Behind Imran’s Hounding

by craig on October 28, 2012 10:03 am in Uncategorized

Pulling Imran Khan off a plane in Canada, and making him miss his Eid fundraising lunch in New York, is pretty crass of the United States, a country that claims its foreign policy is motivated by freedom. The idea that low level US immigration operatives needed clarificiation on Khan’s well-known views on killings by US drones in Pakistan is plainly nonsense. But this wasn’t routine or an error; Khan wasn’t questioned at a desk on arrival in New York, he was pulled off a plane by US operatives in Canada. It was an exercise in humiliation.

But if you look under this event you find some interesting, creepy crawly creatures.

From the Toronto Sun report linked above:

The American Islamic Leadership Coalition from Phoenix, Ariz. wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier this week, pressuring her to revoke the U.S. visa granted to Khan because of his sympathetic views towards the Taliban.

The American Islamic Leadership Coalition followed this up with a press release with the notably un-Islamic contact name of Gregg Edgar of Gordon C James Public Relations.

From Wikipedia on Gordon C James:

James grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Iowa in 1969 where he served several years in the Iowa National Guard. James worked in the real-estate management business in Des Moines, renting space to presidential candidates in town for the caucuses. In 1978, he met and rented space to former President of the United States George H. W. Bush (then Ambassador Bush).[1]
After the 1988 election James worked as Lead Advance Representative at the White House for two years under President George H.W. Bush and Director of Invitations and Ticketing for the 51st Presidential Inaugural Committee.[2] James was also employed as deputy director of events for the 54th and 55th Presidential Inauguration.[3] In 1990 he founded the public relations firm Gordon C. James Public Relations.
In 2004, James was employed by former U.S. Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove to improve U.S. public relations in Iraq during the transition of governments.[4] For more than five months he served as the Director of Advance and Special Events in the Office of Strategic Communications and Director of the Presidential Palace Studio for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq. While there he advised Ambassador Paul Bremer and was responsible for coordinating the Ambassador’s relations with Western and Pan-Arab media outlets and produced several events including the signing of the Tal (Iraq’s Declaration of Independence) and 100 Days to Sovereignty, the countdown to the transfer of power from the CPA to newly founded Iraqi government.[5]
In 2004 James assisted in several political stops with the Bush-Cheney campaign and in 2005, he was employed as lead advance representative for President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton’s tour of the Tsunami-hit regions of Indonesia.[6]
James has traveled to five continents as a lead advance representative for President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

There are some Muslims in the American Islamic Leadership Coalition. In Phoenix with Gordon C James is M Zuhdi Jasser, of Syrian origin but for eleven years a medical officer in the US Navy. And the AILC has another interesting Syrian, leader of “The Reform Party of Syria”, Farid Ghadry. The AILC website includes the quote:

“Gossip is he is the next president of Syria”

Ghadry lives in Washington and is the author of such fascinating blog posts as “Israel Builds for Nobel Prizes, Arabs are Suicide Bombers”.

Like the Quilliam Foundation in the UK, doubtless the AILC has hoovered up plenty of public funds for its useful work for the security services. BUt the idea that it genuinely represents a strand in Islamic thinking is ludicrous. It is marvellous what being an establishment shill can do for your media profile though. Zuhdi Jasser addressed his largest mass rally of supporters – highly optimistically estimated by the media as three dozen – in a New York rally in support of NYPD’s controversial surveillance and agent provocateur operations against Muslims. Rather than laughing at it, the tame mainstream media covered it infinitely better than they cover anti-war rallies 1,000 times larger, and portrayed it as a genuine sign of Muslim community support for the surveillance.

Just as none of the mainstream media reporting the current Imran Khan story – most of whon quote the AILC – say anything about who the AILC really are. What do people working in the mainstream media think the purpose of their existence actually is?

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  1. willyrobinson

    28 Oct, 2012 - 10:16 am

    Good work.

  2. Well spotted. Simple sleuthing. Major exposé. Dumb and compromised media.

  3. The purpose of mainstream media workers is to stay employed, best assured by remaining in good standing with the powers that be.

  4. willyrobinson

    28 Oct, 2012 - 10:27 am

    I was always struck when listening to friends and colleagues who had escaped from Saddam’s Iraq or Assad’s Syria, just how personally the whole thing was taken by the authorities. Seeking asylum was a personal insult to the Great Leader, and his revenge equally so if you got caught.
    Disappointed to see back to back US administrations behaving more and more like Saddam would have.

  5. Enough said.

    I see that ‘Lady’ Conrad Black nee Barbara Amiel was a one time editor, she of the high maintenance lifestyle.

    Current owners of the rag are Quebecor owned by a French Canadian mob that includes Brian Mulroney on the board.

  6. While Imran Khan is being derided in the USA; the five British soldiers charged with murder are going to be hailed as heroes across the UK even before the trial has begun and the public are kept in the dark about the details of the alleged murder.

    From the BBC:

    “Events are planned across the country later in support of five Royal Marines charged with murder over an incident in Afghanistan last year.

    `The “show support” events are being organised in several cities including Edinburgh, Swansea, Norwich and London.

    The Ministry of Defence says it would be inappropriate to comment further on the on-going investigation.

    Green lapel ribbons – some bearing the words “Free the 5” – will be worn by those who say the charges are unjust.”

    Would the above not be attempts to pervert the course of justice?

  7. The purpose of mainstream corporate ‘journalists’ is to be effective propaganda echo-chambers’ for official forms of state power. That is their primary role.

  8. Wrt Pakistan, here is very good documentary on Benazir Bhutto. It came out 2-3 years ago and is 2 hours long. Here, on the site linked to below, it is free and is in 12 minute segments which automatically segue on to the next segment. Strongly recommended.


    What happened to Imran Khan will simply raise his political credibility in Pakistan – as happened with his (by him, much-longed-for) high-profile arrest and (very short) imprisonment during the end-days of the Musharraf regime.

    All of the organisations to which Craig alludes in this post – and there are a number of others too – are problematic (as the term goes) – some indeed have been alleged to be fronts for the US/UK/Canadian sec-intel complex and some, allegedly funded by Israel/Israeli interests.

    The problems include Imran Khan and his party, its possible role (one of several) in potentially splitting the (relatively) progressive vote, its drift towards Islamism and so on. He is likely to be the ISI’s preferred candidate – the military moves civilian politicians around like chess-pieces and his recent rise to ‘contendership’ (to reference Brando) after many years of political irrelevance would tend to support that view. Nawaz Sharif (Right-wing ‘mainstream’ Islamist party) – another longstanding military/ISI creation – has much power in Punjab but not elsewhere and so the military wants to keep its options open. The ISI/Pakistan Military absolutely hates the PP/Zardari, stops – and has always stopped – the progressive elements (they are there, though not the dominant bloc) in that party/ anyone else from achieving real socio-economic, de-Islamisatory, etc. change in the country and wants to continue to promulgate its Islamist paramilitaries in Pakistan and Afghanistan/Kashmir as extensions of its (enormous) wealth and power in South and Central Asia. The tussles right now – which we see in these events – are reflections of those b/w the military and civilian foci of power in Pakistan. These are complex matters. The main problem in Pakistan is the military. Get rid of military hegemony and there would be a chance. Without that, nothing will change. That is the bottom line in all of these dynamics.

  9. Monbiot is having a (rather weak) dig at Medialens. He says the guardian is full of anti-corporate stuff and media lens are testy.

  10. What do people working in the mainstream media think the purpose of their existence actually is?

    A brave and impartial corps of crusaders for the 24-hour translation of press releases into infotainment.

  11. US authorities attitude shows the arrogance, corruption of idea of national security and intolerance. Mr Khan is very passionate about the failure of ongoing war on terror with serious loss in terms of human lives, economics and security in Pakistan. It is about time to rethink whole strategy and give peace a chance.

  12. People like Tarek Fatah call Imran Khan a taliban apologist while taliban call Imran Khan a secular, liberal and an american agent…
    All Imran Khan talks about is peace

  13. Why has Obama, elected on a platform of ethical concerns at the standards that went before, never touched American border control’s long running violation of innocent until proved guilty? That Amercia does not observe the oldest of all the human rights standard the west claims, undermines its claimed basis for every war. America askes foreign visitors, even from its close allies with perpetually compliant governments, “Have you ever been arrested or convicted/” as a single question. It requires you to tell them of any innocent arrest, that did not lead to any conviction and that might have been malicious, to judge your character from. I can never remember hearing our media say a word about it, even before the War on Terror era.

  14. The silence of the lambs suckled by the press barons is unremarkable. What surprises me is that anyone without profound masochistic leanings would want to visit the “land of the free”. Unless of course he has some pecuniary interests there and hopes to bring home few dollars. Can Craig or any of the commentator of his posts conceive any other reason for undertaking such a potentially perilous journey? Answers like “Because it’s there.”, given by George Mallory, when asked “Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?” are discounted. There is some moral in this story, however, in that Mallory has never returned to tell us what it was like over “there”. May I recommend to those who want to disappear, because of marital or financial problems, to travel to places that are just “there”.

  15. “About Dr. Paul Craig Roberts”

    “Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.”

    I think we are all heading into big trouble.

  16. I am part of the AILC; are you suggesting I am part of some large Jewish conspiracy? Spell it out Craig Murray. I am no guilt-ridden whie liberal infatuated by the Taliban or the Muslim Brotherhood because they so look so quaint.

    Some of us have lived, fought and survived Islamism unlike you who seem to be enjoying a circus and couldn’t care less what the clown who entertain you, do when their masks are off.

    If Imran Khan’s fascism charms you, go settle down in Pakistan and live in my shoes and stop insinuating about some rightwing BS about the AILC. I’m a marxist who couldn’t care less about about the GOP, the idiot Tea Party creationists or their mirror images in the Islamic world, the Imran Khan creationists who charm you.

    The racism of lower expectations you practise comes to millionaires mimicking misery who play revolutions on video games, not real life.

    You are welcome to embrace homophobe, misogynist creationists of Islamdom, but then own up to that creed.

    Tarek Fatah

  17. Forensic journalism at it’s best – Thank-you.

  18. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    28 Oct, 2012 - 3:37 pm

    “Forensic journalism”

    Heh. Try to do an autopsy on that Zombie corpse.

  19. Welcome Tarek. Nobody said anything about Jewish conspiracies, except you. I see that in your very long Wikpedia entry it says you support the Canadian Liberal Party. That is very strange considering you turn up here claiming to be a Marxist. Feel free to explain.

  20. Tarek Fatah,

    You rushed to judge Manji’s book and you have ‘hot-footed’ here to attempt to make short work of Craig’s comment.

    You misconstrued the words of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, obfuscating his comments on Israel and the nefarious Zionist regime.

    You have agreed America conspired to smash Iraq yet you blame a passive Iran.

    You are bewildered and darkened by your own emotional disorder Tarek; your scramble to arbitrate is without awareness or indeed consciousness and that will be your storm, your ruin.

  21. Karel, at 2:45pm on 28.10.12:

    Well, Imran Khan would want to travel to the USA because, firstly, there is a large, sometimes wealthy and influential Pakistani ex-pat population in the USA, so it’s natural that Imran Khan would want to visit at this time just before elections in Pakistan. Secondly, he’s been there many times before – it’s nothing unusual – and in fact has a daughter there (as he was forced to admit, some years ago). Thirdly, it is impossible for any politician, anywhere to ignore the USA, esp. when there is a war going on in the NW of Pakistan and in neighbouring Afghanistan involving US troops and Special Forces, the CIA, etc. He may well also be meeting with US officials – covertly – and so maybe this show of border controls was to dispel any suspicions of that. He may be reassuring the US Administration that rhetoric is one thing, action, quite another, so that they switch sides, from the PPP Govt to Imran Khan’s party. Who knows?

    The episode strikes me as a bit of political gamesmanship just before the US (and Pakistan) elections. Or it might just be over-zealous officials as in the case of Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islma) visiting Dolly Parton, after which, they made this funny video – see link.

    But really, these matters – Imran Khan, his party, the Army, ISI et al are complex; one cannot simply boil them down to ‘goodies and baddies’. Not does it supply enlightenment simply to iterate reflexively. Imran Khan, Navaz Sharif and all the religious parties are all creations of the Pakistan military-intelligence complex that is the real ruler of Pakistan. Imran Khan never, ever criticises the Pakistan Army. Does it not occur to one that somebody who professes to real democracy and redistribution of wealth (btw, wrt wealth distribution, Imran does not, he’s rightwing economically), healthcare, education, etc. would have to do that? Imran has moved towards the Islamist camp. He knows where his brea is buttered and he knows that what happened to Benazir Bhutto would happen to him tomorrow – yesterday – if ever he deviates from the path of ‘Milbus’ (military-business). Same-old, same-old, then.

    Finally, if ever you get a chance to visit the USA, it would be useful for you to do so. Whether we are vassals or opponents, or something in between, all must learn and know the perfidious ways of empire. Go to Washington, DC and stop at the Metro station named, ‘Pentagon’. And think of Ozymandias.

  22. In Gordon C. James’ own words, as reported by the Phoenix Business Journal:

    “We are known as a Republican firm because of our more than 30-year relationship with the Bush family. Not too many Democrats call us for political help”

    If AILC is not aligned with the Republicans, it does indeed seem a strange choice of PR firm for AILC.

  23. This al Fatah seems to me a profoundly confused man who is trying to tell us that we should all move to Pakistan. Just because it is there, I presume. Silly idea only because of the drones. Perhaps al Fatah will somehow arrange that the bombing stops.
    I cannot uderstand why he, as a “marxist”, brings homophobia into his stew. Any educated marxist should know that homosexuality was punishable (up to five years) in the Soviet Union (the marxist paradise) and abolished only in 1993. I suspect that he is either a very stupid marxist or a liar or most likely both. I hope, that he will not try to teach us here what real marxism is like. Nowdays, anyone who ostensibly calls himself “marxist” is most probably a zionist or a zionist stooge.

  24. Thanks for another great article, don’t expect the MSM, screwing itself down with 6″ self tapers to Q’s floor, to anywhere go near asking what flea bitten souls are hiding behind the AILC.

    Welcome Tarek Fatah, what is your problem with Pakistan and its people, did you not support the CIA madrasas who created the Taliban? and who do you think in Pakistan is helping to make this war on terror a self perpetuating roundabout were terror creates more demand for terror.

    Don’t you think Pakistan’s society is not fed up with these divisions stultifying their countries growth and economic possibilities? this secret war being conducted with illegal drones, most times hitting innocent civilians indiscriminately? Should you not yourself help these poor victims of slaughter from great hight? being the good Muslim you are do you recognise that it is Harram to kill children and innocent civilians?

    thank you Mark G. for your eloquence.

  25. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    28 Oct, 2012 - 4:28 pm

    The trouble with Marxism, Nevermind , is that he takes Hegel’s Dialectic (which swings perpetually) and extrapolates that Marxism will make the pendulum stop. No evidence for that, is there?

  26. Suhayl Saadi, It was a rhetorical questions. Millions travel to the USA who have neither daughters, nor gradmothers nor anyone they know in that place. Nor are these travelers potential candidates for a high office and need money to get elected. This is a clear pecuniary interest as I stated in my previous commentary. Is it so difficult to understand such a simple question?

  27. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    28 Oct, 2012 - 4:29 pm

    Sorry, Nevermind. That was to Karel.

  28. We also ought to avoid the temptation to label every progressive Muslim organisation a CIA front – that most certainly is not the case. Some might be, who knows? But not all, by any means. It’s a pity that internecine stuff often splits progressive Muslims – I think we ought to look at what unites us and accept that we will disagree on this or that, as do all people with one another. As we know, the Jihadists cooperate with one another.

    In the UK, there’s the British Muslims for Secular Democracy, a decent body:

    And there’s the Muslim Institute, in which Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Jones are leading lights:

    Usual prefixes.

    Anyway, in Pakistan/the Pakistani diaspora, to struggle against Islamism is to struggle against power, wealth and systemic oppression – the power and wealth of Saudi Arabia with its petrodollar-fueled toxic (em)mission and of the Pakistani generals, and theirs. Naturally, other foci of power will attempt to instrumentalise these dynamics. I always think it’s important not to become a vehicle for anyone’s imperial ambitions. So, to fight Islamism, one must not become a squire for the Dukes of the Potomac (or the Earls of the Thames). The on the ground, economic struggle – and not theology – has to be at the centre of any policy and practice.

  29. “Nowdays, anyone who ostensibly calls himself “marxist” is most probably a zionist or a zionist stooge.” Karel, at 4:29pm, on 28.10.12

    How so? What about all those South American Marxists, or those many others influenced by Marxist thought? Or is it simply because Karl Marx came from a Jewish background, that you make this assertion (presumably not rhetorically)?

    Have you not been to the Pentagon Metro Station? You really should think of going.

  30. Good piece of detective work Craig Murray. You can see who’s behind all this shit in the world. It backs up into the Bush sewerage system.

    I was proud of Imran Khan in ignoring Western-generated false news about his life being in danger when he visited West Pakistan border regions in protest at the use of drones in the region by office-bound joystick manipulators in the west. If it was in danger it was in danger from the West. Imran Khan is a good man, a man with a conscience. A good cricketer too in his day.

    I tried to post this three times and keep getting “Unable to establish a database connection error” message.

  31. It’s nearly Halloween and this proves that the living dead can return to haunt us. He says he intends to return to the Lords. He is apparently called Lord Bannside!

  32. Suhayl Could you explain what is special about the Pentagon metro station. I am intrigued. Is it a vast space that diminishes the human being or some other sort of statement?

  33. (Hi all. If anyone got an error in the last five mins, nothing to worry about. Just trying new anti-spam stuff).

  34. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    28 Oct, 2012 - 6:08 pm

    Jon; Just a point of Order; On the previous thread, the first Chinese spammer had a time-stamp of around midnight your time. Were you on at that time? Just curious.

  35. Karel said
    ‘Nowdays, anyone who ostensibly calls himself “marxist” is most probably a zionist or a zionist stooge.’

    would you include young Malala in this?

    Further, although he might not want to speak up about it Is this not the far greater fright to Tarek, just as the fears of the Taliban were expressed in this attempted murder, that communism once again is popular enough and could get a foothold in Afghanistan.

    Ben, de nada

  36. Dick the Prick

    28 Oct, 2012 - 6:42 pm

    Just curious but what does ‘The racism of lower expectations you practise comes to millionaires mimicking misery who play revolutions on video games, not real life’ mean? Is it infering that to critically analyse is an action of covert racism? It’s a great line but it’s bally incoherent.

  37. Q. What do people working in the mainstream media think the purpose of their existence actually is?

    A. To serve the status quo.

  38. Schadenfreude!

    New blow for billionaire Nat Rothschild after his boat builder ‘fails to deliver £35million superyacht’

    Banking scion in legal battle with makers of his 240ft superyacht
    One of four millionaires in dispute with manufacturer Peter Landers
    Extraordinary sequence of events leads to police raid off Gibraltar

  39. An end to the spambots now with Jon’s inclusion of Captcha. Thank you.

  40. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    28 Oct, 2012 - 7:34 pm


  41. “You are welcome to embrace homophobe, misogynist creationists of Islamdom, but then own up to that creed.”

    Tarek Fatah is a degenerate self-hating whoore worth a couple of sheckles, give him a couple of glasses of zionist man-milk and he is ready to go.

  42. Nevermind, there are many of us who are called marxist or claim to be marxists. I used to be one of those accused of being one but never quite understood what the accusers meant. The problem is that it is rather difficult to explain what this label actually means. It seems that this Malala, as sorry as I am about her and other injured children in pakistan, totally dominates the discourse on unrelated matters. You can just as well bring in the holocaust or 9 fucking 11. I just do not know what so and so said and whether so and so is a taliban or a marxist. I am not convinced that there is a grain of truth in the sources you are quoting and doubt very much that the so called taliban (soon we will all fall into that category) cares about who is a marxist and who is not and actually knows what it implies. If someone writes that “taliban said” than you can just laugh about it. Communism in Afghanistan? a sick joke. If you are convinced or stand behind that what you write then we can have a bet. Clark has my E-mail. Just write to me with your proposals but do not forget to define what you mean by communism.

    Suhay Saadi you are right that it is not so in South America. Neither Chavez nor Castro are zionists. But what about Canada, USA or Europe?? I have been neither to Pentagon nor to its station. Should I go there? Would I be well received?

  43. Very valuable observations. Thanks, Craig. Closely following the events in Pakistan, the coming four years are set to be very interesting…

  44. Mary, Karel, ha! Thanks. Re. the Pentagon Metro station, no, there’s nothing special about it at all, apart from the fact that there are lots of people in uniform getting on and off the trains. That’s the point, I suppose, it’s ‘nothing special’, it’s neither the Colosseum or the statue of Sargon, it’s just business as usual, with clipboards and briefcases, and yet – and so – right there, above the station, is the pulsing heart of empire. It’s the thought, you know?

  45. BTW, Tarek’s opinin, however expressed, of Imran’s fascism is not totally baseless… For whatever I’ve heard, it looks like another dictator in the making.

    (Not that the current rulers of Pakistan are anything better.)

  46. Jon,

    what is your and Craig’s position on the issues of silencing true posters, due to privacy or acessability issues?

    I’d appreciate this matter be taken seriously with weeks (not days) of prior notice (not buried in some thread) and opportunity for discussion before the door slams shut, as I raised in an earlier post about Captchas and registration.

    If this math quiz requires javascript, that may already shut out some.

  47. In AILC’s very first press release they say:

    “AILC was created by American Muslim leaders after being brought together with the help of members of the Congressional anti-terror caucus. The coalition held its first formal meeting in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill on September 26, 2010.”

    As the “Congressional anti-terror caucus” supports US drone attacks, it really is no surprise that the organisation they “brought together” should stand against a prominent opponent of drone attacks.

    The press release goes on to say:

    “AILC supports the efforts of Congressman Peter King [Republican – New York] as a catalyst for a Muslim-led open dialogue on the growing problem of radicalization within Muslim communities.”

    Peter T. King R-NY is Chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security, and a member of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, so I suspect is central to the “Congressional anti-terror caucus” that “brought together” AILC. This caucus very likely influenced AILC to choose the Republican PR firm Gordon C James Public Relations to represent AILC.

  48. Keith Crosby

    28 Oct, 2012 - 8:29 pm


    Monbiot is having a (rather weak) dig at Medialens. He says the guardian is full of anti-corporate stuff and media lens are testy.

    I think he meant “tasty” ;O)

  49. (Hi Ben, I think I wasn’t around at the time, and zapped the spam later. Tbh I do so much thread reviewing it’s hard to remember when I did what!

    Mary, you’re most welcome. Let me know if there’s any problems. Hopefully it should mean that all real contributions are published immediately.

    Snap, post that on an older thread please, so we keep this thread on-topic; I’ll get back to you when I can. Also, try to remember I’m a volunteer.)

  50. Romney Rep. Peter King: Presidential Kill List “Totally Constitutional”

    Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama’s Policies
    ***ATTENTION: This video is NOT in support of Mitt Romney, in any way, nor is this organization***

  51. as for the MSM, if ever proof was needed that they exist only to uphold the left/right paradigm, this would be it. just think how BBC/Guardian led the ferocious attack on murdoch media over the phone hacking scandal, and yet we now have:

    BBC: Jimmy Savile and the BBC: Who’s who
    Nick Pollard
    Former head of Sky News Nick Pollard has been asked by the BBC to
    investigate why the Newsnight investigation was dropped last year. He will look at whether there were any management failings by the BBC. He will also look at the handling by the Newsnight investigation of material that might have been of interest to the police or relevant authorities

    Mr Entwistle told MPs he was bringing in Dinah Rose QC – who represented News International in phone hacking cases – to look at how the BBC handles sexual harassment cases.

    and the most extraordinary thing is not the Guardian, nor any other MSM, has found these BBC appointments IRONIC! LOL.

  52. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    28 Oct, 2012 - 10:08 pm


    Don’t know if I should get out my arithmetic flash-cards again, or what.

    Captcha keeps giving me error messages.

  53. (Ben, thanks – however you managed that one! If you can record error messages, the captchas you were presented with and the answers you gave – and post on an older thread – I’ll look into it/them. Early days yet, I may have to do some tweaking :) )

  54. Glenn Greenwald on the matter. Plus 488 comments!

    US detention of Imran Khan part of trend to harass anti-drone advocates

    The vindictive humiliation of Pakistan’s most popular politician shows the US government’s intolerance for dissent

    Glenn Greenwald, Sunday 28 October 2012 14.06 GMT

  55. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    28 Oct, 2012 - 10:33 pm

    ” Plus 488 comments!”

    Rather evenly divided on his bona fides…

  56. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    28 Oct, 2012 - 10:40 pm

    Jon; Just had another thread-fart. It seems futile to continue to enter the equations.

    When I ‘reloaded’ or refreshed, the problema disappeared. I think the problem occurs when you fail to enter the captcha at first post, which I do, frequently.

  57. Tarek Fatah a marxist? That is new. In Toronto he usually claims that he is a Muslim and appears on all kinds on conservatives shows and talks there as a Muslim.

    Now about his Marxism. He was in a left of center Student Association in the late 60s when he was barely adult. It was not a marxist group by any means. He was arrested during a public demonstration, spent sometime in jail and after the release, got a job with Pakistan TV during the PPP Government under Zulfiqar Bhutto. He was dismissed from PTV and then landed in Saudi Arabia wehre he used to offer prayers five times a day. He never mentioned his Marism in Saudia.

    You know what they do with people who call themselves Marxist in Saudi Arabia?

    He landed in Toronto sometime in the late 90s and now he writes columns for conservative newspaper, appears in shows as a Muslim-not Marxist- analyst, showed up in a Jewish meeting with Daniel Pipes and walked out of the meeting as some speaker hurt his Muslim feelings.
    He works with Daniel Pipes, a conservative Islamophobe.

    Most of this info is gleaned from Tarek Fatah’s own writings and his couple of pages on Facebook.

  58. just testing

  59. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    28 Oct, 2012 - 11:24 pm

    Harry; EXTREMELY interesting. Is it anecdotal, or is a link within reach?

  60. Ben,
    Search Google and if you have Facebook account, search Facebook and you will find the info. He has more pages too.

  61. Some people using the Marxist name to hide their fascism and haters.
    Craig Thanks alot for raising ur voice n exposing AILC

    Tarek Fatah Change his identify according to need, he encash his muslim back ground and when he to speak against Muslims he become marxist

  62. What do you expect sir. A family member, with terminal AML, is going to to have his life shortened because he could not obtain “Liposomal Amphotericin B” because of the sanction. It is apparently possible to import regular Amphotericin from India but the regular Ampho B is nephrotoxic and needs very close monitoring. The liposomal one can only be obtained through two western companies and obviously these companies are not charities. If you can not pay them, you can not buy the medication. They have shut down the payment system for even these basic necessities. I think humiliating Imran Khan is the least that you can expect from them.

    Somewhat beside the point of your article, do you have any SOLUTION to this?

  63. ‘What do people working in the mainstream media think the purpose of their existence actually is?’
    Well here in Australia it’s putting everything the Labor government does in a negative light and making stuff up where necessary, not following up or presenting anything negative about the conservaties, and generally doing everything they can to make sure the conservatives win the next election.

  64. @Suhayl Saadi
    Regarding your comments on ISI’s hidden support for IK. I think this is a slightly misconstrued issue. Fact of the matter is that IK knows very well that army has controlled Pakistan for a long time and corruption of generals in general and bloated defense expenditure in specific is something public is not well aware of. So, rallying around a slogan where general awareness is low is a bad political choice to begin with. Secondly, in countries like Turkey and Egypt, wherever army’s influence has been diffused, it was done strategically and only after civilians gained enough political strength to displace army’s influence. Lastly, IK already has enough well entrenched opponents other than establishment in the form of current political lot, feudal lords, industrialists, bureaucrats, media, and militants to deal with. So, the less opponents he takes on from the outset, the less political bleeding he will have to incur till the run up to elections. Essentially the idea is to delay the confrontation as much as possible till the political movement reaches critical mass and it has enough resources and influence to re-configure the power structure of the country.


    I was thinking of going to see Jack Straw do a talk.

    I am interested to hear what the man has to say and the questions asked him. Should I just give my mone to a charitable cause if so the first charity mentioned will get it.


  66. Why would anyone pay good money (£10) to hear a lying war criminal? He is only trying to flog his useless book Last Man Standing. That can be purchased for £10 at Amazon, now half price.

    The talk ad uses the same photo on the book cover which shows him with pale blue eyes.

    Photoshop is so clever.

    Nearly all the entries in his extensive register of interests are in the £hundreds or £thousands viz:

    Consultant to ED & F MAN Holdings Ltd; commodity traders, advising the group and its senior executives on the international and national environment in which it operates and on other specific matters. Address: Cottons Centre, Hays Lane, London SE1 2QE (£25,001-£30,000) Payment received on a quarterly basis.

    Goreign trips, free holidays in the US for his wife and himnself, airline upgrades, writing and speaking fees ad infinitum and this the funniest of them all –

    2 August 2011, received payment of £750 from The Guardian, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU for book review of Alistair Campbell diaries. Hours: 8 hrs. (Registered 3 October 2011)


  67. I’m a marxist who couldn’t care less about about the GOP, the idiot Tea Party creationists or their mirror images in the Islamic world, the Imran Khan creationists who charm you.

    Then perhaps you need to distance yourself from the likes of Pipes and Rove.The neoconservatives whose agenda for the Middle East you are apparently happy with have a shared heritage:

    Which is possibly what Karel means when he says that Marxists are Zionists.

    Choose: do you wish to help your people or Israel? That’s all it’s about.

  68. A travesty. An injustice.

    Greek magazine editor in court for naming alleged tax evaders

    A magazine editor in Greece will appear in court after publishing the names of more than 2,000 wealthy Greeks alleged to have Swiss bank accounts, triggering a row over tax evasion that threatens the stability of the government.

    Kostas Vaxevanis was arrested on Sunday, after his weekly journal, Hot Doc, printed the list of names, which including prominent members of Greece’s political and business elite.

    The editor was giving a live radio interview when police arrived, and broke off saying he had to go “to be arrested”. At the same he tweeted about the arrest, comparing the police to German stormtroopers in the second world war. In another tweet he wrote: “They’re entering my house with the prosecutor right now. They are arresting me. Spread the word.”

    Police officials said that Vaxevanis had illegally published personal details without proof that the people involved had broken the law. But he and other critics of the government have portrayed his arrest as part of a cover-up intended to obscure claims that the finance ministry had had the list for more than two years without taking action against those named.


  69. Sorry O/T but have only just come across this scandal. The land belongs to US and is not for profit by property developers, the construction industry and other friends of the Tories.

    Meet “PropCo” who are set to oversee a £5.2bn sell off of NHS land.


    The knock-on effect: PCTs, PropCo and social enterprises{}

  70. We are living in a secret fascist state.

    NHS Property Services Ltd. A private limited company.

    ‘Sorry, there is no director information for this company’

  71. Its registered address. Worthy of the stasi.

  72. Check
    @ Karel. Please read what happened under Najibullah during the late 1980’s, you can not discount a marxist/communist party/movement if it had flourished already and has a base.

    Compared to the Taliban’s war lordism, it has a good chance to become established. His dogfight with Karmal, who was against his programme of national reconciliation and, most important, his talk of an Islamic communist state was the sting in the tail. Do not discount the memories of a better schooling and health service under Najibullah, Karel.

    And don’t for one minute believe that I support communism in any of its manifestations, it is far too simple and unrefined, designed by a bourgeois Marx, who’s ideas sadly have not come to anything much but authoritarianism ripping off the people.

    Looking at the Straussian school of neocons, the whole Chicago outfall, taught by a disturbed man who suffered badly in Germany, it is not surprising that the same authoritarian tone that was prevalent in 1930’s Germany has permiated the policies and theories of neo-colonialists.

    Once those who are currently repressed by the mullahs and military in Pakistan, the state war lords as I may coin a phrase, supported by a rich upper echelon in society, rise up and change the equation, a system of marxism has good chances there, as much as in Afghanistan next door.

    Don’t discount it.

    As to Malala herself, she has been used, by her father, who recognised her outgoing easy communicative nature, by the BBC who thought to make a selective point that fits their agenda, by NATO and the US to scent and refresh their campaign with a ‘human angle’ as well as me here to make a point.
    I sincerely apologise and shall be less feckless in future.

  73. Wonder what would happen if the Pakistanis pulled Mitt Romney off a plane for questioning about his views on drones?

  74. Thanks for the captcha,Jon,seems to work OK. Can we make the maths more challenging, bring an educational angle into this? :)

    Some quadratic equations or, as a reminder to our Charlemagne crusaders here, Algebra of the finest, a thanks to Arabic culture and knowledge.

  75. Jibe. David Cameron yachting term.
    Change course by swinging a fore-and-aft sail across a following wind.

    2 years after filling the pockets of Al-CIAda in Syria to start a civil war against president Assad, USUKIS is saying that Oh my God, our pants are on fire. The jewhadists in Syria have become radicalised.

    For 2 years the world’s politicians have solemnly promised not to get involved, but now, inevitably excuse no. 559 has been raised which allows ships’ captains under full sail to jibe/ U turn, swinging the boom and sail across the ship under a full wind.

    Petrol resources will have to be secured by US troops as in Libya and hundreds of tonnes of bombs will have to descend. On Nov. 5th I wouldn’t be surprised.

  76. Why stop at maths, Nevermind? We could implement Gove’s ideas for the curriculum right here.

  77. Tarek Fatah does not survive critical inspection. He has produced material insulting to Shi’a Islam under the aegis of MEMRI – founder Meyrav Wurmser (didn’t even have to look it up – this is a #1 old skool US/Israeli neocon disinformation outfit)….

    He has a track record of sympathy to Saudi Wahhabism, and is obviously a very useful idiot in the ongoing propaganda war on Iran.

    And he’s a “Marxist”?

    Good to see you here, Tarek. We don’t often see specimens like you.

  78. The link to the anonymous office block in a side street in SE1, the registered address for NHS Property Services Ltd (no director information??) should have been

  79. And its on the 4th, floor, Mary, guaranteed to have no crux with wheelchair users then.

  80. Commesick Commesark

    29 Oct, 2012 - 10:19 am

    What has been entirely forgotten is that Nagasaki was bombed THREE DAYS AFTER Hiroshima – there was NO NEED, the Japanese only had to be given a further warning. The Great Satan exposed. We are seeing the exact same more modern blockade against Iran now. Which brings to mind the DHS purchase of a billion dum dum bullets,they are prepared for wide spread civil strife, only to be expected after a retaliatory nuclear strike by the Iranians/Soviets/Pakistanis/N Koreans? The 3,000 TNWs missing from the former Soviet Unions arsenal may yet find their way to the NYSE,CME and the Pentagon?! The face of the mortally wounded Great Satan may then be seen in James Carville – direct descendent of Jedidiah Heep, inventor of the smallpox infected blanket strategy ! Big Chief No Shit will have finally found closure !

  81. Quite so Nevermind. On the magnified street map version, the location is tagged as ‘NHS Smoking Helpline’. So NHS Property Services Ltd has been hidden away there by Lansley and his gang. How many other UK companies have no information on the directors. Accounts do not have to be filed until next year.

  82. Saudi Wahabism Komodo

    What’s that? Lizard nappy rash or what most UK Muslims call Sunni Islam?

  83. the likes of suhayl and tarek amuse me no end. what amuses me even more is the thought of ik as a fascist or of the right. its very peculiarly a pakistan propaganda that has the pro american self proclaimed liberals as being of the left. just how does support for the pro zionist neocon political agenda be of the left?
    i wouldnt call obama or the democrats of being of the left nor would i view netanyahu or any mainstream israeli party to be of the left. in the uk there is no mainstream representation of the left all because mainstream politics has been pulled to right of center.
    in american terms drones were made just for the likes of IK. whilst the cia/raw/uk special forces fund arm train the so called pak taliban & whose leaders live under the protection of usa in afghanistan. and they the pak taliban make timely attacks on young girls especially if their name is malala .. and certainly not if a victim of an american/uk drone.

  84. Guano: Extreme and intolerant Sunni sect. The spiritual impetus for the Taleban. Not to be confused with Sunnis at large. Read up on it yourself, it’s interesting. Not least for the West’s unquestioning support for extreme and intolerant Saudi Arabia to keep petrol prices down.

  85. Mary – dug this out for you..

    Company Name: NHS PROPERTY SERVICES LIMITED Company No: 07888110

    Total Current Directors 7
    Total Current Secretaries 0
    Total Previous Directors / Company Secretaries 1

    Current Directors

    Name Peter Alexander Coates Date of Birth 04/12/1952
    Officers Title Mr Nationality British
    Present Appointments 4 Function Director
    Appointment Date 20/12/2011
    Address 4th Floor, Skipton House 80 London Road, London, SE1 6LH

    Name Charles Arthur Howeson Date of Birth 27/11/1949
    Officers Title Commander Nationality British
    Present Appointments 26 Function Director
    Appointment Date 01/07/2012
    Address 4th Floor Skipton House 80 London Road, , London, SE1 6LH

    Name Simon Holden Date of Birth 11/04/1965
    Officers Title Mr Nationality British
    Present Appointments 3 Function Director
    Appointment Date 01/09/2012
    Address 4th Floor Skipton House 80 London Road, , London, SE1 6LH

    Name Pamela Vivienne Chapman Date of Birth 22/02/1957
    Officers Title Ms Nationality British
    Present Appointments 1 Function Director
    Appointment Date 19/09/2012
    Address 4th Floor Skipton House 80 London Road, , London, SE1 6LH

    Name Caroline Jane Rassell Date of Birth 05/03/1965
    Officers Title Mrs Nationality British
    Present Appointments 1 Function Director
    Appointment Date 19/09/2012
    Address 4th Floor Skipton House, 80 London Road, London, SE1 6LH

    Name Alan Mark Farmer Date of Birth 23/06/1961
    Officers Title Mr Nationality British
    Present Appointments 1 Function Director
    Appointment Date 01/10/2012
    Address 4th Floor Skipton House, 80 London Road, London, SE1 6LH

    Name Andrew Millward Date of Birth 23/03/1964
    Officers Title Mr Nationality British
    Present Appointments 1 Function Director
    Appointment Date 01/10/2012
    Address 4th Floor Skipton House, 80 London Road, London, SE1 6LH

  86. It indeed a very good read Craig.i hope to read more of your work soon. Peace out

  87. Thanks dissident X, what a load of function directorships, makes you wonder what sort of functions they are laying on fpr the NHS willing supporters in the House of lords.

  88. “Yet Another Disappearing DWP Document, Now The PIP Tender Goes Missing”

  89. Thanks Dissident X for getting that info, Weird that Company Check said that there was no such information??

    This is a search on the first name. Just like those Russian dolls, one within another and so on. I guess that all the others will reveal similar info.

    Plasma Resources is probably connected with the hiving off of the Blood Transfusion Service.

  90. That Imran Khan was a Taliban sympathiser was news to me. But I found a Guardian article confirming it:

    As far as I’m concerned Canada and everyone else is right to ban Taliban sympathisers from entering, since the Taliban are no good. So IK is lucky he got in at all.

  91. It’s not as simple as that Abe. Think of Khan in the same terms as Romney: a privileged and rather off-planet populist who will say anything to increase his electoral support. It’s a sad reflection on the total failure of US policy in the region that growing numbers of young Pakistanis see the Taleban as a righteous cause. Khan reflects this, also the very genuine Pakistani concern re. drone attacks. And yes, he would like an Islamic state. He’s seen how the alternative works.

    But as Suhayl says, the airport incident will raise his profile usefully back home, so no great damage was done.

  92. from the url, apparently originally headlined: “We need a rule book for drones”. don’t agree with everything written, but worth reading all:

    Washington Post Opinion: Kurt Volker: What the U.S. risks by relying on drones
    (Kurt Volker was U.S. ambassador to NATO from July 2008 to May 2009. He is executive director of the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University and a senior adviser to the Atlantic Council of the United States)
    Third, our monopoly on drone warfare will not last. Others, from European allies to Russia, China and Iran, are acquiring and beginning to use drones for surveillance — eventually, they will use them for killing as well. What would we say if others used drones to take out their opponents — whether within their own territory or internationally? Imagine China killing Tibetan separatists that it deemed terrorists or Russia launching drone strikes on Chechens. What would we say? What rules would we urge them to abide by?
    Then there is the question of national identity: What do we want to be as a nation? A country with a permanent kill list? A country where people go to the office, launch a few kill shots and get home in time for dinner? A country that instructs workers in high-tech operations centers to kill human beings on the far side of the planet because some government agency determined that those individuals are terrorists? There is a “Brave New World” grotesqueness to this posture that should concern all Americans.
    This is not to say that the United States should never use drones for targeted attacks. We should. But we should also be creating standards and practices that are entirely defensible, even — and perhaps especially — if others were to adopt them…

  93. Abe Rene, your comments and the Guardian article are somewhat headline-grabbing, which might be expected from a Zionist-funded rag. He does not support the Taliban’s shooting of the young girl Malala who seeks education for women. He could not comment on that shooting, as the article reveals, because of fear for his supporters. The important facts are that the Taliban are fighting a Jihad, in their eyes, but what is even more important is that their ranks are growing. The question is why? The answer is the United States of America and their indiscriminate drone bombing of the region.

    I think I can guess where you’re coming from.

  94. Komodo
    I read Sufi propaganda against what you call an extreme and intolerant sect. The definition of sufism in my understanding is the worship of worship itself, instead of worship/practising of Allah’s commands from the Qur’an and Ahadith’. That means they feel almost holier than God himself, while simultaneously dis-respecting other people’s basic human rights.

    One of those commands from the Quran and Ahadith is for Muslims to be intolerant of certain practices and beliefs, but another is for us humans to be tolerant of eachother as humans, because most people follow what’s in front of their nose from culture and family without re-considering their belief.

    As I see it the intolerance is a political game in which Muslims pretend to be intolerant by being nasty to eachother and thereby gaining the trust and material benefits of Zionists and other bastards who have money and power and who hate Islam.

    I make no distinction between those who buy the life of this world in exchange for the life of the next, by making sects, Sufism, Salafism, Salawufism, Sufiyalafism, Bahai or Wahabi.
    The Saudi administration is the best qualified linguistically to be the custodian and interpreter of the Qur’an and it fulfils that role diligently.

    All the sects use the same Qur’an. They derive their differences from the propositions of non-Muslims. As I wrote above, Al-CIAda is used by the West as a false-flag task force and as a scapegoat and justification for breaking international law – almost in the same breath.

    The rhetoric against ‘Saudi Wahabism’ is entirely from the West and entirely unhelpful. The need to re-consider one’s beliefs applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Insults hinder the process.

  95. I see that the math, defeating spam, is getting more complicated. Are we supposed to take home lessons in the future?

    thanks for the reference to Najibullah whose short rule was brutaly terminated by his castration, performed by those not sufficiently grateful for better schooling and health service. He was first of all an appointee of the Soviet Union (one does not have to be a marxist for such an appointment, total obedience usually suffices) and as a head of the KHAD, the Afghani secret service, had to occasionally perform something useful for his masters. It should be obvious to any normally thinking person that if you want to keep dissatisfied inhabitants happy then you have to throw them few bombons, like free schooling or health service. The communists in SU understood this game well, unlike the tories who think that financially-strangulated schools and castrated NHS will help them winning the next election.
    Finally, (I really hope that we have finished this topic) the concept of “Islamic communist state”, that you mentioned, seems unlikely for those not believing in chimeras.

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