Fighting On 205

Just to let you know that, after a week of feeling horribly ill, I am now pretty well recovered and ready for the challenges ahead. I will get the MRI scan results next week, but not particularly apprehensive.

I see yesterday the supposedly irresistible combination of Gordon Brown and the follically challenged Earl Strathearn met secretly to save the union. Which is a good time to remind you of this fact, which the media have wiped from history:

Gordon Brown, 2010 UK General Election: 8,609,527 votes – 29.0%

Jeremy Corbyn, 2019 UK General Election: 10,269.051 votes – 32.1%

By tacking hard to the right, confusing opposition with abstention, and making uncritical support of Israel a condition of membership, Keir Starmer is trying very, very hard to do even worse than the idiot Brown. But it’s a tough bar to get below.

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205 thoughts on “Fighting On

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  • arby

    “folically challenged” ? – ye auld hairy brute!

    Glad you’re through the latest dip.

  • laguerre

    The problem of Starmer is 1) that he has nil idea what to do about the Red Wall, being a Londoner through and through, and 2) through his wife, he is unnecessarily committed to Israel. That doesn’t go down well these days; Labour members don’t care.

    This seems terminal, and irrecoverable. In my view the Red Wall is not irrecoverable for Labour: it just needs people who know how to speak the language. Labour PMs who succeeded were northerners or had northern constituencies. Starmer doesn’t.

    So we will have to wait until some change happens in Labour.. Andy Burnham sounds a possibility.

    • Piotr+Berman

      Concerning problem 1), Starmer and his surrounding could use the self-awareness of a famous character from Wizard of Oz:

      I’d unravel ev’ry riddle for my
      In trouble or in pain
      With the thoughts that you’ll be thinkin’
      You could be another Lincoln
      If you only had a brain.

      Unfortunately, the solution shown in the happy ending of Wizard of Oz, give the brainless person a shiny diploma, was already accomplish and they still have no brains.

      Andy Burnham apparently has a shiny diploma, in English, so perhaps he is fluent in several dialects, also “an administrator for the Football Task Force in 1998. He was a special adviser to Culture Secretary Chris Smith from 1998 to 2001.” And he claimbed! ” Minister of State for Health”, ” Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport,” “Chief Secretary to the Treasury”, no end of talents! But if “brain” means open mind, I suspect that he is an insular apparatchik.

      BTW, tut tut, laguerre. Commitment to Israel is UNNECESSARY? For the love of Trident (that Corbyn lacked), are you serious? People were expelled from Labour for less, if I recall.

    • SA

      There are so many problems with Starmer, I don’t know where to begin. The leadership election of the Labour Party was protracted and took place at a time Boris was busy with the covid chaos and with no opposition. He then decided that the best course of action is not to heal the divisions in the party but to deepen them. He then had a total policy void with no ideas whatsoever and with no constructive criticism of the bungling actions of the tories. He did not bury the Brexit debate and frankly was very much a shadowy ineffectual figure. He even tried to get back the central ground which the Tories successfully straddled and covered all the political grounds from centre to far right.

      • laguerre

        Those sound like peripheral complaints, consequent on a central policy failure, and likely not to be a problem if the main orientation is right. Corbyn failed to adapt to the needs of the moment, and Starmer looks like going the same way, but with a different outlook.

        • SA

          I disagree. Corbyn had clear objectives and clear policies as seen by the results of the 2017 elections. The backstabbing and the infighting from within the party damaged Corbyn’s chances in 2019 deliberately and with glee. Starmer thought that it was enough for him to be ‘not Corbyn’ to win, purely on the basis of media support but the electorate thought different and saw through the policy vacuum,

          • laguerre

            I don’t agree with you there either. Corbyn was very rigid and inflexible, even if he had a big fan club. He couldn’t and didn’t adapt to the traditional necessity of a successful British party leader: appealing to a broad church. And he probably couldn’t have done what Johnson did, i.e. withdraw the whip from the factions of the party he didn’t like. Actually Corbyn had the same problem as Starmer: too Londoner. Not so much though, as he had lived some of his life elsewhere.

          • Squeeth

            Don’t elide the fact that Corbyn brought it on himself, the gutless poltroon. He betrayed every principle he professed, to appease the most revoltingly immoral people.

          • SA

            You are like stuck record. Did you just recently discover this word and keep using it over and over again? This approach lacks finesse.

          • Squeeth

            I told you the first time that he capitulated that I’d tell you that I told you so when he slunk away. I told you so.

  • Bob Costello

    Prince William apparently meets only Unionists during his visit to north Britain. He started with Nicola Sturgeon before Digging up Brown in some Kirkcaldy cemetery

    • laguerre

      It would be unwise to expect much of the Royal Family. They are committed unionists.

      • john cunningham

        laguerre – And Scottish nationalists like Sturgeon and Salmond are committed to them.

  • velofello

    “Weakness get’s you selected” – and is the means to control once in “power”.Absolutely spot on Giyane. There is also personna perception, by the public –
    Boris Johnson is such a jolly rascal, isn’t he? Nicola Sturgeon is ” homely and honest with the people” – unless you cross her, or are perceived as a threat to her power.
    Johnson’s weakness is material greed, Sturgeon’s weakness is her lack of talent, and so unable people to appoint competent persons into powerful positions who may outshine her.

    • Squeeth

      The 70 per cent rule: 70 per cent of the people in a job are nonentities, 20 per cent are competent and venal, 10 per cent are competent and honest.

  • J

    I’m an oap living only on my pension credits. Life without freedom is no life at all. Too old to fight but can contribute to those that do. £25 when I get my pension through. I pay contribution monthly but now we must try that much harder.

    • John Cunningham

      Don’t be a fool by making yourself poorer than you are. As a UK citizen you are fully as free as any other citizen of these British Isles – perfectly at liberty to go to England, NI or Wales and do exactly the same as any other citizen does. Misusing the word freedom disparages the many millions of people in the world who actually do live under tyranny and oppression. Think of working in the mines and fields alongside North Korean children.

  • Alf Baird

    I fail to see the courts supposed ‘objective test’ as being either ‘objective’, or a ‘test’ in any scientific meaning of word. The judgement ends up as mere opinion’, as per the title of the decision. The other weakness in the ‘opinion’ relates to potential for ‘apparent bias’ which relates to the judges previous knowledge of the complainers identities. In this regard ” The judge must therefore ‘…be free of any influence which could prevent the bringing of an objective judgment to bear or which could distort the judge’s judgment, and must appear to be so’.”

    • Giyane

      Alf Baird

      The objective test is an old canard of Scottish history. Mary Queen of Scots represented the Empire of Rome with all its blag and fake mystery,, shrouded in Latin Greek and Hebrew which were indecipherable to ordinary people.

      The new British protestant empire was objectively no better than the one that preceded it, and the US mafia empire that succeeded us is no better than our own criminal one.

      Obviously this is another Strurgeonism, using the wrong word because it sounds better than the right one. The decision to murder Mary was subjective , not objective, but the perpetrators may have genuinely believed that their decision would deliver freedom.from.oppression. Power corrupts quickly and before long the new empire is worse than the new one.

      The new Caliphate of Erdogans Islamic State was so much more disgusting than the previous one that it had to be extinguished immediately. Millions of Muslims believed that objectively that the new Caliphate would be better than the old one.

      Such isvtge corrosive power of politics, that the new would-be masters always believe that they will be objectively better than the old.

      You’ll find out soon when Sturgeon gives all children compulsory de-gendering so that the can choose which prosthesis they prefer when they get old enough to choose. I’m quite sure she believes that that would be objectively better than just making do with the equipment God has supplied.

      Bonkers . Sturgeon would out-bonker most of the poor folk who are unfortunate to go into the loony bin.
      Bonkers beyond the comprehension of tgevmeaning of the word bonkers.. But hey, democracy is an objective decision? Or is it group subjectivism?

      If it delivers madness , it needs to be forcibly removed.

  • frankywiggles

    The meeting confirms that Brown is now the figure who most binds Scotland to England, and therefore that the game is about up. There is going to be many a chuckle around the world when even the Scots wave goodbye.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      Broon is in many respects irrelevant, a sideshow.
      When the mandarins of the US State Department sat in their Foggy Bottom conference rooms in 2014 they saw two things.
      The possibility of an independent Scotland. – Concerning.
      A political mass uprising from the streets. – Utterly fucking terrifying.
      Their priority since 2014 has been to put politics back where it belongs. In the hands of middle class, unemployable, politics graduates who’ll toe the line to progress their careers.
      Hey presto! The John Smith Centre for Public Service with a Board that includes Catherine Smith with her own, murky State Department connections and her MI6, mother Baronness Smith of Gilmorehill.
      Six, “lucky” SNP MSPs received JSCfPS interns this year including Sturgeon and State Department IVPL alumni Humza Yousaf and Jenny Gilruth.

  • Tom74

    I always rather liked Brown. Like all decent leftist politicians, his chances in 2010 were sabotaged by our US-controlled media, who, presumably feared he might be too independent of American foreign policy.

    • frankywiggles

      I thought he was an archetypal Atlanticist neoliberal who demanded we “stop apoligising” for the British empire and who to this day srtill runs cover for every US aggression since Hiroshima. Also a fanatical Zionist and hater of Corbyn. Clearly I didnt see the true Gordon Brown. I suppose in your world he is also a secret leader of the resistance against the “Plandemic”.

      • laguerre

        I don’t remember Brown being a “fanatical Zionist”. Not like Starmer.

        • Goose

          Starmer’s conversion to Zionism is recent and probably driven by his hatred of the left. The more Corbyn and the left show solidarity with Palestine the more Labour’s right wishes to associate with Israel and its extremist Likudite govt. Anything Corbyn and the left support, Labour’s RW is instinctively against, even if it places them to the right of the Tories.

          Today, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has written to heads urging that pupils should be offered a “balanced presentation of opposing views” about the Israel – Palestine conflict. Oh, counterarguments in favour of apartheid and occupation? This should be interesting. Where was Williamson when the South African govt needed him in the 1980s making arguments in favour of Whites only rule?

          • Courtenay Barnett


            Concerning “balanced presentation of opposing views” about the Israel – Palestine conflict.

            Above I have tried to balance the curriculum, contrary to the long standing status quo version.

          • Goose

            @Courtenay Barnett

            Kinda scary that govt ministers are blind to the injustices and thoroughly blighted lives Palestinians face. As Dominic Cummings suggested, thousands of UK citizens could make better decisions than those we elect. Williamson reinforces his point.

            Imagine being born in what David Cameron described as an ‘open prison’ of 2 million souls, souls whose only ‘crime’ is the misfortune of being born there: 4 hours of power a day; your water is rationed, travel restricted, and you aren’t allowed any feasible means of changing the situation by your ultra-oppressive jailers.

            What sort of morons are we electing that they’re so free of basic empathy and understanding here? The British kids that are protesting are too young, and dare I say, too woke, to be motivated by antisemitism. This is purely about the demonstrable injustices.

          • laguerre

            “Starmer’s conversion to Zionism is recent and probably driven by his hatred of the left.”

            Nah, it’s through his wife. The children are being brought up Jewish.

          • J

            ^ Laguerre happily conflating Zionism with Judaism. You conspicuously fail to explain how and why Starmer’s wife being Jewish should make him soft centred about ethnic cleansing.

            “Perhaps the biggest perplexity of the current world political scene is the acceptance by most western countries of the respectability of the State of Israel. This puzzling state of affairs has developed over many decades and it has apparently long been forgotten, firstly by most Jews, that Zionism, which begat the State of Israel, is a total desertion of Jew-ish religious belief and values, and secondly by the world at large, that Zionism was founded on a cold blooded policy of colonialism, ethnic cleansing and terrorism. It is perhaps premature to expect the world to come to its senses within the near future, but writing as an Orthodox Jew I hope and pray that the Zionist State of Israel is recognised for what it is and that firm but peaceful pressure be brought to bear for the whole flawed concept to be brought to an end.”
            — Rabbi Ahron Cohen

          • Greg Park

            Laguerre is the genuine article. Completely unabashed by his fellow Blairites’ smear campaign of the past half decade. No embarrassment or circumspection whatsoever.

          • laguerre

            J, I’m not conflating Zionism with Judaism. There are just things one is not allowed to say. To put it bluntly, Starmer’s wife is jewish; the children are being brought up jewish. That gives Netanyahu the opportunity, while claiming Israel represents all Jews, to put community pressure on the wife, and thus Starmer himself, not to betray the community. That community is nearly all tory these days anyway.

          • laguerre

            Greg Park
            Only if left-wing politics is the unique future, though it hasn’t won many elections. Labour’s “broad church” had much to say for it. At least it won elections.

          • Greg Park

            I was referring to your naked anti-Semitism. An embarrassment for anybody but particularly for a Blairite given the posturing of the past five years.
            But not for you.

          • laguerre

            Greg Park
            Only for those who take criticism of Israel as anti-semitism. To say the truth apparently offends you. Netanyahu wouldn’t mind as he knows what he’s doing.

          • Courtenay Barnett


            Get real when you say:-

            “Kinda scary that govt ministers are blind to the injustices”

            No – absolutely – no! They are fully aware and are consciously playing status quo politics.

            Nice people – aren’t they?

          • Giyane

            Greg Park

            To Laguerre, Blair’s colonisation of Iraqi oil doesn’t exist. Iraq produces no oil and no money flows from the USUKIS conquest into USUKIS or Genel’s pockets.

            That’s exactly the same as the African Slave Trade ‘s denial of Slavery in the Caribbean. Wot money? Wot slaves? Wot apartheid?

            All one can say about Blair or his accountant Brown is that the compulsory denial of the existence of colonial exploitation of Iraq is in equal measure to the compulsory shoving of toilet rolls down the mouth of Julian Assange and Craig Murray.

            Draw your own conclusions. Even if you produce the evidence of Blair’s Zionist bleeding of Iraq oil i wealth, Laguerre always pops up to steadfastly pooh pooh it..

            “The Iraqi invasion cost USUKIS billions. ” This will hurt me more than it will hurt you, son, but I am doing it solely for your own benefit. WHACK! Ejaculate.

            I am glad you have rumbled him.
            Starmer’s Zionism has nothing to do with his wife. But everything to do with his incarceration of Assange for speaking about Iraq.
            One of New Labour’s dirty little secrets , like the Bristol statue of a slave owner. Something that must be permanently denied , even 400 years after the event. Assange’s testimony must be expunged from the history books.

            Black lives matter! No, to USUKIS they never have , never will and don’t. Same with Black Gold in the 21st century. The genie must be kept in the bottle AT ALL COSTS.

          • laguerre


            “Blair’s colonisation of Iraqi oil doesn’t exist.”

            If you are going to abuse me, at least honour other participants here by sticking to something approaching the truth.

            Blair had no say in the attempt to take over Iraqi oil, he was a simple lap-dog of the Americans.. Bush and co did indeed attempt to take over Iraqi oil, but they failed, because the Iraqi parliament refused. There is no US or Brit in Iraqi oil today. I met a lot of them on the plane from Basra a couple of years ago and they were all 3rd world.

          • Giyane


            Winston Churchill wanted the oil in Mosul after the Defeat of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and 100 year plans by the now empire-free Britain resulted in New Labour starting on Empire 2.

            Blair was riding the sausage at the time, the sausage of British Empire 2, but of course it wasn’t his idea or his decision to go to war. Of course he was only the rider of the British Sausage. Sausages don’t fly.

            A good try by you to accuse me of ad hominem, but you are like Blair just a splodge of Mustard on the great British colonial Sausage, in a US hamburger.

            Kurdish oil is chomped daily by British corporation Genel which gets 200,000 barrels per day, or more.

            It didn’t happen. It never happened. If somebody put up a statue to Blair in Bristol for his part in it not happening, the refusal to admit that it had ever happened would be sufficient to send the statue dunkers to jail.

            I wasn’t abusing you, I was comparing the Caribbean African Slave Trade to the Zionist destruction of the Middle East, because of your continual denial of the reality, just like the continual suppression of the truth about the Slave Trade. In perpetuity. Even 400 years after all the evidence has been produced including by Lenny Henry on British TV

            Rah rah bluster. Long time ago. Bluster. Nothing to do with Blair..
            The Quartet refers to Handel’s arias for harpsichord and strings. Rah..Rah. more champers please.

      • frankywiggles

        Sorry, what’s the preferret term this week among folk like yourself and Tom?

    • Squeeth

      @Tom74 “Decent”! “Leftist”! Where were you between 1997 and 2010?

    • Shatnersrug

      My mate works for Gordon. He’s a right grumpy bugger apparently.

      It’s actually true that he doesn’t like making all these interventions – it’s presented to him as ‘duty’. He’s said privately he thinks it doesn’t help their cause at all and he’d rather stay out of it. Makes you wonder why he doesnt

    • John Cunningham

      Tom – Presumably you are including the National. US makes money from both leftist and rightists voters – and from whatever Scottish nationalists are.

    • Jo

      Which schedule I cannot find….but they usually come on for a week or so now and then. Hopefully.

  • M.J.

    Shouldn’t it be “follically”, since the future King William V shows no sins of folic acid deficiency that have been reported?
    Anyway, it is strange that Corbyn gained a greater proportion of the vote, yet managed to lose the red wall, including seats that had been Labour for decades, generations even. I suppose it is because the Tories and others beat him across the country and no tjust in selected constituencies, thanks to Brexit.

    • Stevie Boy

      Corbyn was defeated by Brexit, Israel and the fact that he’s a ‘nice bloke’.
      Unfortunately, when it comes to votes a couple hundred thousand momentum supporters are not going to make a difference against the zombiefied ranks of the Daily Mail readership. If he had stood firm on delivering Brexit he probably would have won, but he dithered and appeased.

      • Squeeth

        Nice blokes don’t let working class, black, female Jews get purged by rich, white, female zionist antisemites.

      • Giyane

        Stevie Boy

        Politics is not about principles. It is about the slow manufacture of a consensus that has no principles by networking individuals inside and outside the Party or group.

        I have no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn was fully aware of this networking against him inside and outside his Party, but the coup was better funded , and the Tories ultimately control the ballot box.

        What we have now is can upper class Tory Party and a Lower class one. Two horns of the same Satanic plan to conquer the assets of foreign countries in order to retain economic superiority.

        Both branches of Torydom would like to wave their gnat-sized dicks at the vastly superior military and economic might of Russia and the Far East, if they had anything to wave. Brexit was a pathetic exercise at blowing up their microdicks under the microscope and flashing them at the EU in defiance.

        But all that has proved is that Britain is a small country without an empire which is ready to be pooper-scooped by the US for hygiene reasons, in case any of the other walkers accidentally skidded on it.

  • Huw

    Craig, the contrast between Brown and Corbyn’s appeal is even more marked if you look just at the vote in England (since Labour lost much of its Scottish vote before Corbyn became leader):

    Brown 2010: 7,042,398 votes (28.1%)
    Corbyn 2019: 9,152,034 votes (34.0%)

    • Carl

      Yes, important to note Brown’s total was achieved when Scotland was still Labour. Even so he continues to be represented by liberal media as one of the great political thinkers of the modern world. That’s despite his deregulation of the banks, love of Paul Dacre, privatisation of all and sundry, and a government of all the talents that included Lord Sugar and Digby Jones. The commentariat are bewildered and disgusted that the public doesn’t share their admiration of Brown (and now Starmer).

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        ” he continues to be represented by liberal media as one of the great political thinkers of the modern world. “

        He has been selected for that role and whatever rubish he comes out with will be treated as profound. Who else is there?

        • Carl

          Indeed, not many. They will never stop reifying that other hollow man of the extreme centre, Barack Obama, and his missus.

  • Stephen C

    This must be a very difficult time for you. What you have achieved and publicised and made many of us aware of if amazing, You should be proud of the stance you have taken and continue to take. It has had a large cost to you.
    Those in the establishment who have taken steps to quieten you down have no integrity, or are blind to their own bias.
    I hope your health issues diminish and that you are able to continue with what you seem so driven to do.

  • Manjushri

    My opinion and personal assumption is that an establishment elite wanted to break up Europe’s largest membership political party, so they installed their own controlled resource (Herr Starmer) to be the Labour Party’s dear supreme leader. I think he is doing well in meeting his controllers’ objectives.

    • M.J.

      Speaking of corrupt establishment elites, you might enjoy the first two episodes of Season 5 of the series Spooks (which is available on the BBC iPlayer as well as DVD).

      But that is fiction. I suspect that Starmer is, like Tories, New Labour putting “electability” first, and I can understand the logic involved: No electability, no votes, no power, and you can’t do anything.

      However there is another way and that is to convince the voters, much more painstaking, but that is what the Labour party had to do to get elected at all.

      Making a fetish of “electability” is a kind of get-rich-quick policy, with the danger of using celebrity as a means of getting one’s candidate into power, however unworthy. But the intended puppet then may turn out to be a populist and create a cult of the personality of his own. In the worst case we have what happened in Weimar Germany and any number of cases where the delicate flower of democracy dies and gives way to dictatorship.

      This is the great danger from which the USA only just escaped a few months ago. I hope they learn their lesson well.

      • Giyane


        Nothing electable about a man who annoys his own members, like the unions. But I suppose the more he makes Labour unelectable, the more believable the algo-credibility of the Tories will be, which is currently at zero.

        The only people who pretend to believe the result of the last election is Tory rightwingers who want to use it as an excuse to eject the Left from their Party. Not even Blojo believes it or he wouldn’t keep trying make the imaginary Red wallers happy by pretending they exist.

        The only thing slimmer than a non-existent majority is an algo-majority . Or political negative equity.

          • On the train

            Yes what does algo credibility mean? It sounds interesting, and I don’t doubt that the Tories lack it…..but what is it exactly ?

          • Dawg

            “algo-credibility” is just Giyane’s pathetic attempt to gain some street cred by mashing two words together: “algorithm” and “credibility”.

            He thinks the Tories stole the last election by manipulating the algorithms that counted the votes. The company in charge was Idox, whose senior non-executive director is former Cabinet Minister (Baron) Peter Lilley (former MP). For further details, you can read Kim Sanders-Fisher’s 6-million word monologue (with occasional interjections from Giyane and others) here.

        • M.J.

          Your last sentence presents an interesting WINC puzzle (word-in-context ; guess the meaning of a word from its context)
          “Political negative equity” sounds like the opposite of “political capital”, which could be either “political debt”, as in Boris having borrowed votes from the red wall, or repellence to voters as Corbyn had with his promises of a Workers’ Paradise that the Workers, alas, didn’t believe.
          “Algo-majority” is harder, but my best guess as to its meaning is the majority in a legislature that a party achieves by a minority vote, as in our first-past-the-post system.
          OK, what is the answer, i.e. your true intended meaning of these expressions?

          • Giyane


            When estate agents bump up the price of houses and recession brings them down to more realistic levels, people experience negative equity.

            When algorithms vastly distort the popularity of a Party, the situation is also unstable. The Tories don’t care about reality or veracity, because they make money by being in power. So for them , the ends justify the means.

            It is of course pathetic to be the loser as account of their lies.
            Their words not mine . I would hate to be the go social expert on Tory swindler.

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        Starmer is unelectable because the people who liked Corbyn will not vote for him and anybody who wants to vote tory can just vote tory.

        • Deepgreenpuddock

          your simple comment captures it nicely. I had to laugh, but in a sardonic way.

    • ronan1882

      Hopefully so. The worst want you silent. Keep roasting and exposing them, they can’t stand it!

    • Merkin Scot

      Glad to see you are still fighting the good fight even with your health problems. Stay strong.
      .Craig, in your time in Africa, did you ever come in contact with Opportunity International? I believe they are ‘involved as a charity’ in financial services and micro-finance.

  • mark golding

    Having mentioned Gordon Brown I hope my post in not perceived as off-topic.

    A great friend Admiral Lord West of Spithead has been insulted by this government’s Foreign Office. Falkland’s hero Alan West was reprimanded for signing an international ‘Statement of Concern’ over an alleged distortion of intelligence by the UN’s chemical weapons watchdog, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The subsequent bombing of Syria by RAF No. 9 squadron using Storm Shadow missiles amounts to a war crime and justice will be sought in a court of International law.

  • John Cleary

    Craig, hang in there mate.

    Strathearn was seeking Brown’s wisdom when it comes to breaking political parties. He’d like to do the same to the SNP as Brown & Co did to the Labour Party.

    Gordon explained that it takes a long time to split a party cleanly in two.

    The rape gangs were established and ready to go all over Northern England by the time Blair and Brown came to power. They flourished without challenge from 1997 to 2013. Anybody that tried to do something to stop it all was attacked by the “metropolitan” wing of the party as a racist.

    By the time that Mrs Gillian Duffy begged him to do something about all the broken lives the Labour Party was a dead party. As was par for the course (in 2010) the Son of the Manse denounced her as “that bigoted woman”. But simply Google “Rochdale child abuse” and see for yourselves the avalanche of filth the Labour Party were instructing their activists to swallow.

    They won’t do it. They will never vote for Labour again.

    William hopes to achieve the same for the SNP.

    • bevin

      “..The rape gangs were established and ready to go all over Northern England by the time Blair and Brown came to power. They flourished without challenge from 1997 to 2013. Anybody that tried to do something to stop it all was attacked by the “metropolitan” wing of the party as a racist…”

      By any measure this is malicious nonsense.

  • BLMac

    Some are painting Corbyn as a good guy. He isn’t.
    He is opposed to democracy for the Scots.
    That’s a typical ‘decent’ Englishman’s attitude, Scots are an underclass not worthy or capable of self determination. A bit like the attitude of the ‘gentlemen’ in the American south to emancipation.

    As for Starmer? Even in my most ardent Labour supporting days I would never have voted for a SIR. The SIR tells you everything you need to know about where his loyalties lay. I wouldn’t need to know anything else about him.

    • U Watt

      You’re misinformed. Corbyn said during the 2019 election campaign that he was open to Indyref2, despite knowing Scottish independence would hurt his own party. Sturgeon was well aware Corbyn had publicly committed himself to indyref2, unlike any other English party leader, yet still joined with the British establishment in trying to destroy him by smearing him as an anti semite.

      Now you’re aware of this, ask yourself which of the two is “opposed to democracy for the Scots”.

      • BLMac

        “Open to” = weasel words, and plausible deniability.

        It is a lot different from supporting democracy.

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