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44 thoughts on “Twitter Account Hacked

        • Clark

          Indeed, there is a real Matt Huang account, @matthuang

          Earlier, at 19:07 below, I’d been fooled by the fake account. Matt Huang is presumably one of the victims alongside Craig, possibly the major target.

          • Ruskin

            My reading, looking at the interests and companies that link from the Matt Huang account, is that he has been commissioned to take out Craig’s account, is involved in some way in the technical side, but has f**cked it up slightly.

          • S

            Exactly, Clark. To be clear, Matt Huang runs a cryptocurrency firm (Paradigm). He testified against Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX) in perhaps the biggest fraud case of this century.

            Also, if important people wanted to frame Craig, they would surely have done a much better job of it. Looks like kids messing about, possibly kids who are into cryptocurrency or upset about their investments.

  • Richard S

    I literally just commented this on your previous blog post. The guy had you saying Hitler was right about the Jews but deleted it then changed your profile name

  • John

    Strangely ‘coincidental’ that this would happen AFTER British agents accessed your electronic equipment. Also potential that state agents are working within the X staffing team and stealing password data or changing access info from within.

    • Sam

      Of course. One day soon the tweets posted by the hacked account will be used in the prosecution of Mr. Murray as evidence against him. Not that the public will know this, of course, as the trial will be closed to all except pro-empire media journalists. Business as usual in police room six one nine!

  • Clark

    Craig it’s ‘cracked’ not ‘hacked’ (rolls eyes. Again). has reverted to being unviewable without a login, so I’m using

    Matt Huang, @matthuag looks like a genuine account to me. and seem to be carrying identical content. Both timelines show Tweets out of chronological order.

  • Clark

    The posting of anti-Semitic content implies intent, but the cack-handed and short lived implementation suggests an enthusiastic idiot rather than security services. EDL script kiddie?

    • Republicofscotland

      Agreed Clark, I had a wee look and see no anti-Semitic content, infact Craig’s comments are still intact but his facial image is missing.

      Though one must wonder why this has happened, and especially now Craig is in the security services crosshairs.

      • Goose

        Being a high profile potential target for this kind of thing. Craig presumably uses the two-factor-authentication option?

        ‘Security key’ option is best 2FA method imho. As SMS OTPs for 2FA aren’t the safest method.

        ‘Password only’ certainly ain’t good enough. As making them long and complex enough – as they’d need to be these days – isn’t really practical.

  • Duncan Cragg

    This is extremely odd, and I can’t see how an ordinary hack can do it. Craig’s Twitter feed is now named “Matt Huang”, who I’ve never heard of. – all of Craig’s posts under not just a different name, but different URL or user id. I have a Twitter List which used to have Craig in it, but now has this Matt person… Only a hack or bug inside Twitter could do this, I would say.

    Update: Matt’s timeline seems to no longer be Craig’s old posts, but he’s still in my Twitter list instead of Craig!

  • John Edwards

    After the illegal seizure of your devices at Glasgow Airport assume they are compromised and the police state has access to all of your online life. Social media, email, cloud storage, online banking etc.

  • Kaiama

    Either someone is looking over your shoulder or your mobile/computer/google has been hacked. Any password stored on any of the above… change the lot, starting with your banking.

    • Goose

      [ Mod: Thank you for adding a comment with a reproduced news story about an air strike in Gaza, but obviously you should post it on the Breaking News (Gaza) forum thread that glenn_nl linked to, rather than here under an article about a hacked Twitter account. ]

  • Odessa

    There are two things I have not seen comments on.

    1. Israel going after Hamas fighters. It is very unlikely, extremely unlikely that they can do that. Hamas fighters do not go about fighting while wearing hi-viz vests. It is unlikely that Israel has any inside info either. If they did, they would have known about the attack on 07/10/2023. So, how does Israel know where the Hamas fighters are, to bomb them? They don’t. The obvious conclusion is that this is simply random bombing – this has not been commented on, just bought wholesale and parroted unthinkingly.

    2. Collective guilt. It cuts both ways. In WWII Germans will billet in a village, if someone got ambushed and killed, they will ask the village to give him away and if not they will kill the whole village. Look at what is happening in Gaza and make your own conclusion. After WWII, Israel insisted that all Germans are guilty, that some collaborated silently and implicitly and some actively. But they were all guilty. Well, Israel boasts that it is a democracy. So it logically follows that they democratically, the majority, decided to take the actions over the years, culminating now in Gaza. If you apply the argument Israel did/does towards the Germans in WWII towards Israel now, what conclusions do you reach?

    3. The same collective guilt applies to the US citizens and the Brits. The average citizen votes for the war-waging Governments over and over again. As long as the petrol is cheap and they have enough to eat, why would they care? So the democratically elected USA/UK Govs, democratically kill people, no matter if it is Rurke Drift or Afghanistan or Iraq, or Vietnam etc. And as we all know, and the press keep telling us, being democratically killed is sooo much better than being killed undemocratically. So, democracy works wonders, keeps our consciousness clear, and we can enjoy our cheap petrol, cheap hols, sleep well at night, and at the same time beat the crap out of fill in the dots,…., starve the Afghanis and the Cubans and the… fill in the dots. Individually we are never guilty, but collectively?

    • Bob (not OG)

      Good points.
      Regarding voting for war-waging governments – that’s why there is no sound reason to vote any more. All voting does now is lend legitimacy to the wars etc.
      It doesn’t matter at all (except on the most trivial topics) which party is in power. The real power, the fascist state, remains in place always.
      Invading/exploiting other countries, transfering massive wealth to the ‘1%’, supporting genocide etc. etc… but it’s ok – it’s the democratic will of the people. The brainwashed people.

  • Mark Harper

    This looks like what happened to Garland Nixon, they say they can’t verify who he is so he can’t access his account. I believe he’s taking legal action

  • Sam

    Pro tip for everyone else (too late for Mr. Murray) – enable two-factor authorization (2FA) on your accounts but DO NOT USE the SMS/text message to your phone option. Use a (verified) 2FA app.

    • Goose

      The Yubikey and generic versions are cheap enough. Google employees and other software developers use them. And afaik, no hacked accounts since their introduction. Most big organisations use them.

      But buy two keys and keep a duplicate in a safe place.

      You can even set two-factor authentication for admin / sudo password, so if you have a laptop stolen, the chance of data being accessed is reduced. Full disk encryption inc. boot, plus Yubikey should be fairly secure.

  • joel

    I suspect the final straw for them was your widely reposted tweet about Israel’s adversaries being armed with dolls and teddy bears. It was imperative that you be exposed as an “antisemite”.

  • Julie

    I suspect Twitter themselves did it – at the behest of the US government! Twitter isn’t going to openly cancel people’s accounts, so they’ll use subterfuge, instead. Given what Craig posts, it’s easy to prove it’s his account, so if Twitter refuse to give him back ownership, then we know why!

    • craig Post author

      I agree Julie, in that I don’t think you can simultaneously change the password, name, email address and telephone number without getting blocked by Twitter, which didn’t happen.

      • Duncan Cragg

        It looks like a script-kiddie to me, it’s much too clumsy and childish to be a professional or internal job – especially that posting and deletion of offensive content which apparently happened early on. And those childish types are into crypto, which is why they used that content.

        You didn’t mention the user id change in your list! That’s the big one I’d expect Twitter to resist. I’ll try changing my user id, password, name, email, phone on my second Twitter account all at once, see if I can do it.

        • Duncan Cragg

          I couldn’t change my phone or email after changing user id, name, location, birth date all at once:

          “Due to new session activity on your account, changes to your phone or email on your account are restricted temporarily. To change your account information, please try again after 48 hours from this same session.”

          I don’t know if changing those two first would work. But then that would require quite special knowledge of how Twitter’s policies work.

          So .. maybe you’re right after all, and they’re so professional they can even make themselves look childish!

      • nevermind

        If his new money making scheme for ‘the poor’, works as badly as he is in control of X, then there will be loads more electronic heart ache to come.
        Don’t give in Craig, there are thousands supporters behind you. Take care.

  • Allan Howard

    I have never had a twitter account (or a facebook account etc), but unbeknown to me at the time, someone opened a twitter account in August of last year using one of my two email accounts and the user-name I use on youtube. I only found out and realised about two months later and, as such, mailed twitter about it, but unbelievably didn’t hear back from them. That said, it’s not an impossibility that my mail didn’t get through to twitter, and was blocked by the same people that opened the account. The reason I found out is because the account had been suspended, and I never found out why, having asked them of course when I mailed them – ie used their contact procedure, that is.

    I should add that it’s an email account I ave only ever used to sign up to posting on skwawkbox and JVL and craiig’s blog

  • Squeeth

    Dear Craig, you have my wholehearted support for your decision to be a moving target, rather than a sitting duck. I’m on half my old wages but I’ll find a bit for your funds. Tally ho!

  • Shona Duncan

    Firstly Craig, the email is from ‘Twitter’, not ‘X’. I suggest changing passwords for email, Twitter, Facebook and other communication Apps you have on your phone, in case they gained access that way. A similar thing happened to me last year.