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There is a real need for a campaigning organisation for Scottish Independence which people can join and whose sole focus is attaining Independence early, as a matter of urgency. Now Scotland, of which I am an elected committee member, is being launched to fill that gap. It is not a political party, will not stand candidates and all who support Scottish Independence as an overriding political priority are welcome. It is aimed to be the mass membership organisation to which everybody in the wider Yes Movement can belong.

It is intended that it will improve on 2014’s Yes Scotland by going into the campaign with a membership, funds and a democratic structure.

Now Scotland grew out of a series of assemblies last year organised by AUOB, and the aim is to take the kind of energy and unity generated by AUOB and extend it from marching and into other areas of campaigning. But like AUOB, it is the agency and energy of the people which will drive the activity. Now Scotland is not, and will not become, top down.

All of us who believe in the Independence of Scotland need to look beyond what divides us – and it would be dishonest to fail to note divisions have been deepening. We need to concentrate on what unites us, move forward to Independence on an irresistible popular wave, and then set about building that better country of our own.

The formal launch is on Friday and then I shall post again with a link to the website and joining information.

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  • James Morrison

    I as an S N P member I have been getting more concerned with the elite in the party when I heard and saw Humza Yousaf complaining about white, white, white superiors, I wrote Peter Murrell and Gavin Newlands for their opinions and have not had a reply, that was in August last. SNP was the only Bus that I knew of that would take us to Independence, this may be a better alternative.

  • Bruce

    tackling the misleading statements needs to be addressed. The SG and the SNP are not effective.

    • David Milligan

      Yes Scotland was a mistake. It was badly thought out. It was always on a backfoot because any questions asked of it couldn’t be answered with authority. That is why the central campaign needs to be run by the SNP.
      By all means run a smaller campaign group to mop up people who want independence but can’t bear being led by the SNP but not as the main face of the campaign.

      • Margo Murray

        I think that might be useful. But certainly not to try and usurp the SNP who have gone through hell and High Water for too many years so let’s get behind them with vision of acceptance of the energy they have spent on our Independence reality.

        • Deepgreenpuddock

          isnt this a response to the calamity SNP we see now.I think it has ‘self-usurped’

        • Yr Hen Gof

          You’re suggesting that people unite and get behind the SNP, despite seeing how divisive and possibly criminally, some at the head of the party have behaved.
          Is this no different to the Labour party, where people who worked strenuously to smear the then elected leader, undermine the membership and lose an election, now urge an ever dwindling membership to unite behind the party and its leader?
          If there’s a potentially dangerous tumour in a body, surely it should be examined and if necessary excised?

  • Colin Alexander

    The people of Scotland are sovereign. The sovereignty of the people of Scotland belongs to the people in common. It does not belong to the state, or organs of the state, such as a parliament, a government, monarchy – or the SNP.

    The campaign for Scottish independence is about restoring the ability of the people of Scotland to exercise that sovereignty as a sovereign state. There is no political route within the UK constitution for Scottish sovereignty to be asserted: For it is in direct conflict with the ( English) British tradition that the UK (English) Crown in Parliament is sovereign.

    Scottish politicians cannot legitimately uphold that the people of Scotland are sovereign but, at the same time accept the Crown in Westminster parliament is sovereign. So, we have the SNP talking about the “tradition” of Scottish sovereignty of the people but then bending to the will of UK Parliament, including accepting un-elected Lords in the House of Lords overruling the democratic will of the people of Scotland.

    The SNP has undermined Scottish sovereignty by looking for legitimacy via UK state constitutional ideas of democracy and legality. This has resulted in the SNP accepting that Scotland can only be sovereign if given permission to be so by UK Parliament. Indeed, we now have Sturgeon’s SNP arguing that Scotland’s people could not legally democratically self-determine if they want to be independent, unless first given permission from UK Parliament. The SNP in effect arguing the people of Scotland are nothing more than subjects of the English Crown, in bondage to the will of UK Parliament.

    So, I would welcome any body which non-violently promotes Scottish independence, by asserting the continuing legal and ancient sovereignty of the people of Scotland. Especially, since the SNP under Sturgeon, have given priority to the role of being extremely well paid Scottish colonial administrators for the UK state.

    • Dave Dine

      Very well said Colin, you’re a man to my own democratic heart!
      There are far too many lily livered leaders in the SNP, content to pocket their generous salaries, without understanding or believing the realities you outline,

    • Alf Baird

      “well paid Scottish colonial administrators for the UK state.”

      That has been a key problem, as it was in all former colonies.

      Perhaps this new organisation could focus on the ‘international recognition’ of an independent Scotland aspects and especially the UN and Council of Europe? There is the possibility to have Scotland ‘Listed’ with UN C-24 as a colony seeking decolonization, that can be done now. Craig’s specific expertise may be especially helpful there.

      The regional list vote in May’s election is being considered as a plebiscite vote on independence, by ISP and Solidarity. A positive outcome there could be taken to the UN and CoE for their consideration.

      Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP clearly has no strategy for independence, so the people will have to do this themselves.

  • Jennifer Watson

    This is very good news. I will be joining along with many thousands more. We desperately need a 2021 YES movement . This is it!

  • John Wells

    This is essentially what most of Scotland has been waiting for, as we witness the ever-stagnating inertia of those in whom we placed our trust. A meeting place, a focal point, a beating heart and hopefully a springboard into the progression we have sought for six years now. While devastated by the revelations emanating from the on-going enquiry, and without compromising the necessity for probity and truth, I strongly feel we must re-group in unity behind the primary target of independence, and allow other matters to take their course. Where do I join up?

  • Achnababan

    great step forward Craig and glad that you and Leslie Riddoch are involved. However, hae grave doobts aboot Andrew Wilson and Neil Mackay – both are suspect in my view. So I will hang back for now. (I have joined ISP though)

  • Andy Coombes

    Englishman here.
    Can I come and live in Scotland please, once you’ve disposed of the cabal?

  • Jim Mackintosh

    Hi Craig, please please be aware that AUOB previously claimed massively over exaggerated figures of the numbers that “marched” in various places over Scotland. In fact some of the figures they quoted and then repeated by some SNP elected members were physically impossible. Despite being given counted numbers they refused to accept them. It is a shame because of the serious dangers such exaggeration causes of harm to people and property. Regards. Jim Mackintosh

    • Andrew Ingram

      Could you elaborate on the serious dangers that might cause harm to people and property? How could overestimating attendance at a march pose any danger?

  • M.J.

    People are entitled to prefer Scottish independence. But the fact remains that, when the Scottish electorate was consulted in a formal referendum, 55% didn’t want it. So tough luck!

    • Margo Murray

      All in the past! We are going forward with eyes wider open than ever.will never forget the many reasons why you ever got to 55% and you had Nothing! Nothing to offer this wonderful country.

  • Vronsky

    Andrew Wilson? Let me repeat the punctuation mark a few times??????????????
    If I can be forgiven for quoting a Ricky Gervais opus, ye’re avin a laugh.

  • Col

    Great news. The better together campaign is in full swing. The broadcasters are gearing up for more negative headlines and will probably go all in even more than the last time. Who’s going to sanction them now?
    Would be good to have lots of campaign material that can just be printed off at home and groups organising what streets to hit. Someone phone the SNP to get their shit sorted ASAP also and get their boxing gloves on.

  • Giyane

    Listening to different concerns and opinions is always a good idea. But that’s not so obvious as the fact that refusing to listen to a wide spectrum.of opinion is always a bad idea. Someone in Scotland might have a vast experience of some aspect of life , but nowhere to express it and develope it. Politics sucks the energy out of all creativity and we live in a time of ever increasing political awareness. There’s no harm in tying down local expertise to a local economy, rather than assuming that the only possible model for an economy is the Tory market forces rubbish, and then squeeze your country into their stupid ideas.

    Now Scotland might mean now independence , but I hope it means Now be yourselves, and create a way of life that is not always beholden to absurd , constantly failing, London ideas.

    • mark golding

      I agree Giyane minorities in the Union need a stronger voice and as a baseline ‘Now Scotland’ with a deep and considerable membership will counteract I hope the Westminster/SNP ruling establishment/hierachy that increasingly continues to bamboozle and obfuscate in pursuit of its aims. This together with the majority of front/treasury bench mannequins living in a closed society answering only to the outdated peerage system; a bunch of unelected career psychopaths lacking pluracy and honor unable to fully review the way the UK is governed.

      • Giyane

        Mark Golding

        I’m not sure I agree that the English House of Lords lacks pluracy, or that it doesn’t act effectively against the excesses of the English H o C . Just wondering if a Scottish H o L might not be able to squash some of the excesses of the Scottish administration. Something’s deeply wrong when a Lord Advocate is sitting in the cabinet of the ruling SNP .

        We’ll find out tomorrow if Now Scotland is intended to be a balance against executive intoxication with power, or just an ideas bank. In Myanmar and many other places a criminal conviction is a bar to political office. An obvious invitation to generate false criminal charges against political opponents. It is a world class political disgrace that the SNP ihas become a Myanmar military false accusations factory.

        Something needs to change. Maybe Now Scotland a Think Tank that can write an oven ready constitution for Scotland in the three months before May’s elections, instead of the SNP thinking it can recreate the same shambles of government after Independence

  • David Duncan

    Any format that projects unity is welcomed when we are so close to our goal of identifying our Independence as the only way to escape the insanity emanating from a Parliament in its entirety that no longer represents Democracy and Union but a policy of petty delusional divide and rule, in the 21st Century the last bastion of little Britain is on the verge of history it will be recognised after the inevitable secession of Scotland, whether Wales and Northern Ireland follow is for them to decide, content that historically no Empire lasts forever, least of all totalitarian regimes.

  • 6033624

    Thank you. I’m not up to campaigning but would still like to join and donate to help out. I can’t help feeling that if Scotland doesn’t get independence in the next few years she never will.

  • Andrew Nichols

    I wish I was a Scot instead of an ex English kiwi. Then i could vote for independence.

    • squirrel

      An English Independence movement would solve the Scottish, Irish and Welsh issues in one fell swoop!

      • Anonish

        That’s probably the most out of the box but brilliant way to achieve it.

        If someone can coax Farage from his cupboard and tell him there’s another responsibility-free ego trip to be had, the other member nations could be free of English parliament in four years tops. We’d be thick enough to do it with a little stoking of old snobbish resentments.

        (I’d actually be sad if the UK formally broke apart – though I can understand that you can only be ignored and condescended to for so long.)

  • Jock

    Where can I read a provisional Scottish Constitution, where can I read a plan on currency to be used and border with England, all just slogans no plans

  • Leif Sachs

    Right now, creating political parties with a minimum of integrity is a prerequisite for achieving independence. An independent Scotland run by a corrupt SNP is no improvement.

  • DunGroanin

    Nicola will think it is named after her as a tribute from her subjects – NS ; just like that other jumped up wanker from France who named his party after his initials – EM.

    ? I jest of course, so please no over reactions.

    But .. there is always a bit of truth in a joke, did the committee consider the implication of the initials? Just to appease the die hard Nicola cult, worshippers? Many people are that irrational about their make-believe heroes, they will consider it a reason to join in if they BELIEVE it is named after her initials – in which case it is a genius move!

    I like it and all power to your combined effort to coalesce the various political groups for the single purpose of Independence , Now!

    Leave the political differences for post independence.

    This mighty old rancid aristo baronial dynastic Deep State needs a knife in the heart by its own hand to finally release the whole of its conquests across the world and through history.

  • Julia Gibb

    I am very glad the NowScotland will stand alone with funds and leadership outside the “embrace” of any political Party. It is unfortunate that 540k pounds intended for the wider Independence campaign has vanished into the coffers of one Party.

    Many will probable be unaware that Peter Murrel shutdown the YESScotland website within days of the Referendum and retained email and copyright data. We need to ensure NowScotland belongs to all of us.

  • Margaret Fleming

    We need to stop this in fighting that is destroying our movement. Please can we all get together. We are so close to lose now.

    • nevermind

      Sounds like Integrity Initiative is gearing up to jeopardise a new good idea, Spencer, who else would come up with shat like that.

  • Francis Urquhart Barr

    If the Scots really want independence, then they should lobby to have everyone in UK participate in IndyRef2. Because there are plenty of English people who will be glad to be rid of the whingers North of Hadrian’s Wall.

    But I doubt whether the Scots would want to do that, because it would mean they would have to accept that they were dumped rather being the dumpers; a hard psychological blow for chronic whinging narcissists.

    • vin_ot

      A psychological blow Britain has received many times. Soon there won’t even be a political entity called Britain. That’s when it will really sting.

  • Jon Cofy

    CM: “But like AUOB, it is the agency and energy of the people which will drive the activity. Now Scotland is not, and will not become, top down.”

    Is Now Scotland going to be a democratic organisation?
    All real democratic voting models “must” include a voter proposition function on the lines of the Californian model from the 1850’s or Swiss model where referendums can be held without permission or help of elected leaders.
    If the Scotland was a real democracy you could have a referendum on any subject at the next election or even before. Referendums are the will of the people.
    Democracy embraces referendums.
    Referendums sustain democracy.
    Tyrants fear referendums.

    • Frank Hovis

      “Referendums sustain democracy. Tyrants fear referendums”

      That would be why they were used so enthusiastically and frequently by those renowned democrats Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler, then.

  • Photios

    Hold a consultative referendum to ask the Scottish people:

    “Should Scotland be an independent nation? YES/NO”
    In the event of a YES vote, put the following in the manifesto:

    “Should we win a plurality of seats in the Scottish Parliament,
    along with a plurality of Scottish seats in the UK Parliament,
    we will give effect to the sovereign will of the Scottish people.

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