their own backs. Power has gone to these people’s heads such that their actions are devoid of reason, and their positions are untenable. They are permitted to function only with the people’s consent and as they’re no longer to be trusted, they’re unfit for their present positions or purpose, perhaps for anything ever again. We no longer give our consent, we don’t grant it lightly or to fools, never will again until they start behaving responsibly, and the present lot are gone. Has their office water supply been tested for the presence of lead, is there a cell-phone mast atop the courts, are their wigs exuding mercury or arsenic -should they see a trichologist, are they medically -physically or otherwise fit to plead? Though they deserve our contempt, pity might be the kinder course given their impediment.

    • Dungroanin

      I think the ptb tried to crack the nut with a hammer and it is rebounding back into their face with the sharp pointed bits.

      This has gone viral ! Around the world by the minute. Even the yanks in red neck country are sitting up and taking notice…
      Should be approaching a 6 figure defence fund now.
      The Lorenz effect. A butterfly has flapped and a hurricane is brewing.

      • Scotty13

        I think in the Ray Bradbury analogy you used (1952 short story A Sound of Thunder) the butterfly was actually stood on and that resulted in a round about way to a change of POTUS.

        You are right to anticipate a major change of movers and shakers in our politics. Chaos can be cathartic.

      • N_

        Given the amount of thieving the ultra-arrogant Scottish elite are accustomed to doing – thieving, thieving, thieving, lying and thieving, in every government department, in every hospital, in every town hall (take a look at what percentage of the males are freemasons) – they think they can get away with anything. They’re headed for an almighty reckoning. No wonder Nicola the thieves’ front person in Bute House is whingeing that she is feeling the strain. Imagine if you and the thieving medics and lawyers and professors and cops and civil servants all had to pay back what you’ve stolen over the years, Nicola. You’d feel even worse then.

    • Deb O'Nair

      “with a hint of Kafka for good measure”

      Merely reporting the occasion and circumstances of the prosecutions allegations, which were read out in court as a matter of public record and were widely reported in the press (unlike the defence’s presentation to the court), allowed knowledgeable people to work out the identities of a number of the defendants. On this point Craig should be able to convince a reasonable judge that he did not contribute anything to identification other than repeat what had already been made public, where it may get more tricky is the point of the “Yes Minister” satire as that allows for a more subjective interpretation by the judge, it would be a brave judge who would imprison someone for what is patently a work of political satire and fiction.

      • John O'Dowd

        “it would be a brave judge who would imprison someone for what is patently a work of political satire and fiction.”

        You might think so Deb, but this will be a member of the cabal, known as the Scottish Judiciary, appointed to their mighty and elevated roles by mystical and mysterious processes. Democratically accountable? Heaven forfend, my good man.

        A tribe renowned for deciding the outcome first, and then calculating the twists, tergiversations and acrobatics of logic required to pervert the facts to their required ends.

        CM has, in their eyes, offended their hitherto unchallenged magesterium, as well as openly to have accused the prosecuting authorities (with whom they share their societies, golf clubs, and mores) of “a fit-up and a conspiracy” – as well as exposing similar perversions in Belmarsh and elsewhere affecting relations with the UK’s imperial master, thus demonstrating the emperor’s nudity.

        More importantly, he has exposed the plot to undermine the biggest threat to the USA’s aircraft carrier and neuk-base in Western Europe represented by the near-success of Alec Salmond’s first attempt to liberate his country. Scottish independence would sink the carrier – and the Powers will do anything required to prevent that.

        And unless the cost in reputation and and public ridicule is too much even for these bewigged buffoons to bear, CM will surely be convicted for -as someone above so astutely observed – this sedition.

        Our purpose here is to make this too costly – and if we cannot prevent, to bear witness to the fact that we know what is afoot.

        • JohninMK

          Worse still, he has once been one of them.
          So many now regard this as an opportunity for just and delayed punishment for a traitor.

        • mark golding

          “Scottish independence would sink the carrier – and the Powers will do anything required to prevent that.”

          Quite correct John and we must analyse this sycophantic attitude. A secret Naval appraisal of the effect of Scottish independence on Faslane at Gareloch, where the submarines are based, and Coulport on Loch Long, eight miles away, where the nuclear warheads are stored finally added up to a perverse estimate on deaths if 160Kg of plutonium was thrown about by a detonation of the conventional high explosives in the eight Trident missiles carried by a single submarine.

          In assessing the dangers of this major accident at Faslane, it was clear that the death of about 5,200 citizens within a 3 mile radius of Faslane is acceptable. I mean the top Naval brass and other nuclear physicists concluded that the “societal contamination” that could result meant that “the risks are close to the tolerability criterion level”. !!?

      • N_

        “I spread lies about Mr S anonymously, and it’s not my fault if the jury saw through my lies” is no defence against a charge of libel. (Not that I think AS should go down that route, given – among other considerations – the past history of its use. A book, published hopefully very soon and before Craig gets any stripy sunshine, and published in Moscow or Beijing if necessary, seems a better idea.)

      • Jennifer Allan

        Yes of course Deb O’Nair. These women complainants should have understood from the start, there was no way their identities could ever be concealed from their Civil Service colleagues, fellow politicians and political advisers etc. No Court order or decree can ever prevent office gossip and informal exchanges of ‘in the know’ information sharing. Even before the Salmond trial commenced, the identities of these women will already have been widely circulated within the Civil Service and Scottish ‘corridors of power’. That said, those ordinary citizens like myself could never identify any of these complainants just from the so called ‘clues’ in Craig’s blogs. Not only do I have no idea of their identities, I could not care less who they are. I only know this debacle has set back the cause by years, for genuine victims of workplace sexual harrassment and sex crimes.

        • Tatyana

          “this debacle has set back the cause by years, for genuine victims of workplace sexual harrassment and sex crimes”
          these are the words with which I heartily agree.
          I am infinitely sorry for women who have been sexually assaulted, when they REALLY cannot stand up for themselves, and the offenders, knowing of their impunity, still openly mock them, thereby aggravating moral injuries, undermining trust in society and, in general, faith in protection and justice.
          Whoever these Alphabet Sisters are, having come out with such far-fetched accusations, they have caused tremendous harm to all women in their right to be fairly and delicately treated. Because now, I expect all the sorts of victim blaming will be raising in society, and nothing can hurt an assaulted women more than blaming the victim.
          I mean actually assaulted women, not those annoyed with office jokes, posing for photos etc.

    • Matt

      Yep, there’s a weird heads-i-win-tails-you-lose thing going on here.

      When CM suggests that some other journalists’ tweets are in contempt of court, that makes CM guilty of contempt of court
      When below-the-line commenters to CM’s blog suggest his posts are in contempt of court, that makes CM guilty of contempt of court


      • Cactus

        Like the ‘Garden Centre Resident’ commentator (plant, by any chance?) who stated: “I could easily identify all of the woman from the articles’ and who was singled out for mention in Alex Prentice’s ramblings.

  • Molon Labe

    USian here. Sorry for your troubles. Some of these issues were addressed here (USA) in 1776. I can link to a copy if you like. As has been noted, we are not currently using it (nor the one from 1789).

  • Tony M

    I think it’s just malignant Yoonery, it contaminates and corrupts everything it touches, produces without fail in its adherents drooling idiocy.
    Without the list-system they’d be swept out of the Scottish Parliament, know their time is up and their tea’s oot. Dangerous as ever, as much now in their death-throes, but soon enough gone and then forgotten. An unnecessary and a sorry chapter in our nation’s re-awakening, but a short one, telling of their desperate acts for their worthless wicked cause.

  • PK

    I read about Craig’s legal problems in The Grey Zone and was so appalled I just had to make a donation. It looks like i’m not the only one and thousands are rallying to the cause!

    Good luck Craig and please keep updated.

  • Ingwe

    Off the record but does anyone know how Mr Assange’s appeal to delay the trial heard today went? I’ve seen nothing about it.

    [ Mod: There have already been reports about the outcome today on this thread:

    Assange’s fate is a priority for the blog so if you’d like to raise the matter in the discussion forum, it could become a popular thread. ]

  • Kerry Kirkwood

    SNP subscription cancelled today. Another donation made to your legal fund. Absolutely flabbergasted by what I am witnessing. Going to be interesting to see how they try to wriggle their way out of this maelstrom! Take care Mr Murray.

    • Jeff

      Surely the way forward is to change the SNP from within, not everyone cancelling their membership?
      No SNP or a split with any ‘new’ indy party just gifts the Unionists a free ride.

      • Bayard

        A cancelled membership can always be renewed, if the leaders get the message the cancellation is trying to send and, if they don’t, then there is no point in renewing. It’s not as if ordinary members have any other way of getting their views across.

  • remo morris

    Article 12: “The 23 August article was published on the Website at or around 23 August 2020….”
    Mr. Right Honourable JAMES WOLFFE QC should check his calendar.

    Two things made clear by this ‘Petition and Complaint’ – Mr Salmond was indeed ‘fitted up.’
    The same players now targeting Mr.Murray because he was able to ‘indicate’ it beyond the ‘control’ grid .

    • Anwar A

      This is more common than you think. In fact most, if not all, of the uttering of the COPFS will be strewn with wrong dates, typos, errors etc. Sometimes it can work in your favour. Say with bail notices. But likewise the court can easily say that you should have known it was a mistake. Say a hearing was set for July 3020 and the accused never turned up. In all likelihood the accused would be arrested on a warrant but could possibly ‘get off on a technicality’. Similar to when there is the incorrect number of officers on a search warrant/wrong date etc. It would be likely that there would be ‘no further proceedings’ for a breach of the Bail Act etc. It’s a tricky one!

  • Little+Bat

    I shall be proud to donate to the legal fund. I will always support the right to a fair trial.

    I suggest that one reason why CM is being pursued is because of his support for Julian Assange. This goes beyond the Salmond trial.

  • You name it

    Remembering when you asked those who disagreed with your idyllic view of George Soros, the bastard who interferes in the internal affairs of dozens and dozens of countries around the world, to stop reading you and donating to you?

    Tell me, where’s your good friend now that you need him and his fortune?

    • Bill

      Is this the same George Soros who almost brought the UK economy to its knees by betting against the pound and making £billions in the process? The same George Soros who when he was head of Quantum Investments tried to destroy the Asian and Japanese economies? The same George Soros who betrayed his fellow Jews to the Nazis? Or do you have a different George Soros in mind??

      • Strange days

        George Soros is in many (not all) ways a remarkably good human being.

        1. In engaging in currency speculation, Soros is only doing what many other people do. Unlike the vast majority of currency speculators, Soros gives vast amounts of his money away. “Between 1979 and 2011, he donated more than $11 billion to various philanthropic causes”: These include the Central European University (;, and the Open Society Foundations (

        2. Soros is subject to abuse from antisemites, like Hungarian President Viktor Orban, despite the fact that Soros has remained a Hungarian citizen, and has given vast sums to support charities in Hungary: Soros is also subject to abuse from Zionists, because he is Jewish but not a Zionist: The claim that George Soros betrayed his fellow Jews to the Nazis is bogus; Soros was 13 when the Nazis invaded Hungary in 1944; see

        Of all the billionaires in the world, George Soros least deserves to be attacked.

        • Lev Ke

          My heart bleeds…
          Such a good soul that only just accidentally needed to grab as much money as millions of other people combined.

          Anyone who believes in the fairytale of billionaires with a conscience can join in the guillotine festival.
          All this bs is what keeps evil in power.
          We need to wake up and see that as long as we accept greed to be the root of our society, things will get worse.
          Change will only come when we can see that nobody can ever really possess material wealth, and certainly not as much as millions of others.

          We will create a world in which the only value lies in creating harmony and beauty and happiness.
          Billionaires can never be part of such a world, because they have to create immense suffering to become a billionaire in the first place.

        • Bayard

          “In engaging in currency speculation, Soros is only doing what many other people do. Unlike the vast majority of currency speculators, Soros gives vast amounts of his money away. “Between 1979 and 2011, he donated more than $11 billion to various philanthropic causes”

          I think we have already established in connection with Craig’s CoC charge that “everyone else was doing it” is no defence. That money didn’t come from thin air, it came, ultimately from those who held their money in Sterling, as they paid higher prices for their imports. The fact that he gave much of his ill-gotten gains away does not make the ill getting of them in the first place any better. A thief is still a thief, even if they give away what they steal.

    • nevermind

      You are naming nothing at all. Craig does not need Soros cash because he has thousands who pitch in for free speech and fair trials in Scotland.
      Your barbed comment points to an angry mind, troubled even, very possibly English as you seem to see nothing wrong with spending oodles of taxpayers money to prosecute Craig for being careful in his reporting.

      • Lev Ke

        No. Nobody is perfect. Craig is one of my heroes and I will defend him from harm if I can and thank him forever for his courage. But he also sometimes voices old thoughts that are contradicting his own work. It’s really hard to be really always fighting and reality is such an endless abyss of evil. Everyone has their limits, and Craig has his.
        That doesn’t diminish him, he’s human after all. And a really great human being at that. But not an infallible god.

        We’re all here for the truth, and personally attacking someone who points out Craig’s contradictory viewpoints is not rational, but rather religious.

  • Ilya G Poimandres

    Just as a thought – you never revealed names, but they did in the indictment, so will they do what they did to the drunk in Winzar v Chief Constable of Kent (find him drunk in a hospital, take him to a highway, and then charge him for being ‘found drunk on the highway’)?

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Ilya G Poimandres April 28, 2020 at 10:00
      Why wasn’t he just charged with being drunk in a public place (the Hospital)?
      To charge him with being drunk where they have taken him to is an abuse of the ‘Law’.
      Same as throwing him in a pond, and then charge him with swimming in a forbidden place.

      • Ilya G Poimandres

        That is a good question. I think you have to be drunk and disorderly in a public place, but only drunk on a highway.. I remember my British friends finding it very strange that people in Belarussia could be thrown into the slammer overnight for just being drunk in a public place, at a wedding in Vilnius..

        Yes, this seems like a pure stitch up, why it was allowed, I don’t know, but it runs a parallel to how ‘Craig’ has now revealed a name because the indictment of him not revealing names revealed a name!

        Lunacy on steroids anyways, hope Craig has a fair trial, but after reading about Julian, I fear the state is already autocratic enough to act as it wants.

  • Vronsky

    Where does your defence fund stand now? Keep us in the loop and help us to help you. If you need more we need to know.

    • Peter N

      You just use the Donate button at the bottom of this blog page. Craig mentions in the last paragraph of this blog piece that he won’t be using a Crowdfunder to gain donations.

    • Peter

      “Oh what a tangled web we weave … ”

      Indeed, but I think this goes far beyond Scotland.

      Some have suggested that this action against Craig is also aimed at undermining his coverage of Julian Assange’s plight, and maybe so, but I think it also goes further than that.

      The action almost certainly stretches to the Westminster Establishment and its collusion with the mainstream media – as seen, for instance, in the subordination of the BBC and the Guardian, along with the rest of the msm.

      To the above you can also add the leaked Labour report which shows the destructive relationships between the msm, the Establishment and Labour’s (Blairite) right wing.

      The response to the action against Craig threatens to reveal the extent of the corruption of the msm and its collusion with anti-democratic elements in the British Establishment just as the Labour report does.

      When the threads of that web begin to be pulled at, who knows where it will end?

      The attack on Craig is an attack on free speech and part of the ongoing undermining of democracy.

      It is an attack on us all.

      As you can see Craig, we all stand with you – we are many, they are few.

      Basic subscription in the pipeline which will be increased just as soon as I am able.

  • Jm

    When you’ve got the likes of tabloid scum,like the Daily Record etc,on your case Craig be very careful to shred all documents you put in your bins….im sure you already know about your phones and computers…

    I’ll send another donation next week.

    Stay strong and focused.

  • Some rando

    It is respectfully submitted that Craig “the accused” has committed the following offenses:

    a) being involved in political activity
    b) being involved in modern media publications
    c) using satire to enhance his political activity and
    d) being a right old pain in the arse

    To curtain said criminal behaviour we charge him with contravening a rule of the court. Court said “you shall not identify the accusers”. He then provided some specific information about said accusers, like “very curly hair”. From this information and perhaps much else published by other media outlets, a collection of unknown twitter accounts claimed that they had identified one or more accusers, without naming them.

    I also claim to know who Ms X. is.

    Thus, he is guilty of writing things which we dont like.

    • TomJoad

      Good morning, Worm your honor
      The crown will plainly show
      The prisoner who now stands before you
      Was caught red-handed showing feelings
      Showing feelings of an almost human nature
      This will not do

  • N_

    Nicola Sturgeon wants to be a Scottish Donald Trump. Watch how she b*llockses on about the virus. She’s all “me me me” about it. I don’t wish mental ill health, or any other kind of ill health, on anybody, but it does seem that her mental health isn’t doing too well.

    Is she about to do what the police in London used to call “a Challenor“?

    Clinging onto the doorpost of her office when it’s been obvious since the Alex Salmond verdict that she’s on her way to the dustbin of history isn’t too dignified either. Is she scared of jail, I wonder?

    Just get out. Let’s have a Scottish general election.

    I’d love to see the pro-independence left and the pro-union left unite on a platform of “one final referendum; plus the biggest corruption trials Scotland has ever seen; plus the criminalisation of freemasonry”, but that may be too much to wish for.

    • Anril

      Sturgeon wouldn’t be the first in high office to lose her marbles completely and have to be forcibly removed from office. The men in white coats had to drag Maggie Thatcher kicking and screaming from No. 10 Downing Street!

    • Out+of+Affric

      That would be the same London Police who shot Jean Charles de Menezes for being Brazilian and Harry Stanley for carrying a table leg.

  • Tony

    I never hear of anyone from, native to Hungary complaining of the policies of Victor Orban or the government there. Only outsiders bent on regime-change,. or those who’ve read some untruths somewhere which they then proceed to parrot, serving those same outsiders bent on regime-change. Pluralism is not their thing, they want anywhere different, to be like everywhere else, shite.


    • Lev Ke

      I don’t know the first thing about the situation in Hungary, but indeed, when the empire needs to constantly blacken a country’s elected leader, I immediately become very suspicious.

  • Tony M

    Apologies to the mods the comment on Hungary by ‘Tony’ was mine, in case I’m accused of sock-puppeting or something more heinous, if such exists. It’s a mistake to consider pro-Hungarian, as its government should be, with being anti-anything -before you know it, they’ll be cheering on ‘the chaps’ as the bombs start raining down on the Hungarians. People keep falling for it. Pavlov’s dogs were more discerning.

  • Albert Meyer

    I tried to donate through my visa card , but PayPal made it impossible. After filling in all the info (time-consuming), PayPal insisted that I supply a password. When I hit the donate button the transaction would not process because of:

    “Email is already associated with another PayPal account”

    So, what? PayPal is not helping your cause. I have a Visa Card. I don’t need PayPal.

    • bj

      It is the (in this case correct) assumption that that which is presented piece by piece, was once unity.
      To wit: it implicitly admits that the accusations are one and whole, i.o.w. pre-designed and readymade.

      I’m being sarcastic, but not much.

  • Angela Mckichan

    I am delighted to see supporters of the truth are helping you with funding , stay strong , and thank you for all you have done for Scotland ,and ordinary people ,

    • Tatyana

      Thanks for the link, Peter.
      I tried to access it, seems like they don’t want Russian users to read it 🙂
      I hope IT folks may comment what “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” error means.

      Meanwhile, I turned my proxyninja on, and voila – UK and USA users can read it ! I pay attention to the names, the article written by Laura Webster and the facts presented seemed quite true.
      The article contains another link
      Emer O’Toole writes “It is a criminal offence to publish the identities of the women after a court order was made by Lady Dorrian during the trial.”
      Prove me wrong, if Ms. O’Toole accuses Mr. Murrey of PUBLISHING IDENTITIES?

      This sort of conclusions by a person, who describes herself as a journalist… Her Wiki page says
      “… contributes to various online publications, including The Guardian and the feminist blog The Vagenda.”'Toole

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