High Level Corruption in Scotland Continues 214

The threat of imprisonment for contempt of court again looms over me if I tell you (again) too much of the truth about the arrest of Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell. But I can make a few observations.

As I stated on twitter on March 19 (I am not going to repeat all my tweets here but you can go searching down my twitter thread), Police Scotland delayed their investigation into SNP corruption for the duration of the SNP Leadership election campaign.

That campaign was triggered by Sturgeon’s sudden resignation, which was itself precipitated by her being told by Police Scotland the investigation was going to proceed. Whether she was told in terms her husband would be arrested I am not sure, but the implication was obvious.

For police to warn the suspects in an investigation in this way of how the investigation is proceeding – and to agree a pause for the leadership election – is deeply corrupt.  It has at least two seriously damaging consequences.

Firstly, the high profile searches today at the Murrell family and other domestic properties in Scotland, and at SNP HQ, are a charade. They have had a month’s warning to destroy any evidence, should any alleged crime have been committed.

Secondly, by delaying Murrell’s arrest (on charges of which we must presume his innocence), Police Scotland have influenced the outcome of the SNP leadership contest.

By pausing their investigation, Police Scotland gave the Murrells time to get their self-proclaimed “continuity candidate” in place. Had the investigation and thus arrest not been delayed, “continuity” would have looked a great deal less attractive to the SNP membership.

The mainstream media is widely reporting that the investigation relates to the missing 600,000 pounds Indyref2 fund. I understand that while that was the starting point, the allegations may now go much wider.

I am afraid that’s really all I can safely say today. Please be equally circumspect in comments.

Except I am feeling well vindicated.


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214 thoughts on “High Level Corruption in Scotland Continues

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  • Republicofscotland

    As if there was any doubt whatsoever where Yousless priorities lay:

    “Humza Yousaf will NOT attend the AUOB independence rally on May 6 – with a spokesperson confirming he will be at the coronation of King Charles in his capacity as First Minister of Scotland”

    The SNP are finished as a party for Scottish independence; you know it, I know it, the dugs in the street know it.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba. The sooner we get Alba into office, the sooner we dump this fetid union.

      • DGP

        I notice it was impounded, or at least taken away on a transporter. This struck me as rather odd. Why bother? Mr Murrell is hardly going to dispose of the vehicle without being spotted by the police. Why didn’t they just ask him to not use it until the origins and ownership are established? I would imagine a few minutes with the DVLA computer system, and a few questions directed at Monsieur Murrell and a request for an explanation, would suffice – unless it has already been established that the vehicle’s provenance is dubious. Looks like police performing, to my jaundiced mind.

      • Ebenezer Scroggie

        Isn’t the rather close proximity of the stated estimate of the retail price of that vehicle to the remarkably precise figure of £107,620 rather an amazing coincidence?

        It’s also notable that the Poileas didn’t lift the Peugeot EV from in front of the Uddingston property. It’s clearly visible in the background of that somewhat peculiar Press statement. Y’know, the one throughout which she kept her ring finger firmly in her pocket.

        Of course we mustn’t speculate, but it doesn’t take the brains of Taggart to put two and two together and come up with the answer of four.

        • Ebenezer Scroggie

          I love the advertising slogan of the campervan company which sells Murrell’s vehicle:

          “Breaking all the rules”

          In the same way that Mrs Merton wondered what first attracted Debbie McGee to the millionaire Paul Daniels, I wonder what caught Murrell’s eye in the advertising blurb for that thing.

    • David CT

      What are Alba’s policies on corruption, monarchy, and NATO?

      I found something in their scribblings on sports facilities for youngsters, but nothing on the above-mentioned issues.

      To recap, those issues are about
      1. cleaning Scotland up,
      2. having a forward-looking republic with a constitution, rather than some hereditary shit featuring a member of a royal family sitting on an expensive chair, and
      3. not being in a military alliance with the USA.

      Just wondered whether Alba would actually want my vote or not.

      Also is what they call a “plebiscite election”, meaning a Scottish general election in which on every ballot paper there’s a single “all we’re advocating, in this context, is independence” choice (so the candidate might be a Trotskyist, a liberal, a neo-Nazi, a republican, a monarchist, or some pour soul who is greener than Superhero Snotman’s most impressive bogey), likely to work in practice? It sounds more like an embarrassing heap of poop that one would expect to hear from SNP types who can’t see more than a few months ahead but know they love trousering state money and trying to be “big boys” in politics by copying language from actual big boys.

      • Stevie Boy

        Yes, modern politics is not about real, costed policies and dealing with people’s real issues it’s about getting into power, staying there as long as possible, no matter what, and enriching oneself.
        All party politics is the same, all parties are the same. Will Alba be different ? Is the Pope Catholic ?

        • Ebenezer Scroggie

          If we’d let the regional assembly be just that, instead of allowing it to burgeon into a Lilliput self-proclaimed “government”, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

          Thank your deity, or an Easter bunny, that we didn’t let these arseholes cast us adrift into the icy waters of the North Atlantic like a cold-water version of Cuba without bananas or sugar cane.

        • Johnny Conspiranoid

          “Will Alba be different ? ”
          Depends on how much they can resist infiltration by the neo-whatevers who have infiltrated everything else. No doubt that effort is already underway.

    • Xavi

      Salmond’s more of a royalist lickspittle even than the new SNP leader. It’s worth reflecting whether a country has ever freed itself from English rule with an independence movement led by ardent royalists. How is it possible for independence-minded people to form emotional attachment to or have full trust in royalist politicians? It is I suspect a big reason I why Scottish nationalism is collapsing so quickly and completely. Being led by such people made it one of the oddest and most compromised national movements the world has ever seen.

      • Ebenezer Scroggie

        At least Castro built up an education system which improved literacy and a health system which improved health and a transport system which improved transport and and and.

        What did the SNP ever do for us? Apologies to Life of Brian.

        • Xavi

          Of course they fell miles short of Castro’s achievements. They are a neoliberal austerity regime who scrape before English-German royals.

          But you’re condemning their record as a fanatical supporter of English Tory/Starmerite rule so forgive me if I treat your unflattering comparison to Cuba with utter incredulity.

  • Vivian O’Blivion

    The parent article below which we are commenting has made Bernhard’s global roundup of the week at Moon of Alabama. Congratulations NuSNP, your corruption has achieved global recognition.
    Angus Robertson was tasked with raising the profile of the SNP at an international level. His methodically planned assault on party democracy and gerrymandering of the NEC eventually fulfilled that remit.

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