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There is a real need for a campaigning organisation for Scottish Independence which people can join and whose sole focus is attaining Independence early, as a matter of urgency. Now Scotland, of which I am an elected committee member, is being launched to fill that gap. It is not a political party, will not stand candidates and all who support Scottish Independence as an overriding political priority are welcome. It is aimed to be the mass membership organisation to which everybody in the wider Yes Movement can belong.

It is intended that it will improve on 2014’s Yes Scotland by going into the campaign with a membership, funds and a democratic structure.

Now Scotland grew out of a series of assemblies last year organised by AUOB, and the aim is to take the kind of energy and unity generated by AUOB and extend it from marching and into other areas of campaigning. But like AUOB, it is the agency and energy of the people which will drive the activity. Now Scotland is not, and will not become, top down.

All of us who believe in the Independence of Scotland need to look beyond what divides us – and it would be dishonest to fail to note divisions have been deepening. We need to concentrate on what unites us, move forward to Independence on an irresistible popular wave, and then set about building that better country of our own.

The formal launch is on Friday and then I shall post again with a link to the website and joining information.

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153 thoughts on “Now Scotland

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  • Eileen Carson

    Champing at the bit here waiting for the link to join Now Scotland Craig! Don’t let the trolls send you off course.

  • Ewan Cullens

    There is something deeply disturbing about asking for permission to become Independent .A once proud nation wringing its hands while it waits for a verdict.Enough. We need a vehicle that takes us to destination in the least amount of time, and a movement that focuses the attention of all.

    Now Scotland!

  • John

    Any “independence” that ends up handing power to Brussels is not independence and I and many hundreds of thousands am not interested in it.

    Until that SNP-driven turkey of “independence within the EU” is removed from the table and real independence is written into a constitution you have lost many like me who voted Yes last time when there was no mention of such an atrocious system where Scots become second-class citizens under unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

  • Don Morrison

    John is absolutely right. The current SNP policy of wanting independence from London while, at the same time, advocating rejoining the EU is inconsistent and nonsensical: it is the stuff of Alice in Wonderland. It was a question I was repeatedly asked when (pre-Covid) canvassing for the SNP on the doorsteps in the northeast and found impossible to answer. Over one million Scots voted for Brexit and what the country needs is a political party with a double-out policy – independence from London AND independence from Brussels.

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