Craig Murray for SNP President and Independence in Two Years 188

The party hierarchy decided members should not be allowed to vote on routes to Independence that do not depend on the permission of Boris Johnson. To give party members a chance to register their concern, I have decided to go forward as a candidate for President. I do so not in the hope of winning (I won’t beat longstanding party servant Mike Russell), but because the ordinary members need to be able to show that they are not happy with the lack of focus on Independence and the closed nature of the party establishment – which two things are related.

Every vote for me is a vote for early Independence and no veto for Boris Johnson. Independence must be obtained within two years. It will not be given, we must take it.

The party appears to have no plan that could deliver Independence before 2026 at the earliest. Instead of conference being allowed to debate Plan B, there will be a “discussion” on “Independence in the Future”. It is plain that for many of the party’s very well paid elected officials and functionaries, that future is some far off optional destination, not an immediate arrival.

Obviously I shall be writing more on this in the next month. My opening shot is here, as an advert in the National newspaper.

My announcement has brought a great deal of twitter vituperation from the pillars of the political class – mainstream media journalists and SNP paid staff and leadership acolytes. Plainly democratic choice is not high on their agenda. Some are absolutely astonished that a candidate not approved by the leadership should have the temerity to stand, and not only that, but actually have the nerve to ask people to vote for them.

Mostly though it is just intellect free vituperation, on quite a wide scale:

That was just the first little period. There are huge amounts more of this stuff, much of it from paid SNP staffers. For those of a morbid mind with plenty of free time, the linkages between SNP staffers and unionist journos on twitter are really quite interesting to trace.

I should point out that I have said nothing in the least critical of Mike Russell or Corri Wilson. This is all entirely unprovoked.

A party where the Chief Executive is married to the leader and has a secret salary kept from members is not a healthy party. Particularly when he is then seeking to pressurise police into taking action against the last leader. This is not good.

I leave you with a last thought. Only rebels from the Establishment have ever won Independence, anywhere. We will never be given Independence, we will have to take it. Who is the most likely to play a useful role in that?


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188 thoughts on “Craig Murray for SNP President and Independence in Two Years

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  • Mist001

    This argument is always a sticking point with me and it gets trotted out regularly:

    “Scots have been dragged out of the European Union and are losing their EU citizenship and rights against the will of the large majority.”

    If Scotland had gained its independence in 2014, then that’s exactly what would have happened to Scotland then too, so you can’t have it both ways. It’s a scurrilous argument.

    In fact it could be argued that in 2014, 55% of Scots voted to remain a part of the European Union rather than against Scottish independence.

    And BTW, I write this as a fervent independence supporter but if Scotland is ever going to become independent, it has to be done properly. This argument is not that.

    • Jambo

      I think the issue people take with this, is that during the Scottish referendum campaign the Scottish people were promised by Cameron et al that a “better together”/no vote was categorically a vote to stay in the EU. They then went and held the EU referendum and we’re now being dragged out of the EU contrary to their 2014 promise. They lied. That’s the issue. The fact that we may or may not get allowed back in is inconsequential on this fact and a matter for debate in an independent Scotland.

    • Penguin

      That’s a total lie and you know it.

      There is no rule, guide, convention or other method of removing membership of the EU from part of the EU unless they demand it. It’s taken 4 and a half years for the english to leave the EU after a clear vote in favour of that option. Leaving the EU was no on the ballot paper in 2014.

      Scotland is 50% of the UK. The UK is the member of the EU. When Scotland becomes independent Scotland has equal rights to that membership.

      Can you explain why england would have remained part of the EU but not Scotland? Bet you any money you like that you are unable do do so.
      What would have happened is that Scotland would have become an independent member of the EU the second we formally ended the UK. We would never have left the EU at any point. It would have been a seamless transition.

      being kicked out of the EU was just another yoon lie. See pensions, invasion by Russia, losing access to TV, electricity, Sunshine and Christmas.

    • Jon

      If Scotland had gained its independence in 2014, then that’s exactly what would have happened to Scotland then too [being forced to leave the EU] so you can’t have it both ways. It’s a scurrilous argument.

      This seems to me to be false in practical terms. Perhaps, technically, it would be forced to apply (since the UK was a member collectively) but then it would re-apply for membership immediately, already meeting the terms for entry. Indeed, given that the EU wish to punish London for trying to sabotage the EU project, and are keen for the EU to be thought of as a bloc that countries wish to join, they would probably be willing to fudge the entrance criteria and invite Scotland regardless of some technicalities (as has happened with a number of now EU members).

  • S

    I’m not scottish nor do I use twitter. But how on earth is it regarded as acceptable for SNP staffers and journalists to spout such disrespectful and chummy stuff like this? I know that there is nonsense from nobodies on twitter but people with official roles? Here in England and outside twitter people were never so flippantly disrespectful even of BNP and UKIP candidates.

    • Marmite

      I was thinking the same. I don’t understand where all the hate comes from. Must have upset a lot of people.

      • laguerre

        It’s the tendency these days. Look at some of the abusive posts by commenters here on the last thread “Time to Stand Up and Be Counted”. I couldn’t see the reason for it, but it seems to be normal behaviour now.

          • Twirlip

            There was someone there, I can’t remember his name, who kept banging on about the “extreme left”. Perhaps that was it.

    • Spike

      It’s because they fear his truth that they denigrate him. Despicable childlike fools that they are.

    • Piotr+Berman

      Down south, anyone not associated with Corbyn is treated with civility. Conversely, when someone is vilified, he/she gets associated with Corbyn.

      • S

        that’s true, I’m certainly not saying that people are decent or considerate or honest in england or off twitter, it’s just that I haven’t seen such open flippant rudeness from people in official roles. And this chummy playground “laugh at the outsider” is really horrible. I know Jess Philips once said “stab him in the front” but that was a fairly big incident and unusual. I know Alistair Campbell can be rude but he’s no longer in an official role so I try to ignore him.

        • Penguin

          That wasn’t unusual for jess philips, now was it? A woman who chortled her way through a parliamentary committee hearing on the epidemic of male suicide. I think she really did fantasize about killing JC.

    • Baalbek

      All of Twatter is like that. It’s a club for smug, condescending twats (many of whom are mainstream journalists) who think they are Very Important People. The insufferable elitist chumminess on display is how the Twateratti typically act when someone they deem an outsider offends their twatish sensibilities.

  • Stevie Boy

    Well done Craig. If I could vote for you I would but as my Scots granny used to tell me you’re just a wee sassanach. Great to see the mindless establishment whores suffering apoplexy.

  • Fiona Nicholson

    If I was a member you would have my vote. As for Hudgton, I had forgotten he even existed, such a charismatic, achieving MEP and president he was. Must have made his millions and be happy with his bulging bank account now.

  • Tom Welsh

    “…I have decided to go forward as a candidate for President. I do so not in the hope of winning…”

    That reminds me of something… Ah yes!

    ‘Our deep registry of historical memory reveals that American voters have never found any sort of erudite candidate appealing. The first election I recall between Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson imprinted this exchange: “Governor Stevenson, you have the vote of all the thinking people,” to which he replied, “That’s not enough, madam. I need a majority”’.
    – Joseph Natoli, “Bottom-Feeders with Low Information”

  • Nickle101

    “Only rebels from the Establishment have ever won Independence, anywhere.”

    Wise words.

    Unfortunately, many of these rebels have to be sacrificed on the way.

    Take good care of yourself Craig, and good luck.

    • Alf Baird

      There is usually a worse fate awaiting those among an over dominant and arrogant National Party pampered elite who have opted to make an “accommodation with colonialism” (Fanon 1968), and who seek to align with the oppressor against the so-called ‘radicals’ and the people they were elected to liberate. The SNP elite have been well and truly fund oot, largely thanks to Craig, WoS, and an increasing number of other Scottish intellectuals.

  • Tom Welsh

    Apparently a lot of SNP supporters have drunk the Kool-Aid – the whole three-gallon bottle – and find it irresistibly comic when anyone doesn’t believe every last foolish effusion of the powers that be.

    That doesn’t augur well for the prospects of true independence. How can you make your nation independent when you yourself are incapable of independent thought?

    • g m

      It is not SNP voters Tom its a group of people employed by the SNP and employed by a few SNP MPs/ MSPs. Check out the level of support in The National in the comment section.

      I nominated Craig for President and I know other SNP members who have done the same.

  • dan macaulay

    nice one;

    great ad;

    you can count on at least one vote from this SNP member;

    (plus a coin in the hat for x’s)

  • Dafydd

    As likely as Scotland thrashing Wales this afternoon.

    Hang on a minute let’s not tempt fate.

  • Jeff

    Mist001 “If Scotland had gained its independence in 2014, then that’s exactly what would have happened to Scotland then too, so you can’t have it both ways. It’s a scurrilous argument”.

    Aye then straight back into the EU on a fast-track. Away, ya tosser!

    • Mist001

      Nope, that’s the theory. The reality would be a lot different and at this precise moment in time, an independent Scotland would NOT be a member of the EU. You think they just make the membership rules on the back of a fag packet or something?

      ‘Away, ya tosser!’

      • Republicofscotland

        “At this precise moment in time, an independent Scotland would NOT be a member of the EU”

        Oh, I don’t know a two year transition phase on exiting the UK, leaves four years until now, it’s perfectly plausible that Scotland could be entering the EU now.

      • Ian C

        The reality is that the situation was entirely unprecedented so nobody, not even false prophets such as you, knew what would have happened. It is difficult however, to believe that the EU would have removed EU status from existing EU citizens.

  • Mark

    I’m not a member of the SNP, and never would be as their political beliefs are not for me, but you have my best-wishes in your endeavor Craig.

    I personally think a new independence party seeking independence as a republic is the way to go. I wonder how many Scots are of a similar mind.

    Could you not start your own political party Craig – one which reflects your morality and beliefs instead of that which appears to despise and fear you?

  • Cubby

    The Britnats have infiltrated the SNP. The bastards from London are now controlling the SNP. Too many of the SNP members have their heads stuck in the sand to see what is going on. Fools the lot of them.

    The people of Scotland want independence. It is now the SNP stopping it – delay – delay – procrastination – excuses – displacement activities e.g. Growth Commission, Citizens assembly – always next year or the year after. It used to be 2018 for indyref2 then it was 2019 then 2020 then just after the May 2021 election now it’s being punted at the next UK GE in 2024 or the next Scot parliament election in 2026. The SNP leadership are taking the membership for fools – and sadly there are a lot of them. Just how many mandates for an indyref do the SNP ignore before the fools wake up.

    The polls have been showing a majority for independence all year – more recently 58%. What do the SNP do – persecute Salmond for 3 years and say vote for us once again and we promise a referendum sometime after the election in 2021.

    • Penguin

      Some are mi5. Most are just zealots. They truly believe that men can get pregnant. That the Russians are behind everything. That Nicola Murrell isn’t a closeted dyke with a burning hatred for men.

      If you look at their timelines you will see these same people sharing the memes blaming DJT for every C19 death in the USA, when the majority are the fault of Democrat mayors and Governors.
      Strangely enough they also blame every C19 death in Scotland on BJ and not Mrs Murrell,

      I’m sure I read a book which mentioned such, “twice thought”, or something like that anyway. The same tome also contained, “Thought Crimes”. I think humza may have had it read to him and missed the point.

  • Iam Scott

    Could I join the SNP today and vote for you or do you need to have been a member for a set period of time?

      • J Galt

        That’s a shame because I would like to know that also.

        I left in June, however it would be worth restarting my £2 a month to throw you in their faces!

      • Cubby

        Craig, no doubt there will be someone working on that right now if it is needed.

        The SNP will not be getting another penny from me until the current crooked leadership are gone.

      • Gordon Gallacher

        Craig, you’ll certainly have my vote if an ordinary member can vote, but I suspect the vote is by conference delegates only…

      • Penguin

        The rule will be whatever Margaret Hilda Murrell decides is needed to protect her favourites, and maintain her absolute control of the party.

        Has she restored Alex Salmond to his rightful place on the SNP history section of the website?

  • giyane

    When the gambling syndicate Tory HQ has 100% control through algorithms over the outcome of the UK election and the Party leader selection, meaning that blocking of Scottish Independence can be guaranteed until 2026, it’s small wonder that these here today , gone tomorrow SNP gob-pops feel they can portray themselves as fools, secure in the knowledge that beta blocker Boris will stave off Scottish Independence indefinitely.

    Once this Tory government is clear of Brexit catastrophe and Pandemic catastrophe it will pass legislation to prevent any part of the UK from seceding from Westminster. In the meantime I personally think that Craig Murray would an excellent president of the SNP.

    He has outlined a radical solutiuon to the pandemic, which is to look after those over 60 who have reason to fear the virus and give the economy , the opportunities for work and housing to the younger generations who are not affected by the virus. And he is part of the vision that the Northern part of England is no longer bound by the obstacles of travel to slavery to London, nor by the obstacles of international politics because there is a ready -made alternative to slavery to London in the umbrella of the EU.

    These are radical ideas indeed. The Westminster economy is like a space pod where the only water ultimately comes from re-cycling every drop of sweat or wee, because Westminster is able to print money and launder it through The City. There is only one plan in Westminster for the expansion of the economy. It isn’t manufacturing, it isn’t green renewable and it isn’t creativity, It is colonial expansion on the age old historical model which led to world wars 1 and 2. The only plan a Tory government has for its dis-United Kingdom is an endless re-cycling of failed ideas that cyclically lead to economic collapse and war.

    Craig Murray is not a visionary. His ideas have been formed from close-hand scrutiny of the dark underbelly of the ruling classes in Westminster. Nicola Surgeon appears to think that the same dark underbelly she is looking at for the first time is a spaceship from outer space that has come to bring wealth and prosperity to Scotland , bypassing the need for Independence. The creatures inside the spaceship from Westminster might be friendly? But just as easily they might be like Captain Cook , filling their muskets ready to shoot the natives.

    The tension is almost unbearable when the first leader of the Scottish parliament is planning the bouquets of flowers for the new arrivals inside the intersolar Tory space craft waiting to disimbark, and Craig Murray is trying to warn them of the reality.

  • Ron Soak

    Paid staff sponging off the backs of political party members by closing ranks around unaccountable power and actively undermining the democratic process via attempting to ‘cancel’ anyone not part of the self-selecting clique.

    Where have we seen this approach in action within the UK in recent times?

    As with their very obvious counterparts in the Labour Party the desperate, pathetic and puerile examples of these arrogant and ignorant oxygen breathers and their paid fifth columnists in the Corporate and big tech media, provided above, should not be misinterpreted as merely an attack on an individual. What is occurring here, as has occurred in the Labour Party, is an attack on what that individual represents.

    It is a vain and egotistical attempt to prevent necessary change, democratic accountability and the application of values not in keeping with the self interests of those misusing their power. An attack on all those who would seek to make meaningful progress against the mediocre careerists acting as gatekeepers and abusing their positions for selfish and self interested ends.

    Lessons should be learned from the evidence of what has occurred in the Labour Party. Should the membership be successful in wresting back control from these carpetbaggers these same staffers and their allies in the Party who have got their feet under the table will stop at nothing to prevent any possibility of the Party being elected on the basis of values and policies which are not venal and self-serving.

    As we have seen in the Labour Party, these parasites would rather destroy not only a political party but society and human life itself rather than not have their own childish way.

    If any initiatives such as this towards winning back decent values within the SNP makes any appreciable headway then the mistakes of appeasement made in the Labour Party should be avoided. Every single one of those abusing the Party membership and its values should be removed from anything to do with hte Party for life. Cutting out the cancer is the only reasonable, practical and sensible approach.

    Give them hell and take no prisoners.

    • Piotr+Berman

      these arrogant and ignorant oxygen breathers ??? I would think that breathing oxygen is a plus

      In any case, ever since neolithic revolution, humanity increases specialization. A political party is like an organism, some providing strength are like sinews, muscle and bones, other are responsible for thinking, ingestion, digestion, and, last but not least, excretion.

      Thus it is not surprising to see secretory functions in action.

    • Shatnersrug

      Ron I think they’re just tories. I think young tories leave college and look for jobs in politics or the media they are employed in similar roles right across all the political parties and they chase out everyone else. They are comfortable protecting their jobs even if it means losing elections, and they love Tory governments because they keep them in their mediocre positions as staffers for the opposition – it’s the perfect job for a lazy sneaky but ultimately childish Tory

  • M.J.

    “It will not be given, we must take it.” I don’t know exactly what that means, but for the sake of your family I hope you don’t end up in jail.

  • John McArthur

    If your main qualification for being in a government post is being a lesbian or homosexual then this all tends towards incompentance in adminstration and being scared to do anything of significance, knowing in their hearts they do not have the necessary skills.

    The tweets cited above are evidence of their capabilities. They stalled for years on taking responsabilty from Westminster re social security by way of example.

    The are not capable of running a country and are scared of even attempting. Much easier to concentrate of issues from the dark side of life.

    I don’t support independence anymore because of people like this.

    • Piotr+Berman

      It may also be that incompetence is the main trait that the government seeks, but since there are so many incompetent and sycophantic candidates, some extra traits are used too.

  • InvernessToCrail

    I’m sorry to say it Craig, no matter who’s in charge of the SNP at the moment I simply won’t be voting for Scottish independence in any future referendum with the SNP in it’s current form. I really can’t countenance being taken out of the UK with them (the SNP) then having free reign to further destroy Scotland with their apparent corruption, globalist totalitarian outlook & ‘woke’ polices. This then also with the prospect of later rejoining a similarly corrupt EU would, for me, outweigh any benefit likely to be gained from becoming independent sooner rather than later. It would simply be too much of risk for Scotland & it’s people at the moment. Until the clear Scottish govt. & establishment corruption is fully cleared out, and sane govt-in-waiting policies are adopted, the thought that my vote had contributed to giving the SNP (even with you in charge) an early opportunity to turn Scotland into Europe’s first full-on nepotistic Marxist state through granting them the full power of independence is a step too far.

    But if you can think of a way to make a start on the thorough cleansing needed at the top in Scottish politics (and the other institutions the SNP have tainted), when something’s shown to have been achieved in this direction, and Scot. govt. policy has also taken a saner turn, then you’ll get my vote to take us out of UK.

    In the meantime, the safest place for our country to be is to just remain a part of the UK until things at the top in Scotland are sorted out.

    • mark golding

      I agree ‘InvernessTC’ the EU Treaties in the last 2 decades are obscure and technocratic texts about institutional change and bureaucratic procedure are usually drafted to correct perceived failures in functioning of the EU itself… But hey, Scotland’s independence does not automatically determine membership of the EU. That enrollment is in another space. The big picture strikes us with a path towards a Zionist supporting, Labour government hewed in the image of paedophile ignoring, privy council member, Dame Margaret Hodge working towards greater state regulation of individuals’ choices “for the greater good” as well as destroying the UK’s great charity cradle with protégé Starmer, a man with sharp, pointy elbows, not to mention tweezer lips, who will vigorously defend his place at the trough. This man is is known to be a gate-keeper for the elite and their establishment.

      I remind readers of Craig’s great words in his prior post: Nobody with any grasp on the location of their right mind believes Jeremy Corbyn to be an anti-Semite. Nobody with any grasp on their right mind believes the Labour Party is now anything but the substitutes’ bench for the Neoconservative team. Under Keir Starmer, the Labour Party has failed to oppose the granting of legal powers to the security services to kill, torture, entrap, forge and fake with impunity. It has failed to oppose the limitation of prosecution of British soldiers for war crimes. The Labour Party now seeks to erase all trace that it might once have been a party that offered an alternative to the right wing security state.

      • mark golding

        I must point out Scotland’s independence notably with Craig’s leadership may well be the brakes on a dark, repressive preclusion of autonomy rising above horizon.

  • Goose

    Guess the mockery comes with the territory when sticking your head above the parapet. Some simply hate having their worldview challenged.

    Watched Official Secrets(2019) last night – the film about Iraq war memo leaker/whistleblower Katharine Gun feat. Keira Knightley. Not a brilliant film, but I think those mocking you and every politician could certainly do with watching it. We need more people of conscience and questioning journos.

    • Josh R

      ……on a more serious note, whilst ‘independence’ sounds perfectly reasonable, it would be sad to see you go 🙁
      Any chance of scrapping the UK and going with a fresher, more decentralised Britain/British Isles?

      Not wanting to poo-poo the Independence thing, but it does put me in mind of Brexit in so far as just over half the community get to vote 100% of the community in or out of a larger “community”, without the option of “hang round but sort all the shi!t out”.
      Realise this might seem insanely naive, and there are obviously many more differences than similarities between the two issues, but something there makes me wonder…….
      ……plus, Whitehall without the civilising influence of wider British politics would be a nightmare for those of us left to fend for ourselves in the EngerLand – have pity on us wee Sassenachs and children of travellers!!

      • Cubby

        Josh R

        The UK has had 313 years to convert a forced marriage of a fake undemocratic Union into a modern democratic fair union. It has never shown any desire to do so – it won’t happen now.

  • mark golding

    Without Craig the SNP will have lost the chance of ever gaining independence for Scotland.

    The UK Government is in “in panic mode” over Scotland and the English establishment is considering pro-Union strategies, such as seeking help from the EU to say it would block Scotland’s future membership.

  • g m

    Have a look at the comments section of the article in The National, Craig. I wouldn’t pay attention to the above. I would judge the support for your bid as overwhelmingly positive. I nominated you yesterday.

  • zoot

    you are clearly hitting the mark, so keep going. I’m sure the number of votes you attract will upset them even more.

    • pete

      Agreed, it would show the leadership how disillusioned the membership were with the present regime.

  • Republicofscotland

    Don’t knock your chances of winning the presidency Craig, you just never know. However your brave bold move to become president is just what we need in these troubling times when as you say members need to stand up and be counted for the current hierarchy of the SNP isn’t taking us anywhere on the independence front.

    Ignore the paid critics and loyalist staffers, they’re nothing, they don’t have the interests of Scots and Scotland at heart, hopefully your nomination will stir up a few other good souls within the party to make a move I’d imagine there’s quite a few folk within the party’s ranks that will be inspired by your actions.

  • Father O'Blivion

    Congratulations on the endorsement from that spunkpuppet Leask.
    You’d have my vote were I a member. My judgement being that my cash donations have greater impact to specific individuals and campaigns.

  • Highlander

    As a staunch SNP supporter, you have my vote. I want no more austerity, I need no charity, I need no more poverty for my nation, a mans or woman’s, right to work and support his or her family prosper, is his or hers privilage, the Scottish governments only responsibility and endeavours should be to allow us to do so!
    That’s never going to be on the cards, with Trumps Boris, or Eric Holders Starmer! The time has come!
    My apologies to Mike Russel, who is doing excellent work on our behalf.

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