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Craig Murray Blackburn Election Fund 222

This is it. The election is called and I am standing in Blackburn to offer voters there a viable alternative to the Keir Starmer Genocide Party.

I cannot do it without your financial support and practical campaigning help.

Any individual donations over £50 in value will require to be declared to the Returning Officer together with your full name and address and you must be on the UK Electoral Register at the time the donation is made (we are required by law to verify this). No overseas donations over £50 can be accepted unless you are currently on the UK Electoral Register. No anonymous donations can be accepted above £50. Information about donations, including donor details may be published. Returning Officers make returns prepared by candidates available for inspection after elections. These include details of donations.

Keir Starmer has calculated that no matter how far he abandons working people and moves the Labour Party to the right, those voters who are themselves getting the short straw in the vastly unequal distribution of wealth in society, or who simply wish to see a fairer world, have nowhere else to go.

In doing so he has completely sold out the party to the Israeli lobby, to the extent Starmer has actively supported the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza. Labour still support UK arms sales to Israel. He stated three times Israel has the right to cut off water and electricity and supported the UK stopping funding to UNRWA. Labour actively oppose sanctions against Israel. Labour support the provision of British military and intelligence support to the Israeli military.

Labour do this because they receive millions in funding from the Zionist lobby.

Not one Labour MP has resigned from Labour Friends of Israel over the Gaza genocide. Not one: I have cried bitter tears every single day for eight months over the children slaughtered in Gaza.

I have also done everything one man can to stop it. I was in the courtroom at the International Court of Justice for the South Africa vs Israel genocide hearing. My articles on the use of the Genocide Convention were read by key members of South Africa’s cabinet before they took the decision to go ahead.

A decade ago I had advised the Palestinian Authority to accede to the Rome Convention on the International Criminal Court. That is what has enabled the prosecution of Netanyahu.

I travelled to Geneva and spoke at the United Nations there. I have spoken at pro-Palestinian demonstrations in eight different countries since the genocide started, and have done hundreds of interviews with media worldwide.

In October I was detained at Glasgow Airport under the Terrorism Act and subject to police investigation because of my support for Palestine.

My voice is one of experience and authority on the issue and needs to be heard in the House of Commons.

But not only on Gaza. Labour has abandoned the key policies which are needed to return us to a more just society, including the abolition of tuition fees and the renationalisation of the privatised utilities. Starmer lied and lied to get elected leader, and is a complete creature of the Establishment.

The Labour Party majority in Blackburn is massive. The Tories are an irrelevance in Blackburn with under a quarter of the vote even when winning the last election. Labour have 66%. The only way to stop this genocidal juggernaut in Blackburn is my campaign.

Across England the Workers Party, Independents and Green Party candidates offer alternatives depending on location. (The Celtic nations have wider choice and a better starting position).

I particularly want to see George Galloway, Jeremy Corbyn, Andrew Feinstein and myself in parliament as the core of a principled and hopefully large group of real intellect and capability.

I intend to stand in parliament and fight for the interests of the people of Blackburn, against a state and political class which does not care and is increasingly oppressive.

This blog is the repository of millions of words of my views. I am an open book. Those are the things I intend now to say in Parliament. I am standing at the invitation of Blackburn people, and under the flag of their alliance with the Workers Party.

I am going to need both financial and practical assistance from readers of this blog. I need as many people as possible to come to Blackburn to do leafleting, door knocking and organisation according to their talents and preference. We should be ready to receive you there shortly.

Those who cannot do this will find there is still much to do spreading the word on social media.

We are going to speak truth to power. We are going to have great fun mixing with wonderful people. And we are going to win.

Cryptocurrency donations welcome:

Bitcoin: bc1q3sdm60rshynxtvfnkhhqjn83vk3e3nyw78cjx9
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