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My Defence Fund has now reached over £75,000 from almost 5,000 donors. I am extremely grateful to each and every one. Work is now proceeding apace with the legal team. If charges are brought against any of the others who have been threatened by Police Scotland or the Crown Office over this case, including the journalist whose laptops and phones were seized by police, the funds will be made available to their defence also.

Original Post (from 24 April, with further update below).

I know of four pro-Independence folk who were last week phoned or visited by Police Scotland and threatened with contempt of court proceedings over social media postings they had made weeks back on the Alex Salmond case. Then on Monday, a Scottish journalist I know had his home raided by five policemen, who confiscated (and still have) all his computers and phones. They said they were from the “Alex Salmond team” and investigating his postings on the Alex Salmond case. He has not to date been charged, and his lawyer is advising him at present to say nothing, so I am not revealing his name.

Then on Tuesday morning, a large Police van full of police pulled up onto the pavement right outside my front gate, actually while I was talking on the phone to a senior political figure about the raid on my friend. The police just sat in the van staring at my house. I contacted my lawyers who contacted the Crown Office. The police van pulled away and my lawyers contacted me back to say that the Crown Office had told them I would be charged, or officially “cited”, with Contempt of Court, but they agreed there was no need for a search of my home or to remove my devices, or for vans full of police.

On Thursday two plain clothes police arrived and handed me the indictment. Shortly thereafter, an email arrived from The Times newspaper, saying that the Crown Office had “confirmed” that I had been charged with contempt of court. In the case of my friend whose house was raided, he was contacted by the Daily Record just before the raid even happened!

I am charged with contempt of court and the hearing is on 7 July at the High Court in Edinburgh. The contempt charge falls in two categories:

i) Material published before the trial liable to prejudice a jury
ii) Material published which could assist “jigsaw identification” of the failed accusers.

Plainly neither of these is the true motive of the Crown Office. If they believed that material I published was likely to have prejudiced the jury, then they had an obvious public duty to take action BEFORE the trial – and the indictment shows conclusively they were monitoring my material long before the trial. To leave this action until after the trial which they claim the material was prejudicing, would be a serious act of negligence on their part. It is quite extraordinary to prosecute for it now and not before the trial.

As for identifying the failed conspirators, I have done less than the mainstream media. But plainly the Crown Office, or whoever is pushing them to this persecution, had no genuine interest in protecting the identities, otherwise why did they tip off the media that I was being charged, and thus guarantee further publicity? If protecting the identities was their motive, to tip off the media would obviously be counterproductive.

But what proves that the Crown Office is acting from base motives and not those stated is the one-sided nature of this. Only supporters of Alex Salmond – the Alex Salmond found innocent by the jury – are being pursued by this continuing Police Scotland operation.

There are literally thousands who put out “Salmond is guilty” “Salmond is a rapist” “Salmond is a pervert” posts on social media before and during the trial. Not one has had the police knock on the door. The Herald published absolutely deliberately, the day before the trial, a montage of Alex Salmond amongst photos of mass murderers. They have not been charged. Every newspaper published “jigsaw identification” information which I withheld. They have not been charged or investigated, despite the evidence brilliantly compiled and presented to the Police.

No, this is a blatant, one-sided political persecution. That much is entirely plain. I have therefore decided, in the interests of open justice, to publish the entire indictment against me (with a single sentence redacted where I think the prosecution were excessively indiscreet). Neither the indictment nor the covering letter is marked confidential or not for publication. It is, so far as I know, a public document.

The Crown have very deliberately not included the names of any of the failed conspirators in the indictment and instead refer to the women by their court allocated letters. That is a plain indication to me that this is a public document drafted specifically with publication in mind. Otherwise the document would have more naturally used the names and not the alphabet letters.

More fundamentally this indictment is the basis on which they are attempting to put me in prison – in fact the indictment specifies up to two years in jail and an unlimited fine as the punishment sought from the court. I think the public interest, and my own interest, in it being public is very substantial.

The state believes it has finally discovered a way to put me in prison without the inconvenient hurdle of a jury of my peers. Contempt of Court is just decided by a judge. It is extraordinary that you can go to jail for a substantial two years with no jury protection and no test of “beyond reasonable doubt”; and on the whim of a judge defending what he may view as the dignity of his own office. This really is the epitome of bad law. To use it against freedom of speech is disgusting.

So here is the full indictment against me:

redactedcaseagainstcraigmurray (1)

If the indictment contains anything they did not wish to be public, well, I didn’t force them to serve it on me. From my side, the proceedings against me will be entirely open. I will remind you that you may find all or part of the indictment initially convincing; but you are yet to see my point by point reply, which naturally I shall also publish in due course.


Pending the outcome of the trial, and on legal advice, I have redacted from the indictment those sentences complained of as aiding identification of a witness, and have redacted same sentences from original blog posts. My position is firmly that they absolutely do not they do not contribute to likely identification of witnesses, and the mainstream media did that to a far greater degree than I.]

The purpose of this operation against free speech is a desperate attempt to keep the lid on the nature of the state conspiracy to fit up Alex Salmond. Once the parliamentary inquiry starts, a huge amount of evidence of conspiracy which the court did not allow the defence to introduce in evidence during the criminal trial, will be released. The persecution of myself is an attempt to intimidate independent figures into not publishing anything about it. The lickspittle media of course do not have to be intimidated. To this end, I am charged specifically with saying that the Alex Salmond case was a fit-up and a conspiracy in which the Crown Office was implicated. So I thought I would say it again now:

The Alex Salmond case was a fit-up and a conspiracy in which the Crown Office was implicated, foiled by the jury. If Scotland is the kind of country where you go to jail for saying that, let me get my toothbrush.

Before then, I am afraid we have to fund my defence and I shall be very grateful for donations to my defence fund. My initial target is £60,000. I shall post daily updates on total reached, but I shall be using my established funding channels and not involving a crowdfunding website. I do not intend to fight this battle entirely on the defensive, and some of the funding may be put to launching actions against the Crown or others.

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752 thoughts on “Craig Murray Defence Fund Launched

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  • Mark Golding

    Here we remind ourselves in Craig’s own words:

    “Contempt of Court carries up to two years in prison and is decided by the judge without a jury, on a summary hearing…Unlike the Guardian and the Times, for example, I omitted in my reporting the fact one of the accusers had been present at a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon and Geoff Aberdein on 29 March 2018, precisely because to include it could’ve lead to her easy identification. I was much more careful than the mainstream media – but they were not threatened with contempt of court or banned from covering the trial”

    Rather than his reporting amounting to contempt of court, Craig said “the truth” was he was removed from the court after two days because “nobody else” but he “produced the in-depth detail of the defence case that refuted the prosecution allegations, using eye witness testimony that in many cases proved the accusers were actively lying”.

    Bravo Craig – hat tip.

  • john dann

    What a very sad state of affairs that there are so few courageous journalists like Craig and that true journalism is increasingly seen by the powerful as a crime. It is deplorable that you must be treated to this persecution and prosecution. I am honoured to send a donation to your defense (and hopefully offense as well). Although I live in Canada, I see this as an issue effecting us all the world over, our most basic rights to know and to express ourselves freely.

    Good luck!!

  • Derek Morison

    with reference to Para. 12 you might ask how they are able to cite an article published on ’23 August 2020′ ?

  • neilburgh

    My SNP monthly sub (although tiny) is now stopped and diverted to you. It was being given increasingly grudgingly anyway. I am sickened that the law, ScotGov and the FM herself have been so complicit in allowing this charade of a witch hunt to happen and continue. Best to you and yours.

    • Peter N

      I feel the same way about the SNP nowadays, been creeping up slowly, but now it is complete; I can no longer look at a picture of Sturgeon and not feel utter revulsion for her and all that she now represents.

  • NW

    I sincerely hope you prevail in this case and will be able to continue with your outstanding work.

    Don’t let the bar stewards get you down.

  • John Godsman

    Wishing you well Craig, donation forthcoming.
    You may want to redact your adress from the last page of the attached document.

  • Scott Galloway

    Craig, this is utterly despicable. I am so sorry that this is happening to you. Thank you so much for the work that you do, and please, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. You are doing so much courageous good. Thank you again.

  • Jason Smoothpiece

    You have my full support sir, good luck and strength to you and your family.

    These scumbags need dragged into the light for all to see they cannot be allowed to win.

    Donation made.

  • Doug

    Members of the public must realize how important your defence is, not just for yourself of course, but for all of us. Likewise the public must realize just how much journalists in the MSM have transgressed. It’s pure hypocrisy on the part of the establishment. Donation made.

  • shugsrug

    Rest assured I will contribute. I am very uncomfortable with this.
    We need better. This can not go on and I would like to know when we will realise we have to do more than sit idly by.

  • Nick

    Course it’s a smokescreen.
    I have no idea who the accuser is from your writings on the trial…
    I hope to donate but as self employed and not had a penny in the door since lockdown it’s no can do the moment.

    • Little+Bat

      Nick, many people are skint at the moment, and the support which you offer is still valuable. Not everyone can donate. If you tell others and speak out about the injustice, then that is of great value. And if you should be a believer, then offer a prayer.

  • Ian+Brotherhood

    Craig, do you know any techy person who could make a big ‘DONATE’ button and have a running tally beside it? People love that stuff, it encourages them to donate if they can see the total rising. (Brings some of us back to childhood and the Blue Peter ‘totaliser’!)
    It would also be a very visible way of putting the wind right up those (they know who they are, and so do we!) who will be watching this with nerves atremble.
    Good luck, as aye.

    • brendan+stebbings

      Excellent suggestion Ian, I was thinking exactly the same, Craig, seeing a visual totalisator inspires others to donate, | know from personal experience, small donation on it’s way, more later if req, good luck with your case, they will be sorry they messed with ‘us’ i’m sure!

  • Brianfujisan

    What a Bunch utter Bts.. and that includes each and every so called keeper of peace in that van outside you’re gate.
    Relentless twisted establishment.. now you have Two Viruses intimidating you
    Keep the chin up Craig… Get out in the sun a while.

    Donation Sent

  • Bruce & Claudia Matheson

    No words sufficient for the disgust I feel for the Crown Office and those behind this. Donate coming forthwith.

    This will hopefully all come out as will many other issues 😉
    With much gratitude for your courage,

  • David Llewellyn

    Hi Craig ,
    I can’t help you with a lot of cash but I*can make sure that the people who can see your story. No doubt these comments are being read by the powers that be so maybe they should be looking at James Matthews SKYNEWS .1st interview to camera after Alex acquittal . Identified a witness. The name of the celebrity at the party was outed by the bloody court reporter never mind the car crash that was Dani Garavelli. Assuming fairness they will all be charged as well .And if not then there will be a hundred thousand odd people starting to mess with the legal system which only works by consent of ALL not just the chosen.

  • Gary young

    Its disgusting how you are being treated Craig. I had no idea this was happening g to you until now. I will do what I can to help.
    Stand strong sir. You are not alone.
    Truth is on your side

  • Mist001

    They’ve got you on the ‘Moorov doctrine’. Your posts regarding the Alex Salmond trial and the complainers have established a repeated pattern of behaviour which why the CPS can use multiple examples as evidence of contempt. It’s kind of ironic since that’s exactly as you said the Crown Prosecution Service would do concerning the allegations against Alex Salmond.

    On a personal level which you can take or leave, you do have a certain unpleasant arrogance about you, which I’ve personally experienced on here from you. Whilst it’s unfortunate that you’ve managed to attract this attention from the CPS, you might want to look at that aspect of your personality when composing future posts and replies for this blog.

    Anyway, that’s my tu’ppence worth and I honestly wish you all the best for the forthcoming battle.

    • Mark Golding

      If arrogance is chutzpah then yes Craig is fearless, with backbone and balls; if arrogance is aloofness then yes Craig is detached from the lying MSM; if arrogance is disdain then yes Craig is defiant towards witch-hunts.
      As an example of government/intelligence witch-hunts, we remember Dr. David Kelly when the cold and ruthless spy chief John Scarlett happily joined in and incredibly was one of the chief perpetrators of serious miscalculations and errors, and actual owner of the notorious dodgy dossier with its rubbish intelligence analysis, willingly suggesting the innocent David Kelly be given a touch of the jolly old third degree, in order to help keep the heat away from himself.

      May I suggest this so-called ‘contempt’ is in fact an attempt to take the heat off the Scottish National Party, it’s First Minister and others?

    • Muscleguy

      Have you ever met Craig Mist001? I have, during the IndyRef. I spent several minutes talking to him in person and found him genial, affable and very interesting and absolute and utterly no scrap of arrogance. He was unwell at the time but dutifully left us to keep his appointed interview in the Indy Green Goddess fire engine owned and operated by the now Hon Member for Dundee East.

      I call that dedicated. There was considerable demand from Yes groups and organisations for Craig’s time and he gave it, often at a cost to his health. You may call that arrogance but I utterly and completely fail to see how you could.

      Your comment is a good example of how judging someone personally from text is a fraught business.

    • Penguin

      It’s the COPF not the CPS. You’ve been in France too long.

      Also the Moorov doctrine only applies to multiple different people making the same claim. One person on one website doesn’t fit that discredited Nazi abuse of powers.

  • klink

    Not enough names who laid these charges, under who’s authority.
    Lets have those reponsible identified or they will continue to engage in intimidation, fishing exercises….

  • Matt

    “The purpose of this operation against free speech is a desperate attempt to keep the lid on the nature of the state conspiracy to fit up Alex Salmond.”

    If this is true, they must be incredibly stupid. This will increase public interest, and further reinforce the conspiracy theory.

  • Minority Of One

    Just made my first donation. More later.
    I fear we (the UK) are very close to becoming a Nazi-like state. Good luck.

  • Tatyana

    I broke my head, trying to figure out this intrigue. It seems everyone (except me) has already revealed who this mysterious Miss H is!
    All I could find out was Mark McDonald. Well, he is young and rather handsome …
    Still I can’t believe that this guy is Miss H, whom Mr. Salmond sexually harassed. Or, is he????

  • yesindyref2


    Get a solicitor, talk to the solicitor, make sure the solicitor knows everything involved including your website and twitter account, and then take the full advice of the solicitor, completely, 100%.

    And all that BEFORE making one more post or one more tweet.

    And THAT is the best advice or goodwill wish that you have or will receive.

    Society and Democracy only exist if the Rule of Law is intact and enforced when neccessary.

    • Kangaroo

      yesindyref2 is absolutely correct. This is obviously going to be similar to Assange and Salmond, the establishment is moving to knock indyref down by taking out key players one by one. You are not a bystander and so are ripe for targetting. They have you in a pincer movement, it wouldn’t surprise if the judge was as ” fair and impartial” as Baraitser was/is in the Assange case. They either jail and fine you or cause deep financial loss and emotional distress, neither situation is appealing.

      The underlying legal question is of course, “Did you commit contempt?” it being no defence that others did and have not been charged. So take legal advice and act on it.

      • Shatnersrug

        Craig has got a very very good legal team, it’s important to remember here that Craig is not a just some schmo – until he blew the whistle he was a part of the establishment. He’s not going to smile meekly, he’s going to take the fight back.

        • Lev Ke

          Thanks for that. It’s rather silly to see people give “good advice” based on fear and almost certainly having no clue whatsoever about Craig’s situation.

      • Yalt

        I don’t think that’s their endgame here; they’re not out to create another martyr.

        Isn’t the point of the exercise the chilling effect this will have? It would be impossible to cover the parliamentary enquiry that’s to come without at some point saying something that might be construed as a piece of the jigsaw. Every journalist will be, technically, guilty, and prosecution will be at the whim of the crown…so you’d all better make sure the crown is happy with your reporting.

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