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32 thoughts on “In Conversation With Richard Medhurst

  • Stevie Boy

    Just a thought. All these international and big name endorsements are fine but none of them have a vote in Blackburn. How many endorsements are there from local leaders, business people ?
    The cause is good but it’s the people who get to vote.

    • William

      Why do the opinions of “business people” matter more than anyone else? You really are telling on yourself.

  • Harry Law

    I am pleased to hear Mr Murray was taught economics by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, I hope Craig has been following the good Professor in the last 8 months where he has been railing about Ukraine and the Genocide in Gaza, He has appeared many times on ‘Judging Freedom’ with Judge Napolitano, and in this recent wide ranging interview here.

  • Boris

    Posters are all very well but at least 80% of voters don’t put up posters anyway, they just trundle along and vote for their usual party unless they’re persuaded otherwise by something dramatic.

  • AG

    Another example of the purge in academia is Raz Segal.

    This text from Democracy Now again showcases the madness:

    “(…)We speak with Israeli American Jewish scholar Raz Segal about the University of Minnesota’s move to rescind a job offer over his comments early in the war on Gaza, when he characterized the Israeli assault as a “textbook case of genocide.” Segal was set to lead the university’s Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, but after two board members quit in opposition to Segal’s selection and a smear campaign led by the pro-Israel group Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC), the school revoked the offer. Segal says he has been “targeted because of my identity as a Jew who refuses the narrowing down of Jewish identity to Zionism” and calls the JCRC-led opposition a “hateful campaign of lies and distortions” and “crude political intervention.” “This was a completely legitimate hiring process,” states Segal. He says rescission of his offer “spells the end of this idea of free inquiry, of academic freedom, of research and teaching — and all in the service, of course, of supporting an extremely violent state.”

    Eight months ago, the Israeli American historian became one of the first scholars to accuse Israel of committing genocide in Gaza. Professor Segal laid out his case in a widely read article for Jewish Currents headlined “A Textbook Case of Genocide.” The piece’s subtitle was “Israel has been explicit about what it’s carrying out in Gaza. Why isn’t the world listening?”

    However I wonder how is it possible to end this in the US?
    Academia is completely dependent on billionaire´s riches.

    Looking forward to the conversation. Among the three speakers in the post before I felt Medhurst to stand out. But may be because I hadn´t heard him yet. In Germany statements of the kind he makes would be impossible.

    • M.J.

      Thanks for the info about Raz Segal. The Zionist lobby’s interference with academic freedom is cut from similar cloth to the attempted censorship of the French-language edition of Ilan Pappé’s magisterial The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.
      Such tactics are liable to be counter-productive. Another publisher was found for Pappé’s book, and hopefully the University of Minnesota will find an equally good substitute opportunity for Segal – if they care for their reputation.
      In the long term such failures at censorship may lead fissures between Israel and the Zionist lobby in the West, and hasten the fall of Zionism as a political project.

  • zoot

    very interesting that British law is virtually obliged to prosecute Cameron and Sunak for genocide. this fact could not be swept under the carpet if you were consistently pointing it out in Parliament. that would be sensational, as well as you reminding Starmer and Lammy to their faces of their own genocidal statements.

    even if Labour had not encouraged and supported genocide I do not think there can be any justification for any leftwing (or even liberal) person to vote for them anywhere in the country. as you said to Richard, they have been doing nothing but attack a hard right Tory government from the right. Reeves is promising austerity on a par with 2010-15, which will be far worse of course coming on top of all the Tories’ cuts.

    the key figure is not the nasal block of wood but the puppeteer Mandelson, probably the most beloved individual across Britain’s political-media class for what he has done to the “Opposition”. when Mick Lynch says people should “grow up” and vote Labour next month he is effectively telling them to vote for the values and vision of Peter Mandelson..

    • Stevie Boy

      Davos or Westminster ? Starmer: Davos.
      This is what you are voting for if you vote Labour. WEF, Unelected billionaires, Zionism, chaos, inequality.
      Don’t vote, with a few exceptions, they’re all lying cunts.

      • zoot

        the BBC is parading some billionaire Tory donor who is now backing Labour, on the grounds that Starmer has “removed all the left” from the party. this is the transformation and change for which Starmer is uniformly celebrated across UK media.

        • glenn_nl

          I heard all that, and thought Starmer would keep that on the low if he had any sense, not brag about it.

          It seems Kid Starver is only interested in having Tories vote for him. He did say that his Labour Party were the real Conservatives, about the same time he was gushing about Thatcher and his admiration for her personally.

  • AG

    I don´t know if I am being crazy. The Israel case is a serious problem for two reasons.
    One is obviously the genocide.
    But with regards to Europe just standing by now, the US might by testing Europe´s inaction in regards of US attacking RU via NATO.
    If Europe is this obedient in a crystal clear war crime of massive proportions where good and evil couldn´t be more obvious why should the same Europeans undertake anything if the US decided to escalate to or beyond the nuclear threshold?
    I am not expecting this to happen. The risk for US soil to be devastated is out of question. And NATO military might no be good strategists. But they do know the power of the atom. And the laws of nature that come with it which cannot be bended by any PR campaign.
    Still I wonder…based on the concept of war criminals without punity that Craig has brought up: If Israel is not punished, neither would Modi. And neither any other big nation with nukes.
    But is this madness real?

  • Jack

    Is it really a badge of honor to point out that you have the endorsement by the PA/Palestinian Foreign ministry? By any means the Palestinian Authority is part of the problem, a collaborative israel/western funded/lead entitiy that have done nothing to advance the palestinian cause, instead work in lockstep with the israelis year in and year out.

    “Poll finds nearly 80% of Palestinians want Abbas to resign” (from 2021)

    Some fresh data:
    “The poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) showed support for armed struggle climbed by 8 percentage points to 54% of those surveyed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Support for Hamas rose by 6 percentage points to 40%. Fatah, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, had 20% backing.”

    • will moon

      Jack, do you think polling a population that is being liquidated, as in Gaza, or a population that is being ethnically cleansed, as in the West Bank, is of much importance? Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is real – functional and emotional impairment can mapped and plotted on a probability curve for any given individual; never mind the physical damage to the population and the infrastructure that the basics of human life depend on.

      This story is big news in the West. Another commentator mentioned this data the other day and I checked all the big news outlets – state propaganda and oligarchical outlets all carried this “important” story but nearly all of them did not say much or indeed anything about the killing of Palestinians happening at the time that this polling was being done – just the apparent six point rise in support for armed struggle or whatever. It seems like some sort of “filler” to allow reporting about Palestine but not the fact that crimes against humanity are being perpetrated there.

      There is a danger that polls are being sold as the reality of the situation in Palestine and the reality of the situation in Palestine is being undersold by the notion that the inhabitants are well enough to respond to such abstractions as polling. I can imagine there are reasons why the PSR is keen to get this data out, but I am not sure that other data emerging from Palestine is given such a wide airing by Reuters, AP, Fox, BBC, and all the rest of the outlets controlled by the super rich.

      • Jack

        You can pick any poll you want, the truth is that the PA and the 89(!) year old Mahmoud Abbas have close to zero support amongst palestinians.
        No wonder, building a mansion for, allegedly, 13 million USD is not really the way to go to get support amongst a poor impoverished displaced population:

        IN PICTURES: The $13mn Palestinian presidential palace
        Construction of the palace, equipped with two helipads, comes as PA finds itself in financial difficulties

        • will moon

          I think this very old news Jack. My point is what purpose do polls serve when the population who are being polled are being liquidated? Do you have any thoughts on this issue since you have brought up this information or are you just reporting it?

          The last true image of a Palestine leader was Arafat emerging from the ruins of Ramallah where his compound was and walking slowly amongst many thousands of Palestine people without fear of assassination. He fell violently ill and died or was murdered shortly afterwards.

          • Jack

            Perhaps I misread your question but it does not matter when the polling is done, the polling result is bad now for the PA and it was bad before the ongoing onslaught. In the best of worlds Mahmoud Abbas should resign. It is distubring to see how this geriatric nincompoop just sit in his palace waiting to move in to take over in Gaza after Israel have murdered and subdued “his” people there.

          • will moon

            Does this leader not show in perfect microscale why the situation is developing the way it is in Palestine, and in wider West Asia. I was critical of Arafat many times in his long journey – yet when I watched the footage of him walking in the crowds, I realised that the final summation of a leader is just this. Stripped of all the trappings of power, his compound destroyed and at the end of his life, but still to be received within the bosom of the people – his people and for the Palestinians meeting him in ruins of Ramallah, their leader

            It is an odd thing Jack but watching this footage started the unravelling of the dominant narrative about West Asia, broadcast since the end of WW2. I realised that the scene at Ramallah was something I would never understand. I gave up that overarching “just give me the numbers” attitude and realised that without a friendly guide, it would always be information I could not be party to. Only the people who were there and Arafat himself had any idea what sort of information was being exchanged. There was nothing scripted, it genuinely looked like an occurrence, a natural phenomenon. I thought about the scene for many years after, comparing and contrasting many events with this image, which yielded much further information.

    • zoot

      the Palestinian Authority is an arm of the zionist security state. the 20 percent who still support it are probably on the payroll, or else dependent on somebody who is.

      • Jack

        Indeed, it would be the best for the palestinians if this PA/Fatah power-construction is dismantled – that would in turn put pressure on the west to actually respect the palestinian cause – take it serious, but as long as the west/israel have willing/bribed palestinian operatives doing their dirty job for them in the occupied territories the/a palestinian nation-building is dead in the water Iam afraid.

  • Goose

    Clearly, the hardest thing, is getting a hearing/publicity with Labour & Tory and strangely, Reform, getting all the media bandwidth. Then you’ve got those organisations trying to crush dissent on behalf of undemocratic elements in the UK establishment; elements who are jealous of N.Korean levels of societal control. HOPE not hate, with their selective outrage and targeting of lone dissenting voices, behave like one of those dodgy US-sponsored Trojan horse NGOs pushing US ‘interests’ that countries with any sense move to close down, asap.

    I’d try confronting the Labour candidate directly; challenge Kate Hollern to a debate on Gaza; the possible looming Israeli attack on Lebanon and wider UK foreign policy. The altercation may make local or national news. For it’s a truism that, “There is only one thing in politics worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”. to bastardize that famous Oscar Wilde quote. The great annoyance is that Labour are probably headed for an huge majority >70% of the seats on a 35% vote share! Labour’s shitty manifesto and unpopular habitual liar of a leader disproportionately rewarded. Everyone will then be horrified as Kate Hollern troops through the lobby to vote for some Starmer war of choice.
    Besides being unrepresentative, the big two are increasingly intolerant cliques :

    His alleged career ending offense? He shared a tweet by the then permitted in the UK, broadcaster, RT. Increasingly, the big two want people in parliament with zero curiosity; people who will mouth security service narratives verbatim, as if speaking infallible, divine truth. This regardless of how outlandish or holed those narratives are. It’s a dereliction of duty to say, ‘well, we only knew what they were telling us’, after Iraq’s WMD led us to war on the basis of lies. Reeves clearly struggles with the concept of democracy: we send people to parliament to question things on our behalf, hence why they are called our ‘representatives’. If even modest scepticism isn’t allowed, there can be no accountability either: we are screwed as a country.

    Dissenting voices are also facing these sinister accusations from the ever-meddling US :

    Anyone who is not a believer in the two-party straitjacket consensus are now terrified of being labelled as somehow aligned to Russia’s world views. These pernicious false takes are a new, more dangerous modern form of McCarthyism. The fact the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems and SNP all share exactly the same: pro-NATO; pro-Ukrainian arms flow; anti-China rhetoric, foreign policy positions, is a testimony to the NAFO style intimidation tactics being employed by the politically interfering security establishment, and their cutouts. But if a catastrophic war comes they surely won’t feel so pleased with themselves.

    • Alyson

      Indeed ‘even modest scepticism isn’t allowed’. Thangnam Debbonnaire made it crystal clear that once you get yourself elected to Parliament you are there as a mouthpiece for the decisions of the executive leadership and that defines the extent of our democracy. It is not to represent your constituents, as Corbyn so tediously did….

      Sara Champion remains committed to representing her constituents and promoting principles of integrity and accountability. There are still many dedicated and principled local MPs in all the main Parties, but Cardiff’s was asked to stand down so that an unprincipled character could be parachuted in to stand for the Labour Party instead.

      Putin is offering a proposal to end the war in Ukraine by letting the Russian-speaking regions become eastern block satellite countries, and keeping NATO out of the rest of Ukraine. Very reasonable of course. But remembering Victoria Nuland’s declaration of intent in 2012 or 13: we regret the sacrifice of the Ukrainian people, and, fuck Europe. The euro is a thorn in the side of the dollar hegemony. Russia selling its gas and oil for euros is likewise to be discouraged. Keeping checks on the competition by whatever means necessary is the mantra underpinning control of resources and currencies.

      Hedge funds are buying up private fostering companies now, to further leach public sector funding out of the country. They already have care homes and chunks of the NHS, and Farage blasted Sadie Kahn for not selling off the London Underground to Black Rock. Global predation of national resources is progressing quickly and a true left-wing government would be facing this straight down both barrels.

      • will moon

        “Sadie Khan” is Sadiq Khan I take it Alyson?

        Thanks though particularly that last paragraph, a close friend lost their job in one of these takeovers, the Care Home was sold to people who knew how to “sweat” the assets. If I can I will show this person your comment. They are unable to believe that finance could govern these institutions and seem to feel guilt because they have let the long-term residents down. Over the years I met several of the these folk in the park, when they were walking with my friend. They were lovely people generally but completely helpless and needed the long-term relationships provided by the institution

        This person is still torturing themselves because they believe that, in losing their job, they have let these needy people down. It is sad to me, because this person invested a huge amount into relationships with people at the care home. I observe most would not be able to connect with such “non-functional” people and it seems this person had a special talent for interacting with them. This is the real problem in the care sector and wider society, the squandering of such precious resources to service the Neo-Liberal or Oligarchal economic model so the same few can get richer.

    • Lapsed Agnostic

      Not sure that Hope not Hate can be accused of targeting any dissenting voices in this election, Goose. For instance, there’s nothing about Galloway or the Workers Party (or any other leftist party for that matter) in its election round-up blogpost*, even though several of their candidates are on the dodgy side, if you ask me – not least former Tory councillor Louise Dickins in Richmond & Northallerton, who’s previously posed for selfies with Jayda Fransen while she was wearing a Britain First rosette.

      * In contrast, they devote paragraphs to small, far-right splinter parties who aren’t even putting up any candidates in this election, like the National Housing Party (whose leader received just one vote when he stood in a local by-election in Hampstead a couple years ago), or the newly-formed National Rebirth Party (with its Hitler-aping leader Alek Yerbury, who’s never been a candidate in a UK election); and to Independent candidates who’ve stood for far-right parties in the past but may have since renounced their views.

      • zoot

        it is no secret they are distributing anti-George Galloway leaflets in Rochdale, on behalf of a Labour party that supports racist extermination in Palestine.

        • Lapsed Agnostic

          Thanks for your reply, zoot. Got any proof that Hope not Hate been told to campaign against Galloway by Labour? I’d imagine that they’d say they’re doing it because, inter alia, he was daft enough to state in a recent interview that gay relationships are “not as normal as a mum, dad & kids” – which is basically Section 28 stuff. They’re also leafleting against the Tory Miriam Cates in Penistone, because of her views on trans issues.

          • zoot

            they are on tape admitting to working with Labour in Rochdale, agreeing their leaflets will be in Labour colours.

            only when Hope Not Hate distribute leaflets denouncing MPs who support the racist genocide in Palestine should they be taken seriously as an “anti-racist” organisation.

            you know that yourself, surely?

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply, zoot. Do you mean this?


            If so, that’s just one person volunteering for HNH, who claims to be a campaigner & activist for Labour (assuming the recordings are genuine) – nothing about leaflets in Labour colours. HNH concentrate on domestic issues of racism etc: for example, in the noughties, they were mainly focussed on campaigns against the BNP, not against Labour, who were actually directly responsible for civilians with brown skin being killed in the Middle East – but that doesn’t mean that they were being controlled by Labour.

    • will moon

      Nothing is clear Goose – if one does not synthesise one’s own image of what is taking place in the media space, it seems impossible for the average information person to form any image at all. Surely not by accident? – at least that is what the psychotic conspiracy theorist lurking beneath my nominal, wafer-thin similitude of rationality would like to assert, lol.

      Why would anyone in good faith, pay any attention to the riddle of Putin? We have such absorbing conundrums of our own. Why have a few got all the money? Why do we kill millions of people, so a tiny few can rake in the cash? Why is there no “democracy” in our democracy? Wither Savile, Maxwell, Janner, Epstein etc.? No closure just the gaping bleeding wounds of centuries of violent appropriation and dehumanisation.

      Lowkey paints a picture on this vid from Doubledown News, that is worthy of attention

      For those shy of utub there is an Invidous link (thanks Clark)

  • Lapsed Agnostic

    Contrary to what our host states, the Blackburn constituency hasn’t been Labour for 100 years, because it had Tory MPs in the 1930’s & 40’s, as well as a Liberal in the 1920’s. In addition, Jack Straw briefly became an Independent in early 2015 after being caught in Channel 4 sting, in which he claimed to have used his influence to change EU rules on behalf of a company which paid him 60 grand a year. He was later completely exonerated by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, who also stated that the evidence suggested that Straw wasn’t exaggerating or boasting in what he said to the undercover reporters. We can therefore adduce that it was perfectly fine for MPs to use their influence to change EU rules for personal benefit – another good reason to be thankful we’re out of that increasingly fascist entity.

  • M.J.

    Maybe your book tables (or portable megaphones) in the street should tell the voters of Blackburn (if your assistants aren’t already doing so, of course) that they have a chance to change the course of history for the better, a historic opportunity to do something significant with their lives if they vote for Craig Murray, which will be a source of enduring satisfaction for them to enjoy, if he wins!